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During World War II my father Jan A. Weststrate started taking notes on BBC news broadcasts from the time the Germans prohibited possession of wireless sets in the Netherlands in May 1943 until the time the part of the Netherlands he and his family lived in (the village of Krabbendijke in the province of Zeeland) was liberated by the Allied forces in October 1944 .

The notes start on May 16th 1943 and end rather abruptly on October 23rd 1944. From the 23rd until the 26th of October Krabbendijke was the scene of heavy fighting, resulting in the liberation on October the 26th.(1) From October the 27th 1944 until the 23rd of January 1945 no electricity was available in Krabbendijke.(2)

Five notebooks, in all some 1000 pages lay forgotten more than 50 years, until a few years ago my mother moved to a new home. My father died in 1966.

In September 2003 I have started scanning and transcribing these pages. This task will probably take a few months. Not all of the pages are clearly readable. If you can correct or help transcribing these pages, please send an email to Please clearly state the page you are commenting on.

Ad Weststrate, Veere, September 2003.

(1) Wel bevrijd ... toch angst. Oorlogshandelingen maart '44 - mei '45 Krabbendijke en omstreken. Gert H. Kuijt, 1994, ISBN 90-70697-14-9 Drukkerij en boekhandel van Velzen B.V. - Krabbendijke Pages 45-46 (2) Idem Page 64

Restarted the project in 2020 and I hope to finish it this time.
Notes from World War II BBC radio broadcasts
0001Now all radio-sets in this country have been confiscated by the Germans and I will have to give up now during the next few days I make a few notes on what I still have heard over the radio these last few days.

16/5/1943 Sunday

1.15 pm. Country magazine dealing with Aberdeenshire 4.15 pm. Brain's trust Question-master Donald McCullough, taking part a.o. Joad, Julian Huxley, miss Harriman (daughter Mr. Harriman. Lease-Lend administration)

7.30 pm. Sandy at the theater again.

8.45 Recording of the Home Guard Parade in Hyde Park where the king took the salute

9.30 am. Pealing of church Bells to celebrate the Tunisian victory today was Empire Youth's Day

9.00 pm. News about confiscation of radio sets in this country. If it means closing down radio stations at Hilversum then the Dutch may claim to have driven Dr. Goebbels out
16/5/1943SandyFor Sandy read Sandy Macpherson
0002of the Dutch air.

16.30 pm.

Transatlantic call people to people dealing with River Thames.

1.= 6.= 9.= pm. news

v. Arnim late commanding German forces in Tunisia now a prisoner of war have been flown to England and arrived there today.

9.= pm

Dispatch about life in freed city of Tunis. In Tunis appears an English Paper called Tunisian Telegraph. Electric Power station destroyed by Jerries. Water supply intact. Radio station destroyed now. Recording car intact kept secret

8.= pm.

Service St. Paul's Cathedral Edinbro Cathedral. Talk by Doctor about fatigue. Talk for anglers

12.45 pm.

Talk by 28 year old womancorrespondent about fascism and about women in China and Germany.

9.30 pm.

Forces Bebé Daniels, Ben Lion
R.A.F. deliver perfume to Germany.
R.A.F. sprinkled Cologne.
v. Arnim arrived without underwear.
v. Arnim lost his pants.
16/5/1943von Arnim

Forces Newsletter


Forces music while you work,
calling all workers, David Java
and his band

Bebe Daniels:
The stars at night
are big and bright
Deep in the heart of Texas
The prairie sky
is wide and high
deep ----
The sage in bloom
is like perfume
deep ----
When the lights go on again
All over the world
When the boys come home again
All ------
and rain and snow is all that
will fall from the sky above

When the lights go on again
All over the world
And the ships will sail again
All over ------
Then we will have time for things
like wedding rings and free hearts
will sing
16/5/1943Bebe Daniels
000412.00 Home Service

Newsreader Jack Minster [?]. American Thunderbolts made sweeps over occupied countries 2 aircraft destroyed. Mitchells bombed Cannes. British typhoons bombed railway targets at Le Tréport. Moscow reports Friday more raids on Bryansk and combined air attacks on Gomel and Orel also railway target there. Fighting in Kuban continues. In the Donets Soviets advanced. According to Comm. Kimmins a code word for a certain operation was "Retribution". Subsequently order from admiral Cunningham was burn, sink, destroy. Queen inspected boys of Red Cross
000517/5 13 uur

reading Joseph Macleod

Aircraft of bomber command attacked targets in the Ruhr and Rhineland also Berlin. 9 aircraft Bomber Command and 1 fighter missing. Fighter aircraft carried out intruder flights. During raids over England 4 Focke Wulf bomb carrying planes destroyed. Total force of German aircraft employed about 20. Germans raided S. East England, Essex and Greater London area. Little damage done, small loss of lives. Monday morning 5 aircraft destroyed during fighter patrols. Our fighters covered an attack on Cannes. The total Italian air strength is small and inferior. Italy neglected building planes of bomber types. The bombers they have have a small bomb-carrying capacity. Italy concentrated on single engined fighters which are out of date. They have no night fighters moreover the Italians are not well off with airfields. Most important
17/5/1943Joseph Macleod
0006aerodromes are in extreme North West especially built for attacks on France. Russians report fighting in Kuban. No important change other front last week Russians destroyed 370 German aircraft for loss of 104 Russian planes. In S. West Pacific Kendari on Celebes raided and also Lae on New Guinea. No news about action in Mediterranean.

19.35 Forces. Irish Songs ..... . ....[?]

21. Forces news Frederick Allen reading

Mine carrying Lancasters wrecked in early hours of Monday morning the 3 greatest water dams in Germany. Serious damage caused. Breaches were early on Monday 100 yards wide. The river is in full flood. 8 Lancasters are missing but Wing Commander Gibson who led the attack returned safely. Several bridges washed away. Kassel is below the dams. According to Sir Archibald Sinclair who first gave the news of this attack this is a heavy blow.
17/5/1943Frederick Allen
for Koeban read Kuban
0007Our fighters attacked E-boats off Belgian coasts. Whirlwinds attacked too. Mosquitoes and Beaufighters also Monday afternoon. Beaufighters hit 2 supply ships off Dutch coasts, 3 Escorts ablaze. American heavy bombers made a raid on Bordeaux. 14 planes missing. Wellingtons bombed air field Lido di Roma. Intruders from Malta were over Western and Southern Italy. Enemy shipping off Greece attacked. 5 enemy planes destroyed, 4 planes lost. Island of Zembra lies off cape Bon occupied by British naval forces. Marshal Messe who commanded Italians in Tunis arrived by air in England. Total of Axis Generals amounts to 26 generals. Further reconnaissance of Ruhr Valley confirmed extensive damage. Two blockade runners scuttled themselves i.e. "Silverplana", 4793 tons inward bound from Far East with valuable cargo of rubber and tin sighted 200 miles of Cape Finisterre. Sank stern first by HMS. Adventure. Entire ship's crew rescued. Second blockade runner17/5/1943Silvaplana
for Silverplana read Silvaplana

Especially see wording
text from "Evening Star"
May 18-1943 and compare
this to the written account
of the radio broadcast.
0008motor vessel "Regensburg" 8068 tons, intercepted between Greenland and Iceland by British Cruiser HMS "Glasgow" only 6 survivors rescued. No news about fighting on Attu Isles operation going on. No news land fighting in Burma. Pres. Roosevelt sent message to Chiang Kai-shek thanking him for his congratulations with the Allied success in Tunis.

21.30 Home "The wet Duck". Till 22.50

24.= Fred Allen

American submarines sank 6 Jap ships. tanker damaged. American coal mining dispute arrived at another deadlock. Dams are of the Eder and Möhne. (Names some planes: Thunderbolts, Whirlwinds, Mosquitoes Mustangs, Typhoons, Lancasters, Bostons, Halifaxes, Flying Fortresses, Wellingtons, Hurricanes, Spitfires, Beaufighters, Hudsons, Hampdens, Swordfish, Venturas, Merodas, Stirlings, Kittyhawks, Warhawks, Swordfish, Seafires, Lightnings)
17/5/1943for Attoe Island read Attu Island
000918/5 13.= Stuart Hibberd

Last night 3 enemy aircraft destroyed. A New Zealand fighter pilot destroyed a Junkers 88. Bombs were dropped in S. Wales. Caused casualties of which some fatal. American bombers bombed Lorient with good results. Torpedo carrying Hampdens and Beaufighters of Coastal Command attacked ships near Dutch coast, 2 sunk Australian hospital ships torpedoed.


Brain's trust (home) 9.=

Caroline Lejeune, Mrs. Hamilton, W.L. Andrews (editor Yorkshire Post) Jeffrey Crowther, commander Gould.
See Radio Times

9.= news Frank Philips

More evidence raids on German dams. Spitfires escorted Bostons who bombed Abbeville airfield. 1 Focke Wulf 190 destroyed. Typhoons attacked Poix airfield in N. France. 5 aircraft are missing. Thunderbolts were over Belgium and destroyed an ME 109. Great devastation caused by bombed dams. Extreme flooding from Kassel to centre of the Ruhr.
18/5/1943W.L. Andrews
Stuart Hibberd
Frank Philips
for Stewart Hibbard read Stuart Hibberd

for Poi read Poix (probably)
0010New successes of our submarines are reported. After torpedoing an Italian destroyer has been sunk. Mines were laid in enemy waters. Targets in Southern Germany were bombed. Near Palermo destroyers were attacked. V.C. has been posthumously awarded to acting Captain F.T. Peters. S. Italy,. Sicily and Sardinia were attacked. Raiders from Malta attacked targets on Sicily. 4 German planes destroyed by Beaufighters. High water is reported from the Rhine and Weser below Kassel. Roads are flooded and only heads of trees are to be seen. Eder dam fed 3 electric power stations. Most important is Möhne dam. In Aegean Sea and near Coast of Greece a small supply ship has been sunk by gunfire One of our subs penetrated into the harbour of Porto Torres and damaged a supply ships. Attlee moved a resolution in the Commons paying tribute to N. African forces. Empire and British casualties since war with Italy began amounted to 220000 killed,18/5/1943Peters
0011wounded, missing and taken prisoner. German casualties amount to 227000 and Italian to 400000. A part in campaign had Lancs. Fusiliers, Hamps. Regiment, Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, Royal Fusiliers, Seaforth Highlanders, York and Lancs. Reg., Gordon Cameron High., Royal West Kent Reg. Amongst forces now in Tunis are Derbyshire and Staffs., Notts. Yeomanry. No change is reported from Russia. Germans are attacking in Kuban. U.S.A. forces make progress on Attu Island. Japanese offering stubborn resistance. New issue of S. African oranges for children. Extra sugar for jam-making on schools. 4 lbs per child. After news in Forces story about 27 Frenchmen who were shot on 22/10/1941 in a camp at Châteaubriant.

12.= Maurice Shillington

Tunis well over 200000 prisoners. Möhne reservoir empty. Breaches in Eder, Möhne dams both 200 feet each. Kassel partly flooded. Whole valley under water.
18/5/1943For Lancs. Fusileers read Lancashire Fusiliers
For Hamps Regiment read Hampshire Regiment
For York and Lancs. Reg read York and Lancaster Regiment
For Royal West Kent Reg. read Royal West Kent Regiment
001219/5 1.= n.m. Frederick Allen

Yesterday night fighter intruders shot up over 20 trains in enemy occupied territory. The fighters were long distance fighters and one aircraft is missing. A few enemy aircraft crossed the coast Some came as far as London. One raider has been destroyed Reconnaissance carried out yesterday of Weser and Ruhr valley showed that the floods had reached parts of Kassel. From the Russian front no change is reported. The rest of the personal message from General Montgomery to the men of the 8th Army has been published. The United Nations' Food Conference at Hot Springs has been opened today. During a talk about an new type of aircraft escort ships we were told that Seafires are fighters operating from these carriers. It was told that Prime Minister Churchill's address to joint session of Congress will be heard at 6.30 pm of the 6 o'clock news whereas the special will be recorded and broadcast again.
19/5/1943United Nations Conference on Food and Agriculture
0013after the 9 o'clock news. The speech which lasted from 6.30 to 7.25 was heard. A hour was made with the recording car on Radio allotments after news at 1 pm.

9. o'clock news not heard but heard speech by Churchill and splendid ovation he got from members of US. Congress.

12. pm Reader Richard Wessel.

This afternoon a heavy force of American bombers bombed shipbuilding yards at Flushing and Kiel. Six bombers are missing from this operation. Over Northern France offensive sweeps were carried out by fighters. 1 enemy fighter has been destroyed. The flooded waters of the Möhne dam raid extend to 60 miles The breach in Eder dam flooded a.o. an aerodrome where everything, hangars included, disappeared. The floods have reached Kassel 45 miles away from dam and have even extended to over 50 miles. The number of prisoners in Tunisia
19/5/1943Richard Wessel
0014now totals 224000 whereas the number captured the last two months amounts to 276000 prisoners. Yesterday medium bombers attacked Pantellaria Island. 90 tons of bombs were dropped. Hits were seen on 6 vessels in the docks. Trapani on the West Coast of Sicily was raided by Flying Fortresses escorted by Lightning fighters. 6 German fighters out of some 25 who appeared were brought down. 7 of our planes were lost. The Germans report that in Russia there is fighting on the Kuban and near Izyum. Joseph Davies, carrying personal message from Roosevelt to Stalin arrived at Moscow today. Churchill said o.a. in his address delivered today that all country occupied by Japan will have to be returned. He pointed out that Wavell did not come all the way from India for the health or benefits of the mikado of Japan. Joint air forces of Britain and USA will be brought to bear on targets19/5/1943Joseph Daviesfor Izjum read Izium or Izyum
0015of military importance in the homeland of Japan. The total of trucks, in Britain they are called lorries but the Americans are using petrol instead of gasoline, amounts to 70000. Numbers of air attacks continue to count more. The output of Allied planes exceeds that of the Axis. Opinions differ on the question whether air power alone will be able to bring defeat of Axis about, but it is well worth trying it. In the destruction of the German dams 19 Lancasters were employed. Air war is a major factor in the problem of victory. The battle of Tunisia is an equal blow to the enemy as the loss of Stalingrad. One continent is now cleansed. 950000 soldiers, 2.400.000 gross tons of shipping have been sunk, 8000 aircraft lost, 2500 tanks captured or lost and also 6200 guns. These are the losses which the African excursions mean for Hitler and Mussolini. Churchill19/5/1943
0016hopes it will be possible to have a meeting with Stalin and Chiang Kai-shek. Russia bears the main land fighting. 190 German and 28 satellite divisions are bound by Russia. A third assault on Russia is likely to be started by Hitler but he will not succeed.19/5/1943

Having been away today I could only listen to the midnight news at 12 pm. which was read by Robert Robinson.

Mosquitoes of Bomber Command bombed last night targets at Berlin. Not one aircraft is missing. Whirlwinds of Fighter Command bombed the airfield at Amiens. Intruder patrols were busy over Northern France and Belgium where railways and canal targets were attacked. Mosquitoes of fighter command have also attacked the airfield at Poix. A Beaufighter damaged 3 trains 1 enemy aircraft has been destroyed. A small number of fighter-bombers were over Essex and London. Seys Inquart broadcast to the people of Holland and spoke about the extension of martial law over the whole country. There is no news of any change on the Russian fronts. Preparations are however made and it is likely that great things are to come during tough fights over
20/5/1943Robert Robinson
0018Mediterranean the Luftwaffe lost 72 aircraft against loss of 4 of ours. The German fighters tried to save the Sicilian airfields. In the number of 72 are also included 37 planes destroyed on the ground. Fighters based on Malta raided railway targets on Sicily. Mr. Molotov received Joseph Davies and Admiral Standley the USA ambassador at Moscow. An Irish ship has been torpedoed in the Atlantic as has been announced by radio Dublin. Two torpedoes were fired to the ship. The crew were picked up.20/5/1943Admiral Standley
001921/5 9.=

Aircraft of the Strategic Air Force destroyed 113 aircraft yesterday. This number is made up of 91 on the ground and 22 in air fights. We lost 1 plane. Flying Fortresses bombed Rosita, 80 miles N.W. of Rome. The attack was a model of precision in bombing. Hits were seen on buildings and aircraft on the ground. For the first time since December last bombs fell on Malta. The amount of bombs was small and only a few were dropped. The attack was carried out by some 36 Focke Wulf 190 escorted by ME9. 2 F.W.'s were shot down. Warhawks and Merodas carried out attacks especially against airfields on Sardinia, which was also done by Mitchells escorted by Lightnings. Home based Mosquitoes bombed targets at Berlin, whereas last night mines were also laid in enemy waters. President Roosevelt said to a press conference that staff talks were going on well.
0020fighters of which are 10 missing bombed targets in N.W. Germany and France. All over India celebrations were held in honour of the Tunisian victory. 1 Ju. 88 was destroyed over Bay of Biscay. Heavy German attacks are reported from the Kuban. For the rest there are no changes on Russian fronts. In the Chrysler works at Detroit 24000 men are on strike. After news talk was given by John Green about post war agriculture.

12.= Stewart Hibberd

Strong formations of American heavy bombers have raided Wilhelmshaven and Emden in daylight today without escort of fighters. In spite of heavy flak and opposition from enemy fighters (some hundred), a heavy load of bombs was dropped. American fighters have carried out extensive patrols over the Dutch coasts. Twelve bombers are missing as well as 3 fighters. A Heinkel 111
0021was destroyed over Northern France. The Secretary for War at the opening of Edinburgh's Wings for Victory Week said that the only way to avoid the man-slaughter of the last war to get to Berlin, is extensive bombing. Sir Archibald Sinclair gave more details about the damage done to the Eder- and Möhne dams. On the opening of Nottingham's Wings for Victory Week the Chief of Fighter Command said that 13% of the enemy's aircraft coming to this country have been destroyed. Rosita opposite the isle of Elba has been bombed. Note: Meroda's are bombers21/5/1943Sir Archibald Sinclair
002222/5. 1. pm. Joseph Macleod

Berlin was again the target for our bombers last night and has been bombed by aircraft of Bomber Command. Mosquitoes carried out the bombing. Railway targets at Orleans were also bombed, as well as enemy shipping in the Channel. 2 trains were set on fire in N. France. 5 of our bombers are missing. East of Cherbourg a motor ship and a trawler has been sunk. The raid American bombers made over Wilhelmshaven lasted 40 minutes whereas the aircraft were an hour over Emden. Last night there was little activity over S.E. England and London. One aircraft has been destroyed. Aircraft of middle East command bombed termini [?] at Reggio and Messina. Captain Harald Balfour said at Norwich that twice this month bomber Command Aircraft dropped 1500 tons of bombs. According to news received from Moscow the Communist International
21/5/1943Captain Harald Balfour
0023has been disbanded. The long lull on the Russian front continues. In air battles over S.W. Pacific 11 Japanese planes were destroyed whereas we lost four.

12,= pm. Frederick Allen

War correspondents in N. Africa reckon that in 3 days and nights of air activity over Mediterranean 4 aircraft an hour have been destroyed i.e. 70 in air fights and about 200 on the ground. Yesterday alone 19 were shot down and 60 destroyed on the ground. Middle East aircraft accounted for another 10 whereas our losses amount to 7. Oliver Lyttelton said at Aldershot today that we had the option to attack. Last month over 11000 tons of bombs were dropped on Germany. According to news from Washington the American campaign on Attu island is now reaching its final phase. The Japanese have been split into 3 pockets of resistance constantly under land- and air attacks. The village of Attu has been destroyed completely with the
21/5/1943Oliver Lyttelton
0024exception of the church and one building. The attack on Berlin last night was made for the third night running. In Russia a feeling of tension is growing. 7 barges were sunk of the coast of New Guinea. In Burma attacks on Japanese installations and communications were continued. Churchill has now moved from White House to British embassy. Last month the American output of ships totaled 17521/5/1943
002523/5 9 pm Frank Philips

23/5 12 pm Maurice Shillington

The last news is that day and night our air offensive against Italy Sicily France and the Low countries continues. Enemy resistance against our air attacks is however growing. During attacks by the North West African Air Force 4 planes were lost. This afternoon Venturers (Venturas) with a Spitfire escort bombed the cokes ovens at Zeebrugge. Whirlwinds and Spitfires sunk an enemy trawler of Guernsey. Another convoy entering the harbour of Flushing was surprised by our typhoons. In N. France Mustangs attacked 7 trains and 5 locomotives were damaged. Not one of our aircraft is missing. Last night there was no enemy activity over this country but today 3 hit and run raiders were shot down. From a report by Robert Dunnett it is clear that the Flying Fortress is the key of our air offensive in the Mediterranean by day whereas RAF Wellington
21/5/1943Robert Dunnett
0026bombers are active during the nights and doing a good job. B 38 Lightnings form the escort of the Fortresses. A 323 Merseburg troop carrying transport plane which has a cannon and 2 machine guns was brought down by one of our Merodas. 340 Warhawks are also busy. One aircraft of Middle East Air Force is missing. Naval activity in Tunisian waters continues. During the last 14 days the navy took over 900 German and Italian prisoners trying to escape from Cape Bon by small crafts. The Russian paper Pravda contains a cartoon with 2 scenes. The 1st one is in 1940 when Goering and Hitler are looking over to England from the Continental Coasts. Goering says Hitler where will we land. The second scene is in 1943 on the same place but now Goering is asking Hitler where will they land. The first news about the American23/5/1943323
0027landing on Attu Island came in from a British united Press correspondent present there. In the S.W. Pacific 2 planes were lost the pilots of one is safe and the other probably. The postscript of the nine o'clock news was on the Eve of Empire Day by a .........[?], a Nigerian and a West Indian, the 1st two being pilots in the RAF. Jacob L. Devers said in a special today that the US forces in England were ready. The readiness of the British was without question. England is the .......[?] of the United Nations. Cooperation between American and British was complete. US Air Force is on footing with the RAF.
Brain's trust Empire one today.
Recorded edition of Tommy Handley in Itma (It's that man again).
Talk by Dr about worries.
Talk about lady bird.
Sandy at the theater organ.
Tribute from the stage.
Capt. Sid. Carter last talk for Home Guards Only
Capt. Sid. Carter
0028Monday 24/5/1943

Today I have been out to the Hague and therefore unable to listen in to broadcasts from London.

Tuesday 25/5/1943

Today 130th final session of the Brains Trust took place. Those taking part were comm. Campbell, Lt. Comm. Gould, Prof. Joad, Jan Masaryk, Dr Malcolm Sergeant. Questions asked Donald McCullough. Howard Thomas producer.
Radio Times

9.- and 12 o'clock news both read by Joseph Macleod.

Over 300 allied planes from North Africa bombed Sardinia whereas others raided Pantellaria Island. Aircraft from Malta mined Italian waters. All but three of our aircraft returned. 9 Axis planes were destroyed. The attack on Sardinia was carried out by heavy, medium and fighter bombers amongst targets attacked were railway installations, airfields and ports. During raids on this country whereby a town was attacked and bombs dropped
00294 Focke Wulf 190 were destroyed. Victoria Cross has been awarded to Comm. Linton, who also holds D.S.O. and D.S.C. He commanded HMS submarine Turbulent and sank in all 31 ships. Flying Fortresses bombed especially La Maddalena airfield. Merodas, Lightnings and Warhawks also attacked airfields. Liberators of Middle East Command were also over Italy and dropped 150 tons of bombs on the towns on both sides of ferry services between Sicily and Italy. Messina was bombed previous night and 7 fires were left burning. Air attacks by both sides are still the main news from Russia. On the Northern front 10 German planes were brought down. Pres. Roosevelt gave a luncheon at the White House to Mr. Churchill. Complaints are spreading about issue of new ration books which for the first time are not posted but have to be collected. Lord Woolton spoke on subject. And additional credit24/5/1943Lord Woolton
0030of 1000.000.000 £s has been granted. In the Commons the shortage of children shoes was inquired upon. The 2000 guineas were run at Newmarket, Kingsway being the winner. Mr. Churchill took press conference over from Mr Roosevelt. Late this evening a town on the South East Coast was attacked by fighter bombers of which again 4 were destroyed.24/5/1943Newmarket
003126/5 Wednesday 1 pm. R. Robinson reading

For the second time this week our aircraft out in great strength the main target being Düsseldorf. 27 planes did not return. Further news is not yet available. Düsseldorf is the third biggest German inland port. By previous attacks on this place, the above one not included, 388 acres of the town were destroyed. The lull on the Russian front continued. Altogether yesterday 9 F.W.'s 190 were destroyed in attacks on Southern and S.E. England. There were no raiders last night. Today is the 1st anniversary of Anglo-Russian pact. Mr. Churchill, on the press conference mentioned yesterday, answered for 3/4 of an hour questions asked to him by about 150 correspondents. After the 9 o'clock news tonight the second program in the weekly series "BBC close up" was broadcast. Taking part were Stuart Hibberd, Joseph Macleod Frank Philips, Frederick Allen,
0032Joseph Snagge. The subject being "Reading the news"

12 pm. Reading Joseph Macleod

During the raid on Dusseldorf five 4000 lbs. bombs were dropped every minute and the raid was almost on the Dortmund scale. 400 of our bombers were over Italy, Sardinia and Sicily. Messina was the main target. On Dusseldorf also 8000 lbs. bombs were dropped as well as incendiaries. The number of aircraft employed in the raid was nearly as large as with the Dortmund raid. The attack was the biggest bomber raid in bad weather. There was enemy fighter opposition and 3 enemy fighters were destroyed. All day long our bombers were over Sicily, Sardinia and Pantellaria. Messina got a terrific hammering, considerable opposition from enemy fighter was encountered. Flying Fortresses destroyed 12 Messerschmidts. Altogether 24 aircraft were shot down and 11 of ours are missing. Long range fighters without loss attacked a seaplane base of Greece. Malta had two alerts. Mr. Molotov gave
0033a luncheon to celebrate the 1st anniversary of the Anglo Russian treaty. Sir Kerr our ambassador said that the pact was a vigorous child. Mr. Maisky was present at a luncheon given by Mr. Eden. Mr. Roosevelt and Mr. Churchill met again today to make a short statement which has not yet been published. Queen Wilhelmina flew to Canada to meet Princess Juliana and she was accompanied by Mr. van Kleffens, minister for foreign affairs.26/5/1943

Due to spring cleaning of the house I have only been able to listen at 12 pm, when the news was read by Frederick Allen.

The staff conferences which were held at Washington have ended in complete agreement on future operations on all fronts. Mr Jos Davies has told correspondents about his meeting with Mr. Stalin and Mr. Molotov yesterday. He said there was every evidence that the 3 men, Roosevelt, Churchill and Marshal Stalin knew all about all decisions. In Kuban some flare up in fighting. German losses in aircraft are three times as heavy as Russian losses. Yesterday's main attack in the Mediterranean was chiefly directed against Sicily. Two formations of Fortresses bombed aerodromes. One of the most effective fighter operations was carried out on Tirso on Sardinia. Pantellaria got his daily bombing and shooting up by Warhawks. During sweeps over Belgium and Northern France
00353 F.W. 190 were destroyed out of 6 which attacked over Dixmuiden. Early today light naval forces engaged 4 armed trawlers of Terschelling. 1 trawler was hit by gunfire and left burning and sinking. On Attu USA ground troops made progress. American casualties in North African campaign amount to 18500 including over 2000 killed. Church bells can now be rung any time.27/5/1943
003628/5 1 pm. Frank Philips reading

Home based aircraft of Bomber Command were out in very great strength last night, Essen being the main target. Mines were also laid in enemy waters. 23 aircraft are missing and the raid was the 56 time that Essen has been bombed. It is now the heaviest bombed city in the world. Sardinian airfields were attacked yesterday, many aircraft on the grounds were destroyed. 13 fighters were shot down and 1 allied aircraft is missing, but the pilot of it is safe. A Greek submarine sunk 2 German supply ships. There are no details about the land fighting in the Kuban. Germans say Russians have been attacking. 67 German planes were shot down for loss of 13 Soviet planes.

9.= pm Frank Philips reading

The Essen attack was carried out by 10 waves, each of same strength of bombers which gave the town its heaviest attack of the year
0037the attack lasted 50 minutes. Many crews reported violent explosions and large fires could be seen. Bombers had opposition all the way and it started by flak from flak ships off the Dutch coast. Many of our aircraft returned with holes in their wings and fuselage. 1 Fighter is missing from night patrols. Up to last night's attack but some not included over 10000 tons of bombs were dropped on Essen. Mosquitoes came back when Essen bombers set out from an attack on Jena where the works of Carl Zeiss and a glass ware factory were bombed. Jena is 40 miles southwest of Leipzig and means a round trip of 1000 mills. the town was bombed from a 200 feet level. Two of our planes collided in the air over the target and beyond these 1 plane is missing. Germany had to contend with an earthquake today. Several people were injured and chimneys weer cracked. 13 enemy fighters were shot down.28/5/1943
0038when Mediterranean aircraft consisting of Merodas escorted by Warhawks attacked targets in that area. Enemy fighter opposition is quite strong recently. There is no news from Russia. It seems that fighting has been resumed in the Kuban. Germans claimed that fighting was stubborn. Canadian pilots flew Warhawks in recent attacks on Kiska. Several important points in Attu have been captured. Lae got heaviest bombing yet. Pres. Roosevelt set up a new office of co-ordination. 10% of all meat produced in the USA will go overseas on lend lease terms. This percentages equals a million tons. Small quantities of wine will arrive from Algeria and the price will be 8/- a bottle. Whitsuntide travel will be restricted and there will be no extra trains. Moreover there will be more restrictions on hire of cars. In forces up to 10 o'clock an illustrated account was given on Jena attack. After news in home program Lord Woolton spoke on issue of new ration books and identity cards28/5/1943Kiska
0039there was also a report from Moscow.

12 pm. Shillington reading

Only news since the nine o'clock has been of an attack on cokes ovens at Zeebrugge by home based aircraft viz. Venturers (Venturas) covered by Spitfires. One bomber and one fighter is missing.
004029/5 6. pm. R. Robinson reading

Our Mediterranean aircraft have made their deepest penetration into Europa from Northern France when about 400 Flying Fortresses took part without escort in an attack on Livorno. The enemy lost 19 aircraft whereas we lost 2. RAF. heavy bombers attacked Augusta on Thursday. Our home based aircraft were over the Strait of Dover. Also last night mines were laid. Six R-boats were sunk in the Channel by Albacore torpedo-carrying aircraft. Only 3 from the 12 aircraft got away without damage. None of our aircraft were lost. There were no raiders over here last night. This afternoon 4 bombers were over a place in the South of England. There is however no news of any bombs being dropped. During the opening of the Wings for Victory-week it was said that 12000 airmen took part in this weeks raids on Düsseldorf, Essen and Dortmund
Wings for Victory
0041The Russians report of more heavy fighting in the Kuban. 66 German planes were destroyed. The Russians lost only 26 planes. During the last 3 days the amount of German planes is about 200. Bad weather restricted operations in the South West Pacific. H.M.S. submarine Regent is overdue and must be presumed lost.

10 pm Forces recording of birds singing in a wood in Surrey.

10.30 pm Forces calling all workers music while you work played by Troise And His Banjoliers

12.= pm home Rich Wessel

Latest war reports tell of the bombing of French airfields Maupertus. Typhoon bombers were escorted by similar fighters. Cannes airfield was also bombed and bombing was excellent. All aircraft returned safely. In the Livorno raid a great weight of high explosive bombs was dropped. There is an important oil refining plant and also ports railway yards and oil storage tanks were bombed
29/5/1943Troise And His Banjoliers
0042the bombers did not have an escort. There was enemy opposition of some 10 fighters of which one was destroyed. All our planes returned safely. When the under Secretary for Air said 12000 airmen had taken place in the weeks raids on Germany he had that worse things for the Axis are to come. Air Chief Marshal Harris said that Germany is busily engaged in finding propaganda against bombing. What Germany has had so far was chicken food compared with what she will get. Elmer Davies also gave a warning. The thousandth American Liberty-ship was launched today. These ships are now being turned out at the rate of 4 every day total production being 5 per day. There is no reliable news about land fighting in the Kuban29/5/1943Elmer Davis
0043Sunday 30/5 1 pm. heard only the reading of the headlines.

Our bombers were out in very great strength last night attacking a new target viz. Wuppertal a place were over 400000 people live. The attack was heavy and concentrated. 33 aircraft are missing. 2 fighters were destroyed. Amongst others there are the important chemical works of I.G.F. and Jaeger who make ball and roller bearings. During the last 10 days 5 submarines were destroyed by aircraft of Coastal Command (Sunderlands, Hampdens, Fortresses and Liberators). 1 sub was sunk in Northern waters, 2 near Ireland and two in the approaches to the Bay of Biscay. Yesterday American heavy bombers viz Fortresses and Liberators attacked the U-boat bases at La Pallice and St. Nazaire and also the submarine base at Rennes. The Japanese report that the communication with Attu has broken down. 4.15 pm

In forces' recording of last Tuesday's session of the brain's trust. including radio Encyclopedia 5 pm

"Forces Choice" gramophone records
0044played by trooper Frank Carson of the 8th Army. A.o. "South of the border". "Old English Memory", "........[?] Lue", "A rose in her hair" "abide with me" 5.20 pm.

"Sunday's half hour " Community singing from Neath.

6.= pm. Joseph Macleod reading

Wuppertal is lying south of the Ruhr. 3 enemy raiders were destroyed over this country. One by fighters and 2 by anti aircraft gunfire. 4 raiders trying to attack a South Coast town today were destroyed and 4 over France by our fighters of which one is missing. Mediterranean Mitchells, Merodas, Warhawks were busy there yesterday. None of our craft is missing but one of the enemy was destroyed during Friday night. The Italians have made a lot of their allegation to have bombed in the Sudan and East Africa but it is now known that not a single bomb has been dropped there. In the Western dessert near El Alamein some bombs were dropped. General de Gaulle arrived in Algiers today. Also General Georges arrived. He is 68 and commanded forces in Northern France in 1940 whereas
General Georges
0045the operations of B.E.F. were under his control. 4 trawlers and 2 E- or R-boats were set on fire near Dunkirk in a battle between them and our light naval craft which lasted for 3/4 of an hour. The operations were under the command of Lt. Richards whose ship was sunk. The Russians give not details about the fighting in the Kuban. There is no news so far about Attu from America. It is understood however that Japanese forces amounted to some 2000. 15 bombers and 20 fighters took part in an attempted attack by Japanese on Chittagong airfield. 1 bomber and 3 fighters were destroyed and little damage was done and a few casualties. Today is American Memorial Day and a memorial Service was held at the headquarters of the American 8th Air Force. A wings for Victory parade was held at Windsor where the King, Queen and the 2 Princesses were present as well as King Haakon of Norway.

7.30 forces

"News from North Africa" Bob Trout introduced by Dennis Johnston
Memorial Day
Robert Trout
0046in the Transatlantic Call People to People program.

8.= Forces

Organ music by Sandy at the theater organ.

9.= Joseph Macleod

More than 1500 tons of bombs were dropped on Wuppertal last night. The enemy lost 4 out of some 15 planes which raided S.E. England. In Wuppertal scores of fires were started. The barrage was intense and there were also night fighters. 1 pilot reported 2 explosions which threw flames up to 800 feet. Another pilot said 45 fires were burning. Stirlings, Halifaxes, Lancasters and Wellingtons took part. Tonight a year ago the thousand bomber raid on Cologne took place. There was a recording of a speech held by Hitler in 1940 were he promised 400 tons of bombs to us. This evening there was some activity over East Anglia. No details are available yet. Some 12 FW's took part. The Americans report that all organized resistance has stopped on Attu. The p.s. to the news was given by a Polish refugee.

10.= pm. Forces Epilogue

10.07 pm. Forces Newsletter

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0047while you work by Percival Mackey and his orchestra.

12 pm.

The French fleet at Alexandria consisting of 1 old battleship, 4 cruisers, 3 destroyers and 1 submarine has come over to the Allies.
30/5/1943Percival Mackey
004831/5 1 pm. R. Robinson.

Reports from enemy side that the French fleet at Alexandria has come over to the Allies have now been confirmed officially in London. The men came over of their free will. General Giraud and de Gaulle opened conversations at Algiers today. Aerodromes in Southern Italy were attacked by American bombers of middle East Command all planes returned safely. Russians keep on their air attacks on places behind the German lines a.o. on Gomel. 1 Soviet plane was lost The main fighting took place in the Kuban. Last week 466 German and 118 Russian planes were lost. A large force of Fortresses bombed Naples yesterday. Saturday night Wellingtons bombed Pantellaria. Bomb carrying ? attacked Sardinia. 1 aircraft has been lost

9.= pm. Joseph Macleod.

Main war reports
From Mediterranean report that over 100 Flying Fortresses took part in the attack on Naples some went for the
0049aircraft factory and airfields there. Also railway yards, a dry dock under construction and oil storage tanks were bombed. Bombers with fighter escorts bombed targets in France and the Low Countries. 2 fighters were destroyed and one of ours is missing. General Stilwell is in London back from Washington. The Egyptian Government will setup a Legation at Moscow.

12.= pm. Joseph Macleod

Last 3 hours news has come in from China about successful counterattacks by the Chinese with American air support along the whole Yangtze River. 5 Japanese divisions are surrounded. Dr. Wellington Koo arrived in this country after paying a visit to China and America. Venturas raided Zeebrugge and Flushing this evening. One American Fortress recently destroyed 11 fighters during the attack on Wihelmshaven.

I am expected to have given in my radio set which Jerry confiscated from 4 to 6 pm today but I am still listening to today's 9 o'clock news which is read by Frederick Allen. Allied aircraft from Mediterranean kept up their attacks on the Italian Islands, Pantellaria included. Unescorted Flying Fortresses which took part shot down two enemy fighters. Altogether the enemy lost 4 aircraft and we two. Yesterday evening a few bombs fell on Malta. The chief of the Italian forces has been relieved from his post. Home based fighters gained a victory of ten to one over enemy fighters over occupied country (Northern France). 5 supply ships were damaged by cannon fire from our Typhoons off the Dutch Coast. There is no news of any change on the Russian fronts. Sunday the Germans lost 31 planes against 3 Russian aircraft. Chinese troops made further progress. A great quantity of
0051war supplies have been captured. American aircraft raided Japanese positions. News from Burma tells that our losses are moderate. Latest news from the coalmines is that 400000 people are out. The truce ended at 12 o'clock last night. Lewis met the coal owners this morning The total losses in the first three years of the war sustained by British and Imperial forces amount to casualties 545000, of which 92000 killed, 227000 missing 88000 wounded, 108000 prisoners. For the first time since 6 months S. African oranges arrived and our now for sale more are on the way. Top price for cherries has been fixed at from 1/6 to 1/9 1/2 per lb. Production of shell eggs is falling. Major Lewis Hastings answered the German commentator Dittmar. There was a debate on civic aviation in the Commons. Mr. Bevin spoke on the occasion of the second anniversary of Workers' Playtime: It was Workers' gala night on both programs, home 1/6/1943Workers' Playtime
Major Lewis Hastings
0052"made in Britain"

10.30 Forces music while you work.

11.= home Ivy Benson and her girls' band.
1/6/1943Ivy Benson
00538/6. 0. pm. Home news. Rich. Wessel reading.

John Snagge reading report about declaration by Mr. W. Churchill who gave a review about the war. He said important amphibious operations are to take place very soon. The number of prisoners in Tunisian campaign amount to 248000, where with the number of enemy killed the total loss of enemy is about 300000 1/2 of which are Germans. British casualties of 1st and 8th Army in killed, wounded and missing are heavy at about 35000. The German and Italian communiques announce an effort by the Allies to land on Lampedusa island between Sicily, Malta and Cape Bon which they say has been driven off. There is however no confirmation about that in London. During air battles and bombing operations over Pantellaria 11 enemy planes were shot down and 7 of ours lost. No important news from Russia. 19 planes out of some 40 to 50 Japs were shot down over the Solomons.
005412/6. 9. pm. Frank Philips reading

The heaviest force of 4 engined bombers of this war bombed Dusseldorf and Münster last night. Considerably more than 2000 tons of bombs were dropped. 43 of our aircraft are missing. The number of prisoners taken at Pantellaria amounts to over 10000.

14/6 9. pm. Maurice Shillington

Reconnaissance over Düsseldorf today confirmed that fires are still burning there. The East Sicilian airfields were the targets for our bombers. Today was United Nations day. Our North West African Air Force had a quiet day yesterday. Heavy American bombers bombed Catánia. 3 enemy aircraft taking off were blown up by shell bursts of our bombs. 5 ME. 105 were shot down. From all these flights 1 Allied plane is missing. Owing to the recent strengthening of the directorum of the fascist party a number of decisions have been made. Some of these are: Strict control of production and distribution, repression
12/6/1943the voice of Maurice Shillington, ram-format discontinued from 2010for Morris Shillington read Maurice Shillington Voice of Maurice Shillington
0055of black markets, closing of all luxury establishments, removal and separation of all aliens. Planes of Bomber Command laid mines in enemy waters and bombed targets in the Rhineland. 1 aircraft is missing. 30 hours after last Friday- night's Düsseldorf raid fires were still burning. Our bombing has caused a cancellation of the race meeting to be held today there. Bremen was attacked in daylight yesterday by the Americans. Shipyards were damaged. 2 ME 110 were destroyed. RAF Beaufighters with a Spitfire escort attacked a convoy off the Dutch coast. 1 Beaufighter is missing. a flying boat was damaged off Norway. Some enemy raiders were over the East coast. 3 were destroyed and 5 in the previous night raid. Latest news from Russia reports some fighting North of Orel. There is no change on the general position of the fronts. The Chinese are pushing the Japanese back. Over Burma Allied Air Forces gave their attention to railway bridges. A statement issued14/6/1943
0056by the American War office says that German spies helped the Japanese with their attacks. One spy has been sent for 50 years in penal servitude. Labour Party's annual conference met in London today. Frank Gillard arrived back at Algiers from Pantellaria. He said o.a. that the town of Pantellaria is absolutely in ruins. The enemy there were however not without means of resistance. Not a mine was found in the harbour and neither a landmine on the whole of the island. The guns were loaded but they had not been fired. There were less than 100 Germans left on the island. Pantellaria was not completely waterless many houses higher up had wells. Dogs however were starving and food was also very short14/6/1943
005719/6 9 pm. Maurice Shillington reading

Sicily and Sardinia have got the heaviest bombing of the war since Pantellaria fell. Yesterday American bombers from North Africa consisting of Flying Fortresses bombed Messina. There was no opposition from flak and no fighters. Medium bombers attacked ports in Sardinia. 33 Italian fighters were shot down. Maltese fighters were over Sicily. The enemy lost altogether 40 fighters, the Americans lost 8 planes. Grigg paid a visit to wounded soldiers. Reconnaissance a week after our heavy bombing of Düsseldorf shows that fires are still burning there. A thousand acres have been destroyed and it is expected that the total acreage of demolition when everything has been checked will be some 1500 acres which equals 2 square miles which have been laid in ruins. The Germans will not be able to re-build the damaged factories. A new cruiser for the American Navy called Houston to replace the one lost in the battle of Java-sea will be launched today at Newport News (Virginia)
0058Except for aircraft and radio equipment American production figures for May are below those of April. 50000 coal miners in 7 States of the USA are now out. There is a new crisis. A deputation of the miners has called at the White House and said that the strike is inevitable by Monday. The appointment of General Wavell as Viceroy of India came as a surprise. Allied South West Pacific aircraft found a new target when Liberators and Catalina's attacked Nahroe [?]. Vengeance dive bombers were used for the first time in attacks on Japanese bases north of Australia. The Russians improved their position north of Orel. 7 Soviet planes were lost. Capt. Harold Balfour the undersecretary for air spoke today as well as Sir Kingsley Wood and Lady Mountbatten. Derby was won today by "Straight Deal" and was run at Newmarket. A report of the last 1/2 mile was given by Raymond Glendenning. The Russian commentary by Alexander Worth was also read.19/6/1943Raymond Glendenning
00593.7.1943 9. pm. R. Robinson.

United States warships have driven off a Japanese force consisting of 3 light cruisers and 4 destroyers which tried to attack American bases on Rendova. The battle may still be going on. The Japanese lost 22 aircraft when they attacked Rendova last Thursday. Little damage was caused. Americans have also landed on New Georgia. The Admiralty and the Air Ministry have reported that another convoy has reached its destination unmolested by complete shore to shore air cover in which Hudsons, Venturas, Liberators, Catalina's and also a.o. Swordfish planes from carriers took place. The South West Pacific Offensive started last Wednesday. The air war was intensified yesterday when 100 American Liberators attacked airfields in the tip of Southern Italy. 3 Liberators are missing Mitchells also attacked Castelvetrano and when doing so were
0060covered by Warhawks. Spitfires from Malta were also active. A message from Algiers says that General Giraud is on the way to America. In June as Mr. W. Churchill said 30 U-boats were sunk. Allied aircraft from India attacked oil refineries, railways, warehouses, etc in Burma. One American plane has not yet returned to its base. Despite the monsoons over 500 sorties were made by American bombers during June. The Japanese are misusing the Red Cross. During the week ending last Wednesday there were no attacks by Japanese aircraft on unoccupied China. From Russia only skirmishing is reported. At Communist Party Conference in London today the immediate opening of a second front was demanded. Today is the 4th birthday of the Women's Land Army.3/7/1943Women's Land Army
006110.7.1943. 12. pm. Rich. Wessel

The new Allied communique about the invasion of Italy says that the success of the landing was achieved in 3 hours. British, American, Canadian troops taking part as well as British, American, Indian, Dutch and Polish naval forces. This invasion as General Eisenhower says in a proclamation is the first stage in the liberation of European continent. The Allied landing which started at dawn today are proceeding according to plan. It is understood the landings are taking place over a front of some 100 miles. Enemy opposition was checked and by 7.30 am. ours troops were advancing and artillery was put ashore. Since then more reinforcements have been put ashore. Roads and communications throughout the island were bombed. Allied warships are bombarding without interruption. a pilot said he never saw so many ships together in his life. Our bombers carried out a devastating attack on Santo Bennio [?] where in a hotel there are the headquarters of the Axis. The hotel itself and the principal telephone exchange, the
0062nerve centre of Sicily were damaged. The landings are understood to be taking place on the South Eastern belt including Syracuse. Parachute landings were also carried out. Sicily is known to be strongly defended by the Italian 6th Army comprising some 300000 men and some 100000 Germans including air force, ground staff etc. There is no fresh news from Russia since the early hours of this morning when it was reported that the Germans were held on the Northern side of Kursk. The Germans claim the gaining of considerable ground south of Kursk. Last night Gelsenkirchen got a heavy attack where the fiercest barrage was met. The central Ruhr was also attacked. 10 bombers are missing. Gelsenkirchen is the biggest coal mining centre, it has shell works and synthetic oil plants. On the occasion of the landings in Italy President Roosevelt wrote to the Pope and said a.o. that Allied soldiers had come to free Italy from Fascism. The churches will be spared and also the neutral state of the Vatican10/7/1943
0063Today airfields were attacked in France. The Americans attacked Cannes and Abbeville, Venturas and Typhoons attacked Maupertuis. Fortresses were covered by thunderbolts 3 bombers are missing. .......[?] got the heaviest pounding so far having been bombed from the sea and afterwards from the air. The bombs dropped included 2000 ponders. There were over 100 bombers over the target. 54 Zeros attacked Rendova. All aerodromes around Bougainville were raided. There is no news of the land fighting on New Georgia and New Guinea. The largest force of American Liberators from China raided Haiphong in Indochina. The Italian prisoner who escaped in this country after killing a guard was shot by a home guard when seen breaking into a house10/7/1943American Liberators from China raided Haiphong
006412/7 11.45 and 12.= pm Frank Phillips

Latest reports from Sicily are of a visit by General Eisenhower. Syracuse and 9 ports and town have been occupied. In some places out troops have penetrated 20 miles inland. The civilians on Sicily seem friendly to our troops. More attacks by air on and off France and Holland have taken place by RAF today. 10 towns including 7 ports on Sicily are now in our hands. 2 bridgeheads have been formed one is British and at Syracuse. All roads leading from this place to Pozzallo miles to the South west are in our hands. This an ideal bridgehead. Pozzallo is 15 miles South of Ragusa. Our troops continue to advance. Prisoners of the Livorno and Napoli divisions have been captured. Our troops have first made contact with the field troops which are expected to offer stiffer resistance than the garrison troops. The enemy is moving reinforcements from the west of the island to our bridgehead. Eisenhower arrived today at dawn by a torpedo boat and an amphibious jeep. Cunningham commands all naval operations, Tedder those in
12/7/1943for Port Sala read Pozzallo
0065air. British troops include the 8th Army and Americans those of the 7th Army. The Canadians are from Vancouver and Winnipeg. Floridia west of Syracuse has been occupied. Canadians from Pachino took the island of Pachino. There has been no serious interference by enemy naval forces, although one of our hospitals ships carrying some 400 wounded who were rescued was sunk. Our casualties are light. Hospital ships have had little to do. Fighters patrolled over our land forces. Our aircraft is operating from airfields which the enemy had ploughed up but which we are now using. More than 4000 prisoners have been captured but our troops have not yet been in contact with the enemy's main force. Allied planes have damaged and destroyed some 400 vehicles carrying troops on the roads of the island. Our losses in ships have been small. Yesterday 45 enemy planes were brought for a loss of 9 of our own. Catania was heavily bombed. The invasion army is under the command of General Alexander who is commanded12/7/1943
0066by Eisenhower. British troops are under command of Montgomery and the Americans under Patton. The heaviest of the 7 counterattacks which were all repulsed took place at Gela. The enemy used some 45 tanks and a great number of infantry troops. On the Eastern front heavy German attacks near Kursk have been repelled. South of Belgorod the Russians have attacked again. Position here is still dangerous but the Germans have been unable to exploit their thrust. Sweden has refused to be paid in gold by Germany no doubt due to a recent Allied statement that such gold will be claimed back as it may have been down from the gold stocks of the occupied countries. The tension in the Balkans increases. Latest news from Pacific is of air attacks near Aleutians. Only news from S.W. Pacific is of air attacks on Munda, Rabaul (New Britain) and Salamana (New Guinea)12/7/1943the voice of Patton, ram-format discontinued from 2010for Patten read Patton

for Koersk read Kursk

for Bjelgorod read Belgorod

for Moendan read Munda (probably)

Munda (airfield) lies in the Solomon Islands (New Georgia)

Salamana lies in New Guinea, near the town of Lae

Voice of Patton
006713/7-1943 9.= pm John Snagge

After a bombardment from the sea Augusta which is a U-boat and seaplane base has been taken whereas Ragusa has also been captured. Allied losses are slight. The Syracuse port is in good working order and Floridia 8 miles beyond it has also been taken. There are reports about landings near Catania but these have not been confirmed. Progress is officially described as good and the depth of our penetration amounts to 20 miles. In the Western section the advance continues and a great number of prisoners has been taken as well as lots of war material captured. Canadians entered Ragusa meeting the Americans from the west. Yesterday's counterattack made by the enemy were heavy. The tanks used were of French origin but out of date. The number of prisoners is growing and the prisoners captured include 1 Italian general. The enemy's defenses lack cohesion. Supplies of Allied equipment, material and men are still landing. The has been some bombing of our shipping by enemy aircraft. In all we employed some 3000 ships but losses of and damage to ships are light. The civil population of
0068island seems glad to see our men. 28 enemy planes were destroyed against a loss of 11 of ours. Home based Lancasters attacked Turin last night. The raid was the heaviest one made so far on an Italian target from this country. The round flight is some 2000 miles and 13 of our bombers are missing. Railway installations in France, Belgium and Holland were attacked by our Intruders in daylight today. The Russians show signs of optimism. One enemy bomber has been destroyed last night during attacks on this country. One sharp attack was made on an East Coast port. A Beaufighter attacked a U-boat in the Bay of Biscay. During the last 8 months 364 ships totaling a million tons of shipping have been destroyed in the Mediterranean, as said by Alexander of the Admiralty today. The parliamentary report was read by Robert Robinson13/7/1943
006914/7 9. pm. Maurice Shillington

British, Canadian and American forces on Sicily are pushing on. British troops are beyond Augusta on the road to Catania. Our bridgehead is now 30 miles deep at the deepest against 6 miles at the smallest point. Our forces continue to advance. Augusta's port is in good working order. Favara has been taken by the Americans Yesterday. General Alexander visited Sicily aboard a light cruiser. Comiso aerodrome has been captured. Yesterday afternoon 4 o'clock we entered the port of Augusta. Yesterday Catania was bombarded from the sea yesterday which bombardment was followed up by bombing from the air by Flying Fortresses. The 8th Army which is approaching Catania meets with weak resistance. Thousands of prisoners are coming in and the Italians of them seem happy. The disembarkation of troops and supplies continues. There has been a lot of enemy bombing off the beaches but disembarkation took place smoothly. There is also more activity of enemy U-boats. Our Intruders were uninterruptedly over Sicily and Southern Italy. Enna and Caltanissetta were bombed 2 Axis merchantmen were sunk. 42 enemy aircraft were brought down against 7 lost by
14/7/1943for Catanisetta read Caltanissetta
0070ourselves. Some 200 tons of bombs were dropped on airfields in Southern Italy. Aircraft of United Nations, both bombers and fighters, have been out in very great strength over France today. They have been bombing airfields and aircraft factories. Flying Fortresses, bomb- carrying Bostons and Typhoons took part. 51 enemy fighters have been destroyed 8 bombers and 4 of our fighters are missing. A heavy night attack was carried out on Aachen, a big load of high explosives was dropped including 8000 pounders. 20 planes are missing. Fierce fighting is reported South of Belgorod but Russians report that there is no progress by the Germans. Poland in exile has paid a last tribute to general Sikorsky today. A new Polish cabinet has also been formed. The debate in Commons today was on post war shipping and the report of it was read by John Snagge. After news the 14th July program for France was continued14/7/1943

Up to 9 pm. Tommy Handley in I.T.M.A.

9. pm. Richard Wessel.

By special communique the Russians have announced a counteroffensive on 2 fronts viz in the north of Kursk bulge north of Orel and east of Orel. In the latter sector the front is 22 miles wide and the advance is from 13 to 16 miles. 2000 Germans have been captured and 12000 killed. In Sicily Allied troops made considerable progress although resistance is stiffening. During the last 24 hours considerable gains have been made on the ground. The 8th Army advanced beyond Augusta where the hardest fighting takes place. The heaviest counterattacks made yet by the enemy took place yesterday near Augusta by a Hermann Goering division. In the Western sector inland from the South coast the Americans captured a dominating hill position. They also took some airfields at least 12000 prisoners have been taken during the first 5 days. The going is getting harder however. Our bombing attack shifted mainly to Messina the ferry port 200. Flying Fortresses, Merodas, Mitchells escorted by Lightnings
15/7/1943Tommy Handley
0072took part in the attack yesterday. 4 aircraft are missing. It is reported from Cairo for the first time bomb carrying Beaufighters attacked shipping in the Eastern Mediterranean. A through air service has been set up between Britain and Moscow the route is via North Africa, Cairo, Iran and Astrakhan. At the end of news some stories were read by McDonald who was in a glider and Gillard who went with seaborne troops. The commentary was by Comm. Kimmins who went with the convoy and who said that well over 2000 ships took part.15/7/1943
007316/7/1943 9.= pm Frank Philips

Our advance on Sicily continues. Steady advances are reported after hard fighting especially in the East Coast sector where the 8th Army operates. They have gained more ground. Paternò near Catania has been attacked from the air. Fighting now takes place round Lentini and Carlentini. The navy bombarded Catania airfield Our air superiority is being maintained. Important places have been captured by the Americans. The total amount of prisoners now amounts to 20000. Vizzini a place with 10000 inh. has been occupied as well as Riesi and Canicattì. Messina was raided again and Palermo got 100 tons of bombs. On the East of the Italian mainland 70 Liberators bombed airfields. Forest fires are reported 25 miles from Taranto. 8 aircraft of the enemy were lost and 4 of ours did not return. Our Lancasters crossed the Alps to raid electricity works in Northern Italy whereas Halifaxes bombed aircraft factories near the
0074Swiss frontiers. One Do.217 was shot down and 7 of our planes are missing. President Roosevelt and Winston Churchill had a message broadcast to the people of Italy from radio Algiers at 1 o'clock today. It was a.o. said therein that the only hope for Italy's survival lies in unconditional capitulation. Moreover it is said in the message we are determined to destroy the false leaders. In a Russian statement it is said that the Russian offensive round Orel developed from a German one round Kursk. Moubo [?] in New Guinea in the South West Pacific was taken. American fighters shot down 54 Japanese aircraft. The body of General Sikorsky was buried today after the war it will be buried in the national Shrine at Krakow.16/7/1943
007517/7/1943 9.= pm Frederick Allen

Our latest advances on Sicily brought the 8th Army within 10 miles from Catania. Four important places were captured and the 8th Army is driving hard for Catania. The Canadians took Caltagirone whereas Grammichele and Lentini were taken by the British. The American army alone is 5 divisions strong. The Canadian comm. is Maj. Gen. Simmons. A new type of service is now operating viz the A.M.G.O.T. Allied Military Government of Occupied Territory. It is now known that "Amphibious" were used at shore. They are six tons 4 wheeled lorries with an ordinary truck engine. At sea they have a propeller and are boat shaped. They are being called "ducks". The main road north of Catania which is being used by enemy transports has been bombarded from the sea. In Sicily large quantities of ripe tomatoes, melons and lemons are left unpicked. In vineyards Italian snipers have been left behind and these are busy. Our aircraft intensified their attacks on mainland of Italy Reggio was bombed.
17/7/1943for Craminichele read Grammichele (probably)

for dycks read ducks (DUKW)
007624 enemy planes were brought down, we lost 7. Our home based bombers for the second night running bombed electricity works a.o. at Milan and Bologna last night. Fires were started and buildings blew up. Our Mosquitoes bombed targets at Munich. American Flying Fortresses have today bombed industrial installations in Amsterdam and also in Germany. It is reported that 50 enemy fighters were shot down against a loss of 2 Fortresses. Off Holland our light coastal warships attacked a convoy. The Orel offensive of the Russians is going well but the enemy's near Kursk has failed. Sir Archibald Sinclair whose speech was partially recorded spoke at the Liberal Party's conference. The Allied nations have recommended the Italians honourable capitulation. After news the American commentary was given by Ernest K. Lindley.17/7/1943Ernest K. Lindley
007719/7 9.= pm. Maurice Shillington

Rome got his first air raid this morning when American bombers made a precision attack after dropping many leaflets. At 11 o'clock corespondents in North Africa were gathered and 13 minutes afterwards the first bomber reported by air to be over the targets. Military objects were bombed chiefly marshalling yards. The force of bombers consisted of light and heavy Americans from Mediterranean Command. Special instructions were issued to the crews of our bombers to bomb precisely and not damage religious and cultural buildings. The raid was a heavy one and lasted 2 1/2 hours. Fortresses, Merodas, Mitchells and Liberators took part. The raid was carried out in daylight for two main reasons. First in order that the targets could be seen clearly in daylight and secondly so that the Italian people could see military objects were our targets. In Sicily our offensive continues favourably and in some places even rapidly. On the East coast we are within 3 miles from Catania where the only serious resistance by a
0078Hermann Goering division takes place. The Canadians took Piazza Armerina and the Americans Caltanissetta. Catania is being attacked by land, sea and air day and night. The total amount of Axis prisoners is now over 35000 and some Italian units are coming over "en bloc". The Italian mainland, chiefly ports and airfields, was also bombed. 15 Ju were shot down for a loss of 4 of our planes. The Russians advanced from 2 to 4 miles. Saturday 80 German tanks were crippled. Last night our Mosquitoes train busted railway engines in Germany and on the Continent. 10 engines were damaged. More Japanese ships have been sunk in the Solomons. 3 destroyers were hit, 1 sunk and another one hit. 13 fighters were shot down and 4 of our planes are missing. In Burma the land situation is unchanged 4 FW [?] 190's were shot down when our Beaufighters of which 1 was lost were sent out yesterday evening to attack a convoy of the Dutch coast.
18 minutes
9.= news ended and was followed by a talk by J.B. Priestly called "Make it Monday"
19/7/1943J.B. Priestlyfor Caltanisetta read Caltanissetta
007920/7. 1943 9.= pm Stuart Hibberd

Americans and Canadians are pushing on to the centre of Sicily. In the Western American sector little opposition is met and the Italians are giving themselves up by the hundred. In some cases there is mutiny of Italians who are commanded by German officers. The Canadians meet with the strongest resistance near Catania. German troops supported by tanks have counterattacked. The total length of the front there is some 40 miles. The Canadians are pushing towards Enna where the fighting is heaviest with infantry. They stand 12 miles from Enna. It is now reported that more than 500 American bombers took part in the raid on Rome yesterday. The raid was an outstanding success. Livorno and San Lorenzo marshalling yards were hit as well as airfields. When Rome was bombed Mussolini was not there but he went to a place in Northern Italy to meet Hitler. During the raid we lost 5 machines. Only some 30 Axis fighters went up whilst the attack on Rome was going on. 3 of them were shot down.
0080On the Orel front in Russia the German base itself is looking none too sure. The Germans are however hitting hard back anywhere on the front. American bombers raided one of the Japanese Kuril Islands which is the first proper Japanese target after the Tokyo raid. American Liberators took part. General Giraud has arrived in England today. The report of Parliament was read by Maurice Shillington. After the news there was a talk by an engineer on the "Diesel-engine"20/7/1943for Korillen read Kurilen (Kuril Islands)
008121/7. 1943 9.= pm Richard Wessel

Since the fall of Enna yesterday Axis forces are retreating from the West and the Centre. 12 days since the Allied troops went ashore part of the island is in their hands. South of Catania fighting continues. Everywhere except near Catania the enemy is in retreat. Enna was kept by Americans and Canadians yesterday and they are now pushing on beyond Enna. Two experienced Italian divisions are in retreat before the Americans. These divisions are supposed to be motorized but the Germans have taken all the transport from them. Whether the Germans intend to stay in the North Eastern corner of Sicily is not yet clear. It looks as if Palermo, Trapani and Marsala will be evacuated. General Eisenhower left no doubt about his conviction that the Allies will soon be victorious in Sicily. Day and night airfields in Southern Italy are being bombed. We lost 6 aircraft and 6 of the enemy were shot down. More Red Army progress is reported down Orel and also are the Russians advancing
0082in the Belgorod section. Round Orel from the North 30 more places were captured and from the East 29 villages. Also from the South progress is reported. Last Monday 143 German tanks were put out of action. Russian bombers in great force attacked Orel itself. Near Belgorod the Russian advanced 7 1/2 miles. In the Donets Basin South of Izyum a crossing was forced also on the Middle Donets and ........[?] . A national Committee of free Germans has been formed in Moscow to overthrow the Nazi Government. Imported canned jam will be released for sale in the shops next winter. The extra ration for each person will be 1 lb during the winter. Dehydration of vegetables is now done in standard plants of which 30 will be erected for drying cabbage, carrots and potatoes. Two American vessels shelled Kiska in the Aleutians but the Japs did not reply. Today is Belgium's national Day. The report about the proceedings in House of Commons was read by Stuart Hibberd21/7/1943for Donetz read Donets
008322nd July unable to listen.

23/7/1943 6.= pm. Robert Robinson

The Americans have reached the North Coast of Sicily and captured Palermo, a place with over 400000 inhabitants yesterday. Palermo is the principal city of Sicily. Little Italian resistance was met. Trapani and Marsala have been cut off as well as the forces in Western Sicily. Palermo is a fine harbour. There is little news from the East of Sicily. Fighting continues near Catania and the Canadians have swung round. General Alexander has said that both Americans and Canadians have done well, exceedingly well and the Americans are fine fighting troops. Road communications on Sicily have been kept under attacks by ours bombers. Our Warhawks were over Sardinia and shot down 17 enemy planes. Over the Italian mainland important attacks were carried out on railway systems etc. Altogether, the 17 above included 24 enemy planes were brought
0084down. 6 of our aircraft are missing. Reconnaissance photographs about the Rome raid confirm that all targets were hit and that except these targets little damage has been done to other objects. The main news from the Russian front is from the Orel front. Bolkhov a city 33 miles North of Orel has been captured. During the last 10 days 50000 Germans were killed, 6000 taken prisoner, 800 tanks destroyed, 400 tanks captured, 900 aircraft destroyed. On the Belgorod front the Russians advanced from 3 to 4 miles. The Red Air Force is keeping up its attacks in the Orel sector and 4000 tons 5000 lbs bombs were dropped by American built machines. In Burma a cotton mill was bombed and large fires started. Surabaya was attacked by our Liberator bombers. The Japs were taken by surprise. Docks, railway sidings, warehouses and oil refineries were attacked and heavy damage was done. This was said also by Elmer Davies. From Monday next onward the price of raspberries has been fixed at 1/2 S per lb.23/7/1943
008526/7/1943 8 am Stuart Hibberd

Mussolini has resigned and the King has appointed Marshal Badoglio as head of the government The King has issued a proclamation to the Italian people. This one was followed by a similar one from Badoglio wherein it was said that Italy's war continues and the people were asked to rally round the King. No further explanation about the resignation was given. Instead of the year of the fascist revolution the usual year 1943 was stated in the proclamation, when radio Rome broadcast the proclamation the national anthem was played but not the fascist anthem. The Germans explain that the resignation is due to ill health. In Sicily the German forces are resisting near Catania. Our Western air offensive has reached a new climax. Saturday night Hamburg got the heaviest raid of the war so far. 2300000 kilos of bombs were dropped. The same place was bombed again during the day yesterday by the Americans. This was also the heaviest
0086raid American planes based in this country have made so far. Dense smoke from the night's attack was still over the place and accurate bombing by the Flying Fortresses was impossible. The U-boat building centre at Kiel and an aircraft factory at Warnemünde were also attacked. This raid was also the Americans deepest penetration into Germany. 19 American bombers were lost and a great number of enemy fighters were shot down. Later in the day Ghent was attacked by our light bombers who went out with a fighter escort. Typhoon bombers bombed an airfield near Antwerp. Schiphol airfield was also raided and the Fokker works at Amsterdam too. 7 of our planes are missing. Not a single enemy aircraft were over our shores. 3 were shot down over the North Sea and another 3 over their base in Holland. The Russians report more progress towards Orel.26/7/1943
008726/7/1943 6.= pm Richard Wessel

All Italy is now under martial law. This is the first act of Badoglio 12 hours after Mussolini's resignation. In the first session of Parliament Churchill will make a statement on the subject. There is a curfew from dusk to dawn not more than 3 people may be together. Restrictions have been imposed on traveling. Police has instructions to shoot. firearm licenses are invalid. Papers have only one edition. Last night Essen the main target for our bombers, but Cologne and Hamburg were also attacked. 25 of our bombers were lost. The enemy lost 4 planes in attacks over our East coast. On the Russian front the main fighting is on the approaches to Orel. The Germans lost 2000 dead on this front and a number of prisoners. They had the heaviest losses east of Orel. Round Belgorod only local fighting is reported as well as local clashes round Izyum weer 800 Germans were
0088killed. 186 tons of bombs were dropped on Munda in which raid over 200 planes took part. More Canadian troops arrived in England. Badoglio is known as an antifascist and anti-German. What the Allies demand from Italy is unconditional surrender when there will be an honourable capitulation. There is no reliable news yet about Mussolini. Reports from Stockholm say he is in prison. The Italian communique today for the first time is signed by Ambrosio. The Allies say that on Sicily pressure is maintained an all sectors. The Canadians are progressing but slowly. The number of prisoners is 65000 taken by Americans and 14000 by British. Bad weather over Italy hampered the activity of our heavy bombers. 3 Ju 88 were shot down and one of ours is missing. An airfield and wireless encampment in Southern Greece were attacked. The Essen raid was highly concentrated and effective. Essen is not only important for Krupp but also as a transport centre. Mosquitoes bombed Cologne and Hamburg where fires were still burning. 1 fighter was lost. Again today large formations of our aircraft are reported out over our South26/7/1943AmbrosioMunda (airfield) lies in the Solomon Islands (New Georgia)
0089coast today. Our little ships of the navy torpedoed a vessel off the Dutch coast and probably another one. All our ships returned safely with some damage and a small number of casualties.26/7/1943
009027/7. 1943 8.= am. R. Wessel

The night has brought no news about the fighting in Sicily or the situation in Italy. The Italian propaganda is playing up the country's welcome for a non-fascist regime and there are reports in Italian overseas broadcasts about demonstrations. Gayda is according to German reports not longer editor of the Giornale d'Italia. The world however now wants to see what those in power will do. The Russians had another day of good progress and advanced from 3 to 6 miles. The Railway from Orel to Bryansk has been cut by them. They are now less than 15 miles from Orel. 52 tanks and 75 planes have been destroyed. The Americans raided Hamburg again yesterday also a rubber factory at Hannover and targets at Wesermünde and Wilhelmshaven. 23 bombers and 3 fighters are missing. There was little enemy activity over this country. One enemy plane was shot down.
27/7/1943Il Giornale d'Italia
for Bryansk also read Brjansk
009128/7/1943. 8. am Frank Philips

Swiss correspondents on the Italian frontier are reporting to their papers that demonstrations to celebrate the downfall of Mussolini are taking place all over Italy. Crowds are renaming streets and plains after famous liberals and socialists. Fascist emblems are being removed and customs officials on the frontier are removing them from their uniform too. Our bombers were over Germany last night. Yesterday the benzol plant at Zeebrugge was bombed without loss and also airfields in Holland and Belgium. 9 enemy aircraft were destroyed and 2 of ours are missing. Yesterday the Russians advanced from 2 1/2 to 4 miles nearer Orel. On the Leningrad front there is local fighting near ... [?]. Active reconnaissance is reported from the Donets Basin. Monday 18 tanks and 45 planes were destroyed. In the SW Pacific 2 Japanese supply ships were bombed and shot up. There is no further news from Italy itself nor of the fighting in Sicily
009228/7/1943 6.= pm. Robert Robinson

Our home based bombers were back over Hamburg last night in same strength as last Saturday. Consequently Hamburg got a tremendous battering. Visibility was excellent. Our bombers destroyed 3 enemy fighters. Targets in the Ruhr were also bombed. 18 of our planes were lost. More reports have come in about demonstrations in Milan. In the party buildings there fascists have barricaded themselves. Incidents are reported from Turin and Bologna. There have also been clashes between police forces and troops. The demonstrations called for peace. Mosquito fighters were out over Holland, France and Germany last night attacking 4 airfields. According to reports from our South Coast the Allied air offensive is in full swing. In Sicily the front is quiet. It looks as if preparations are being made. In the Eastern sector, which is the British's there is patrolling. Canadian troops have advanced a little towards Messina. Germans are chiefly responsible for the defense. In face of fierce opposition the Canadians
28/7/1943for Milaan read Milan
0093advanced to the enemy's line of his bridgehead. There are still five Italian divisions who escaped from the West of Sicily. The Germans use the Italians chiefly for labour purposes, digging trenches etc. 5 of the enemy's aircraft were destroyed in air attacks and 3 of ours are missing. Yesterday 50 villages were captured by the Russians in the Orel sector. Fierce fighting is reported especially north of Orel. German counterattacks to the east of Orel are reported. On the other fronts there is only local action. In the SW. Pacific the Americans are pressing on. Salamana got the heaviest hammering so far. American Liberators bombed Wake Island. Report about proceedings in Parliament is read by Frederick Allen28/7/1943
009429/7/1943 8.= am R. Robinson

Rome has confirmed that serious trouble has broken out in Milan. According to Swiss reports demonstrations for peace and democratic government are taking place all over Italy. In Milan the army took over the utility services. Strikes are reported and a number of shops and banks are closed. Since yesterday there is little news from Sicily except that the Americans are advancing rapidly along the coast. Rommel has arrived in Salonika, so he is apparently in Greece now. The Russians are now 11 miles away from Orel. Tuesday 30 tanks and 60 planes were captured. In daylight yesterday American heavy bombers flew their deepest penetration into Germany. Flying Fortresses covered by Thunderbolts attacked an aircraft factory at Kassel and also Magdeburg a target only 80 miles away from Berlin. Targets in France and Belgium were also bombed as well as Amsterdam. In all about
009560 enemy planes weer brought down by Fortresses and 9 more by escorting fighters. We lost 23 heavy bombers and one fighter. Roosevelt made a statement on the war situation and General Smuts won a majority in the elections.

29/7-1943 6.= pm. Maurice Shillington

In Sicily the Canadians and Americans continue to advance and our air forces are active well ahead of them. The Canadians took Leonforte 40 miles West of Catania. The Germans report that Nicosia has been evacuated. Our air forces assisting our forces in Sicily wrecked the enemy's transport by medium and heavy bombers. Ships in Sicilian ports were also bombed. 3 Italian planes were shot down and we lost one aircraft. A further step by Badoglio's government is prohibiting the formation of political parties for the duration of the war. Many members of the fascist party have been rounded up. Badoglio promised that a new chamber will be set up 4 months after the war. Things in Turin appear quieter
0096Works are beginning again. In Milan there are still strikes. Up to yesterday armoured cars were patrolling the streets of Rome. A special message from General Eisenhower has been broadcast to the Italian people. Therein Eisenhower said he can compliment the people of Italy and the House of Savoy in getting rid of the fascists. Today is the 60th birthday of Mussolini. Eisenhower also said you can have peace and immediately. We come as liberators and as has been proved in Sicily our accusation will be mild. Provided Allied prisoners are not sent to Germany but returned to us the hundreds of thousands of Italian prisoners will be sent back. The Russians again advanced from 2 1/2 to 4 miles and they are now 10 miles from Orel. Moscow reports that the enemy is pushed away to the West and South West and the Germans are slowly pressed back. Orel and Bryansk were raided by Russian bombers. Our fighters are reported out across the Channel today 3 enemy fighters were destroyed. After midnight last night there were a few enemy planes over Scotland29/7/1943
009730/7/1943. 8.= am. Maurice Shillington

Our bombers were out over Germany last night strong formations of American bombers with a British and Allied escort of fighters went to northern Germany during the day yesterday. U-boat bases were bombed as well as the Heinkel Works (aircraft factory) at Warnemünde. 40 enemy fighters were destroyed by the Fortresses of which 10 are missing. There was slight enemy activity over this country last night. A few enemy aircraft came to a place in South East England. 2 enemy planes were destroyed. Of the planes the enemy has used recently in attacks on this country 15% has been lost. The power station at Rouen and airfields in Northern France were also bombed yesterday. From these raids 3 fighters are missing. The Russians are fighting their way through stiff German resistance on three sides of Orel. From the Belgorod and Donets sector normal patrol activity is reported. 40 places were occupied by the Russians in the Orel sector. 38 tanks and 63 planes were destroyed. Tokyo radio said yesterday night
30/7/1943for Rouaan read Rouen
0098that the Americans had raided Hong Kong. At present the result of the South African elections is 106 seats for pro-war parties and 42 seats for anti-war party. There is no fresh news from Italy except that 20 prefects have been dismissed. In Sicily the Canadians continue to advance slowly (average advance during 10 days 10 miles per day). The Americans have reached Nicosia and the Canadian have come to Agira.

30/7/1943 6 pm Stuart Hibberd

Once again it was Hamburg last night. A highly concentrated attack was carried out in clear weather and well over 2000 tons of bombs were dropped. This is the third time within a week that Hamburg has had over 2000 tons of bombs each time. In all these 7 days 7 raids have been carried out. The Germans sent up many fighters. 28 of our bombers are missing and 3 enemy fighters were destroyed. Today American medium bombers raided an airfield in Holland. Yesterday many hits were obtained on the
0099U-boatyard whereas the Heinkel Works were hit as well. Fighter Command aircraft were also active last night by bombing airfields in France and Germany. In Northern Italy troops have refused to fire on people demonstrating for peace. An unconfirmed report from Madrid says that German troops have a.o. occupied Triëst and Fiume. The commander of the garrison at Milan has been removed from his post. British cruisers and destroyers have bombarded the Italian mainland. Official news from Sicily says that the Canadians have advanced further. The Americans have also advanced on their line. From the Southern front which is the responsibility of the British patrolling is reported. The Americans are nearing San Stefano. The allied forces are biting into the outer defenses of the enemy's bridgehead. Allied air forces were busy over Sicily, Sardinia, Southern Italy and the sea.30/7/1943for San Stefano read Santo Stefano di Camastra
0100Flying Fortresses bombed an airfield 50 miles North east of Rome. 4 of our planes are missing and one enemy plane has been destroyed. The Germans call the Italian demonstrations as communist and also directed against the House of Savoy. It has been said in a prominent American paper that Italy cannot swing back to neutrality. Bitter fighting is going on in the Northern, North Western. Russian armour is doing well even against the 60 tons Tigers. East and South of Orel the Russians have crossed a river. Hitlers orders were as a prisoner said to hold Catania at all costs.30/7/1943House of Savoy

Flying Fortress
01014/8 8 am

(up to this broadcast since previous report unable to listen due to breakdown in electricity supply)

Could due to lateness this morning only listen to part of headlines at end of news bulletin.

American forces occupied Troina and the Canadians Regalbuto. In the Orel front Stis' was occupied and the Russians are now 5 miles from Orel.

4/8 6. pm Stuart Hibberd

More progress is reported from Sicily where progress is very satisfactory especially in the left sector. In the central sector the Allied positions were strengthened. Catenanuova and Centuripe (spelling places not on map!) the main objective is Adrano (Adiano). Especially in the centre fighting is bitter.
0102The Americans advanced 6 miles along the North coast. Agira changed hands several times before it was captured by the Canadians. Our land offensive coincided with extensive air attacks. Adrano got the heaviest attacks for several days. 80 enemy trucks were destroyed. The Allied navy has also been active. US cruisers and destroyers bombarded Caronia 6 miles beyond S Stefano. Naples was bombed by RAF Wellingtons for the second night in succession. Southern Italy was also bombed from the air. General Eisenhower's headquarters are at Malta. There is little news from Italy. The Germans are in retreat along both sides of the Orel wedge. They are fighting a losing battle. Orel is still held by the Germans. 50 fresh places were taken yesterday. In the North West fighting is heavy. Big German attacks in the Donets basin died down. In the Far East the Americans reached Munda airfield from the Eastern end Japanese resistance is stiffening. 200 troop barges were sunk4/8/1943
0103in the last 10 days and 29 yesterday. Discussions about the exchange of badly wounded prisoners are taking place with Germany. Today is Queen Elizabeth's birthday.4/8/1943
01045/8/1943 8.= am. Richard Wessel

The Russians reported shortly after midnight that they are back in Orel after 2 years of German occupation. The Germans captured Orel in October 1941 and they now admit what they call the evacuation of it. Orel is the most advanced base for the advance on Moscow. Over 80 places were captured by the Russians. From Sicily there is no further news except that the 8th Army is reported about 5 miles from Adrano. Yesterday late American medium bombers with a fighter escort bombed Le Trait (spelling?) near Rouen. The shipping yard there was bombed. Hits were seen in the power house and the machine creating shop. Not one aircraft is missing. From Russia stiff fighting is reported round Belgorod. Russian bombers pounded Bryansk. In the South West Pacific there is hard fighting round the airfields at Munda
0105Sharp fighting is also reported in the North East of New Guinea where the Australians are 5 miles from Salamana.

5/8/1943. 6.= pm. Frederick Allen

(Due to thunderstorm it was almost impossible to follow the news bulletin).

Catania has fallen and was occupied at 7.30 this morning. Troops of the 8th Army have also occupied Adrano. Our bombers attack Naples. 3 E-boats were sunk by our aircraft off Calais last night.
01066/8/1943. 8 am. Frederick Allen

Late last night Marshal Stalin announced a double victory viz. the capture of Belgorod and the complete and full occupation of Orel. He issued an order of the day. In Orel there was fierce fighting in the streets before the place was captured. 72 German planes were destroyed in air combats. In the fighting which led to the capture of Belgorod 3000 Germans were killed, 40 tanks destroyed, another 40 captured and 66 planes destroyed. The 8th Army entered Catania yesterday morning. Our patrols during the night had ascertained that the Germans were clearing out. The roads were blocked not in the least by many bomb craters. Catania is an utterly devastated city. Around the harbour houses have been damaged beyond repair. Palermo was also taken. For the first time Badoglio's cabinet has met and issued a number of decrees. One decree orders that in laws and
0107orders "Duce" will be substituted by Prime Minister. Step by step the Americans are reducing the Japanese position at Munda airfield which is now surrounded. Stiff fighting is reported from New Guinea where the Japanese are strongly counterattacking.

6/5/1943 6 pm. Frank Philips

British, Canadian and American troops are making more progress along the line in Sicily since the capture of Catania. The 8th Army from Catania is now 50 miles from Messina. The Germans are still holding out and at Adrano. Biancavilla has also been captured. The Americans are attacking Troina. The previous report that this place has been taken is premature. Orel is now behind the Russians. Belgorod fell to mass-attacks by infantry from the North East and under masterful air support. The Russian advance continues. Near Izyum the Germans are trying to regain lost ground
0108In the South West Pacific Munda key airfield has been captured by the Allies. Sweden has cancelled the transit agreement whereby German troops and supplies were allowed to pass through that country to Norway. The agreement was an unfriendly act. All organized enemy resistance at Munda has ceased. The campaign lasted less than six weeks.6/8/1943
01097/8/1943. 8.= pm. Frank Philips

The Russians have developed their success at Orel and Belgorod into two further offensives which are aimed at Bryansk and Kharkiv respectively to the North and South. Substantial progress has been made especially in the drive towards Kharkiv. The advance varies from 13 to 45 miles and on the Orel front 4 to 6 miles. Kromi some 40 kilometers to the South West of Orel has also been captured. Patrolling is reported near Izyum. 66 German tanks and 114 planes were destroyed resp. shot down. The Germans falling back from Catania are not using the coast road for fear of bombardments from the sea. A certain amount of looting took place at Catania. Upon the request of the mayor of Catania the Carabinieri were rearmed and are now patrolling Catania's streets together with our troops. Heavy fighting is taking place before Adrano and Biancaville. In yesterday's report it was stated
7/8/1943Kharkivfor luting read looting

for Charkow read Charkiv or Kharkiv
0110that Biancavilla had been captured but this should be Misterbianco. The Americans are striving hard to work themselves into Troina. Our Typhoons and Mustangs shot up railway engines in Northern France which were damaged. 2 planes are missing. In the Solomons 7 out of 30 Japanese Zero-fighters were shot down. The German losses in a month battle in Russia amount to 120000 men killed and 12000 taken prisoner.7/8/1943Misterbianco
01119/8/1943 8.= pm.

The Russians are deepening their movement outflanking Kharkiv from the North and they have advanced further to Bryansk. In the direction of Kharkiv the advance amounts to 7-10 miles. Bohodukhiv has been captured. A place on the line from Belgorod to Sumy has also been taken. The advance has brought the Russians some 65 miles west of Kharkiv. 16 miles North west of Kharkiv a place has been captured. On the Bryansk front over 130 more places were taken and it can now be said that the Russians are 20 miles back from Orel. From the rest of the fronts patrol and artillery activity is reported. 125 German planes were shot down. There has been no further news during the night from Sicily beyond the capture of Braidi and Adrano which places were taken on Saturday morning. The naval shore depot at Rennes in Northern France has been bombed by our Bostons of which one is missing yesterday. The S/S "Normandy" has been
0112refloated in Hudson River.

9.8.1943 6 pm. Stuart Hibberd

Allied advances on all Sicilian fronts are reported. Acireale has been captured by the 8th Army which is the biggest news from that army. The place is 8 miles from Catania. Seaborne landings were carried out by the Americans on the North Coast. Sant' Agata and San Fratello were captured as well as Cesarò. Our bombers were over Messina and more damage was done to railway installations and communications on the Italian mainland. We lost 2 planes and the enemy 7. With a broadening front swift progress is made in Russia. The railway from Kharkiv to Sumy has been cut. The advance on the Bryansk front has been less spectacular. In the Central Solomons Vila aerodrome was bombed and a naval depot nearby. The Japanese are on the defensive now. Frank Gillard our correspondent
0113on Sicily had an interview with the mayor of Catania at whose disposal a day after the capture of the town 50 tons of flour were placed. The Allied administration is allotting a ration of bread to the people of Catania. The shortage of flour has been so acute that the people have not tasted bread for a fortnight.9/8/1943
011410/8/1943. 8.= am Stuart Hibberd

The Russians again advanced rapidly and had the most successful day on the Kharkiv front yet. Two places 30 and 40 miles west of Kharkiv were reached. 3 more stations on the rail northwest from Kharkiv were captured. Much war material and considerable territory was gained. Trostianets was captured. The only direction of escape is south and southwest of Kharkiv. In 2 days fighting 315 railway trucks with supplies were captured. Our bombers from this country were out over Germany last night. During the day road and rail targets in Northern France were attacked. 7 planes were destroyed and we lost 3. Steady progress is also reported from the Bryansk front but no change is reported from other parts of the fronts. There is no important news from Sicily since yesterday's coast to coast advance. Allied forces are closing in on Randazzo
0115and progressing along the coast from Catania where they reached a point 45 miles from Messina. Elmer Davies returned back in America after a visit to Africa, Britain and Iceland.

10/8/1943 6 pm. Fred Allen

The Allies in Sicily are making slow but steady progress along the whole front. Patrols of the 8th Army and the 7th American Army have linked up with each other before Randazzo. Heavy demolitions and stiff resistance are met. The communique confirms that Bronte is in our hands. On the East side of the island German resistance is fierce. The navy bombarded Mascali, Riposto and Taormina. The Allied air forces continued their attacks on road junctions at Messina. Home based bombers went to Mannheim- Ludwigshafen. Our Mosquitoes attacked
10/8/1943for fearce read fierce
0116objectives in the Ruhr and our fighters attacked targets in France and the Low Countries. 9 bombers are missing and 2 planes of the enemy were shot down. In the Solomons the Americans are pushing North from Munda. Salamana as well as Amboina were raided. Lord Woolton purchased the total 1943 tea crop which is the highest deal ever made by the Ministry. The British tea ration for next year is therefore secure. In industrial areas onions will be distributed and 1 lb will be obtainable. The Ministry has asked the trade not to limit sale to regular customers. The Russians are closing in on Kharkiv from the West. Traffic from Kharkiv out was bombed. There are no signs of the Germans organizing resistance. The Russians have complete domination in the air notwithstanding the enemy is strengthening his force from other centres. Before Bryansk slow progress being made and the enemy is retreating orderly. British cold storage capacity is 2 1/2 times that of pre war storage10/8/1943
011711/8/1943n8.= am. Fred Allen

Mr. Churchill is in Canada for war conferences. later talks will be held with President Roosevelt and the combined chiefs of staff of USA and Britain. Mr. W.C. is staying at Quebec. The Russian army is closing in on Kharkiv. A place 14 miles away from Sumy has been captured. Soviet bombers attacked transport between Donets and Dnjepr. On the Orel front. Khotynets was taken 35 tanks were destroyed and 48 planes shot down. In the direction of Bryansk the Russians are more than 30 miles from Orel. In Sicily Allied forces are closing in on Randazzo and making progress steadily. This is being done by the Americans from Cesarò and the 8th Army from Bronte. Our Lancasters bombers were over Germany last night. There has been slight enemy activity over this country last night, over East Anglia bombs fell on one place. The German commentator Dittmar broadcast for the first time
0118yesterday that things are going badly in Russia.

11/8/1943 6.= pm. Rich Wessel

Allied forces in Sicily make small but steady progress along the coast road. Fighting near Randazzo is heavy. Gadia [?] was captured 40 miles from Messina. Germans carry out demolitions on a lavish scale and there also plenty minefields. According to a German prisoner their companies have been reduced from 200 to 20 men. Air attacks were carried out on both sides of the street. We lost 5 planes and the enemy 6. Cruisers and destroyers of the navy penetrated the Gulf of Naples and bombed a place where there are repair shops. In S. Italy railway bridges were attacked in a similar way. Mr. Churchill attended a meeting of the war cabinet. Canadian chiefs of staff met British chiefs
0119Mr. Roosevelt met members of the Pacific war council. Mr. Halifax arrived in Britain. Last night a heavy attack was carried out on Nuremberg which shows that we fly deeper into Germany. The partial evacuation of Berlin is also announced. Nuremberg is an important railway junction. 16 of our bombers were lost last night. 3 enemy fighters were destroyed The Americans on New Georgia are still closing in on the last point the enemy holds on this island. More Red Army progress is reported in closing in on Kharkiv. Half way between Orel and Bryansk Khotynets has been captured. The Russians are still a dozen miles from Kharkiv. They have made fresh crossings of the Donets and are now closing in on Kharkiv from the East. 10 stations on the railway to Sumy were taken. German reserves on this front are now in action but this fact is not holding the Russians up11/8/1943Orel
Orel Battle
Orel or Oryol
012012/8/1943 8.= am. Rich. Wessel

The enemy in Kharkiv is now in greater danger. The Russians closed in still further and the railway to Poltava has been cut. Only one railway line is open for escape. The advance amounts to from 8 to 12 miles. The Russians now stand 40 miles from Poltava and the advance goes on. They come closer to Kharkiv and they have now captured a place 7 1/2 miles away from that city. Stalin has been seen by the British and United States ambassadors yesterday. Mr Molotov was also present Mr. Churchill and President Roosevelt will meet soon at Quebec. They will examine the report of the chiefs of staff and the military possibilities in Europe this year will be considered. From other Russian fronts reconnaissance activity is reported. 85 tanks were destroyed The Allied forces on Sicily are maintain-
12/8/1943for Poltawa read Poltava
0121ning steady pressure on the retreating enemy. The Germans are fighting a stubborn rearguard action. A town on the South West Coast of England has been attacked. One plane has been destroyed. Bombs fell also in other places. Whirlwinds with a Polish Spitfire escort shot up ships near Brittany. Gracie Fields flew home from America yesterday.

12/8/1943 6.= pm. Robert Robinson

In Sicily for the second time a landing force has landed behind the enemy lines in the North. American warships supported the action. The direct attack on Randazzo is meeting opposition. The 8th Army is progressing along the Coast road. Correspondents in Sicily say that the Germans are evacuating Sicily. For our bombers a new target was found on the Italian mainland in Terni, an important junction 40 miles North of Rome
12/8/1943Gracie Fields
0122This place was attacked yesterday by Flying Fortresses. One plane is missing. General Alexander saw a first visit to Palermo, the Sicilian capital and visited also the bishop there who has agreed to co-operate with us. The Americans announced a little while ago that Flying Fortresses had today bombed industrial targets in Germany. Further details are not yet available but the Germans say that Bonn was bombed. Last night one town in the country got a sharp attack. During July 167 civilians were killed in this country by air raids and 210 people injured. Mr. Churchill arrived in the USA. The Russian advance on Kharkiv makes good progress and they are closing in. There is only one line out of Kharkiv left to them i.e. to the South Okhtyrka has been captured. In the S.W. Pacific aircraft carried out attacks on Japanese shipping off New Ireland also 18 supply barges were sunk off New Guinea. Lord Woolton has been touring Warwickshire agricultural district and spoke at Stratford-upon-Avon.12/8/1943For Walton read Woolton (probably)
012313/8/1943 8.= am. Robert Robinson

The Germans are leaving Sicily according to reports from our correspondents the evacuation is in full swing. A regular ferry service between Sicily and the mainland is maintained and carried out by some 80 small boats of four different types. The evacuation is guarded by the biggest concentration of anti aircraft guns in the world. Some 200 heavy guns and a similar number of light guns is employed and as material comes back from Sicily this is added too. The Germans who are evacuated must bring their weapons and arms with them otherwise they are not allowed to cross. The Allied navy and air forces are doing all they can to hamper this evacuation but it looks as if the bulk of the troop will be able to get away. Our bombers were over Italy last night. Swiss reports from the Italian frontier say that Milan got a heavy attack. More progress is reported
0124from the Bryansk and Kharkiv sectors. A place only 5 miles from Kharkiv has been reached. In the far East the Americans continue to advance on New Georgia. Bad weather is holding up our air offensive. A third attack on Japanese territory proper was carried out by the Americans. There is no further news about Mr. Churchill.

13/8/1943 6.= pm Maurice Shillington

Rome was bombed again this morning by American bombers based on Northern Africa both by heavy and medium bombers. Marshalling yards were attacked which attacks started shortly after 11 o'clock. The San Lorenzo yards were attacked by heavy bombers and the Littoria yards by medium Venturas and Merodas. It was an all American show which lasted 1 1/2 hours. Commander Doolittle commanded the forces. The Rome raid followed a heavy attack on Milan which was carried out in greater strength than before
0125Turin was also attacked at the same time. Our Mosquitoes were over Berlin, France and the Low Countries, 7 bombers are missing. An enemy E-boat was sunk by our fighters off the coast of France. One enemy fighter was shot down. Both attacks on Milan and Turin were highly concentrated. At Milan there are chemical works and also motorcar factories and factories manufacturing aeroplane engines. Turin is the seat of the Fiat works. Stiff fighting is reported from Sicily but every day the Allies are beating a little into the ground held by the enemy. The Americans are 4 miles from Randazzo. On the East coast resistance is even stronger but we are reaching Giarre. Ships of the navy bombed targets on the East Coast. 17 Axis planes were lost and 10 of ours are missing. The airfield at Naples was bombed whereas Bostons and Baltimores bombed Reggio. Targets in Greece were also attacked. The Russians are progressing in the direction of Bryansk and Kharkiv. A place 5 miles east of Karacev was captured. No news has been received of Mr. Churchill's movements.13/8/1943
0126Sir John Anderson arrived by plane in England this afternoon. Minister Lord Woolton spoke at Kidderminster today. Slight enemy air activity over East Anglia last night. Few bombs were dropped and there are no casualties.13/8/1943John Anderson
012714/8/1943 8.= pm. ?

Randazzo has fallen. American troops of the 7th Army entered the town yesterday morning. It was bitterly defended by crack German troops. More than 500 tons of bombs were dropped on Rome yesterday. In the first raid on that city over 1000 tons of bombs were dropped. All planes returned safely. According to reports from the crews Rome's defenses were strengthened. 5 enemy fighters were shot down. According to Swiss reports there have been new demonstrations in Milan for peace. Troops are patrolling the streets. This followed the record raid om this town last Thursday. More destruction in the Fiat works is reported from Turin. The Russians are now only one mile from Kharkiv. More than 30 places were captured. The Russians are now 3 miles from Karacev and less than 30 miles from Bryansk. Salamana got the biggest bombing raid
0128yet. Over 177 tons of bomb were dropped in an attack which lasted 45 minutes. We lost 2 machines and 13 of the enemy were shot down. Japanese bombers made a raid on Darwin but no damage was caused. More employees both men and women will be made available from the wholesale fruit and vegetable trade. Tomatoes from Monday onward will be retailed at 1/4 d. per lb.14/8/1943
012916/8/1943 8.= am. (this is 7 am. British time) Frederick Allen

Our bombers raided Northern Italy again last night. Swiss reports say that Milan was again the target and got a heavy pounding. This place has now been bombed for the third time in 4 days. The growing peace demonstrations there have led to riots and a new climax. The city's mayor has resigned. Our planes going out to Italy met British and American Fortresses coming back from attacks on Continental targets. Saint-Omer was attacked by our Merodas. In all 7 airfields including Flushing were bombed. Sweeps were carried out over Belgian and Dutch coasts. There was some activity over this country last night and one town got a sharp attack. Damage was caused and there were
0130some casualties. Bombs were also dropped on other places in the South. 5 planes were shot down. Karacev 40 miles from Bryansk was captured as well as 70 places and towns north of Karacev. In the Kharkiv sector the Germans counterattacked but the Russians repelled these attacks and took some more places. Fighting takes now place on the outskirts of Kharkiv. In Sicily the evacuation of the Germans is going so rapidly that our troops are losing contact with the enemy. On the East Coast we are 35 miles from Messina. The Americans from Randazzo have cut the road near Francavilla and in the North they are 20 miles from Messina. During air combats the Japanese lost 45 planes and we 5. In America the cruiser Alaska was launched. Mr. Churchill got back to Quebec yesterday. In the USA Mr. WC stayed at Hyde Park the New York house of Pres. Roosevelt. This confirmed now that Mr. Eden will later join in the discussions.16/8/1943for Francaville read Francaville di Sicilia

8.= am. Frank Philips

Our bombers were out last night and from reports from Switzerland, it seems to have been Italy's turn again. It is reported that air raid warnings sounded in Northern Italy. Further details are not yet available but during the day American and RAF bombers kept up the offensive by bombing 7 more airfields in Northern France. 36 fighter planes were destroyed for a loss of 10 bombers and 10 fighters. Le Bourget airfield near Paris used for the distribution of fighters included. The Fortresses met with strong opposition. 17 fighters were destroyed by the bombers and the same number by our escorting Thunderbolts. 2 more enemy fighter were also destroyed. In the evening Bostons attacked a shell works near Valenciennes. Today a year ago the Americans started their raids. Since that date 82 missions were flown, over thousands of bombs dropped and some 400 aircraft lost. There was little enemy activity over the Thames estuary last night. A few bombs
0132were dropped over scattered parts and one person is reported killed. The Russians had a good day in the Bryansk offensive and they are now well under 20 miles from this German base. After capturing Karacev it appears that this is a strong outpost. 100 guns, 40 tanks were captured. The fate of Kharkiv hangs in balance. For 5 days now the Russians report counterattacks. During one day nearly 90 tanks and 60 planes were destroyed. Taormina has been occupied and on the North Coast the Americans are now 17 miles away from Messina. Oil installations on the East Coast of Borneo at Balikpapan were set on fire by the Australians. In the land fighting near Salamana we made some headway. There were reports yesterday about trouble in Norway. All Norway is now under military law.17/8/1943
013318/8/1943 8.- am. (dutch time) R. Robinson

The Allied occupation of Messina is complete. British troops have joined the Americans in the town. The 7th US Army and the 8th Army have joined forces in the town. The occupation of Sicily is complete. After 3 consecutive nights of attacks on Italian targets our bombers have been to Germany last night. In daylight yesterday American heavy bombers went to Germany penetrating deeper than ever before into that country. A ball bearing factory at Schweinfurt in Bavaria and the Messerschmidt aircraft factory at Regensburg near Czech border and on the Danube were attacked. The attacking forces went over in 3 parts with a Thunderbolt and Spitfire escort. Some of the planes flew to Northern Africa over the Alps. Heavy opposition of enemy fighters was met. Some 200 appeared at a time attacking 4 abreast. 36 heavy bombers, 1 fighter bomber and 5 fighters were lost. Our Merodas attacked enemy airfields in Northern France. 24 fighters were destroyed. There were some enemy aircraft over England
0134South East England. Bombs were dropped on a few scattered points. In all 9 enemy aircraft were destroyed, 6 over this country and 3 over their base in occupied country. American Flying Fortresses made their first attack in Southern France by aircraft based in North Africa. An airfield at Marseilles was bombed. Our Russian Allies advanced from 2 to 4 miles on the Bryansk front. Fighting is heaviest around Kharkiv where the Germans are counterattacking. During Monday night Russian bombers attacked 2 stations of Bryansk and other places. Only 2 Russian bombers are missing from all their widespread raids. Enemy batteries in the foot of Italy are shelling Messina. Allied bombers attacked the Italian mainland. Pres. Roosevelt has arrived in Quebec where the Earl of Athlone has given a diner to the president and Mr. Churchill18/8/1943Earl of Athlone
013518/8/1943 2pm. (dutch time)

It has been formally announced in today's communique from North Africa that all resistance in Sicily has ceased. The Germans left a lot of material behind. Nearly every building in Messina as our correspondents report bears scores of our air attacks. 6000 people in Messina have lived for over a month in an air raid shelter. German batteries have shelled Messina from the mainland and ours have replied. Not one Middle East aircraft is missing from all the operations carried out. Swiss correspondents report great disorganization at Milan, Turin and so on. Thousands of people have fled from Milan to the border mostly without any papers. An Italian diplomatic mission has arrived at Lisbon. In Russia fighting is heaviest round Kharkiv. West of the city the Germans in their counterattack threw in 100 heavy tanks with strong support of the air force. Railway station 100 miles South
0136of Kharkiv were attacked by Russian bombers. In the North the Russians again advanced. In the Bryansk battle 2000 Germans were killed. Last night we carried out a heavy and well concentrated air attack on Peenemünde, some 60 miles North West of Stettin. The research station there, the largest of Germany was bombed. 41 of our bombers and one fighter is missing. About 50 planes raided this country last night. In all 11 planes were shot down 7 over this country and 4 over their bases in occupied country. In the South West Pacific 220 Japanese planes on the ground were caught. At least 120 of them were destroyed against a loss of 3 of ours. The Japs lost in this attack alone 1500 men.18/8/1943
013719/8/1943 8.= am. Robert Robinson

The Russians have resumed their advance on the Kharkiv front after repelling violent German counterattacks. They are extending their move outflanking the city. More than 70 miles due West of Kharkiv they reached a place. In another direction viz. northwest of Kharkiv places 10 miles from Sumy were captured. The advance on the Bryansk front makes good progress. Allied aircraft in the South West Pacific made another devastating raid on the airfields at New Guinea for the second time running. The enemy lost in both our attacks all 225 but 10 planes. We lost in two days six planes. Balikpapan was again attacked. During air combats the Japanese sent up 50 fighters of which 28 were destroyed. Two new guns have come of our secret list a B.L. 4.5 and a B.L. 5.5 both howitzers The first one fires a 50 lb shell and the second one a 100 lb shell.
013819/8/1943 2 pm. Frank Philips

The Allied navy and air forces have kept up activity against Italy. USA naval forces have started shelling the Italian mainland. Ground activity is bunted to occasional shelling over the streets of Messina. Over Bizerte 6 enemy bombers were shot down. 3 of our planes are missing. The airfield in New Guinea has been bombed to annihilation. Also town and harbour areas were attacked. Japanese losses are 215 planes. Liberators made a round trip of 2600 miles to Balikpapan, 11 large vessels in the harbour probably tankers were destroyed. Fires were caused in refinery and harbour area. The Russians are on the advance again in the Kharkiv sector after repelling violent attacks by crack German troops. Opishnya was captured. In the Bryansk sector 2 stations were captured. One 20 miles n. west and one the same distance due east of Bryansk. 40 places were also taken. A German E-boat was sunk by one of our fighter planes off Ostend. 8 railway engines were also attacked. One fighter is missing
19/8/1943Opishnya or Opischnja
013920/8/1943. 8.= am. Dutch time Stuart Hibberd

Brendan Bracken at a press conference in Quebec has spoken about the vital importance of discussions there. No announcement can be expected before the end of the conference. A British mission has arrived in Washington. The South West Pacific's communique reports continuous air attacks against Timor and the Solomons. Yesterday evening Flying Fortresses were sent out to bomb two airfields in Holland viz. Gilze-Rijen and Flushing. The Fortresses themselves shot down 16 fighters. At the same time the escorting Thunderbolts and Spitfires carried out sweeps over Northern France and shot down 8 fighters. A portion of our Fortresses brought their bombs back rather than kill Netherlanders. There were low clouds over the target and it was no weather for high level bombing. Mr. Churchill received congratulations from the King on completion of Sicilian campaign. Good progress reported from Bryansk and Kharkiv sectors.
014021/8/1943 9.= (dt) am. Fred Allen

Big tank battles are taking place on the Kharkiv front, but the advancing Russians are having the best of it. Especially to the northwest of the city the battles developed well. Over 45 German tanks were lost. The Soviet position on the Bryansk front has improved. On all parts of the Russian front yesterday 42 tanks and 118 planes were destroyed resp shot down. In New Guinea important enemy defense positions were captured. The Japanese are in full retreat in Salamana. Another attack on Wewak airfield took place. 5 enemy planes were destroyed on the ground and 19 fighters who tried to intercept our bombers were shot down. It is announced from Quebec that President Roosevelt will address the Canadian Parliament on Wednesday. Limited quantities of emergency paint in dark brown colour will be available at 1/9 d. a pint. Another falling off in coal output is reported. Compared with last year the reduction is 241000 tons.
014123/8/1943 8 and 9 am. (Dutch time) R. Robinson

Our bombers were out over Germany last night. A few enemy raiders crossed our East Coast. 2 bombers were destroyed. American Merodas escorted by Allied, Dominion and RAF fighters attacked an airfield southeast of Rouen. Last evening the enemy sent up squadron after squadron of fighters. We lost 1 bomber and 8 fighters and 9 enemy fighters were destroyed. The Russians are steadily pushing the Germans back round Kharkiv in face of continued German counterattacks. Specially northwest of the city 30 more villages were taken. The advance amounts to from 2 1/2 to 4 miles. Successes are reported south of Izyum and south of Voroshilovgrad. On the Bryansk front the Russians continue to improve their position. Russian night bombers attacked troops, tanks and transport southwest of Kharkiv. General Eisenhower has thanked the King for his congratulations on the Sicilian campaign. Mr. Litvinov will not return as Ambassador.
23/8/1943For Voroshilovgrad read Luhansk
014223/8/1943 2pm. (Dutch time) Richard Wessel

The German radio in broadcasts to foreign countries and not yet in their home service has announced that Kharkiv has fallen. They claim however that they have evacuated the place. Bomber Command aircraft last night attacked targets in the Rhineland and also Chemical works at Leverküssen north of Cologne. 5 of our bombers are missing. Mines were also laid in enemy waters. Fighter Command Intruders were over Belgium and France. Spitfires destroyed one enemy plane over France yesterday. A plane has been lost in the morning. Large forces of our planes are reported out over France again today. Southern Italian railway targets and communications were attacked. Especially Salerno which was again attacked last night by North African and Middle East aircraft. In one combat the enemy lost 28 fighters. 7 of our planes are missing. Widespread air attacks are carried out over South West Pacific. More than 60 Japanese planes attacked a place near Chongqing today. Results of Australian elections are not yet known but it is certain that Labour will be strongest in party's history. News followed by recording of Postscript by Commander Anthony Kimmins.
23/8/1943for Leverküssen read Leverkusen
0143In Quebec Pres. Roosevelt and Mr. Mackenzie King announced the setting up of a joint aid committee. Miss Mary Churchill broadcast in French and English on the Canadian Radio. The Japanese are still retreating in New Guinea with our troops on their heels. We are now holding positions overlooking Salamana airfield.23/8/1943
014425/8/1943 8 and 9 am. (Dutch time) Frank Philips

Berlin has been bombed last night. Moscow reports still more good news. The Red Army made a 20 mile advance into the Donets Basin from the East. 5 enemy raiders were destroyed over here. The Russian army has taken the offensive into the Donets Basin and advanced from 19 1/5 to 22 miles capturing 30 places southwest of Voroshilovgrad. This is the result of the local successes reported earlier. The Germans have destructed Kharkiv systematically by dynamiting houses, streets etc. A week prior to the capture fighting has been extremely fierce. Some 300 guns were placed a mile by the Germans and their aircraft made some 1500 operational flights per day. Our bombers were out over Germany again. Mitchells attacked the marshalling yards at St. Omer. Spitfires and Beaufighters and Thunderbolts carried out operations off Holland. Over East Anglia 5 raiders were shot down, the raids caused no damage nor casualties
25/8/1943for St. Homer read St. Omer (probably)

Probably 24/8/1943 instead of 25/8/1943

For Voroshilovgrad read Luhansk
0145John de Havilland who acted as test pilot lost his life when two Mosquitoes collided near London. Finschhafen in New Guinea was shelled from sea at close range and also pounded by our bombers. MacArthur's communique gives more places when detailing the air attacks which have take place. Also a place in Celebes viz. Kendari where aircraft repair shops were attacked is mentioned. It is expected that Winston Churchill will broadcast next weekend. Lord Burghley has been appointed as Governor of the Bermudas.

In the kitchen front Mrs. Arthur Webb spoke about drying and salting beans both dwarf and runner beans.

24/8/1943 2pm (d.t.)

Berlin was attacked in very great strength last night. A great number of planes took part and the attack was a concentrated one. A number of fighters were destroyed. 58 bombers and one fighter are missing. The attack was twice as heavy as anything Berlin has had so far. Scores, even swarms of fighters were sent up by the Germans and
25/8/1943John de Havilland
0146one pilot said he never saw so many. Fighters carried out attacks on airfields in Germany and occupied countries. The Russians fought their way into Kharkiv yesterday morning. The occupation was completed later in the day. All bridges were blown up by the Germans. The Russians are going forward beyond Kharkiv. The Mediterranean air forces continued yesterday and last night their attacks on Southern Italy. American Liberators attacked Bari and during that attack 18 enemy planes were shot down. The Francisco River in New Guinea has been crossed by the Australians who now control access and exit of Salamana. In the Solomons Allied ships searched for Japanese barges. Today is Mrs. Churchill's aid for Russia's flag day. Peter Masefield who is touring American aircraft factories reported about a new type of Liberator the B24H. Packard factory at Detroit is making Rolls Royce Merlin engines for Mustangs, Mosquitoes and Lancasters. The slogan is "building watches by the ton". Americans highly praise the British planes Lancaster, Spitfire and Mosquito24/8/1943
014725/8/1943 8.= am. (Dutch time) Stuart Hibberd

American Flying Fortresses who recently bombed the Messerschmidt factory at Regensburg and went through to North Africa have on returning from North Africa to this country bombed an airfield and its repair works near Bordeaux. From that base Focke Wulf raiders operate against our shipping in the Atlantic. The flight of the Fortresses is a round one of 3000 miles. During the day yesterday Fortresses based in this country escorted by Thunderbolts attacked aircraft repair works near Paris. 6 enemy planes were shot down. Two fighter stations were also attacked, one of the pilots returning with the planes from North Africa is the son of Mr. John Winant, USA ambassador. The Quebec conference has ended and it is now known that Mr. Churchill will broadcast next Saturday
014825/8/1943 2.= am. (Dutch time) Frank Philips

Bomber Command Mosquitoes were over Berlin last night. Mines were laid in enemy waters. Not one of our planes is missing. More blows are reported against Italian targets in Southern Italy which were attacked by our fighter bombers yesterday. Last night steel- works south of Naples were bombed. 4 aircraft are missing. Beaufighters of Middle East Command attacked shipping off the West coast of Greece. From Russia further progress is reported. South of Izyum and southwest of Voroshilovgrad from where also fierce fighting is reported. The Russians are now only 30 miles from Stalino. Allied progress is also reported from the South West Pacific. President Roosevelt spoke to journalists at the end of the Quebec conference. Maisky on the way to Moscow broke his journey off at Cairo. Wewak in New Guinea was raided again by some 100 of our Liberators and Lightnings. 1 Zero fighter was shot down. Our ground troops in New Guinea have advanced further. In the Solomons the Japanese tried to attack our newly won position from the air.
25/8/1943For Stalino read Donetsk
014926/8/1943 8.= am. (Dutch time) Fred Allen

Lord Louis Mountbatten has been appointed Supreme Allied Commander in S. East Asian Command. So far Lord Mountbatten has been Chief of Combined Operations. He is 43 years of age and second cousin of the King. The Russians are 80 miles west of Kharkiv a place midway between Sumy and Poltava has been captured. Good progress is also reported in the direction of Stalino. Southwest of Voroshilovgrad German tank forces were smashed. Widespread raids were carried out on German railway targets. British and American bombers kept up their attacks on airfields in France (Northern). Dominion and Allied Spitfires covered the bombers whereas Thunderbolts of which two are missing swept France. All other planes returned safely. Sunday 26/9 will be observed as "Battle of Britain Sunday" from 16/9 onward. Retail price for sugar will be increased by 1 d. per lb. Stockholm reports two more strikes in Danish shell works. Pres. Roosevelt left Ottawa for Washington
015027/8/1943 9.= am. Rich Wessel

The French National Committee of Liberation has been formally recognized by the American, British and Russian Governments. Canada has also recognized the Committee. Mr. W.C., Mrs. W.C. and her daughter Mary are staying at a fishing camp near Quebec. Mrs. Roosevelt arrived in New Zealand. The Russians advanced 4 miles West of Kharkiv where they are now staying 85 miles west of that city. Poltava is threatened. Fierce fighting is reported from the Donets basin. RAF Bostons and American Merodas went out over France. The Bostons piloted by Frenchmen of the Lorraine squadron attacked an electric power station in Brittany. Spitfires brought them back. The Americans bombed the airfield at Caen also under Spitfire protection. None of our planes were lost. Serious air attacks are reported in Southern Italy where fighter airfields and marshalling yards were attacked. 15 Allied aircraft were lost. American bombers in the far East have again raided Hankow. 19 Japanese planes trying to
0151intercept them were shot down. It is reported from South Africa now the fighting on African soil is over S. Africa will help the war effort in the far East. More trouble is reported from Denmark. Mr. Churchill's broadcast may be postponed until Tuesday.

9.15. Kitchen front recipe chocolate cake by Mrs. Inglesome.

27/8/1943 up to 2 pm. Dutch time

"Over the border". Weekend notes for women gardeners by Anna Scarlet and Elizabeth Cull.

News Fred Allen

British naval forces bombarded South Italian railways and bridges. Tuesday night, Wednesday a British cruiser attacked coastal targets. Last night mines were laid in enemy waters. American bombers with a fighter escort have been out to bomb airfields in France (Paris was attacked). In New Guinea Hansa Bay got 180 tons of bombs dropped by light and medium bombers. In the Solomons a raid was made with negligible losses for ourselves. 12 Japanese planes were lost. In Burma barges and river craft were damaged by planes from India.
015228/8/1943 9.= am. (Dutch time) Robert Robinson

Our bombers were out over Germany last night. Reports from the coast say that last night large forces of planes were heard going over for over 2 hours. During yesterday's widespread daylight attacks over occupied country heavy attacks were carried out by Flying Fortresses on targets in France. Dominion, Allied fighters and Thunderbolts escorted the bombers. 8 enemy planes were shot down by the bombers and the same number by the escorting fighters. We lost 4 heavy bombers, one medium bomber and 7 fighters. Messages from Zurich say that air raid warnings were sounded in West Switzerland last night. 2 RAF planes are also missing from the day's work. The Russians renewed their offensive south of Bryansk. 5000 Germans were killed and 700 taken prisoner. Sevsk 80 miles south of Bryansk was captured. Encountering stubborn resistance the Russians advanced from 3 to 5 miles on the Kharkiv front.
28/8/1943for Sjesjsk read Sevsk (probably)
0153Our allies also advanced in the Donets basin. In all 63 German tanks were destroyed and 61 planes shot down.

The Russians bombed the railway stations at Poltava and Kruuskaja [?]. The Japanese have liquidated all resistance on New Georgia. Lord Louis Mountbatten has left Washington after talks with American Authorities. Boys and girls born between March 14 - 1927 and August 28 will have to register.

28/8/1943 2pm. Dutch time R. Robinson

Our home based bombers made a very heavy attack on Nuremberg. The raid appears to have been well concentrated. Mosquitoes were over the Ruhr, France and the Low Countries. 33 bombers are missing. 14 days ago Nuremberg was the target for 1500 tons of bombs. In Italy yesterday railway yards 16 miles N.N.E. of Naples were attacked as well as other targets. 20 enemy planes were shot down. During the day road and rail communications in S. Italy were attacked as well as gun positions at Reggio. In all 9 planes are missing. In the Sicilian campaign we lost two submarines. The Russians did not capture Kruuskaja [?] but Kramatorsk.
28/8/1943For Kramatorskaja read Kramatorsk (probably)
015430/8/1943 9.- am. (Dutch time) Stuart Hibberd

Another day of progress is reported from the Kharkiv and Bryansk fronts where nearly another 100 places were captured and in some sectors the advance amounts to 10 miles. In the latest battles between 5000 and 6000 German troops have died. 110 tanks and 82 planes were destroyed resp. shot down yesterday. 3 supply ships were lost by the Germans to Russian airmen. The Germans did not impose martial law in Denmark without opposition. Serious trouble is reported from two by towns but as communications have been broken off details are not available. Violent attacks, inspired by the German ministry of Foreign Affairs in German press and radio on Sweden are reported. 10 Norwegians were shot down by the Germans. More news has been given about Nazi brutalities in Poland as appears from a statement published by British and USA Governments. Today is the 30th birthday of the American air-arm.
015531/8/1943 8.= and 9.= am. Dutch time Frederick Allen

Our bombers were out over Germany last night. American heavy and light bombers and RAF.-bombers were over France last night attacking railway targets. One bomber and one fighter is missing. The attacks were covered by Allied, Dominion and RAF. Spitfires. One ME. 110 was destroyed by our Typhoons. The Russians announced a great surge forward on a broad front following the capture of Taganrog which place is surrounded and where the remaining Germans are being wiped out. The whole of Rostov province is now cleared. The Russians are 30 miles along the coast from Taganrog and nearly halfway there to Marioepol. In this attack the Russians have struck south from the Kalmioes river, capturing some 150 places and villages on a 40 mile broad front. The Northern wing is 26 miles short of Stalino where a railway centre has been captured. South and west of Kharkiv the Russians are still gaining ground notwithstanding the Germans are counterattacking
31/8/1943for search read surge (probably)

for Marioepol read Mariupol
0156with tanks and infantry. The biggest gain was made in the Bryansk area where 50 places were captured and the advance amounts to from 6 to 12 miles. During Sunday's fighting 150 tanks and nearly 60 aircraft were destroyed.

Big changes in Britain's war production program are reported by Mr Oliver Lyttelton the minister for production. In the new program emphasis will be laid on aeroplanes and naval vessels as well as radio-equipment. This year the United Nations are producing 3 times more than the Axis and this will next year be four times. A large labour force will be needed in the factories. We must, he said, retain our superiority in both quality and quantity. The Americans are building 19.000.000 tons of shipping space this year of which 10 million are ready. The German controlled Danish radio confirmed that the Danish Government had resigned last Sunday. Members of that Government and ex- members are said to be under arrest.
015731/8/1943. 2.=pm. (Dutch time) Stuart Hibberd

Last night our home based bombers made a heavy and concentrated attack on an industrial area in the Rhineland. Our Mosquitoes were over Duisburg. Mönchengladbach .....[?] 15 miles west of Düsseldorf was heavily attacked. 28 of our bombers are missing. Airfields in France and the Low Countries were also bombed. Mediterranean aircraft day and night attacked railways, communications and airfields in Italy a.o. an airfield north of Rome and Civitavecchia. We lost 15 planes and 21 of the enemy were destroyed. The Russians are mopping up pockets of the enemy between Marioepol and Taganrog. There has been a general standstill of Danish workers. Prominent politicians are under arrest. The position of the King and the royal family is unclear but supposed to be under German guard. A Catalina flying boat scored a bomb hit of 500 lbs. on a Japanese cruiser. In July USA war production was 3% higher than in June
01581/9/1943. 9.= am. (Dutch time) Richard Wessel

Berlin has been bombed again on the 4th. anniversary of the treacherous attacks on Poland. Yesterday evening ended a dawn to dawn attack by Flying Fortresses which bombed airfields in France. 6 bombers and 2 of our fighters were lost. Over here a few enemy planes crossed our coasts. The Germans are losing heavily in a battle some 100 miles N.W. of Bryansk and the same distance S.W. 5000 Germans were killed and the Russians are now 50 miles of Smolensk. The Russians destroyed and captured 56 tanks, 60 guns, and 200 lorries and trucks and 37 planes. and they are driving on towards Smolensk. From Zefsk [?] they are driving to the South and South West and the Germans were 37 miles pressed back. One Russian unit killed 3000 Germans. Over 200 towns and villages were captured. Fighting also takes place 100 miles west of Kursk. The Russians
1/9/1943for Koersk read Kursk
0159are forcing ahead on the Kharkiv front too and taking places to the West and South West. Forces from Taganrog are still being wiped out by the Russians. Mr. W. Churchill left Quebec with his staff for Washington yesterday night. Exactly 4 years ago today the Germans treacherously attacked Poland. The Polish ambassador will be speaking on the 9 o'clock news tonight. In German foreign broadcasts we are made to believe that everything in Denmark is quiet. According to Swedish reports however there were new outbreaks of trouble in Copenhagen yesterday. Guns were brought into position in the streets. S.S. and Gestapo have taken over the police stations. King Christian escorted by Germans drove through the streets of Copenhagen where notwithstanding the curfew and other restrictions thousands of people cheered him. A Danish U-boat which dived in the1/9/1943for Charkow read Charkiv

for Taganrof read Taganrog
0160harbour and remained there for 9 hours is said to have escaped to Sweden.
After news program parade which is followed by the kitchen front.

1/9/1943. 2.= p.m. Fred Allen.

A great weight of high explosives was dropped on Berlin in 3/4 of an hour last night. Berlin was heavily bombed. Also with incendiaries. Due to low clouds visibility was bad but large fires were seen and great damage done. 48 bombers are missing A great number of evening planes were sent up by the Germans of which a number were destroyed in combat. 8 night ago Berlin got 1700 tons of bombs in 50 minutes. During yesterday's daylight raid on France at least 10 evening fighters were destroyed. Over here slight damage was done. This morning big guns from France opened up fire for half an hour. The Red Army is going all out to exploit their successes at Bryansk and Zefsk [?].
1/9/1943for Bryansk also read Brjansk
0161Smolensk used to be Hitler's headquarters. it's a most important place to the Germans. Fierce battles are taking place due to Germans counterattacking. Russians are now 100 miles west of Kursk. Allied naval quarters in North Africa have issued a naval communique a little while ago that two British battleships well protected by fighters, destroyers and cruisers have steamed into the Street of Messina and bombarded Cape South of Reggio. This bombardments took place yesterday morning and so far the greatest naval bombardments of the war. The battleships have 16 inch guns. Aircraft based on North Africa have bombed Pisa. The Pope has first been broadcasting an appeal for peace but further details are not yet available. A young Dane, who arrived in a rowing boat in Sweden has said, that on Sunday in Copenhagen a German tank has shot on the Guards' Barracks. In the evening shooting took place in every part of the city.1/9/1943
01622/9/1943. 9.= am. (Dutch time) Rob. Robinson

4000 Germans were trapped in Taganrog. 4 German divisions had varying losses. Some 500 tanks and a same number of guns were lost. The advance unto the Northern Donets Basin continues. 30 places round Stalino were captured. Progress is reported on other fronts further North. There is no further news about the Russian breakthrough in the N. Ukraine where the advance amounted to from 4 to 6 miles. In the Smolensk area the advance is from 5 to 7 1/2 miles and the Russians are now less than 50 miles from Smolensk. Boston's of the Lorraine squadron escorted by Typhoons attacked marshalling yards at Roosendaal. Off the islands a seagoing barge was attacked. No planes were lost Mr & Mrs. Churchill arrived in Washington yesterday and were met by Pres. Roosevelt. Allied troops are closing in on
2/9/1943for Taganrof read Taganrog

for Donetz basin read Donets'k basin
0163Salamana airfield. 27 barges were destroyed or damaged around New Guinea. Over the Solomons 36 Japanese fighters were shot down. W.W. Jacobs, the author died in his 80th year in London yesterday. He wrote a.o. "Many Cargoes" published in 1896

2/9/1943 2.= pm. Dutch time Rich Wessel

The Russian armies continue to converge on Smolensk. In the North East they have reached and no doubt passed Dorogobuzh. More progress is expected from Donets-, Zefsk [?]- and Kharkiv -sectors. In the defeat at Taganrog 8 German divisions were recorded including one panzer- and one airborne division. According to communique from Allied Headquarters in North Africa light bombers have Tuesday night attacked military camps in S. Italy. Airfields near Tarente an Aversa 9 miles north of Naples were also attacked. Mass arrests are taking place in Denmark more than 50 people were killed in Copenhagen and some 100 wounded.
2/9/1943W.W. Jacobsfor Dorogobusch read Dorogobuzh

for Donetz read Donets'k

for Taganrof read Taganrog

for Tarento read Taranto
0164New disturbances have broken out. Not one allied plane is missing from the raid on Italy. The fighting between Danish and German troops which lasted a few hours was stopped by order of king Christian. The Danish minister at Stockholm and his staff have resigned and they consider themselves independent. The Swedish primate has broadcast asking Christians to pray for peace. Lord Louis Mountbatten is back in London from the Quebec conference. England has a good potato crop.2/9/1943
01653/9/1943 9.= am. (Dutch time) Maurice Shillington

3 1/2 hours ago British and Canadian forces of the 8th Army under command of General Eisenhower landed on the toe of Italy. They are being supported by naval and and air forces and continue their advance. They have attacked across the Strait of Messina opposite Messina on the Italian mainland. Several big enemy coastal guns were destroyed. Fighting as expected to be severe. Fiercer German resistance is expected than on Sicily. During the last hour there has been no further news. Axis stations have not yet broadcast the news. The landing comes 17 days after Messina fell. The whole Central Southern fronts in Russia are active. The Russians are meeting strong strong resistance from Kursk. The advance is now beyond Zefsk [?] and the whole Kursk- province has been cleared. The railway from Bryansk has been cut. Kralowets [?] is the most westerly point so far occupied. The elimination of a strong German pocket at Sumy is announced. The advance also continues north, east and
3/9/1943for Bryansk also read Brjansk
0166south in Donets Basin. Two towns on Donets River were taken. Lisichautz [?] included. In the Eastern end of the Donets basin 5 places amongst which Voroshilovgrad were taken. South of the Donets Basin along the coast of the Sea of Azov the Russians are what is officially stated pursuing the Germans and they are there 25 miles from Marioepol. Soviet bombers attacked German troops west southwest of Kharkiv and before Smolensk, where the Germans are toughest. 4000 Germans were killed and 40 tanks destroyed whereas 40 guns were captured. Airfields and other targets over the Channel were attacked. 4 fighters were shot down. We lost 1 medium bomber, one light bomber and two fighters. The bombing was especially carried out in the Pas de Calais area. by Flying Fortresses escorted by Thunderbolts, Merodas, Mitchells, Venturas, Bostons. A railway junction in the line Paris to Dieppe was also bombed. Japanese basis in New Guinea got heaviest bombing so far viz. 200 tons of bombs.3/9/1943for Donetz basin read Donets'k basin

for Marioepol read Mariupol

for Charkow read Charkiv or Kharkiv

For Voroshilovgrad read Luhansk
016720 Japanese fighters were encountered. In the Solomons the enemy tried 5 times to bomb our positions. 5 dive bombers were shot down and 4 more by anti-aircraft fire. Today is a national day of prayer and work will be stopped all over the country for the 15 minute-service.

3/9/1943. 2.= pm. Dutch time Robert Robinson

The invasion of Italy's mainland started at half past 4 this morning on the 4th anniversary of Britain's entry into the war. Later on an Allied naval communique has been published. Cruisers, destroyers, gunboats and small naval craft escorted our landing craft. Correspondents say that it was still dark and that there was no moon. Yesterday evening and last night a climax was reached in the tremendous bombing and shelling. The Italians made the first announcements before noon today and they say that operations took place on a large scale. The Germans say landing took place
0168in the neighbourhood of Reggio and San Giovanni. The big question for the Germans and Italians will be what will the Americans do? The country in the South of Italy is hilly. Italy got a new heavy blow when the only only direct railway communication between Germany and Italy was cut. Bolzano, south of the Brenner pas and Trente 30 miles further South as well as Bologna still further South were heavily bombed. One of our heavy bombers is missing medium bombers attacked attacked railway targets north of Naples. Targets in Southern Italy were also attacked. From all the operations 15 of our planes are missing and in all 34 enemy planes were destroyed. Preveza on the west coast of Greece as well as shipping there was also bombed. This morning large numbers of our have been out carrying out attacks over the Channel. In Russia villages beyond Sumy were captured. (I could not listen further to this bulletin due to interruption).3/9/1943for Trente read Trento
01694/9/1943. 9.= am (Dutch time) Stuart Hibberd.

Our bombers attacked targets in Berlin during the night. No further official report about the landing in Italy has been received. Our correspondents have described our air superiority over the Street and the preparations for the landing in Italy. Nothing fresh about landing. Germans say heavy fighting takes place and our tanks are said to be engaged near Scilla, north of Reggio. There was no intervention by air from the enemy. The invasion ports were in Sicily to which ports our men went down with their material. It looks like a London traffic jam but 10 times greater. Our men sitting naked on their gun barrels etc. sucking grapes and melons they bought from the farmers. It looks like a huge motor car park at arrival. Every man had at least made one landing. Our bombers were over Berlin last night. American Fortresses, Merodas, Mitchells and Venturas escorted by hundreds of fighters were very busy over France yesterday. The Renault factories (not motorcar works) where fighter aircraft are repaired by the Germans were bombed. In all we lost 12 planes and destroyed 29 enemy planes. This morning the enemy fired shells over the street of Dover and warnings were sounded in the Dover area.
0170In the Donets Basin over 150 more places were occupied of which 21 are named and which are industrial towns and rly stations. The Germans are in full retreat from the Donets Basin. They are mining roads and blocking bridges which do not hold up the Russians. More than 4000 Germans were killed. In the Northern Donets sector places were occupied near Lissischautz [?]. North of Konotop places were occupied whereas the Russians are now within 15 miles of Konotop. North of Konotop the advance is 6 miles and in the Smolensk area 4 miles. Down in the Kharkiv sector German resistance is tougher. Counterattacks are being carried out. Allied bombers in S.W. Pacific attacked supply ships. 3 ships, each 7000 tons were sunk and a smaller ship was set on fire. 35 fighters tried to intercept our planes but 12 were shot down, 8 probably shot down and 5 were damaged.4/9/1943for Donetz basin read Donets'k basin

for Charkow read Charkiv

For rly read railway
01714/9/1943. 2.= pm. Dutch time Maurice Shillington

Our troops in Sicily have made fast progress. Reggio and San Giovanni have been captured as well as a large number of prisoners. The Axis radio reports further landings in the toe of Italy. Berlin was bombed for 20 minutes, the attack was a highly concentrated one. 1000 tons of bombs were dropped. 22 bombers are missing Allied Headquarters in North Africa report that British and Canadian troops of the 8th Army made good progress after encountering relatively weak resistance. The demolitions which were carried out by the enemy were ineffective and the advance continues. Additional landings with troops and stores were well in advance of schedule. Further landings were carried out between Cape Spartivento and Melito. Our bombers carried out attacks on communications and railways in Southern Italy. Airfields, road and rail centres on either side of the peninsula were bombed as well as North of Naples. In the centre of Italy 70 miles East of Rome marshalling yards were attacked as well as an
0172explosives factory. 27 fighters were destroyed and 6 Allied planes have not returned. Berlin was attacked by a strong force of Lancasters and the raid was a highly concentrated one. Objectives in the Rhineland and in the Low Countries were also bombed. 22 bombers are missing from the night's work. For Russian news see report about 9.= o'clock news4/9/1943
01736/9/1943 9.= am. Dutch time Rich. Wessel.

No fresh development is reported from S. Italy. 40 miles of Italian beaches on the mainland side of the Street of Messina are in our hands. Prisoners we have taken have been crying for bread. They had been living on fruits and vegetables. Ration cards unused. The Italian soldiers walked down the road to our troops. The population accepted the invasion as a matter of course. AMGOT officials were with the first troops landing. On every front the Russians are pushing on. Especially in the Donets Basin and the Northern Ukraine valuable ground was won. 300 places were taken and 7000 Germans killed. 5000 civilians which were about to be driven for slave labour were rescued. Places 17 miles East of Stalino were captured as well as Artemivsk 40 miles northeast of Stalino. West and southwest of Kharkiv the Russians also push forward improving their positions. The advance has been costly to the enemy and means some 4 to 6 miles. 100 more places were captured. On the Zsewsk [?] front the advance
Transcriber's note:

for Donetz basin read Donets'k basin

for Charkow read Charkiv

for Stalino read Donets'k (From 1924 to 1961 it was called Stalino)
0174to 5 to 6 miles. Germans counterattacking on the Smolensk front the enemy's offensive continues but the enemy is counterattacking heavily. In the South West Pacific Allied troops (Australian jungle fighters) have landed in Central New Guinea near Lae on which town they are moving. MacArthur who has his headquarters on New Guinea is leading the troops. The ground movements take place under the command of General Blamey. Landings were carried out in heavy force. 21 Japanese planes were shot down for a loss of 2 of ourselves. Lae itself got the biggest raid from the air so far and this means the second attack in 24 hours. Our bombers were over Germany last night.

2.= pm. Frederick Allen.

In S. Italy the 8th Army progressed slowly in all sectors yesterday. This in spite extensive demolitions and the mountainous country. S. Stefano has been captured whereas 3000 prisoners were taken. The resistance is relatively weak
0175but the people are friendly. Viterbo N.E. of Rome and Grazzanise N. Naples as well as landing grounds and radio stations in Sardinia were bombed. 7 Axis planes were shot down. 2 Allied planes are missing. The penetration into S. Italy is 10 miles at the deepest. Mannheim - Ludwigshafen was attacked in very great strength last night. Mannheim is a chemical and armaments centre. Considerable damage was done. Objectives in the Low Countries were also raided. France and Belgium were attacked. 9 enemy planes were destroyed. 34 bombers and one fighter are missing. In daylight today American bombers were over Southern Germany. At no part of the Russian front Germans have been able to stay.6/9/1943for Grazanissa read Grazzanise
01767/9/1943. 9.= am Dutch time. Robert Robinson

From S. Italy there has been nothing new during the night. All day long yesterday our aircraft carried out attacks on Italian targets. Radio Algiers reported yesterday evening that San Stefano has been captured as well as villages in the hills behind. During the raids on Italian targets 7 enemy aircraft were destroyed and we lost 4. In the Donets Basin and the Northern Ukraine the Russians are attacking as fast as possible. Notwithstanding the Germans are counterattacking continually Konotop has been captured. In the Donets basin the advance amounted to from 9 1/2 to 15 miles. More than 100 places were captured Stalino 8 miles further has not yet fallen. Slovjansk was captured. Near Kharkiv large further counterattacks are taking place by the Germans. Russians are now progressing in the direction of Bakhmach. German troops in the Smolensk and Bryansk area have been bombed. Parachute troops have landed behind the Japanese positions at Lae
7/9/1943Donets'kfor Donetz basin read Donets'k basin

for Charkow read Charkiv

for Stalino read Donets'k (From 1924 to 1961 it was called Stalino)
0177General MacArthur watched the attack which lasted 4 hours in a Flying Fortress. A further Japanese position has been destroyed with 95 tons of bombs. The Japanese headquarters at Lae have been destroyed completely with a direct hit. A large fleet of planes covered the fighters. About 100 people lost their lives in a train disaster North of Philadelphia in the USA. The worst train crash the States have had. The Polish ambassador was killed when fell from a horse. Our home based bombers were out over Germany last night. A few hours after our night attack on Mannheim American heavy Fortresses covered by Thunderbolts attacked targets in Stuttgart. Some 70 fighters which enemy sent up were destroyed. 35 American aircraft and 5 fighters were lost. 12 enemy planes were shot down. A few bombers crossed our coast causing little damage and a small number of casualties. 4 planes were destroyed.7/9/1943
01787/9/1943. 2.= pm. Dutch time R. Wessel.

The 8th Army have occupied Palmi and advanced throughout yesterday notwithstanding the extensive demolitions and the difficult country. Home based bombers attack Munich last night. 16 planes are missing. The attack was heavy and seems to have been concentrated and effective. Airfields in France were also attacked. American bombers have been over Belgium and France this morning. The Congression Express broke in two and 10 coaches piled on top of each other. 54 bodies have been recovered The 20th Century Limited also derailed on its way from Chicago to New York.
01798/9/1943. 9.= am. Dutch time Maurice Shillington

The Russian army have cut the direct railway lines between the Central and the Southern fronts. In the Donets Basin some 90 more places and sizeable towns were captured and the advance amounts to from 6 to 12 miles. Stalino has not yet fallen but been outflanked. On Monday railway junctions in the German rear were bombed. On Kharkiv front the advance is from 2 1/2 to 4 miles. In the Northern Ukraine the advance is 10 miles and 150 villages were captured. The railway line cut is the most important one of all Russian railways from the Baltic through Gomel to the South. The cut is 7 miles wide and near Bakhmach. Since the 5th July the German losses in killed and wounded are given at 1 1/2 million and 40000 prisoners. From operations over Italy 4 of our planes are missing. American parachute troops are only 20 miles from Lae and from the North East Australian troops are moving forward and closing in. Our bombers have been attacking Japanese positions
8/9/1943Donets'kfor Morris Shillington read Maurice Shillington

for Donetz basin read Donets'k basin

for Stalino read Donets'k (From 1924 to 1961 it was called Stalino)
0180heavily. A new Australian fighter called Boomerang is now in action at Lae. Its a long range fighter. In East Anglia some bombs were dropped which caused little damage. No lives were lost. Radio Vatican gave parts of a pastoral letter read from the pulpit in Germany wherein the Bishops call the people back to Christian belief. The Argentine has applied for Lease-Lend assistance but this request has met with a sharp rebuff from Cordell Hull who rejected it. Contrary to the Rio de Janeiro pledge the Argentine has not broken of financial relations with the Axis and has allowed Axis espionage which has caused Allied loss of lives and ships. General Marshall said that Russia binds 4/5 of the German ground forces and 1/3 of its air forces. On the outbreak of war America had 93000 officers, now half a million. The USA. air forces total 2000.000 officers and men. From the USA 2400 tanks, 3000 planes, 60000 jeeps, 80000 trucks were sent to Russia. American forces are now serving in 50 countries8/9/1943Boomerang
01818/9/1943. 2.= pm Dutch time

8th Army troops have reached a river 5 miles east of Palmi. Bova Marina was also occupied. No encounters are taking place with Axis rearguard. A Dane who is said to have blown up a locomotive has been shot for sabotage. The Germans say they have evacuated Stalino. The German losses in Russia as given this morning comprise killed alone 420.000. The war material destroyed includes 8400 tanks, 5000 guns, 28000 motor vehicles wrecked. Fighter Command Mosquitoes were over airfields and railway targets in France and Belgium last night. Light naval craft in the Channel has been attacked as well and one E-boat was sunk. Not one of our planes is missing. The pastoral letter was read on the 29th August and signed by 3 cardinals and also a number of bishops. On an offensive patrol of the French coast this morning our light naval craft encountered 3 patrol boats and 2 armed trawlers. 1 patrol boat was torpedoed and sank. A trawler was seen sinking. All our craft returned to harbour without casualties or damage.
8/9/1943Donets'kfor Stalino read Donets'k (From 1924 to 1961 it was called Stalino)
01829/9/1943. 9.= am. Dutch time Stuart Hibberd

New Allied operations have begun on the Italian mainland in the Naples area. Hundreds of aircraft are landing on Italian airfields Our bombers were out over occupied country last night. Over 12 hours since General Eisenhower announced the unconditional surrender of Italy. Radio Algiers has announced that further operations have begun on the Italian mainland in the vicinity of Naples on a large scale. Correspondents say the operations take place on a large scale and are of an amphibious nature. The questions where are the Americans has therefore now been answered. Allied leaflets have been distributed in Italy and therein it is said that powerful forces are landing and arriving in the heart of Italy. In a broadcast from Africa an appeal has also been made to the dock- and railway workers in Italy. President Roosevelt speaking 5 hours
0183ago also referred to the new landings and said that considerable contingents of Americans were landing. Messages from Switzerland speak of landings in the Tyrrhenian Sea, Leghorn, Gaeta, Civitavecchia and also landings on Sardinia and Genoa but it remains to be seen what truth there is in these reports. The phone communications between Rome and Berlin are impossible. Italian soldiers were asked by Germany to continue fighting. Germany says that Badoglio's steps did not come as a surprise. Roosevelt's speech was chiefly for domestic purposes and he said that the armistice was a great victory for the Allied nations and also for Italy. This armistice however does not mean the end of the war in the Mediterranean as the Germans are still to be driven out of Italy and France and the other countries. When this war ends he said we shall not be in a happy mood but of a grim determination. General Wilson has broadcast to the people of Greece and Yugoslavia and also to the Italians there that they must stop to treat the people badly.9/9/1943
0184moreover these soldiers must refuse that arms are falling in the hands of the Germans. Italian aircraft should be flown to Allied fields. In the Dodecanese the Italians are to overtake the Germans by force. Stalino has not been a scene of quiet evacuation. Violent battles during the previous night and the day yesterday took place. The Soviet advance amounts to 12 1/2 miles one place not far from Izyum has been taken. The advance from Kharkiv to the SW and West is also developing notwithstanding fierce counterattacks The Russians are 50 miles from Tsjerinsof [?] and 100 miles away from Kiev. On the Smolensk front their position has been improved. MacArthur's communique says that the Australians are less than 5 miles from Lae and continuing to advance. 14 out of 20 Japanese planes trying to raid Port Darwin were shot down. During yesterday there has been intense air activity over the Channel supported by hundreds of fighters. 10 enemy planes were destroyed. We lost 5.9/9/1943
01859/9/1943. 2.= pm. Maurice Shillington

at 4 o'clock this morning large Allied forces have started landings in the Naples area and operations are progressing favourably and satisfactory. Our troops are in contact with German forces. Prisoners were taken. 2 hours ago this special communique was given by Algiers radio. Disembarkation are going according to plan. All Allied forces in the Italian mainland are under the command of general Alexander. The landings were protected by powerful air forces and supported by the navies. 200 miles South of Naples in the Gulf of Saint Euphemia near Vibo Valentia troops have landed behind the Germans facing the 8th Army. Frascati 15 miles S. East of Rome where German headquarters are, has been bombed during this attack 28 enemy planes were shot down and the total during the day is 33 planes shot down and 6 lost ourselves. A new National Fascist government has been set up in Italy which will fight side by side with Germany has been setup
9/9/1943for Frascatie read Frascati
0186in Italy according to the Germans. It consist of combatants and will act in the name of Mussolini. The Germans are attacking Badoglio. The German strength in Italy according to latest reports is given at 18 divisions of which half in the North. From Switzerland it is reported that enthusiastic demonstrations are reported in Milan and Turin. Horthy has called his chiefs of staff and cabinet together and this has also been done in Bulgaria. The Germans have give the Croats liberty to occupy the Dalmatian coast. Late yesterday evening American heavy and light bombers attacked targets in the Boulogne area. One plane was shot down. This offensive was continued during the night. One plane was lost. Amphibious full scale exercises have taken place in the Channel. According to German reports our bombers were over the Paris area today. The Red Army's triumphant clearance of the Donets Basin has taken place in 6 days and they are now half way between Stalino and Kharkiv.9/9/1943
018710/9/1943. 9.= am. Dutch time. Frank Philips.

More German troops have arrived in Northern Italy. More clashes between Germans and Italians in the big northern cities have been reported. Nothing fresh has been reported about progress in the Naples area and further South. At 10 o'clock last night unidentified aircraft have dropped bombs on Rome. Bakhmach well to the south of the Donets Basin has been occupied. Yesterday 2500 sorties were made by our planes as a conclusion to the exercises in the Channel. In the Naples area our troops are making satisfactory progress. Also the infantry and commando troops further South have linked up with the British and Canadian forces of the 8th Army. There are neutral rumours about further landings. Germany is spreading abuses about Italian Generals, and speaking about antediluvian Italian officers and sabotage against German communication lines which can only have been done
0188by skilled Italian engineers. The Red Army has occupied 300 more place of which 50 are named. The most striking advance has been in the South after clearing the Donets. The Russians have crossed the Kalmioes river and are less than 30 miles from Mariupol. 45 miles beyond Stalino a place has been taken. 11 troop trains, 18 engines etc were destroyed. To SW. Kharkiv improvements in Russian positions have been made. The capture of Bakhmach was announced in an order of the day from Marshal Stalin. On the Bryansk front the advance amounted to 7 miles. Ljudinovo 40 miles due north of Bryansk was also captured. The day before yesterday 27 tanks and 30 planes were destroyed on the whole of the Russian front. Yesterday has been a record day for our fighters and bombers. Fighters made over 1500 sorties and the bombers over 1000. Aircraft factory at Paris, Boulogne, St Homer, and airfields were bombed.10/9/1943for Bakhmatsj read Bakhmach

for Ljudinowo read Ljudinovo

for St Homer read St Omer (probably)
0189Typhoons attacked the Courtrai area and the Boulogne area was also attacked by our Mitchells, Merodas, Venturas, and Typhoons. In all 2 heavy and 3 medium bombers as well as 3 fighters were lost. The exercise in the Channel has been completed and our ships have been up to 3 miles of the French coast. The exercise was made in the direction of Boulogne. Not a gun was fired, not a plane was seen and not an E-boat has attacked our forces on exercise. The Germans announced that their naval units have attacked Spitsbergen where they say to have destroyed military installations, coalmines, ports buildings etc. Prisoners are said to have been taken and small casualties and damage are reported. German radio has warned that Allied parachutists are landing in Germany. People who had given them food and shelter have been executed. A second Danish student has been shot in 24 hours.

2.= pm. Half a hour ago it was reported from Allied Headquarters in N. Africa that the 5th American Army has established bridgeheads
0190in the Naples area in spite of strong German opposition. Operations are going according to plan. Mines were cleared. Vice admiral Hewett USA. Navy commands the forces in this area and the unloading of ships is going on. The 8th Army is advancing along the Eastern and Western coast roads and progressing. Pizzo is in ours hands as well as Siderno Marina. Important events seem to have taken place in and around Rome. At 10 o'clock last night several bombs were dropped. The Italian radio announced at 7.30 that several more planes have been over Rome during the night. After 8 o'clock it was said that violent gunfire which lasted for half an hour was heard south of the City. After midday the air raid alarm was sounded. Badoglio is at present not in Rome. Marshal Caviglia who is 81 years old seems to be in charge at Rome. Rome says things are absolutely quiet there. Germans are spreading rumours but the Italian news agency denies that the King has abdicated. Big demonstrations are taking place at Milan. There are no Germans there but just outside the city .....[?] there are neither any Germans10/9/1943CavigliaFor Hewett read Hewitt

for Milaan read Milan
0191and trains due at Milan from central Italy have not arrived. A socialist speaker at .....[?] said that there is now a crisis between Germany and Italy. And he has asked the Italian people to help to drive the Germans out. Most English prisoners of war are in Northern Italy. No Italian planes or vessels have arrived in Allied ports. With the capitulation of Italy Germany is losing 65 divisions from its ranks. In the Balkans the Italians outnumber the Germans where they are 3 to one but in Crete the Germans outnumber the Italians. The air bombardments of Lae is going on day and night and the enemy's artillery is incapable of shelling. Our navy is shelling the waterfront of Salamana10/9/1943
019211/9/1943. 9.= am. Frank Philips

The night has brought no outstanding development in the Italian situation. Yesterday evening President Roosevelt and Mr. Churchill made a joint appeal to the Italian people asking them to help drive the Germans from Italian soil. For the rest there is little news. A fresh landing at Taranto which was occupied by us has been reported. Our warships are in the harbour. The Germans say that off Sardinia they have sunk a cruiser and a battleship off the Italian navy which have left Spezia. Rome is being controlled by the Germans who say that Vatican City is protected by them. Rommel is commander in N. Italy. The Germans control Lombardy but they have not occupied Milan which however has been cut of. The Russians made sweeping advances yesterday. 300 places were occupied of which 50 were named. Mariupol was captured and a naval landing west of the town carried out. The Germans have lost the only railway line leading out of
11/9/1943for Spezia read La Spezia

for Milaan read Milan
0193Mariupol at this has been cut. The troops who cleared the Donets Basin are advancing 25 miles a day and they are now less than 50 miles away from Dnjepr bend. German resistance strongest between Donets and Dnjepr. August has been a successful month in the U-boat war. The enemy made no attack on our North Atlantic traffic. More U-boats were sunk than merchant ships. Red Army forces have crossed the river Desna. MacArthur's communique says that the Japanese position at Lae is desperate.
Women born in 1896 have to register today.

2.= pm. dt. Frank Philips.

We have captured Salerno south of Naples. The 8th Army is progressing along the coast roads in the toe of Italy. 4 battleships, 7 cruisers, 6 destroyers and other warships have arrived at Malta. Italian troops are resisting the Germans around Turin. Allied operations are developing satisfactory
11/9/1943for Dnepjr read Dnieper
0194We are hearing of German counterattacks and making steady progress. Yesterday and last night we bombed airfields and railway bridges. 18 enemy planes were shot down and we lost 10. The fleet at Malta arrived under an Allied air umbrella. The Italian fleet consisted of 7 battleships. 2 heavy and 9 light cruisers plus destroyers.11/9/1943
019513/9/1943. 9.= am. dt. Maurice Shillington

The Germans say they have liberated Mussolini but they do not say when and where. The enterprise of the liberation is said to have been carried out by armed SS, parachute- troops and special forces. There is no news about the military situation in Italy since yesterday noon. Brindisi has been occupied and progress is being made in the toe of Italy as well as near Salerno. The King sent a message to Admiral Cunningham in connection with the arrival of the Italian fleet at Malta. The Russians captured 250 more places of which 50 were named. S.W. of Kharkiv German resistance is still strong. The Russians are 30 miles from Roslavl in the line Bryansk - Smolensk. Australian and American troops in New Guinea have captured the airfield at Salamana.

2.= pm. dt. Our bridgehead at Tarente is being enlarged and our forces are being
13/9/1943for Tarante read Taranto (probably)
0196built up. The 8th Army is continuing its rapid advance. Crotone has been captured. Very heavy fighting is reported from Salerno. Another battleship, the Giulio Cesare, 4 more destroyers, a small aircraft carrier and some more small craft have arrived at Malta. Saturday night and yesterday evening transports in Rome and Naples area were bombed. 8 enemy planes were destroyed and 2 of ours are missing. 4 planes were shot down over Salerno. Liberators from the Middle East have bombed two isles in the Dodecanese. The battleship Rome was sunk by the Germans. 5 battleships are now in Allied hands and one in German hands. Badoglio had Mussolini taken from one place of captivity to another. It is said that other fascist leaders were set free at the same time. The Russians are beyond ........[?] in the South.13/9/1943Giulio Cesare
019714/9/1943. 8.= am. dt. Maurice Shillington

The Russians have captured the two railway junctions at Bryansk. In the South they are 90 miles away from Kiev and 60 miles from the Dnjepr bend. The Japanese have lost their base at Salamana. The Russians continued to advance. The two main railway junctions at Bryansk on the eastern bank of the River Desna have been captured. One line is running to Smolensk and the other to Gomel. Bryansk is important for these lines. 13 miles North of Bryansk a place has been captured. In this direction 40 places were taken. A station 11 miles short of Nizjyn was also taken and 140 villages were occupied. At Romny the Germans have been squeezed into a tighter corner. In the area between Donets and Dnjepr the advance amounts to 5 miles and 10 miles in some sectors. The Russians are now 10 miles due East of Zaporizja. South of Naples the heaviest fighting takes place in Italy.
0198The enemy resistance is exceedingly strong in the Naples area. Contact between our troops in the Salerno area has been established. North of Salerno the Germans are counterattacking and using multiple guns. We replied with artillery and ships' guns. Our heavies bombed Makassar in the Celebes which means a 2000 miles round trip. Charlotte the wife of Bernard Shaw died.

14/9/1943. 2.= pm. Dutch time.

The Germans have first reported the evacuation of Bryansk which is the great base on the Central Russian front. The 8th Army is making rapid progress and has occupied Cosenza. War correspondents report we have captured Bari on the Adriatic. Heavy fighting is reported om the 5th Army front where strong German counter attacks have regained some ground which was taken by us. The Japanese defenders of Salamana were routed and they have left their equipment
0199behind there. Over the Italian battle zone 10 enemy planes were lost against 2 of ours missing. After the news Sir Stafford Cripps spoke.14/9/1943
020015/9/1943. - 9.= am. dt.

The main Russian advances are on 3 fronts between the Sea of Azov and the Donets river where the advances vary from 4 to 15 1/2 miles. The toughest opposition is being experienced around Bryansk where resistance by the Germans is fiercest of all 7 fronts. The Russians speak of desperate resistance. The only railway line East of the Dnjepr has been cut. In the Nizjyn sector a place 4 miles away from Nizjyn has been captured in the direction of Kiev from which the Russians are now only 80 miles away. A German isolated pocket still exists at Romny. S.W. of Kharkiv the the Russians also attacked. Moreover they are now 10 miles beyond Mariupol. There is no fresh news during the night about the Italian front neither about the bitter fighting on the Salerno bridgehead. The Germans said they had in storming taken some Allied positions and driven our forces to the beaches. They even speak about another Dunkirk. Correspondents have a sober view on the matter. They say the German troops opposing our forces are fanatical and arrogant youths and very difficult as
15/9/1943for Njezjin read Nizhyn (probably)or Nizjyn

for Kiyef read Kyiv
0201prisoners. The next 72 hours will be crucial. The German commander in Rome said that fighting had broken out between irresponsible people and German troops. The Germans also speak of resistance in Northern Italy and the Balkans. German parachute troops have arrived in St. Peter's Square to protect Vatican Country. Anyone in Rome who is found in the possession of arms tonight will be shot. The Japanese are being hotly pursued by Allied troops in N. Guinea. 20 Japanese planes were left burning by attacks on airfields in the New Guinea area. 8 Zero fighters were shot down and 4 more probably. We lost 3 planes. The onion crop is better than expected. Instead of one lb as originally fixed each ration book holder will get 2 lbs. per ration book. People who grow onions themselves are asked to refrain from buying. This season's N. African sardines have been bought by the UK. Commercial Corporation. The production will be some 40-50 million tins15/9/1943
020215/9/1943. 2.= pm. Maurice Shillington

The fierce battle for the Salerno bridgehead still goes on. More Allied troops are being landed but the Germans do counterattack more. Radio Algiers said this morning that the position has not changed and that a fierce battle goes on and that troops are still being landed. The narrow bridgehead is overlooked by German prepared positions. American Liberators have bombed the marshalling yards at Pescara on the Adriatic and also Potenza has been bombed, which place lies between Tarente and Naples. Mussolini according to German reports has formed a new republican fascist party from which it is possible he tries to get rid of the monarchy. The uneventful evacuation of Bryansk which the Germans have claimed does not seem true because yesterday night fighting still took place in the streets. Russian troops are across the Desna. Japanese heavy and field artillery has fallen into Australian hands in New Guinea. More miners in Noths. coalfields are on strike. Their total is 14000 men and 14 pits are closed. Pres. Roosevelt has taken action against a Congress resolution that married men with children are not to serve.
020316/9/1943. 9.= am. Dutch time Frank Philips

Our bombers were out over enemy occupied territory last night. A number of radio stations went out of the air very early. A few evening planes dropped bombs in places on the South Coast and London area. Some damage was done and there were some casualties. 3 planes were shot down over this country and one over N. France. The targets attacked in Paris area at dusk yesterday were the Hispano Suiza - Renault aircraft factories as well as a bull bearer plant. 16 German fighters were shot down and we lost 6 bombers and 3 fighters. No development in the Salerno situation has been reported during the night. Reinforcements have arrived at Salerno so that the men who have been fighting can take some rest and heavy equipment has been landed too. More bombing from the air is also done. General Clarke has visited the front line. The 8th Army is 67 miles from Salerno. As this army proceeds more airfields become available for our troops so that better fighter cover
16/9/1943Hispano Suiza
0204can be given. Radio Rome which is controlled by Germany has said that American and British prisoners of war escaped on the armistice and they are being asked to return and report. Death penalty is threatened to the Italian civil population for withholding German property. Nizjyn the last junction to Kiev has been captured. Around the Dnjepr bend all railway junctions are menaced by the Russians. North of Bryansk several place were cleared of Germans. In the S.W. Pacific more ground was gained in the attack on Lae where Japanese resistance is stiffening. 15000 miners are now on strike in Noths. area. Page has declared he desires to work under ground and has issued a declaration to that effect. He will be released from Lincoln jail today.

16/9/1943. 2.= pm. Frank Philips

5th Army troops have strengthened their hold on the beaches at Salerno.
16/9/1943Sidney Page
0205Reinforcements continue to arrive and battleships have joined in to bombard. Moreover active air bombing takes place. Rome radio which is controlled by the Germans has said that Marshal Caballero has committed suicide. He was freed with Mussolini and joined him. Last night a rubber factory near Vichy was attacked heavily and the attack was effective. Our bombers were also over Berlin and N.W Germany and 8 of them are missing. Fighters of which 2 are missing carried out intruder operations and one evening fighter was destroyed. Caballero was immensely rich and shell-industrialist. Over this country the number of planes amounted from 18 to 20. The Russians are 75 miles from Kiev The offensive beyond Nizjyn is being continued.16/9/1943
020617.9.1943. 2.= pm. dt. Frank Philips

The 5th Army has made progress after regaining the initiative in the Salerno area. The bridgehead has been firmly established, 3 enemy counterattacks were repulsed and prisoners were taken. Patrols of the 8th Army are 19 miles away from the 5th Army. On the East coast contact has been established with the troops from Tarente. Our air activity was chiefly concentrated around Naples and in the Salerno area. American planes covered Potenza junction with bombs. Over the battle zone we lost two machines and destroyed one German plane. Of the Potenza raid not one machine is missing. Bombers based in this country have bombed the French end of the Mont-Cenis tunnel as well as the French Riviera Viaduct between Cannes and Marseilles. Mosquitoes were over Berlin. Fighter Command fighter attacked railway targets in N. France. 4 bombers are missing. Off the Dutch Coast 3 minesweepers were set on fire. Two of our
0207planes are missing. Airfields at Cognac and La Rochelle were bombed as well as other targets on the French Atlantic seaboard. 13 heavy bombers and none of our fighters were lost. The Germans lost 35 fighters. After fierce fighting the Russians captured Novorossiysk yesterday and this place now is firmly back in Russian hands. The Russians are 60 miles from Kiev and the bypassed town of Romny has been captured. The Russians have captured the western side of the River Desna. American Liberators have bombed airfields in New Guinea destroying 10 Japanese bombers, on the ground 48 Japanese fighters were destroyed. We lost one fighter but all bombers returned safely. Over 200 Allied aircraft have raided the Solomons area American bombers based in China have bombed Indochinese targets. Work has partially been resumed in Noths. coalfields but things are by no means normal. Manchester electricians have also started17/9/1943for Noworossisk read Novorossiysk
020818/9/1943. 9.= am. dt. M. Shillington

War correspondents in Italy report a German withdrawal north of Salerno. Enemy tanks and troops carrying vehicles are withdrawing under our attacks to Avellino and Benevento. There is more news from Russia during the night in which it is said that Bryansk was captured yesterday. In all some 350 places were taken of which 50 were named. The last big Azov port of Berdyansk has also been captured. The Russians are now 40 miles short of the Dnjepr bend. German counter attacks are reported 10 miles from Krasnohrad junction. On the front to Kiev 2000 Germans were killed and stores of grain, flour, fodder etc captured. To Roslavl the advance is 4 miles. The Japanese have lost their last big New Guinea base of Lae, the second this week. The last Australian forces captured the town at 11 o'clock on Thursday morning. The destruction of the Japanese is certain. Their strength
18/9/1943for Berdjansk read Berdyans'k (probably) or Berdyansk
0209at Lae is estimated at 20000 men. One strong after another is being captured. Our planes strafing the withdrawing enemy flew at treetop height. General MacArthur's communique says that with God's help we are pressing on. The loss of Lae is serious for the Japanese and the Allies now control the waters between New Guinea and New Britain. In the Solomons raids take place day and night. 16 Japanese fighters out of a hundred were shot down and 3 Allied planes are missing. Photographs taken after Flying Fortress raids show a new German destroyer sunk at Nantes and two dry docks damaged at La Pallice. In London and some other districts price for tomatoes will be reduced from 1/4 to 1/= lb. In other areas price will be 1/1 and in North Ireland 1/3 per lb. Tomorrow new allocation dried eggs. No change ration sweets and chocolate. During last week average of 3.800.000 tons coal produced increase of 700000 tons but compared a18/9/1943
0210year ago a decrease of 200000 tons. Men born in last quarter 1925 have to register.

2.= pm. R. Robinson

The 5th Army has increased its bridgehead south of Salerno and it is reported that the Germans are withdrawing to the North. Thursday night our North West African Air Force bombed roads northeast of Naples and yesterday 2 airfields outside Rome, destroying planes on the ground. No German opposition was encountered in the air. The 8th Army continued to advance and has made contact with the 5th Army. A place has been occupied 10 miles inland at the Southern end of the Allied bridgehead. Naval forces continue to land troops at Salerno and ships of the U.S. and British navy are supporting operations with battleships joining in too. Two isles west of Naples have been occupied. Our Mosquitoes were over Berlin again last night whereas our intruders shot up several railway engines over Brittany.
0211Allied bombers and fighters are now operating from airfields on the Italian mainland. 3 Northwest African aircraft are missing from yesterday's operations. Pescara on the Eastern side of Italy has been bombed by Middle East aircraft and not one of them is missing. Our bombers and fighters were seen going out to France this morning.18/9/1943
021220/9/1943. 9.= am. dt. Frank Philips

The latest Russian gains have even been better than the previous day's results. Over 1200 places were occupied and 3 special orders from Stalin issued. Northeast of Smolensk two converging armies have captured Doechovsjtsjina and Jartsevo 30 miles north of Smolensk. The Desna has been crossed on a broad front and Trubchevsk taken. Russian troops are 50 miles from Kremenchuk. Corespondents in Italy have described the German withdrawal north of Salerno which is being continued. Refugees from Naples have told of struggles between citizens and the German garrison. A night curfew is in force. Sardinia is being evacuated by the Germans who are going over to Corsica where the port of Bastia in the North East is in their hands. Ajaccio however is in hands of French and Italians. According to Turkish reports 3 Italian islands in the Dodecanese including Kos and Leros as well as the
0213more Northern Greek island of Samos are in Allied hands. Yesterday airfields in Belgium and France were bombed as well as industrial targets at Béthunes. 3 of our fighters are missing. Recent photographs of Hamburg show the place is well in ruins for the loss of 87 of our planes. In the last raid 50 tons of bombs were dropped a minute for 3/4 of an hour. Mr. Churchill arrived back in London yesterday.

2.= pm. Rich Wessel.

The Desna has been crossed west and northwest of Bryansk. Novhorod-Siverskyi and Pryluky have fallen. More attacks on Japanese airfields in Bougainville are reported. 14 out of 60 fighters were destroyed and we lost 8 machines when the Japanese tried to intercept our planes. General Blamey said the capture of Lae is a signal on the road to victory. The 5th Army has enlarged its bridgehead at Salerno again and German resistance is lessening. Reinforcements
20/9/1943for Priloeki read Pryluki
0214continue to arrive. The 8th Army is proceeding to the North. a road junction 30 miles away from Tarente has been captured. Over Italy we lost 3 aircraft. The Russians have opened the gateway to Smolensk. The Germans have confirmed the evacuation of Sardinia which they say is a complete success and was carried out according to plan.20/9/1943for Tarenta read Taranto (probably)
021521/9/1943. 9.= am. dt. R. Robinson

Owing to interruption the report of this bulletin is incomplete.

The Russians are 37 miles from Kiev, 50 miles West of Bryansk, 12 miles away from Roslavl. Bely has been captured 70 miles N.W of Smolensk. German troops are being forced out of Corsica. North of Salerno the Germans still hold a defensive position but the rest is falling back for the 5th Army. Cape Gloucester in New Britain was raided also Finschhafen and Cape St. George in New Ireland. In the streets of Calcutta and other places in Bengal people are ill, starving from hunger. The Russians are increasing to sweep forward on a long front. 1000 places were occupied yesterday. French commando's have landed at Corsica to drive the Germans out and operations are going well.

2.= pm. Frank Philips.

Mr. Churchill has begun his war statement in the House of Commons. Sir Kingsley
21/9/1943for Roslaw read Roslawl (probably)
0216Wood the Chancellor of the Exchequer died suddenly. Radio Algiers has announced that the situation in the Salerno sector remains satisfactory. Air activity over Italy was on a small scale and confined to patrols. Avellino has been bombed. French warships have brought troops into Ajaccio as has been stated officially. Yesterday the Russians advanced up to 15 miles on different fronts. Their biggest sweep took place in the South where a place 8 miles from Melitopol has been captured. The Russians are also 18 miles from Zaporizja and 25 miles from Dnipropetrovsk. In the direct advance on Kiev from Nizjyn along the railway two places on either side were taken. Northwest of Bryansk a great stretch of railway to Roslavl is in Russian hands. Bely was stormed yesterday. American Merodas escorted by Spitfires attacked targets in N. France and later on RAF medium bombers were also seen going out to France. Today is a great occasion in the House of Commons. All seats were taken. Mrs. Churchill and Mrs. Randolph Churchill were also present21/9/1943BelyFor Dnipropetrovsk read Dnipro
021722/9 My 1st baby born. Too busy to listen.

23/9.1943 9.= am. dt. Maurice Shillington

Premier Stalin has issued an order of the day on the occasion of the capture of Demidov. 40 miles N.W of Smolensk Demidov was captured in storm in two day's fighting. 12 counterattacks the Germans made were repulsed. 8000 Germans were killed. The last usable part of the Kuban bridgehead and 3 town have been captured. At 5 points the Russians are only a few miles away from the Dnjepr. They [are] 8 miles from Zaporizja and the same distance from Dnipropetrovsk. N.E. of Kiev the Russians are 20 miles away from the city and North Western side 30 miles away. The advances varied to from 6 1/2 to 9 miles. Near Gomel the Germans were pushed 15 miles away. In the Mediterranean the 5th Army is still advancing from Salerno and fighting is hard. The 8th Army has captured Potenza Yugoslav patriots have extended their hold on the Dalmatian coast.
22/9/1943for Demidof read Demidov

for Koeban read Kuban
0218The Australians have landed a new force close to the Japanese base at Finschhafen. Japanese shipping around the Isles in the S.W. Pacific has been attacked as well as airfields. Another large contingent of Canadians has arrived in England as well as Norwegian sailors and airmen and Dutch pilots who have been trained in Canada. Our bombers were over Germany last night. American Merodas have have attacked an airfield 45 miles west of Paris. We lost 2 fighters. There was slight activity over coastal areas. Bombs were dropped on a few points but no casualties are reported and little damage was done. The food position in Bengal is definitely improving. In the greater Calcutta area sufficient grain is available.

2.= pm.

5th and 8th Army continue to advance. Ediana [?] North of Potenza has been captured as well as Ginosa 12 miles from the Gulf of Taranto. Poltava has been evacuated by the Germans according to their report. A great force of our home based bombers attacked Hannover. The attack was
22/9/1943for Funchhaven read Finschhafen (probably)

for Genoza read Ginosa (probably)

for Tarenta read Taranto
0219highly concentrated and lasted 30 minutes Oldenburg and Emden were also raided. 26 bombers and 1 fighter are missing. Airfields in Holland and France were also attacked by our fighters. This morning our planes went out to France again.22/9/1943
022024/0/1943. 9.= am. dt. Richard Wessel.

The Russians have again reported good progress. on all fronts but especially towards Kiev, the Dnjepr bend and Smolensk. Two successes were important viz. the capture of Poltava and a place between Bryansk and Gomel. In all 900 places, villages and hamlets were captured. The Russians are now 17 miles due east of Kiev, and good progress is made towards Smolensk where the Russians are 15 miles from this base from the s. east, 15 miles due east and 20 miles northwest. No news has been received from the extreme Southern front. The Black Sea Fleet has been sinking self propelled barges. The 5th and the 8th Armies are progressing and the Germans are preparing for the loss of Naples. Allied pressure is increasing and in the West of the front enemy resistance is increasing. Since yesterday morning a heavy artillery barrage is being laid. The Germans are carrying out widespread demolitions in Naples especially in the harbour and also factories all over the city are being destroyed. Typhus and cholera
0221are reported among the unhappy population. In widespread daylight attacks yesterday over Holland and France 24 enemy planes were destroyed. We lost 3 bombers and 6 fighters and shipping off the Dutch coast was also included. General Alexander has visited the Italian front. 2/3 rd part of Corsica has been freed largely by the efforts of the Corsicans themselves. About 12000 Corsicans have been armed with tommyguns which have been brought into the isle by plane and submarine. General Giraud has visited Corsica last Tuesday. Yugoslav patriots have occupied Lussok [?] and street fighting is reported from Trieste Our bombers were over Germany last night. A few bombers were over this country during the night but no casualties or damage is reported. In New Guinea an airfield 2 miles away from the Japanese base at Finschhafen has been captured. Japanese planes tried to attack our landing fleet. 40 planes were shot down and 5 probably. We lost 3 fighters.24/9/1943for Funchhaven read Finschhafen (probably)
022224/9.1943. 2.= pm. Maurice Shillington

Our home based bombers last night heavily attacked Mannheim - Ludwigshafen. Small forces attacked Darmstadt and Aachen. 32 bombers are missing, 4 evening fighters were shot down. On the 5th and 8th Army front steady progress is being made on the 8th Army front in face of light opposition. Matera 35 miles N.W. from Tarente has been occupied. Two airfields on the Isle of Rhode were bombed by Middle East Liberators. The Russians are 5 miles away from the banks of the river Dnjepr at Dnipropetrovsk and 9 miles northeast of Smolensk. Kingsley Wood has been cremated today. One of our submarines returned after sinking 50000 tons of shipping in the Mediterranean during the last 18 months.
022325.9.1943. 9.= am. Dutch time

Just before 7 o'clock this morning Berlin announced they had lost their greatest base in Russia Smolensk and also Roslavl. Smolensk is the principal German base in Russia and used to be Hitler's headquarters. In August 1941 it was taken by the Germans. In Russia the Germans are fighting stubbornly. There is no fresh news from Italy. East of the 5th Army the 8th Army advanced 25 to 30 miles yesterday. Australians in New Guinea are now a mile from Finschhafen. Merodas, Mitchells and Typhoon bombers bombed airfields in France and also railway stations at Amiens. 21 enemy fighters were destroyed and we lost 9. Donald Nelson said at Government's dinner in London that the USA. production this year is 1 1/2 times that of Germany and Japan and in 1944 will be double. Sir John Anderson
25/9/1943Donald Nelsonfor Finchhaven read Finschhafen (probably)
0224is the new Chancellor of the Exchequer and Lord Beaverbrook after 18 months returned to the Government as Lord Privy Seal.25/9/1943for Chanchellor read Chancellor
022527.9.1943. 9.= am. Stuart Hibberd

The Russians are making good progress beyond Smolensk and Roslavl. The Dnjepr has been reached at many points in its bend. On 7 front particularly the Russians swept on capturing 800 villages. In the direction of Vitebsk the advance amounted to 7 miles. Chotinsk [?] has been occupied. 19 transport barges were sunk and 10 enemy planes shot down by the Black Sea air force. Over Bougainville 9 out of about 60 Japanese fighters were destroyed. Nothing fresh is reported from Italy.

2.= pm.
North African communique reports that a place 20 miles from Foggia has been occupied and the river Ofanto crossed. Advances have also been made in the Central Sector and the 5th Army has pushed on towards Naples. Last night our Mosquitoes attacked targets in the Rhineland and this
27/9/1943for bent read bend
0226morning Fortresses bombed Emden. A Canadian aircraft has destroyed an enemy bomber over Holland. Not one of our planes is missing. Yesterday no planes were lost but from earlier patrols yesterday 2 planes have not returned. On the Gomel front the Russians are 30 miles East and South East of the city. .....[?] has been occupied. At Dnipropetrovsk the Germans counterattacked fiercely. In the Kuban 4 more places were occupied. Allied troops north of Finschhafen in New Guinea are progressing. In the Solomons we damaged an airfield losing two of our fighters. 150000 barrels Canadian apples will be shipped to Britain for the first time these two years.27/9/1943
022728-9-1943. 9.= am. Fr. Philips.

Russian progress is reported on all fronts between Smolensk and the Kuban and they are 15 miles away from Gomel. The suburbs of Dnipropetrovsk have been reached. The Red Army gained more valuable ground on all fronts and 1000 places were taken. The Allies have closed in on Dnipropetrovsk where hard fighting took place the Germans being anxious to keep the suburbs. The Russians are less than 20 miles from Kremenchuk. Yesterday 58 fighters were destroyed over Germany and France. We lost 18 planes viz. 7 heavy bombers, 1 medium bomber and 10 fighters. Flying Fortresses bombed the port of Emden. These Fortresses were escorted on their longest escorted flight by Thunder- bolts. Of the enemy planes 22 fell as victims of our Thunderbolts the other 18 being shot down by the Fortresses. Emden is an important port. Raids were also made on N. France and when darkness fell we went out again. Last night we were over Germany again. George Higgs, an American reporter
28/9/1943GomelGomel, also Homel
0228landed a few days ago in Corsica and had an interview with one of the leaders of the partisans. In Russia no change is reported from the Kiev sector. Our Allies are 15 miles away from Gomel: Sunday night Gomel and other railway stations were bombed. On the Roslavl front good progress is being made and also on the front from Smolensk to Vitebsk. Frank Gillard our correspondent says that after 4 day of continued pressure by our forces the Germans in Salerno seem to have enough of it and are falling back. The pressure on the Japanese at Finschhafen is kept on and our troops are supported by dive-bombers. Admiral Vickery said last night that Kaiser's shipyard at Portland (Oregon) had hurried out 22 ships last month, undoubtedly a record.28/9/1943Kaiser Shipyards
022929-9-1943. R. Wessel.

The Red Army has driven the Germans out of nearly 1200 places of which 1000 on the northern half of the front. Especially in the North good progress has been made. In the northern sector swift progress is being made and on the way to Vitebsk our allies are 20 miles from Smolensk and the same distance in the direction of Orsha. From Roslavl they advanced 50 miles in 3 days. The left wing of the forces at Mogilev has linked up with the Gomel front. Nearly all places on the Eastern bank of the Dnjepr have been captured. There are no Russian reports of efforts to cross the Dnjepr. The 8th Army has captured Foggia and the extensive airfields there. The 5th Army is also progressing. Around Wewak airfield we have bombed airfields and destroyed 50 Japanese planes on the ground. Shipping in the harbour was attacked at mast- height. Some 20 enemy fighters came up to intercept our forces and many of these were shot down. In the fighting around
29/9/1943for Roslow read Rostov

for Mogilef read Mogilëv or Mogilev or Mahiljow

0230Finschhafen the enemy's casualties are heavy and ours are light. For 6000 women the prime minister made a speech in the Albert Hall.

2.= pm. Frank Philips
In Italy the 8th Army is pushing on in face of weak resistance and the 5th Army has driven the enemy out of strong positions west and north of Salerno. One evening plane has been shot down in operations over Italy and none of our machines were lost. From attacks by Middle East planes on targets in Greece 3 planes have not returned. The Germans report they have forced Italian and partisans out of the port of Split. King Peter of Yugoslavia has arrived in Cairo today. Aircraft of the Russian Black Sea fleet has attacked German troops in the Taman Peninsula.
29/9/1943for Finchhaven read Finschhafen (probably)
023130-9-1943. 9.= am. Frederick Allen

Our bombers were out over Germany last night. The Red Army have captured Kremenchuk and an island in the Dnjepr 1/4 of a mile from Kiev. In dead alone the Germans lost thousands. The struggle for Kremenchuk has lasted 3 days and eventually the place was captured by storm. In the Gomel area 170 towns and villages were captured. 120 places were captured in the Smolensk area as well as a place halfway between Smolensk and Vitebsk so that the Russians are now 40 miles from this place. In Italy our troops are less than 20 miles from Naples and for 48 hours our troops are entering the Naples plain. Tough action but small in scale took place at Pompeii which place 14 miles from Naples was captured. In our advance on Finschhafen we have captured more enemy positions. Spitfires and other fighters have shot up railway engines in N. France and barges off the Dutch coast. Our planes have blown up the main Japanese ammunition store at Wewak.
30/9/1943for Finchhaven read Finschhafen (probably)
02321/10/1943. 9. am. Maurice Shillington

The latest Russian communique which is one of the shortest for a long time reports more progress on the Gomel, Mogilev and Vitebsk fronts. In the Gomel area 70 places were taken and the advance amounts to some 7 1/2 to 12 1/2 miles which is also the case on the Mogilev front. Both sides reported bad weather. From Italy there is nothing new about fighting there. The 5th Army is still pouring into the plain of Naples. Our troops are 12 miles away from the city. The Germans announced the destruction of the harbour. The 8th Army has captured Manfredonia. On Bougainville island in the Solomons 12 Japanese fighters out of 35 sent up by the enemy were destroyed.
02332/10/1943. 8.= am. Stuart Hibberd

Flying Fortresses from North West Africa have for the first time bombed Germany in daylight yesterday. This meant a flight of 1800 miles round and over the Alps. Munich was bombed and also aircraft factories at Wiener Neustadt. Our home based bombers were over Germany last night following train busting in daylight over N. France. The Red Army made more progress especially in the Northern part of the front and they are now 35 miles due East of Mogilev. Gomel is threatened by Russian forces only 12 miles away. In the drive to Vitebsk 20 places have fallen in Russian hands. 2 Russian bombers were lost. Our forces in Italy occupied Naples Yesterday morning. The city was still blanketed in smoke by the demolitions the Germans had carried out. According to Frank Gillard the really important ruins at Pompeii
0234are undamaged. Avellino has been captured. Rome is now 125 miles away and for the capture of it there are two important points. We can use Naples as a harbour and have mastery in the air. A Japanese convoy bringing reinforcements has been smashed in the Solomons. In our attack on Finschhafen we are making slow but steady progress. During September Flying Fortresses dropped 5400 tons of bombs. 85 bombers, a little under 4 % of the force employed was lost.2/10/1943for Finchhafen read Finschhafen (probably)
02354/10/1943. 8.= am. R. Wessel.

Our bombers raided Germany last night which followed a day of air battles from Holland to Italy. In the morning Merodas bombed airfields in Holland and in the afternoon Rouen and train transformer stations between Paris and the Coast. The attack was a low level one and the bombers were escorted by Spitfires and Typhoons. Bomb carrying Typhoons bombed the docks railways and sheds at Flushing and afterwards carried on as fighters attacking shipping in the Scheldt. Thunderbolts carried out sweeps. In all 24 enemy planes were shot down for a loss of 11 fighters and 4 medium bombers. British and German guns were in action over the Channel last night. The Germans said a convoy was passing through the Channel. During September British planes went out 25 nights of the 30 and during 30 days also out of 30. Notwithstanding bad weather 130 enemy fighters were
0236shot down. On 13 nights mines were laid and 10 major attacks during the night. The Red Army has made headway on the Gomel and Mogilev front. For the 3rd night running Orsha and Mogilev were bombed and also in the South Melitopol. In the South there is no news about land fighting bur the number of German tanks which according to the Russians have been destroyed do suggest heavy fighting on the line Zaporizja Melitopol. Over night there has been no fresh news from Italy. Benevento was occupied by the 5th Army. There is no news so far about the air- and seaborne attack the Germans have launched on the island of Kos. According Turkish reports this island had been occupied by the Allies. In New Guinea bad weather is hampering air activity.4/10/1943Battle of Kos
02374/10/1943. 6.= pm. Frederick Allen.

On the East coast of Italy the 8th Army landed behind the German lines at ..... [?] and advanced 15 miles taking Motta [?]. The 5th and 8th Army continue to make progress and some German prisoners were taken. The advance of the 5th Army is delayed by well sited German guns. Our air forces were active. 3 of our planes are missing and 5 were shot down. The enemy has landed in strength on Kos and secured some positions Kalathos airfield on Rhode island as well as Heraklion airfield in Crete were bombed by us. 6 of our planes are missing. French troops have entered Bastia the last evacuation port for the Germans on Corsica. Our landings at Salerno were covered by the aircraft carrier Unicorn of 14000 tons and 4 smaller carriers. The carriers Formidable and Illustrious also took part. Last night for the 3rd. night running our bombers were over Germany and
4/10/1943For Motta read Motta Montecorvino (?)
0238made a heavy attack on Kassel where heavy damage was done. Our Mosquitoes were over Hannover and targets in the Rhineland. 24 planes are missing. This morning Flying Fortresses escorted by Thunderbolts which shot down 19 enemy planes bombed Frankfurt am Main where there are the Henschel Locomotive Works and nearby Fieseler aircraft factory. Slight raids in this country took place, one plane was shot down. The Germans in France have shot 50 people for sabotage as a reprisal as was announced by Paris radio. Enforcing the river east of Mogilev the Russians had to face especial hard resistance. In the South West Pacific Finschhafen was taken and the Japanese suffered big losses. In East China the Japanese have started a new offensive.4/10/1943
02395/10/1943. 6.= pm. Frank Philips.

In Italy the 5th and 8th Army continue to make progress but resistance is stiffening. Yesterday was a great day for our Mediterranean air forces. One formation of Flying Fortresses went as far as 30 miles from the Alps. Marshalling yard at Pisa were also bombed. Targets in Greece were attacked by N.W. African and Middle East aircraft based on Italy. Mitchells escorted by Lightnings carried out the attacks whereas Liberators attacked on airfield near Athens. One of our planes is missing. At Naples it is still a mess. 90% of Naples harbour is unoperational. Frank Gillard in a dispatch described the damage and who says the destruction is complete. Fighting on the island of Kos continues. The Germans landed in force on Saturday morning. Beaufighters attacked transport on the island with canon fire. The liberation of Corsica is complete. Our bombers chose Frankfurt on Main last night as their target. Large
0240were still burning from the previous daylight attack when our bombers arrived. Frankfurt's population is half a million. Lancasters bombed Ludwigshafen. In Russia there is a relative lull 3 month after the Germans their summer offensive. The Germans are established between the Sea of Azov and the Dnjepr bend holding the line from Crimea through Melitopol. From Dnipropetrovsk the Russians control the Eastern bank of the Dnjepr up to Kiev. For the rest the Germans try to hold Gomel, Orsha, Vitebsk and Mogilev. In the far East 40 barges loaded with Japanese troops were destroyed. In New Guinea further advances were made towards Madang. 9 enemy planes were shot down. In East China stiff fighting takes places but reports from correspondents say that the Japanese are retreating after heavy losses. General Smuts is in England again and arrived at an airfield near London this morning. Lord Woolton said that fresh vegetables are scarce this5/10/1943
0241season but stocks have been built up of orange juice, cod liver oil, black currants syrup and puree etc. Admiral Sir Dudley Pound has through ill health resigned as Lord of the Admiralty. Admiral Cunningham succeeds him.

6/10.1943. 8.= am.
Intense activity on the Russian fronts is reported. During Monday the Russians destroyed or disabled 53 German tanks and shot down 48 planes. The 5th Army is pushing Northward from Naples to the Volturno river line Two good airfields with concrete runways have fallen in our hands in the Naples area. 8th Army continue to strengthen position. There is no news about the fighting on Kos. Fighters and fighter bombers were over France and the Low Countries. An oil refinery at Ghent was attacked and also barges, railway engines and aircraft on the ground. 6 planes are missing from the day's work. Our home fleet and US. ships are out after enemy ships off Norway.
02426/10/1943. 6.= pm. Stuart Hibberd.

5th Army troops are reported to have crossed the Volturno at one point. Aversa has been captured and also Maddaloni. The advance as a whole is still short of the Volturno river line. In its lower regions the Volturno is 100 feet wide. All bridges except one over the river were blown some days ago. The 5th Army is fighting a uphill battle and enemy's resistance is stiffening. Flying Fortresses have raided the railway yards at Bologna in N. Italy. This place has been bombed 5 times in a month. Our last attack carried out in 4 waves however, was heavier than ever before. Stiffening enemy's resistance has also increased in the Central Section and on the Adriatic coast. The N.W. African Air force has struck at airfields and of 50 enemy fighters over Bologna 8 were shot down Viz. Messerschmitts and Focke Wulfs. Our Fortresses returning over Pisa from Bologna found fires caused the previous day still burning. Fighting on the island of Kos is still going
0243on. In Russia progress is limited to the Vitebsk sector. 30 miles away from Vitebsk a place has been captured. Melitopol and Zaporizja has been bombed by the Russians. In the Black Sea Russian planes are still sinking German ships. 600000 head of cattle will return from the East of Russia to the West 200000 have already arrived. In the far East our troops have captured another village on their way to Madang, which place is still 60 miles away and a most important Japanese base in North East New Guinea. Allied bombers again concentrated their attacks on barges.

7/10/1943 8.= am. Stuart Hibberd
Nothing fresh officially has been reported during the night. No up to date news is available of fighting in Italy. The 8th Army is encountering the toughest resistance yet on the mainland of Italy. Moscow reports no change on the Russian front. The day before
0244yesterday 16 tanks were destroyed. A report from Pearl Harbour says that Tuesday Japanese positions and installations on Wake Island were heavily attacked by a strong US task force. In New Guinea the Japanese are being pursued. Our air forces are attacking the enemy 50 miles ahead of our troops. The total amount of shipping available to the United Nations amounts to over 50000.000 tons. The collapse of Italy has saved another 500000 tons. There was a little enemy activity over SE England during the night. A small number of casualties and little damage are reported.

7/10 6 pm. Frank Philips

The 8th Army repelled a powerful infantry and tank attack. Our forces were enforced and two British destroyers helped to beat of the attack by shelling the enemy positions. Heavy fighting had to be delivered by the 8th Army, the toughest since landing on Italy's mainland. The battle rages round
0245Termoli. The 5th Army is progressing slowly towards the Volturno line our air forces play an important part. Lord Louis Mountbatten who has arrived in India by air was met in New Delhi by British, American and Chinese officers. Flying Fortresses have bombed some 200 enemy trucks near Termoli also railway installations near Trieste. 6 enemy planes were shot down and we lost 3. The whole of Istria near Yugoslav border is in revolt. fighting takes place everywhere. Our submarines in the Mediterranean have damaged and sunk 6 enemy ships. The Germans say the Russians have begun to attack north of Vitebsk. Nothing fresh has been reported about the heavy bombardment of Wake Island by the American naval force which is understood to include a carrier.7/10/1943
02468/10/1943. 6.= pm. Richard Wessel

The 5th Army is established on the Southern bank of the Volturno river for 18 miles Capua is in our hands. The actual crossing of the river is expected to be comparatively easier The 8th Army has improved its positions round Termoli. Several more counterattacks were repulsed. Our troops have delivered a powerful attack which met with success. An artillery barrage lasted 40 minutes and was partially recorded during this bulletin. Russian troops are clearing the last bit of the Taman Peninsula and extending their Western bridgeheads of the Dnjepr. The 16th German Panzer division has been removed from the Naples to the Termoli area. In all it seems there are 6 German divisions in Italy viz: 15th and 26th panzer div. Hermann Goering panzer div. 29th panzer- grenadiers, 12th parachute div. Owing to bad weather only our fighter bombers were active over Italy. Light naval forces have destroyed a convoy. American Flying Fortresses
0247with a Thunderbolt escort have attacked Bremen today. Details are not yet available. Home based bombers last night attacked Stuttgart and Friedrichshafen. 7 of our planes are missing. Mosquitoes bombed Munich and mines were also laid in enemy waters. 3 raiders were destroyed in raids country. 30 tons of bombs were dropped. The crossing of the Dnjepr is not the only Russian success. Russian troops in Taman Peninsula are in sight of the Crimea over the Kertsj Strait.

9/10-1943 8.= am.
Our bombers were over Germany last night. In yesterday's daylight attack on Bremen the American Fortresses and their Thunderbolt escorts destroyed at least 142 enemy fighters and damaged a hundred more. 30 heavy bombers and 3 of our fighters are missing. In small raids over this country 2 raiders were destroyed. Last night's Russian communique reported progress on 4 fronts. Western bridgehead on the Dnjepr were extended
8/10/1943Taman Peninsulafor Kertsj read Kerch
0248The last Germans in the Taman Peninsula are being wiped out. On the Vitebsk front the Russians are now 30 miles along the railway to Vitebsk and the advance during the day amounted to 7 1/2 miles. In the Nevel area 60 more places were captured. During the day on the whole front 50 tanks, 87 planes were destroyed. The 5th Army is heading the South bank of the Volturno for 17 miles from Capua to the sea. In the Termoli sector we also advanced. Early that week it was sticky business for our forces on the Adriatic. Allied warships on the Southwest Pacific have sunk a cruiser and at home 2 destroyers in a small action by light naval forces off Vella Lavella island. From Bengal it is reported that this would get sufficient food. At home this year onion crop is a good one. Shopkeepers have not to mark purchases in the ration book unless there is a local shortage.8/10/1943
024911/10/1943. 8.= am. Frank Phillips

For the third day running Americans bombers and their escort planes destroyed over a hundred enemy fighters which opposed them. There is no news from Italy. Yesterday the American 8th air force struck another crippling blow on the Luftwaffe. Münster's railway installations and junctions as well as Kolberg [?] were attacked. One of our formations was opposed by some 200 enemy fighters. Fortresses shot down 81 machines and escorting Thunderbolts another 21. 30 Fortresses and 2 Thunderbolts are missing. The American air forces is said in London to have dropped on Germany this month 4400 tons of bombs and destroyed 540 enemy planes. On Saturday aircraft factories at Marienburg were attacked. North of the Volturno German tanks units are assembling but so far the 5th Army has not attempted a crossing of the rain swollen river
0250whereas the 5th Army is advancing northward the 8th Army is doing so westward. All day yesterday German tanks and infantry forces made as many as 8 counterattacks on Dnjepr bridgeheads. In White Russia the advance on Gomel has begun again and the Russians are now 10 miles south and 13 miles east from Gomel. Also 26 miles from Orsha and about the same distance from Vitebsk. In this sector 140 towns and villages fell to the Russians. Whereas the advance amounted to 7 1/2 miles. Beyond Nevel the Russians are also advancing but more slowly. 40 towns and villages were captured in this area. Large German stores have fallen in Russian hands. Details have been issued about a new 17 pounder anti tank gun. Kolombangara in the Solomons has been captured an evacuation barges bombed11/10/1943for Kaelombangara read Kolombangara
025111/10/1943. 6.= pm. Stuart Hibberd.

The Admiralty has given news during the last half hour of activity by our midget submarines which have hit and damaged the German Tirpitz below the waterline. The attacks were carried out by HM. midget submarines on the 22nd. September in Norwegian waters. 3 submarines have not returned and some of the crew may be in enemy hands. The Tirpitz was lying in Kåfjord in Northern Norway and the midget submarines operated 1000 miles from their British base. In Italy the best progress is made in the mountainous country. In the central sector where the advance also of the 8th Army is directed against Campobasso which is an important road centre. Montgomery's men are also advancing to Campobasso. Our medium bombers in Italy have attacked enemy supply lines behind the front. The first units to enter into Naples were as is now known the Kings' Dragoon Guards. Afterwards
11/10/19431st King's Dragoon Guards
midget submarines
0252the Americans came. Our heavy bombers from N.W. Africa bombed targets in Greece on which the attack was concentrated in 20 minutes. The planes were Fortresses. 4 German fighters were shot down. Ground was gained by the Russians on 6 points of the 1000 mile front. Especially at the 3 Dnjepr bridgeheads fighting was heavy and strong German opposition encountered. In White Russia the hard fought progress towards Gomel has been resumed. Our Allies are now 20 miles from Vitebsk and round Nevel ground has been gained. The Germans also speak of Russian attacks and the details about them correspond with what the Russians say.11/10/1943for Witebsk read Vitsyebsk
025312/10/1943. 8.= am. Stuart Hibberd

The Russians have extended their bridgehead on the West bank of the Middle Dnjepr and considerably improved their positions. 5 times the Germans made counterattacks. The East banks of the Sozh river in the Gomel sector has been cleared of Germans. In the Vitebsk area 40 places were captured. No further news is given about fighting in the North and South. On Sunday the Russians destroyed or damaged 126 German tanks. Air Chief Marshall Harris has been thanked by the Prime Minister on the success in the battle of Germany which has been achieved by the 8th. Air Force. In the S.W. Pacific the news is chiefly about bombing. Australian planes carried out a night attack on Makassar in the Dutch East Indies. Land fighting takes place in New Guinea. During the night there has been no news from Italy
12/10/1943for Gomel read Homel

for Soss read Soz
025412/10/1943. 6.= pm. R. Wessel.

Great Britain is to use the Azores to provide better protection to our convoys and merchant shipping in the Atlantic. The Portuguese government has granted Britain facilities in the Azores, as the Prime Minister announced in the commons today. Portugal's neutrality remains unaffected. The arrangement is based on the treaty concluded in 1373 between King Edward III and King Ferdinand of Portugal and Queen Eleanor. At the end of hostilities the British troops will be withdrawn and Portugal will remain neutral on the European mainland. The request was made by England and based on the treaty of alliance. The facilities which will come at our disposal will contribute to defend our shipping and shorten the war. The Azores lie in Mid Atlantic 1000 miles from this country and over 2000 miles from the USA. Correspondents report add little
0255to what is already known about the land fighting in Italy. Mainly patrols are active and there are artillery exchanges whereas our troops are pushing on to Campobasso. The Russians have overcome strong opposition in extending their bridgehead on the Dnjepr. In Italy the Allied command is extending its air supremacy by extending their attacks on Greece and the isles nearby. Heraklion on Crete and Kalathos on Rhode have been bombed. On Sunday Corfu was also bombed in daylight. No enemy fighters were met and our planes returned without loss. The Russians are closing in on the railway from Vitebsk to Orsha. From Gomel they are only separated by the river Sozh. In the Japanese sector of the war there is chiefly news from the air. The Japanese have bombed Madras. British and American planes of which 4 are missing have attacked targets in Burma whereas Americans bombed targets in occupied China. Liberators have bombed Haiphong in Indochina. Australians raided Makassar in the Celebes. In New Guinea we are in contact with the Japanese who are falling back on Madang.12/10/1943for Haipong read Haiphong
025613/10/1943. 8.= am. Richard Wessel.

The Red Army is fighting to extend their 3 bridgeheads over the middle Dnjepr and had substantial success in doing so yesterday. Stubborn fighting almost hand to hand all day is taking place. During the day 43 planes were shot down. The only other fighting reported is on the Vitebsk front and from the other parts intensive patrol activity with mortar and artillery fire is reported. A tanker has been sunk by the Black Sea Air Force. 4 of our Thunderbolts shot down 8 Japanese planes in the Pacific. Barges in the Solomons were also bombed.The Australians are advancing on Madang. At his press conference Pres. Roosevelt said that during the last 6 month the Japanese had lost 130000 tons of shipping monthly which is 1.400.000 tons per anum and they cannot afford that. In Friday's American raids on Germany 850 planes took part carrying 1200 tons of bombs with 5000 airmen and a million gallons of petrol were used. One enemy plane trying to raid East Anglia last night
13/10/1943for Medang read Madang
0257was destroyed. 84.000.000 oranges will arrive at UK. ports according to Lord Woolton this week. Children up to 5 years get 2 lbs and those up to 15 2 lbs. Experts who have visited N. Africa and Sicily say prospects for supplies of lemons and onions are good. But nothing can be said about actual shipments. The minister said he was also negotiating with Egypt for the crops of fresh onions. Prospects for dried fruit supplies are good. A special Brazilian week at Youth Centre has begun in London. Nothing fresh is reported from Italy.13/10/1943
025813/10/1943. 6.= pm. Fred Grisewood

Two hours ago Italy declared war on Germany. The actual declaration was communicated to the Italian ambassador at Madrid and in the name of the King. After 4 o'clock yesterday Marshall Badoglio broadcast over radio Bari. He said tat the inhabitants of Naples had been tormented and that there could be no peace in Italy as long as there was a German soldier there. He also said his government would shortly be completed by members of all parties who will be invited to take part. The relationship of co-belligerence however does not alter the armistice. Fighting in Italy continues. The curve in the front is being straightened and more progress is being made from Termoli. The 5th Army is consolidating its positions south of the Volturno. The action off the Allied air forces is being restricted by bad weather but of the activities which took place not one plane is missing. The Prime Minister spoke
0259first in the coal debate on the nationalization of the mines and said that only an election could decide on that.

14.10.1943. 8.= am. Richard Wessel

The Japanese have suffered a big defeat at Rabaul their main base in New Britain. Over 100 ships and over 120 planes were lost by the enemy when Allied planes made a surprise attack. 3 destroyers 3 merchantmen, 100 other craft, 1 submarine and tender. The attack on the shipping was carried out by Mitchells. Liberators bombed the airfield and destroyed 126 bombers and fighters whereas another 50 were damaged. The cost to the Allies is 5 planes missing and others damaged. The success of this attack gives the Allies air supremacy. The Russians have broken the the defense line in the Crimea. In further air attacks in the S.W. Pacific 15 planes were destroyed. Vella Lavella island has now
13/10/1943New Georgiafor Bella la Bella read Vella Lavella
0260been occupied so that the whole of the New Georgian Group is in our hands. The line from the Dnjepr to Crimea has been broken after 3 days of battle. The Russians broke through the line in the vicinity of Melitopol. They advanced 6 miles and fighting is taking place in Melitopol 20 strong points were taken in this sector. Important battles take place to enlarge the bridgeheads south of Kiev where the Russians have also broken through the lines. Fighting is taking place outside Gomel. On Tuesday 127 tanks and 90 planes were destroyed There is nothing fresh from Allied side about Italy. In the centre our troops are 10 miles from the important road centre of .......? on the Adriatic side progress is being made from Termoli the 5th Army is consolidating its positions south of the Volturno. 13/10/1943
026114/10/1943. 6.= pm. Fred. Allen.

The 5th Army has forced the passage of the Volturno and established several bridgeheads on the Northern banks. They are now bringing up armour. Tuesday night operations were started in favourable weather and the enemy has been fighting fiercely. It is expected that these operations will develop into the biggest fighting in Italy so far. First the Germans crossed the South bank at Capua and afterwards we crossed east and west of Capua. Some of our troops had to swim. Repeated German counterattacks were repulsed and our sappers built bridges across the river over which tanks are passing. There are reports that for the first time for many days German fighters have made their appearance over the battlefront. Ours Spits encountered 16 of them. Our planes have attacked an enemy base on the West Coast of Italy and Tirana the capital of Albania has been raided for the first time by our Mitchells. Maritsa on the isle of Rhode was also attacked.
0262The Germans announced they are advancing from the port of Susak on the Dalmatian coast. American heavy bombers escorted by Thunderbolts have attacked targets in Central Germany today (they passed over here at about 1.30 pm) no further details are available. In an attack on Rabaul the total number of Japanese fighters destroyed is 26 out of 40. In other raids the Japs lost 21 machines against our own losses of 3 planes. The Russians are through with the German lines. The direct threat in Russia hangs over Zaporizja, Melitopol, Kiev and Gomel. Most important is the front from the Sea of Azov to the Dnjepr bend. This is a very strong German line in depth. The Russians have got into Melitopol and are only 5 miles away from Zaporizja. Germans did all they could to stem the attack. Melitopol is a place of 75000 people. ........[?] the Nazi Kommissar in the district has 14/10/1943
0263been caught. Further upstream the position for the Germans is worse. Armoured river craft brought over land is now patrolling South of Kiev. German hopes to hold Kiev itself seems to fail. Gomel is already in flames and the Germans are destroying the houses block by block. Typhoons of Bomber Command, all of which returned have sunk 2 ships of 500 tons off Brest.

15/10/1943. 8.= am. Fred Allen
Again yesterday the Germans were under attack in East, South and West. An order of the day was issued yesterday at 9 o'clock by Marshal Stalin in which the starving of Zaporizja was mentioned. Zaporizja is a great industrial city which before the war had 300000 inhabitants and lies near the Dnjepr dam. The whole Zaporizja bridgehead has been lost by the Germans. Early yesterday morning Russian tanks took the Railway station.
0264The Germans are still trying to hold Melitopol and the railway from the Crimea has been cut in two places. For the 5th Army the enemy fell back. Latest news is given in a cable by Frank Gillard in which it is said that the Allied attacks against the Volturno has been successful. We are across the river in considerable strength on both flanks and getting our tanks across too. In Russia the middle Dnjepr bridgehead north and south of Kiev have been enlarged. American headquarters last night announced that strong formations of American heavy bombers attacked ball- and roller bearing factory at Schweinfurt. 60 heavy bombers and 2 Thunderbolts are missing. 91 enemy planes were shot down by Fortresses and 13 by Thunderbolts. Exceptionally heavy opposition was met from German fighters and anti aircraft barrage. In the S.W. Pacific 25 intercepting Japanese planes lost 12 of them whereas we lost no planes.15/10/1943
026515/10/1943. 6.= pm. Frank Philips

5th Army's bridgeheads across the Volturno are being extended on the Northern bank of the river. Tanks, troops, guns etc are being hurried across. The Royal Navy has landed tanks and artillery behind the German lines at the Volturno. In the shelling of the enemy's positions two of our destroyers took part as well as the Dutch gunboat Flores which had done the same work before. As far as the 8th Army is concerned the Germans say they have evacuated Campobasso to the North of Vinchiaturo the important road centre. They are also advancing along the Adriatic. German resistance is strongest on the front south of Capua. Marshalling yards at Turin and also north of Pescara have been bombed. The attacks were heavy and two of our planes are missing. Our Middle East aircraft also bombed targets in Greece. General Alexander who commands the 8th Air Force said
15/10/1943For Philips read Phillips
0266that in yesterday's attack on Schweinfurt our losses had been heavy but our big loss meant an even greater loss to the enemy who had lost 50% of his ball- and roller- bearer capacity. This afternoon two fighters were destroyed off the South West coast by our planes. Right up to last night Germans were certain they could hold Zaporizja but they lost it yesterday morning. German confidence in Zaporizja defences was well-founded. They made 15 counterattacks a day. The Red Army had to use great forces too. The Germans say they have blown the Dnjepr dam. Russian shock troops have been clearing Melitopol. On the middle Dnjepr fierce fighting to extend the Western bridgeheads takes place. An American reporter from Moscow said that in the rear of Kiev the mainline has been reached. Saboteurs have blown up 9 transformer stations15/10/1943
0267in Denmark yesterday. No traffic between 8 o'clock at night and 5 in the morning is allowed. Southeast of Bougainville we have made a heavy attack on an enemy airfield without losses on our own side. News from India is of patrol- activity on the Burmese Indian border. President Roosevelt spoke strongly at his press conference about the ban on Jewish papers as declared by the Argentine. A recording was made about a trip by RAF rescue-launch by Richard Dimbleby

16/10/1943. Frank Philips 8.= am
Russian troops who have captured Zaporizja have swung round to the South and made a new advance toward Melitopol. In Melitopol itself fierce street fighting takes place. The Russians have begun to press down. They first pushed the enemy back to the river at
0268and afterwards swung round in the direction of Melitopol advancing 7 1/2 miles. For the second day street fighting takes place at Melitopol but the Germans who have strengthened the area there by fresh reserves and troops drawn from other fronts are fighting hard along the middle regions of the Dnjepr. The Russians are fighting hard too extending their bridgeheads south and west of Kiev. In the Gomel area the Russians have made more progress. From the other front only patrol activity and artillery exchanges are reported. In all there were 113 tanks destroyed as well as 93 planes. Donald Nelson was received by Stalin yesterday. The 5th Army is extending its bridgehead on the Northern banks of the Volturno. A continual stream of our guns, tanks, troops etc is passing over the Volturno. General Alexander visited General Clarke's headquarters16/10/1943
0269just before the attacks on the Volturno positions started. A correspondent said this morning that after the stiffest opposition yet encountered from the Germans and they are pulling to the North. The top retail price of tomatoes will be 1/5 per lb. in Southern England and 1/8 per lb in N. Ireland.16/10/1943
027018/10/1943. 8.= am. (too late to listen to news fully).

The Russians are now on this side of the Dnjepr South of Gomel and their bridgehead at Kremenchuk is 30 miles wide and 15 miles deep. The 5th Army is now mopping up along the Volturno line. A new heavier bomber than even the Boeing Flying Fortress is now in production in the USA for operations during the spring. A light bomber for all kinds of work will also become in production. The Thunderbolt now known as flying milk bottle with a speed of over 400 miles an hour and a capacity to fly 40000 feet will get more powerful engines. Production of Merodas will be slowed down. Lord Wavell has gone to India a farewell message was recorded.
027119/10/1943. 8.= am.

The Russian army is hitting the Germans hard. Between 3 and 4 1/2 miles was advanced on the Dnjepr bend and 22 places were taken. 15 miles south of Gomel the Red Army is over the river Sozh and 15 miles still further South hard battles are being fought to extend the Bridgehead over the Dnjepr. There is no news about the advance from Zaporizja to Melitopol. In Melitopol street fighting is taking place for the 5th day running. The fighting in Italy at the 5th Army front is summed up in a cable by Frank Gillard. No German seem to be left along the Northern side of the Volturno bank. More than 5000 disabled prisoners of war who are seriously wounded and sick are being repatriated from Germany. The changing will take place in 3 operations. A British hospital ship will go to Gothenburg with German prisoners and return to this country with British, Canadian and Americans
19/10/1943for Gomel read Homel

for Sosj read Soz
0272of the latter only a small number as the Germans have not taken so many American prisoners. In North West Africa a German ship will bring prisoners to that territory and bring German prisoners back to a port in occupied France. In Barcelona also a British ship will arrive and Germans will bring Australian, New Zealand and other Dominion prisoners. Our bombers were over Germany last night. In operations yesterday 4 enemy planes were destroyed for the loss of 2 British and 3 American machines. Last night some bombs fell in the London area. Some fatal casualties are reported and some damage was done. The Japanese have tried to land troops at Finschhafen. We carried air attacks out on Amboina in the Dutch East Indies. Mr. Eden and Cordell Hull have arrived at Moscow for the three power conference there.19/10/1943
027319/10/1943. Frank Philips 6.- pm.

The 5th Army made satisfactory progress north of the Volturno especially in the Capua sector. Our troops advanced 4 miles. The 8th Army's active patrolling continues and 10 miles inland from Termoli a place has been captured. The Germans are now cleared from the North Bank of the Volturno. There are fierce German counterattacks in the Central Sector. No enemy aircraft were over the battle area. The reason for this is perhaps that we have bombed 12 enemy airfields round Rome. Hannover was attacked in strength last night. Hannover is important for its rubber factory. 10 nights ago it was also bombed. Mosquitoes went to Berlin and places in Western Germany for the second night running. 17 of our bombers were lost. The marshalling yards and railway bridge at Skopje in Yugoslavia were also bombed. Royal Air Force bombers have attacked Rhode islands and so on. 2 planes are missing. Hitler addressed a special meeting to which much importance is attached by the Germans
0274at his headquarters. On the Southern half of the Russian front large scale operations take place. German losses in and around Melitopol are heavy. A breakthrough has taken place between Dnipropetrovsk and Zaporizja. The Germans report fighting on bridgehead above Kiev which have now been enlarged. Enemy tank groups are operating behind the Russian lines in this area. Eden and Cordell Hull have arrived at Moscow yesterday to meet Mr. Molotov. The conference is expected to start today. Eden spoke the Gaulle at Algiers and also stayed at Cairo where he spoke with King Farouk, the King of Hellenes and King Peter of Yugoslavia. Lord Wavell was also met. In London this afternoon arrangement was signed between Britain, Canada and the USA. American bombers in India have attacked Northern Burma. American fighters in China also carried out attacks. 43 Japanese planes were lost against 4 of ours19/10/1943
0275in the South West Pacific. General Smuts who is in London said that last year things were lead beyond extreme. He said we must reckon an advances in Southern and South Eastern Europe. In the assault on Europa America will have an important part. Correspondents in Sweden say that some prisoners arrived at Gothenburg. We expect 4000 from Sweden and more than 1000 from Barcelona.19/10/1943
027620/10/1943. 6.= pm.

The Germans are retreating before the 5th Army in the hills north of the Volturno. The 8th Army had to meet with stiffer enemy resistance. Yesterday the 5th Army made more satisfactory progress. Further North the banks of the river have been reached and crossed. Not many German prisoners are being taken. The next line of resistance may be 6 miles north of the Volturno on the coast West of Termoli patrol encounters continue and our troops are 10 miles inland from Termoli. The 78th division is in the 8th Army line. Between Ancona and Pescara the railway line has been cut in 4 places and also airfields were strafed by our planes. The interception of two more Italian ships in the Adriatic by two of our destroyers is announced. One vessel with a German armed guard on board was brought in port and the other
0277was set on fire by the German crew and had to be sunk by our forces. Lord Wavell (Field Marshal) was sworn as Viceroy of India at Delhi today. Middle East aircraft have bombed the airfield at Kos and also on Crete. Two enemy seaplanes were shot down. We lost one aircraft but its pilot is safe. The Germans make little efforts to disguise the bad situation for them inside the Dnjepr bend. At the press conference at Berlin it was said "I regret to announce that the Russians have broken through our lines". Between Kremenchuk and Dnipropetrovsk inside the Dnjepr bend the Russians have broken through. Reinforcements are being rushed in by them. There is only one railway running north to Kiev and the other to the South. Continued street fighting is reported from Melitopol. Southwest of the town the Germans are counter- attacking fiercely. In the meantime20/10/1943
0278they are getting out of the Crimea all they can such as cattle, household furniture even scrap metal. They do this by land but also from landing stages they built on the coast and over which cattle and sheep are being driven into the barges. A mass deportation of Russian civilians also takes place. Near the West banks of the Dnjepr a stronghold has been captured a few miles from the centre of Kiev. About the Moscow conference no communique will be issued until at the end of the conference. American bombers covered by Spitfires and Thunderbolts have attacked targets in Western Germany. In battles 9 enemy fighters were destroyed and we lost 2 planes. Medium bombers without escort have bombed Rabaul. 36 planes on the ground were destroyed and we lost 3 aircraft ourselves. The Japanese made some progress with their attack to regain Finschhafen20/10/1943
027921-10-1943. 8.= am.

The Russians advanced up to 6 miles yesterday and broadened and deepened their breakthrough inside the Dnjepr bend. British based Fortresses covered by Spitfires and the largest force of Thunderbolts employed so far bombed a metal factory in the Cologne area and also airfields in Holland and France.

21/10/43 6.= pm.

Sir Dudley Pound First Sea Lord of the Admiralty died this morning. At nine [?] o'clock tonight an appreciation of Sir Dudley's work will be given. The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg governments have signed a monetary agreement fixing the rate of exchange of the Dutch florin and Belgian franc. 22/10/1943 ILL
028026/10/1943 recovered from illness.

R. Robinson.
Marshal Stalin's announcement of the success at Dnipropetrovsk and further upstream has been followed by further news that the Russians have come nearer to the coast and broken the defense line to the Crimea. 40 miles of German Dnjepr line has further collapsed and Dnipropetrovsk is now in Russian hands. In the Melitopol sector the advance is from 3 tot 5 miles. Nothing fresh has been reported from Italy since yesterday's news of progress by the 5th and 8th Army. In the South West Pacific 123 Japanese planes have been destroyed on the ground and in combats and further planes damaged for a loss of 4 Allied machines. There is no news of the land fighting on New Guinea. A few German raiders have dropped bombs in SE England and East Anglia without damage or loss.
0281British guns have for two hours been in action over the Channel. The Germans have agreed to have shot down the Swedish transport machine last Friday. Yesterday 2 ships of prisoners arrived at Leith and 3 rd one is expected today.26/10/1943
028226/10/1943. 6= pm. Stuart Hibberd

The 5th and 8th Army made good progress yesterday and the Germans are going back to their next main line of defense more rapidly during the last 24 hours. They advanced up to 5 miles. Americans have made most progress. The new line over which the Germans are retreating is 80 miles long. Our air forces have carried out heavy night attacks on airfields north of Rome and two of our planes are missing. On Sunday night 3 Middle East aircraft were lost. Allied troops have now been withdrawn from the island of Kos. 4 E-boats were destroyed and 7 others damaged when some 30 enemy E-boats tried to attack one of our convoys for the coast of East Anglia for 5 hours. All our ships returned safely from the engagement. We had casualties in two of our motor speed boats. Less than half a dozen enemy planes crossed our coast last night and caused little damage and casualties.
0283The destruction of 123 planes in the S.W. Pacific was carried out in two days of heavy air attacks on Japanese occupied airfields round Rabaul. We lost 3 planes. Rangoon and Akyab in Burma have been attacked by our bombers. General Bergeret has been arrested in North Africa. A funeral service was held for the late Sir Dudley Pound at Westminster.26/10/1943For Akyab read Sittwe
028427/10/1943. 8.= am. Stuart Hibberd

The Germans have been pushed back from Dnipropetrovsk for 10 miles and they are now only a few miles from Krivoy Rog. In the Melitopol sector advances have also been made.
27/10/1943For Kriwoi Rog read Krivoy Rog read Kryvy Rih
028527/10/1943 6.= pm. Fred Grisewood

The Allied advance in Italy meets with less German opposition.. In the mountainous country however the going is bad. The Germans are still withdrawing to a Northern line. Progress is slow and weather is bad so that also our heavy bombers had to remain grounded. Our light bombers flew to Greece and no plane was lost. The Russians are within a mile or 20 from Krivoy Rog which is a vital railway connection for the Germans who are fighting very hard. The Germans are withdrawing from Dnipropetrovsk and they are having a bad time being pushed back some 10 miles over a 40 mile front. Land fighting around Finschhafen has renewed with the Japanese counterattacking. Akyab in Burma has again been bombed as well as Rangoon area. Lord and Lady Linlithgow and their three daughters arrived in this
0286country by air. Lord Linlithgow has been Viceroy in India for 7 years. Exchange of prisoners at Barcelona has started this morning.27/10/1943
028728/10/1943/ 6.= pm. Rich. Wessel.

Both armies are drawing closer to the new line in Italy where German resistance is stiffening. Our troops are slogging on. The Germans are keeping up heavy artillery barrages and it is impossible to use tanks in the mountainous country. General Montgomery's troops have made further progress in appalling country. The weather yesterday was so bad for fighting that it was the quietest day for months. Whatever operations were carried out were on a small scale and no planes are missing. Middle East bombers have attacked the airfield on Kos. Small island south of Crete has also been attacked. Non of our planes is missing. The Germans are fighting hard at Krivoy Rog but between Dnjepr and Sea of Azov German resistance has been broken. The Germans claim the failure of Russian attacks near Zaporizja and newly arrived
0288armoured reserves are being thrown into battle by them. Progress was made in the Nevel sector and also the threats to Vitebsk has increased. Big further attacks by our bombers on Rabaul the Japanese lost 86 planes destroyed whereas 43 were damaged by our Liberators. One of our planes is missing. Nickel mines on Celebes were also bombed. Two ships carrying prisoners of war exchanged at Barcelona have left that port for Port Said. In Copenhagen a bomb has exploded in a restaurant killing two Germans and wounding another and an Danish woman. A curfew is in force in Copenhagen from 8-5 and the city has to pay crowns 5000.000. 28/10/1943Nevel
028929/10/1943 8.= am.

In Russia on the Vitebsk front a number of places has been captured. In Italy the 5th and 8th Army is making steady progress. The Russians announced on 4 fronts most striking success was obtained on the Southern front between the Lower Dnjepr and the Sea. Russian troops are 50 miles beyond Melitopol and half way between Melitopol and the Crimea the wedge into the Southern fronts has been broadened. Inside the Dnjepr bend the Russians occupied several more places and repelled German counterattacks. The frontal attacks from Dnipropetrovsk is meeting with more resistance but progressing. The 4th front is in White Russia where Surazh 50 miles northeast of Vitebsk has been captured. The Russian air force operated on a broader front attacking a.o. German troop trains at Minsk. No fresh reports about fighting in Italy have come in
29/10/1943For Surazh read Soerazj
0290since yesterday evening. Allied troops have carried out a new landing in the Solomons where the islands of Mono and Stirling were captured. Off New Britain our light bombers secured a direct hit on a Japanese destroyer and damaged another one. Lord Wavell has toured the famine area in Bengal and has placed the resources of the Indian Army at the disposal of that area. Grain will be transferred from Calcutta to the famine areas. And also medical supplies will be made available. During November and December the maximum obtainable supply of household coal will be 10 cwts for the South and 13 cwts for the North. Mrs. Churchill's aid to Russia fund has passed the 4.000.000.=.= pounds In Southern Russia the Red Army has swept forward.29/10/1943
029129-10-1943 6.= pm. Fred Allen

President Roosevelt has announced at his press conference that the Moscow conference has met with success and that agreements have been reached and that the documents are ready for signature. He spoke of a tremendous success. Heavy rain fell on the Italian battlefields but our troops continue to make progress. The German retreat from the sector between the Dnjepr and Sea of Azov is becoming a rout. West of Melitopol desperate rearguard action takes place. Big stocks of war material are piling up. Centering area is Melitopol. where the Germans are counterattacking hard since yesterday til this afternoon a tank battle is taking place. The Germans are fighting for time to get their troops back to the West. The Russians have advanced again to Vitebsk and the river Dvina has been forced 20 miles to the North East. In Italy there are floods in secure
0292places and progress is slow. Teano 12 miles North of Capua is being threatened. Wednesday night the American navy bombed coastal batteries in the Gulf of Gaeta 15 miles north of the German lines so behind the enemy. From the Adriatic coast stiff fighting by the 8th Army is reported where our troops are two miles from the coast and the same distance from San Salvo. Landing grounds 60 miles north of Rome were bombed, two enemy planes were destroyed. In September 450 people lost their lives in road accidents. Dockworkers and stevedores on the Thames are on strike and troops have taken over the work. A few hundred men are out. They want higher pay for what they call dangerous work. A Brazilian air mission is touring airfields in this country 29/10/1943Teano

Gulf of Gaeta

San Salvo
02931/11/1043. Rich. Wessel. 6.= pm.

The results of the three power conference has first been announced. It is a message of hope to all free people in the world. Official news of what happened during the conference from 19th to 30th October is that measures were discussed to shorten the war against Germany and the satellites in Europe. Second in importance to the question of hastening the war is the matter of collaboration after the war. During the conference on this matter of closer collaboration the Chinese joined in. A general international organization must be set up regulating also armaments after the war. A European advisory commission will be set up in London and also a council especially for the consideration of Allied policy towards Italy. The main object will be the utterly destruction of fascism and the restoring of democracy.
0294Members of the Council are the 3 treaty powers who held the conference viz. the USA, UK. and Russia. The French National Committee will also be a member and Yugoslavia and Greece who have suffered most from the Italian will be asked to participate. It has further been agreed that Austria must become independent and freed. Also that war criminals will be brought back to the countries where they have made their crimes in order to be judged on the spot and be punished by the laws of the overrun countries. The above was made public in a statement from 10 Downing Street. In Italy the 5th and 8th Army continue to advance slowly The 5th Army captured a town of importance viz. Teano 10 miles north of Volturno. Enemy resistance however, is [line missing?]1/11/1943Theano = Teano
0295on the French Riviera near Cannes which was also bombed 6 weeks ago from this country. Flying Fortresses of the NW African Force did this now. Our medium bombers have been to Civitavecchia whereas our fighters attacked Tirana, the Albanian capital. 2 enemy planes were destroyed and not one of ours is missing. About Russia the German communique agrees that south of the Lower Dnjepr the Russians have broken through their lines. The Russians reported the capture of 200 places in this area which means that the Crimea is almost completely isolated. The Russians reached the Dnjepr below Nikopol masses of equipment fell in Russian hands. Inside the Dnjepr bend the main battle field remains at Krivoy Rog. In the South West Pacific the Japanese continue to lose heavily in the air at Rabaul.1/11/1943Nikopol
029645 Japanese planes were destroyed on the ground or in the air. We lost 4 planes. Japanese shipping was also bombed and on land Allied paratroops are in touch with the enemy. Communique from India reports more attacks by planes in Burma on railways, bridges, river transport etc. Mosquitoes attacked targets in Western Germany last night and one plane is missing. In a small raid on this country an enemy plane of new type was shot down. Details have been issued about the Avro York long distance plane which can also be used for short distances. It can carry 50 passengers, wingspan is 102 feet wide and its length is 78 feet whereas it has 4 Rolls Royce engines. The majority of the 400000 soft coal workers in the USA are on strike and President Roosevelt may order to take over the mines.1/11/1943Avro York
02972/11/1943. Frank Philips.

The Germans officially report a landing by the Russians on the Eastern tip of the Crimean coast which landing took place from the Kuban peninsula. The Germans say the Russians were pinned down. The Germans now lost the last communication between the Crimea and the mainland. The Germans are retreating towards the crossings of the Lower Dnjepr and doing so in chaos. German losses are enormous. 6000 prisoners were taken. One force surrounded lost 2000 men. Inside the Dnjepr bend strong German reinforcements are being rushed up. The Russians say the Germans are being driven further to the So. West of Dnipropetrovsk. Only 18 hours after we published the communique about the Moscow conference the Germans mentioned it for the first time to their people. American newspaper comment is enthusiastic about the results of the Moscow
0298conference. Also China has welcomed the conference. The Turkish foreign minister and the British ambassador went to Cairo to have talks with Mr. Eden. In Italy Casanova [?] has been captured. American Flying Fortresses have bombed Spezia. 4 enemy planes were destroyed and we lost 2. Marshal Badoglio has returned from an air tour of Southern Italy. He is trying to extend the basis of his cabinet. The invasion of Bougainville has been successfully completed by American marines. This is the last island in the Solomons and the Japanese were reported to have 40000 troops there. The landing was preceded by a naval bombardment. Count Sforza wishes the abdication of King Victor Emmanuel in favour of the prince of Naples the only and oldest son of the crown prince and a regency set up. 13000 tons of Canadian apples of which the first cargo is being discharged will arrive in2/11/1943Spezia = La Spezia

Not clear which is meant Casanova

King Victor Emanuel = King Victor Emmanuel
0299this country before the end of the year. First contingents will go to those districts where there are no homegrown viz. Scotland and N. England. 3/4 million turkeys and a big number of ducks etc. will be imported for Christmas from Eire and N. Ireland. The strike of the Thames dockers now lasts for 6 days and several hundred of men are out.2/11/1943
03004-11-1943. 6.= pm. Stuart Hibberd.

Both armies in Italy have made good progress especially the 8th. Army which however meets with strong opposition. One enemy plane has been destroyed and two of ours are missing. On Tuesday Wiener Neustadt was bombed by the Americans. Dusseldorf was the main target for our bombers last night. The attack was made in great strength. Cologne was also bombed. 19 planes are missing 4 enemy planes were destroyed. Before the Dusseldorf raid the Americans returned from their heaviest daylight attack so far on Wilhelmshaven which raid was carried out by Fortresses. According to American specialists Liberators and Fortresses are super bombers but compared with the B29 bombers which will soon be used they will be short distance planes and medium heavy bombers.
0301The Russians have reached the lower Dnjepr and its mouth nearly on a dozen miles. In the SW Pacific a successful attack was carried out by Mitchells on Rabaul and warships there, 15 ships were sunk, 11 damaged and 85 planes destroyed. US. submarines have also been active in the SW Pacific. Tens of thousands of American miners have started work again. Thames dockers are also returning to work today. Reports by American correspondents say that Victor Emanual has visited Naples incognito to meet Count Sforza. There has been some activity over S.E. England. Some damage was done and there were some casualties.2/11/1943
03025-11-1943. 8.= am. Stuart Hibberd

Three main advances are reported in last night's Russian communique. 1. The Russians reached the mouth of the Dnjepr. 2. North of Kiev they have come furthers across the Dnjepr. 3. Still further North they are only 50 miles away from the Polish frontier. Further a survey is given of the last 4 months of battle in Russia from the 5th. July to date. On a 1200 mile front the Russians advanced from 180 to 280 miles westwards. 135000 square miles of territory were regained, also the granaries between Donets and Dnjepr. 144 enemy divisions including 28 armoured divisions were routed. 98000 prisoners were captured. German losses in killed amount to 900000. Total losses in casualties, killed and wounded as well as prisoners are stated to be 2.700.000 men.
0303The booty captured included:

289 planes 400 railway engines
3400 tanks 13000 railway trucks
7000 guns
15000 lorries
whereas destroyed were a.o.
10000 planes.
15000 tanks.
60000 trucks
Yesterday the triumphant progress of the Russians in the South was kept up at Oleshky. Opposite Cherson they are 4 miles from this place away. Germans get no breathing space. Inside the Dnjepr bend the Russians push steady forward from Dnipropetrovsk. Beyond Nevel places were occupied on railway line to Polotsk. Moreover they are outflanking Vitebsk from the North. In Italy Isernia has been captured, which fell to the left flank of the 8th Army. At the Adriatic coast our new offensive across the Trigno river is progressing not withstanding stiff resistance. 12 Japanese cruisers and destroyers from Rabaul

Trigno river
0304trying to interfere with our landings at Bougainville were intercepted by our naval forces. 1 cruiser and 4 destroyers were sunk but no Allied vessel was lost. Allied air activity is reported. A merchantman was sunk. Airfield at Rabaul was also attacked. On Mono Island in the Treasury group Japanese resistance is finished. There has been little activity over this country. Bombs fell in two places in the home counties but nobody was hurt. 5/11/1943Treasury Islands
03055/11/1943. 6.= pm. Robert Robinson.

The 5th Army is pressing beyond Isernia which was taken by the Canadians yesterday. The 8th Army is meeting stiff resistance near the Adriatic. Both armies had a successful day yesterday. Especially the 5th Army had a good day with the Germans withdrawing to their next river line. Some of our troops have reached the Southern banks of the river. 8th Army troops are across the Trigno river and San Salvo has been lost by the Germans. In the air our offensive continues day and night. Railway systems and marshalling yards north of Rome, at Terni and Orte were bombed. 5 enemy planes were destroyed and we lost one. The Russian spearhead has gone right to the mouth of the Dnjepr. The Germans have now probably only one bridgehead on the Russian side of the Dnjepr at Nikopol. Fighting is also taking place near Kiev and north of it. A special meeting held by the French National Committee
5/11/1943San Salvo



0306at Algiers has decided that the Committee considers herself not bound by the decision of the Moscow conference to set up a European advisory Committee. In daylight today targets in Western Germany were attacked by Liberators and Fortresses covered by Lightnings and Thunderbolts. Details about the raid are not yet available. Attacks on N. France were also made. President Roosevelt announced that a meeting has been held at Chongqing where British, American and Chinese military leaders have come to complete agreement. This means more bad news for Japan. Canada has offered Lord Wavell to send 100000 tons of wheat to India provided shipping space can be made available. 5/11/1943TsjoengkingFor Tsjoengking read Chongqing
03078-11-1943. 6.= pm. Frederick Allen

In 4 days the 8th Army advanced 20 miles and has almost reached the river near the Adriatic. On the 5th Army front there are signs of a German withdrawal. Our North West African Air Force were very active with our light bombers over the 5th and 8th Army front. In the harbour of Split 3 merchant ships were bombed and seen sinking. Mitchells bombed both sides of the Adriatic. One of our planes is missing. Two of our destroyers, famous for their actions in the Mediterranean have bombed Durazzo on the Albanian coast. Albanian patriots have also had successes. Hitler's communique this afternoon gives the news that the Russians have broken through and are pushing out to the West and North West from burning Kiev. Our Allies have also improved their position on the Crimea. On the Central front beyond Nevel places have been taken in local fighting. Bomber Command Mosquitoes were over Germany last
8/11/1943For Durazzo read Durrës
0308night. One bomber and one intruder is missing. Early last night bombs fell in the London area. A dancing hall with a milkbar [?] below it got a hit and cinemas nearby were also damaged, whereas a furniture shop went up in flames. As cinemas were closed a lot of people were in the street and a substantial number of people were killed. Mr. Eden and the Regent of Iraq were present at a luncheon and at another luncheon Dr. Wellington Koo also spoke. In the South West Pacific our planes have carried out another attack on Rabaul whereas shipping off New Ireland and Bougainville were also attacked. Allied troops who captured Finschhafen have captured an enemy division west of Finschhafen after a week of hard fighting8/11/1943Wellington Koo
03099-11-1943. 8.= am. Fred Allen.

The Russians are exploiting their victory at Kiev by broadening and deepening their great thrust beyond Kiev. They are to the West 30 miles, to the S. West 40-50 miles to the South 30 miles from the city. Fastiv to the So. of Kiev has also been captured by the Russians whereby the line between Kiev and Krivoy Rog has been broken. The battle for Kiev has lasted 3 days and 12 German divisions were smashed viz. 9 infantry 2 panzer and one motorized division. 15000 dead were left on the battlefield and 6000 prisoners were taken. Russian forces at Kertsj have extended their bridgehead. The German radio has put out a recording of what Hitler said earlier in the day. Yesterday, last night he said a.o. that the Russian front meant the hardest struggle Germany has ever had. Most important points in Hitler's speech were:
0310call to more united effort, revenge for bombing, death for traitors. General Maitland Wilson has given a warning to Yugoslav patriots not to help the Germans. Yesterday in daylight for the first time planes of the 15th American Air Force bombed ball bearer factory at Turin. 3 German raiders were destroyed over this country last night. Almost 15 acres of the 315 acres of Kassel have been destroyed, as is shown by photographs half of the town is destroyed and 50 factories of which the railway rolling stock of Henschel's is most important have also been destroyed or damaged.9/11/1943
03119-11-1943. 6.= pm. Stuart Hibberd

In his Mansion House speech today the Prime Minister spoke about the Allied Year of success. German prisoners we have taken in Italy say they have reached their winter line. Yesterday the 8th Army advanced 5 miles along the Adriatic coast. General Montgomery's men have gained more ground on either side of the main road from Capua to Rome where heavy fighting takes place. The weather is bad everywhere On Sunday the N.W. African Air Force bombed Durazzo. The German communique issued today about Russia speaks about the great weight of the Russian attacks in the Kiev bulge which now has a front of 125 miles. Due west of Kiev the Russian troops have advanced 50 miles. Russian pressure on the approaches to the Crimea is growing and further landings south of Kertsj are reported.
0312Colonel Knox told his press conference that American troops have destroyed a German weather and radio station on an island near Greenland. He also said that the loss of 6 Japanese cruisers was a disaster to them. The Japanese claims to have sunk a number of Allied ships was denied. American planes based in China have bombed .....[?]. Bomber Command Mosquitoes were over Germany for the 6th night running. None was lost. The Germans lost 3 raiders out of less than a dozen they sent over here.9/11/1943
031310-11-1943 6.= pm. Robert Robertson.

In Italy the 5th Army has driven off 9 German counterattacks in 24 hours. In filthy weather yesterday our troops have pushed on and the weather is now so that already snow had fallen. Montgomery's troops advanced 3 tot 4 miles along the Adriatic. German orders which we have captured say that the Germans must at least hold the winter position 6 weeks. One of our correspondents said that winter is now coming in Italy. Very abruptly temperature falls as well as rain so the troops are buttoning their overcoats. The two heaviest of the German counterattacks were delivered against British troops. In all their attacks however the Germans gained no ground although their resistance is greatly increased. Liberators escorted by Lightnings have again bombed the ball bearing works at Turin and also at
0314Genoa the Ansaldo Steelworks. Shipping on the Albanian coast was also bombed. One of our correspondents at Algiers reports that the change in the Committee of National Liberation now represents more fully. A place on the Committee was offered to a communist, but he refused owing to the offer being made to an individual and not to the Communist party. The person on to whom the offer was made refused but the place remains open. The great salient beyond Kiev has grown much and the Germans have brought up strong panzer formations. The Red Army has captured another town to the SW. of Kiev. Germans report strong attacks and the weather is bad. Correspondents say that in some parts snow has already fallen and there are signs that the winter is coming now. Mr Eden returned from Moscow today and was on his return o.a. welcomed by10/11/1943
0315Mrs. Eden and the new Russian ambassador. Shortly after the arrival Mr. Eden went to see the prime minister and he is soon to make a statement to the Commons. Sharp clashes have taken place between Japanese and American troops on Bougainville, where the Japanese have made a surprise landing near the Am. Marines bridgehead. In the SW. Pacific our aircraft remained grounded through bad weather. This afternoon formations of our planes were seen flying out over the Channel.10/11/1943
031611-11-1943. Rich Wessel. 6.= pm.

American Flying Fortresses escorted by Thunderbolts and Lightnings bombed targets in W. Germany this afternoon. Merodas with a Spitfires´cover have attacked N. France viz military objectives in the Cherbourg area. Liberators have again bombed the ball bearing works in Italy. Flying Fortresses based in N.W. Africa in daylight bombed the railway centre of Bolzano. 2 out of some 30 fighters which were sent up by the Germans were destroyed. Wellingtons bombed a viaduct a few miles East of Genoa. 2 aircraft were lost. Last night bombers from this country attacked the entrance to the Mount Cenis tunnel on the French side. The attack was concentrated and the weather was clear. Mosquitoes were again over Germany and mines were also laid. Fiercest fighting in Italy takes place on the road which
0317leads from Capua to Rome and on either side of it and against the 5th Army. Stiff enemy resistance is encountered and counterattacks take place by units of some 100 men. In the coastal sector of the 5th Army front no change important is reported. On the 8th Army front the weather is bad. Snow is still falling in the higher mountains. Little advance is made. 2 enemy planes were shot down over the mouth of the Volturno. Medium bombers bombed the ports of Durazzo and Split on the other side of the Adriatic one of our destroyers in the Adriatic set a motor ferry on fire. News from Russia is about the steady development of the great bulge beyond Kiev. Russians are now 50 miles to west and northwest of Kiev, 40 miles to southwest, 30 miles to east. Heavy fighting takes also place west of Smolensk and near Nevel. Russian bridgeheads on the Crimea were further improved. Eden made a statement in the House of Commons on the Moscow conference. General Smuts was also present. 11/11/1943
031812/11-1943. 6.= pm. Frank Philips

Heavy bombers from Britain and Africa have made a double attack on viaducts at the Riviera. Yesterday and last night the coastal railway from France to Italy was bombed by our N.W. African aircraft west of Cannes and by planes based in this country on Cannes. A ball bearing plant near Geneva in France was also attacked. Our Mosquitoes were over Germany including Berlin, Hannover and the Ruhr. 7 of our bombers are missing from the night's work. The weather in Italy is bad. On the 8th Army front our troops are consolidating their positions. The 5th Army made small advances. One of our correspondents with the 8th Army gives some impressions and details about Basto and San Salvo which places we have captured. Road and road junctions in and nearby these places suffered most. Our fighters and fighter bombers were active over the battle area. 3 enemy planes were destroyed and 4 of ours are missing. Allied fighters from the Middle East
0319have attacked Crete, Rhode and Kos island. Also landing barges. Our ground defense on the island of Leros shot down 3 Ju 88. It has just been announced that the Germans have made an attack on the British held island of Leros this morning. Italian troops are fighting side by side with the British. General Roatta as has been reported from Algiers has been removed from the Italian command and the ....[?] of Ambrosio is still being considered. It is expected that tonight a communique from Algiers will be issued about Lebanon. Troubles in Lebanon have started the day before yesterday when French colonial troops arrested the president and two of his ministers. Nahhas Pasja the Egyptian Prime Minister has also protested against this and Arabs together at Jerusalem have called a strike for tomorrow. The cutting of the rly line Vitebsk - Odessa which 70012/11/1943Leros

Mario Roatta

Vittorio Ambrosio

Bechara El Khoury

For Liban read Lebanon

For Nahas read Nahhas

For rly read railway
0320miles long line is still open to the Germans being threatened by the Russians who are only 20 miles away from it. Resumed fighting is reported from the Southern part of White Russia and the advance beyond Nevel is continuing. In the extreme South good progress is being made in the establishment of bridgeheads on the Crimea. Royal Navy and Canadian navy have destroyed at least 25 U-boats and probably 20 more. Civilian losses in air raids during October were 118 persons killed and 283 injured. Australia is to make heavy bombers as announced by minister Curtin. 14 Japanese planes were destroyed in the SW Pacific against loss of one of our machines. Long range bombers raided Surabaya and also Burma. Off Ceylon a Japanese plane was destroyed. American fighter bombers from China made sweeps over the Yangtze. All returned safely Lord Woolton is leaving ministry of food. His successor is Col. Llewellin. Special xmas parcels will be issued to prisoners of war. 210000 have already arrived at Geneva. 12/11/1943John Curtin

Col. Llewellin

0321American Mitchells based on Italy have bombed Sofia and in doing so were escorted by Lightnings. Sofia is an important centre of railway communications and railway yard, engine sheds, sidings and repair shops were bombed. The attack was carried out in two waves. Our first wave of bombers met with some 20 fighters of which 6 were shot down and against our second wave only some four came up of which 3 were shot down. For railway traffic on the Balkan Sofia is very important. Our forces on Leros have improved their positions. Substantial losses are being inflicted on the enemy. The Germans landed sea and airborne troops. American fighter bombers were also over the Balkans in close support of patriots. An oil train was bombed an hit so that some 20 trucks were set 12/11/1943
0322on fire. In N Italy attacks were also made. RAF Wellingtons have bombed a viaduct between Monte Carlo and Cannes and also near Cannes. Bostons attacked Civitavecchia one of our planes is missing. Yesterday our fighters carried out attacks in the Aegean Sea and also on Heraklion airfield at Crete. Heavy bombers bombed the airfield and road. 9 of our planes are missing from all these operations. We are now sending troops to Samos to reinforce our garrison there. On land there was little activity in Italy yesterday. Continuous rain is falling. In the Lebanon thing are quiet but uneasy. Our ambassador at Algiers will speak there about the shooting on Lebanese students on Saturday night and who were waiting outside the British Embassy. Casey our minister in the Middle East has been to12/11/1943Casey
0323Lebanon. Between Krivoy Rog and Dnipropetrovsk the Russians have resumed their attacks. One of our correspondents who visited Kiev said the are half a dozen bakeries open. Snow is falling. The water supply is ..............[?] and snow is being boiled. Bombers are very busy. South West Pacific Air Forces have made their heaviest raid on New Guinea. One of our fighters is missing. Rabaul was also attacked. 5 Japanese seaplanes and a 1000 ton merchantman were destroyed.12/11/1943
032416/11/1943 6.= pm. Frank Philips.

American heavy bombers based in this country attacked targets in Norway this morning. Details are still missing. In Italy the 8th Army ...[?] a bit further against the right of the 5th Army. The Germans made two counterattacks which met with some success. A description about position in Italy with a view to bad weather was given by George Higgs. Only a few fighter bombers could operate over Italy. For the rest our planes gave their attention the Balkans where two airfields near Athens were attacked. The latest news from Leros said that our forces there are subjected to heavy bombing attacks from the air and that fighting is severe. Up to date news however is not available. Our bombers have bombed Rhode airfield and not one of them is missing.
0325Yugoslav patriots report they have had to withdraw from positions in Macedonia and an island on the Dalmatian coast. Off Rabaul our Catalinas got a direct hit on a light cruiser. From India continued patrol activity is reported on the Burma frontiers. General Catroux has reached Beirut by plane from Cairo. He was met on arrival by Governor Helleu. Our Mosquitoes - two of which are missing - were over Germany again. Over 1 1/2 million turkeys will be on sale this year. Turkeys however must be shared out more evenly this year than last. Oil tankers are now being fitted out with a safety- device which has saved many a tanker so that they can be brought safely into port. Description about Pripet Marshes was given by a staff officer. This is a triangle of which each side is about 300 miles long. Land is clay and marshes are 30 feet deep. 16/11/1943Catroux
032617-11-1943. 8.= am.

The Russian are only 7 miles from Korosten. They are making a new move to cut Gomel from its last communication. Yesterday metal mines in Southern Norway were bombed by Flying Fortresses and Liberators without escort, two of which are missing, and which shot down 6 German planes.
17/11/1943Metal mines bombed
032717-11-1943. Richard Wessel

After 5 days of bitter fighting German troops got hold of Leros so that we lost it. Out troops in the island have been under constant heavy bombardments. The island is some 8 miles long and nowhere wider than 6 miles. It has no airfield but can be used as a naval base for small craft. Last Friday German sea- and airborne troops were landed. The Germans had the advance of close-range bombing constantly and the enemy had local air superiority. Targets near Marseilles were bombed and also the airfield of Rhodes. Owing to the German occupation of Leros the position of our garrison on Samos has become much weaker. Greek parachute troops have now arrived to reinforce our troops there. Beyond the Fortresses attacking Marseilles our Merodas escorted by Lightnings carried out attacks as
0328well. An airfield near Athens was also bombed and in all we destroyed 13 German planes against one of ours missing. In Italy the Americans regained some ground they lost to the Germans the day before yesterday. On the other fronts only local clashes took place. Catroux is continuing his talks at Beirut from where strikes are reported. In Russia the danger spot for the Germans lies 90 miles N.W. of Kiev at Korosten and also Gomel. Korosten is being shelled by the Russians who are 5 miles away to the East and 7 miles to the So. East. The railway 35 miles west of Gomel has been cut so that Gomel may be taken from the rear. The Russians are also extending their bridgehead over the Sozh. Russians have to meet with heavy resistance but not nearly so heavy as on the South. Allied aircraft in the SWP have sunk a large transport and damaged 2 merchant ships. Our Mosquitoes were over Germany and returned without loss. Economy in use of gas and electricity is strictly necessary. 17/11/1943KorostenKorestan = Korosten’
032918-11-1943. 6 pm. Fred Allen.

American Liberators made another raid on the Norwegian mines this morning. Details are not yet available. Last night Halifaxes and Lancasters bombed Ludwigshafen The attack was on a swollen scale but concentrated. Our Mosquitoes were over Berlin. One plane is missing from the night's work which is a small percentage. The weather was reasonably favourable. Our planes only carried heavy high explosives. In Italy the weather is still appalling. Heavy rain is falling and rivers are flooded. Only patrols take place and our positions were somewhat improved. Weather, according to correspondents, has also improved. British and American fighter bombers attacked road transport. Airfields near Athens were bombed for the 3rd time in 3 days In the 24 hours of the operations we lost 2 planes. General Sir Henry Maitland Wilson has spoken
18/11/1943Henry Maitland Wilson
0330in Cairo today about our loss of Leros The Germans made the initial attack by some 2500 men. The Germans now say they have switched their air attacks to Samos. Yesterday at Beirut two long meetings took place between our minister Spears and General Catroux. In Southern Russia battles unequaled for many month take place. The Russians fell back to new positions owing to heavy pressure by the Germans. The success of the Germans is a limited but unusual one. On the other fronts in Russia our Allies are still advancing and they have reached the Dnjepr north of Gomel which place is now almost surrounded. Inside the Dnjepr bend the Russians have resumed fighting. American planes have bombed enemy positions on Bougainville. 8 enemy planes were shot down. American planes in China bombed Hong Kong. All planes returned. More reports are coming in about sabotage in France. 18/11/1943Spears
033119-11-1943. 6.= pm. Frank Philips

Last night our heaviest force of bombers so far attacked Ludwigshafen and Berlin. It was the strongest force ever sent to Germany. This morning American heavy bombers went to Western Germany. Last night's attacks were carried out simultaneously and 33 bombers are missing which is a small percentage of the large forces employed. Mines were also laid in enemy waters. Large fires were started in Berlin. Ludwigshafen was also bombed last Wednesday. In Italy the weather is our worst enemy. Rivers are flooded, bridges washed away and rain falling. Our medium bombers attacked railway targets 80 miles N of Rome and also Terni as well as transport in the battle area and camps further away back in Italy. Trains were also bombed and shot up in Yugoslavia. American Mitchells have also bombed Larissa airfield between Athens
0332and Salonika. One plane was shot down and 2 of ours are missing. Today is the 1 st anniversary of the capture of Stalingrad from which place the Russians are now 700 miles to the West in White Russia and the Northern Ukraine. An important railway junction 25 miles West of Gomel has been captured whereas the Russian occupation of Korosten deprives the Germans of a handy line to switch their troops from the South to the North. The Pripet Marshes are as large as Belgium. South of Kiev the Germans yesterday launched 12 counterattacks. Mr. Casey our minister in the Middle East is reported to have arrived at Beirut today. Today the 1st communique was issued from Lord Louis Mountbatten's headquarters in India and it speaks about fine air activity in which we lost one plane only. In the South West Pacific our bombers have been attacking 19/11/1943
0333North Bougainville. Last night a little after dark a small number of enemy planes dropped bombs in S.E. England. Protests have been made against the release of Sir Oswald Mosley. Very little mincemeat will be on sale this Christmas. Russia has sent a list of medical supplies she urgently needs to Mrs. Churchill's aid for Russia - fund.19/11/1943
033422/11/1043. 6.= pm. Richard Wessel.

Canadian reinforcements arrived in Italy where the weather remains bad. Large numbers of Canadian troops have arrived. The weather continues to be bad. The 5th Army reports no news whereas the 8th Army has improved its position a little. Bombers of the N.W. African Air Force have bombed Civitavecchia and a place on the Adriatic coast. Our planes were also active over Albania. One enemy plane was destroyed and we are one plane missing. Heavies of Middle East command bombed without loss Heraklion on Crete. Two destroyers had an engagement in the Adriatic with a small craft convoy. The Germans say they have occupied Samos this afternoon. We had no news about Samos for some time. A few Allied appointments in the Mediterranean are announced. Duff Cooper is to become Ambassador with the French Committee at Algiers

Duff Cooper

0335Mr. Harold Macmillan has been appointed British member on the Italian advisory Council whereas Robert Murphy is the USA. representative. The Red Army's biggest gain is beyond Retzjitza [?] so that Gomel is in greater danger. On the Southern side of the Kiev salient Germans reported to have broken through. Hard fighting is reported from Dnjepr bend. There is no further news of the landings on two of the Gilbert isles. In the South West Pacific ....[?] got the heaviest raid yet when Liberators dropped 148 tons of bombs on this base in New Britain. Swatow a port in S. China was bombed by American machines based in China. 22/11/1943Harold Macmillan

the Italian advisory Council

Gilbert Islands

For Swatow read Shantou
033623-11-1943. 6.= pm. Franks Philips

Berlin has its heaviest attack of the war last night when 2300 tons of bombs were dropped and our planes went over in very great strength. The attack started at 8 o'clock. Beyond the Berlin attack mines were also laid in enemy waters and in all 26 of our planes are missing, which is a very small number of the aircraft which took part. Pilots who returned said it was the coldest trip ever made. Our daylight offensive continued today when our planes went out over the Channel. German reports about large scale offensive on Italy are not confirmed by our today's communique wherein the battle area is described as a sea of mud The German counteroffensive south of Kiev salient has now gone on for 10 days. The Germans say they have withdrawn their troops So. W. of Gomel. The Russian bridgehead over the Sozh has been extended. In the Dnjepr bend fighting is stiffer
0337and the first frosts are hardening the ground. The Germans suffered immense air losses in Russia and this with the destruction of their factories in Germany accounts for the weak position of the Luftwaffe. Herbert Morrison has spoken in the Commons about the release of Sir Oswald Mosley which he considered justified. In the South West Pacific the Americans have made further landings on a 3rd island.23/11/1943Oswald Mosley

Herbert Morrison

033824/11/1943 6 pm Stuart Hibberd

Our bombers have again bombed Berlin last night so that within a week well over 5000 tons of bombs have been dropped on the German capital. Including raids by our Mosquitoes on Western Germany. We lost 20 planes. The raid on Berlin was carried out while it was still burning from last Monday's raid. Yesterday the force of our bombers mostly consisting of Lancasters was a heavy one and the attack was concentrated in 20 minutes. The Lord Mayor of Berlin has allowed an extra 10 cigarettes to everybody who is entitled to these. In Italy 8th Army troops have made a little progress. On the 5th Army front there has been enemy artillery activity whereas rain and cloud kept our aircraft on the ground. Richthofen has been relieved of his command over the Luftwaffe so that now Kesselring is the one and
0339only Commander. For the 3rd time the Russians had to give up some ground in the Kiev sector yesterday and the Germans have not broken through yesterday very close range fighting developed in this area. The Russians brought 19 German planes down yesterday. West of Gomel the Russians have improved their bridgehead and also their positions in the Dnjepr bend which the Germans admit. Today's news from the S.W. Pacific is only about air attacks. One Allied plane has been lost by ground fire and 7 Japanese planes were shot down. The General Council of the General Federation of Trade Unions has spoken against the release of Sir Oswald Mosley. John Snagge reported about the opening of Parliament and the King in his speech looked forward to heavier attacks on the enemy next year whereas he also forecasted important legislation at home which will be concentrated on home, food and labour. There will also be an enlarged and unified form of social security. The debate on the King's address has started. Attlee gave an account of fighting in Aegean Sea24/11/1943
034025-11-1943. 6.= pm

The 8th Army is on the move again and has crossed the Sangro river. The bridgehead our troops have is miles from the Adriatic inland and 1 1/2 miles to the north of the river. The attack started early on Saturday morning and much opposition was encountered. It is learned from Algiers that some of our units waded over and through the river. Yesterday was a big day for our N.W. African Air Force which raided Toulon and Sofia whereas our Wellingtons bombed Turin. The viaduct at Cannes was also bombed. 5 planes were destroyed and we miss 4 machines. Our Mosquitoes were over Berlin for the third night running. One of them is missing. Although the Germans claim more successes south of Kiev the Russians deny some and say the Germans gained no more ground since last night.
0341on other fronts it is still going well for the Russians. 4 Japanese destroyers were sunk by American ships in South West Pacific between Rabaul and Bougainville. The Allied ships suffered no losses. It was thanksgiving day today which was held by the Americans.25/11/1943
034229-11-1943. 6.= pm. Frank Philips.

The 8th Army's attacks in Italy now goes on from two bridgeheads over the Sangro river. The 8th Army's new attack was launched on Sunday morning by New Zealand, British and Indian forces. A number of prisoners were taken which included men from Poland and Lorraine. Allied bombers were active far behind the front by bombing targets 60 miles NW of Trieste, airfields of Rome, ports in Yugoslavia and road transport north of Rome. We destroyed 8 enemy planes and lost 7 of ours American light and heavy bombers were over Belgium and Germany in daylight today. American Merodas attacked an airfield in Belgium and heavy bombers escorted by fighters went to N Germany. Last night our Mosquitoes were over West Germany and mines were also laid in enemy waters. Thursday night in the Mediterranean two of our destroyers bombarded
0343a small port on the Adriatic. Russian troops are moving forward from Gomel and have captured 150 places in this area. German attacks in the Kiev sector continue whereas in the Dnjepr bend strong German resistance is reported and Germans themselves report local penetrations. Mitchell bombers in the South West Pacific are now fitted out with 75 mm canons which throw a shell of more than 13 lbs. Enemy plane losses were 13, we lost one. Hitler made a short speech to young officers which will be published tomorrow. American bombers based in China have been busy off the Chinese coast and also bombed ...[?] and Swatow.29/11/1943Shantou

Swatau = Swatow=Shantou
034430-11-1943. 6.= pm. R.Robinson

Troops of the 8th Army advancing from their increased bridgeheads on the lower Sangro river have broken into the enemy's main defenses after 36 hours of very hard fighting. The bridgehead which was first established is now 4 miles deep and 12 miles wide and near the mouth of the Sangro. There is no news about the second bridgehead 14 miles inland. Good progress was made and the enemy developed his positions in great depth. Our North West African Air Force gave powerful support to our troops whereas Marauders and Fortresses bombed rly yards.

03451-12-1943. 6.= pm. Fred Grisewood.

Our advance across the Sangro is continuing and there are no signs of slackening. Heavy fighting is taking place and heavy casualties are inflicted upon the enemy, whose losses are considerable. We now have control of the high ridge and our two bridgeheads have been joined. We broke into the German winter line but not through it and the Germans are carrying out strong counterattacks. The 5th Army made local advances. Our bombers and fighters carried out extensive bombing and machine gunning attacks over the battle area. Our heavy bombers escorted by long range fighters attacked Fiume. 5 enemy planes were shot down whereas we lost 3 planes, but the pilots of two are safe. Our heavy bombers went to Germany again today. Our mediums attacked airfields in
0346Northern France and were escorted by Spitfires. Last night our Mosquitoes were over Germany and others went mine laying. The Russians withdrew from Korosten. The Germans are regaining what they had there but further north the Russians are regaining much more. The Russians made also progress on both sides of the Dnjepr and are 15 miles from .......[?]. Last month 13000 tons of bombs were dropped on Germany. An amendment discussed in the Commons regrets the release of Sir Oswald Mosley. 1/12/1943
0347Two December 1943. Rich Wessel. 6.= pm.

The 8th Army break through at the Sangro front has now forced the Germans to withdraw along the Adriatic coast. We took a thousand prisoners and following the Germans on a 15 mile front our advance continues. We control 4 miles of the lateral road north of the Sangro. The Sangro positions are not very deep but strong. The air support our troops received was splendid. Our tactical air force gave its attention mainly to the 5th Army. The attack which is something like aerial artillery lasted 3 hours with waves of planes going in for attacks every 10 minutes. Flying Fortresses raided the ball bearing factory at Turin. In Russia the German attacks on the Kiev salient seem to have died down. In the South the weather is sunny and clear. So in the area of Kremenchuk and Cherkassy the Russians advanced and big air battles took place. Fighting is heavy. Mr. Bevin announced a scheme for the compulsory calling up of men for work in the coalmines.
0348He said that 30000 young men would be directed to the mines. New rules have also been announced for average pensions of which the rates are increased whereas the regulations are simplified. The extra payments will start the middle of January. Further the salaries of 17000 nurses will be put on a national scale. Correspondents in USA gave comments on the Cairo Conference. Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek arrived back in Chongqing where Pres. Roosevelt and Mr. Churchill are is unknown. W.C. dropped for two days in Malta where there is no blackout until 11 o'clock. Last night our bombers - 2 of which are missing - went mine laying. An enemy aircraft which crossed our South Coast was shot down today.2/12/1943For Tsjoengking read Chongqing
03493/12/1943 6.= pm Frederick Allen

Bomber Command continues the battle of Berlin by dropping more than 1000 tons of bombs on Berlin in half an hour last night. Our bombers went out in great strength the first arriving over Berlin a few minutes over 8 o'clock. 41 of ours planes are missing from this operation and also from our Mosquitoes who were active too. Over Berlin one of our pilots reported hundreds of searchlights and very heavy flak. In recent attacks on Berlin over 6000 tons of bombs and explosives were dropped. Two war correspondents who were with Bomber Command are reported missing. Our Mosquitoes were were over Western Germany. In Italy the 8th Army is exploiting its breakthrough at the Sangro and advancing along the Adriatic Coast where they are now 7 miles north of the River. German resistance is stubborn. Our troops are now 6 miles from the coast at a place the Germans have just announced to have evacuated. On the Western side of Italy the 5th Army gained some ground
0350over the battle area our medium, light & heavy bombers smothered German positions. We had 300 planes out and not one enemy plane could be seen. Heavy bombers viz. Liberators with an escort of Lightnings attacked Bolzano and also railway targets South of Florence. 7 enemy planes were destroyed and 8 of ours are missing. In Russia the main clash between Germans and Russians has gone from Kiev to the So. of Cherkassy where the Germans have massed considerable forces with all kinds of arms. The Russians are now 5 miles short of .......[?]. In White Russia the Germans are being pressed hard and 80 places were captured between the river Sozh and the Dnjepr. From Switzerland is reported that the whole of the Vichy embassy the ambassador himself excepted has resigned. In New Guinea the Australians are advancing. In the Solomons the USA marines have made a surprise landing behind the Japanese lines on Bougainville. American planes based in China have bombed Swatow East of Hong Kong.3/12/1943for Sosj read Soz
03516/12/1943 6.= pm Fred Grisewood

A declaration by Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin has been published today. Allied Armies in Italy battled their way further into the enemy lines. Montgomery's troops reached the mouth of the Moro 10 miles from the Sangro. The Germans have been reinforced and fighting is heavy. 5th Army troops are mopping up German troops making local advances. Weather is very bad and there are no signs of a German collapse. The Germans are having trouble with their bridges. Saturday night light bombers attacked German transports on the Adriatic and on the Western side of Italy a floating dock was set on fire. Split in Yugoslavia was also bombed. In the Adriatic Allied destroyers were also active. The meeting held in the capital of Iran, Tehran, by Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin expressed their determination to
6/12/1943for Teheran read Tehran
0352in peace as in war. Agreement has been reached on the operations which will be taken in the East, South and West. 9 problems of the future have been surveyed with their diplomatic advisors. Invitations are made to neutral countries to join in the democratic World family. The Declaration was signed the 1 st December 1943. The conference took place in the Russian Embassy, Mr Roosevelt was Stalin's guest at the Soviet embassy and Mr. Churchill stayed at the British legation. The conference was held on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. A sword of honour was presented by Churchill to Stalin in the name of the King. A new list of successes by our submarines has been published today a.o. in the Gulf of Genoa a landing craft with transports was sunk and off Toulon a tanker In White Russia the Russians are pushing on and also at Kremenchuk whereas at Cherkassy German6/12/1943for ambassy read embassy
0353counterattacks are being held. A German force which landed between Cherson and Odessa was wiped out and prisoners taken. Australian troops in New Guinea have rolled back 3 Japanese counterattacks. In aerial operation over the South West Pacific we lost one plane and the Japanese 3. American Liberators bombed the Gilbert and Marshall Islands. All planes returned but 4 were damaged by Japanese anti aircraft fire. Japanese planes were not seen. 5 ships, viz. 1 destroyer and 4 cornets which are to bear Greek names are to be handed over to the Greek navy. The sons of King Abdul presented and Arabian sword to Mr. Churchill which was accepted on behalf of him by Mrs. Churchill.6/12/1943Kherson

Gilbert Islands

Gilbert and Marshall Islands campaign


for Greec read Greek

03547/12/1043. 6.= pm. Richard Wessel

In Italy the 8th Army is fighting along a 15 mile front, contained its advance along the Adriatic coast and crosses the river Moro. German counterattacks in some sectors gained some ground but elsewhere there were no gains. The is dogged opposition by the Germans near the coast in a sharp tank battle 4 German tanks were destroyed. In the hills heavy rain interfered with our progress and the weather was so bad that no assistance from the air could be given. The 5th Army is holding the most essential positions. Our Mosquito bombers on Sunday night bombed German airfields in the middle of Italy. Today is the second anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour. Flying Fortresses attacked two airfields in Greece as well as Liberators. Our Spitfires were over Albania. 2 Allied planes are missing. So. West of Kremenchuk the Russians made a tremendous
0355success. The Germans are left with only one railway line running from Nikopol through Krivoy Rog but this line is under Russian artillery fire. The Germans changed their counterattacks from Cherkassy to the Kiev Sector.7/12/1943CherkasyTsjerkassy=Cherkasy
03568/12/1943. 6.= pm. Frederick Allen

In Italy both armies continued to advance notwithstanding strong enemy resistance. The 5th Army has repulsed enemy counterattacks against the Moro line. The country remains difficult and weather bad. On the 8th Army front the Germans suffered heavily our air forces were again hampered by bad weather. Our medium bombers attacked harbours on both sides of Italy. 6 enemy planes were destroyed and all ours returned safely. Civitavecchia north of Rome and Pescara both ports resp. Western and Eastern side of Italy were bombed. General Smuts on his way back to S. Africa spoke at Cairo. The Russians strengthened their position So. West of Kremenchuk. Heavy enemy pressure in the Kiev sector continues where snow is now falling. In White Russian local fighting takes place and more heavy
8/12/1943Moro River CampaignMorro=Moro
0357snowfall is reported from there. The Germans claim that Rumanian troops have smashed the Russian bridgehead at Kertsj. No confirmation is available from Russian side. The Germans say 2000 prisoners were taken and plenty of air activity seems to take place in the Crimea. The Germans have brought up reinforcements from Greece, Albania and Bulgaria against the patriots in Yugoslavia where now heavy fighting takes place in Bosnia around Sarajevo. It is said that the Germans have broken through.8/12/1943
035810-12-1943. 6.= pm Robert Robinson

A special order of the day by Marshal Stalin has announced the capture of Snamenko [?] (Spelling?) after 3 days of fierce fighting. At Moscow this afternoon 12 salvos saluted this capture. Russian troops are now less than 20 miles from Kirovohrad. Canadian troops of the 8th Army started another heavy attack along the Adriatic and were supported by tanks. The Canadians now hold strong positions north of the little Moro river and are going into the direction of Pescara. The splendid close cooperation between our army and the air forces continues. Light and medium bombers of which 4 are missing have bombed harbours on both sides of Italy. Badoglio has announced that the first unit of Italian troops is fighting on Allied side. President Roosevelt on his way back from Tehran and Cairo visited Malta where he was met by
8/12/1943Kirovohrad Kirowograd=Kirovohrad
0359Lord Gort. The Admiralty announced that in the vicinity of IJmuiden this morning a German convoy was encountered which consisted of 4 supply ships, 4 E-boats and a number of smaller craft. One supply ship was sunk. Our aircraft operating from the Azores improved the the U-boat position. The number of U-boats sunk in November exceeds the number of their victims. The London County Council proposes to build 165000 houses in the first year after the war. Minister W.S. Morrison Minister for Town- and Country Planning has said that the creation of new towns and the expansion of present ones is inevitable.10/12/1943Lord Gort
036013/12/1943. 6.= pm. Stuart Hibberd

The 8th Army made some progress in Italy. Canadian troops on the right flank have captured a high overlooking Ortona. Our positions north of the Moro river have been improved and widened. 5th Army positions remain unchanged. German counterattacks were repelled. Since our landing in Italy we took 6000 German prisoners. Bad weather has hampered air activity and not one of our planes is missing. Reports from Turkey say that before the raid on Sofia 200 German transport planes arrived there. American Marauders with a fighter escort went for an airfield near Amsterdam. Our Mosquitoes were over Western Germany for the 3rd consecutive night. Civilian casualties in air raids last month are 119 killed and missing and 238 injured and detained in hospital. It is now reported that this summer
0361a great naval operation took place off Norway in which took part the battleship Duke of York as flagship, the aircraft carrier Furious and the cruiser Scilla all covered by a screen of British, American and Allied smaller craft. An American task force went with the ships. The second battle in the Kiev salient was still at its height yesterday. 1600 men and 35 tanks were lost by the Germans. Elsewhere the Russians are less than 20 miles No. from Kirovohrad and the Russians have it at the same distance from the East and South East. President Roosevelt has been in Sicily where he interviewed American troops and issued decorations. In N. East New Guinea Australian infantry is pushing the Japanese before them. Tanks cannot be used there but cavalry is now used.13/12/1943
036215/12/1943. 6.=pm. Frederick Allen

In Italy the 8th Army made a little more progress. Canadian, India and New Zealand troops made progress along the Adriatic coast in front of Ortona where they are meeting with very heavy resistance. German losses are heavy. 5 miles inland a village has been captured. The Canadian and British bridgeheads have joined and is now 5 miles wide. From the 5th Army front only artillery activity is reported. The Germans had more planes in action on this front since the landing at Salerno. A variety of targets on the Western Side as far as Civitavecchia was attacked on the Adriatic side the weather was bad and only activity over the battleground took place. Our North West African Air Forces made their heaviest attack on Greece so far when more than 300 Liberators and Fortresses attacked airfields. 4 enemy planes were shot down. Our fighters were also over the Yugoslav coast. From our raid on Greece 2 planes are missing. Middle East aircraft were also active over Greece and the German
0363occupied islands in the Aegean. The Russians advancing Westwards kept up their pressure on Kirovohrad. 60 miles West of Kiev a place was lost to the Germans. Cherkassy was taken by the Russians. The Germans claim no fresh advances. They say however that the Russians have started two new attacks one at the Berezina and one at Nevel. No news is given from Russian side.15/12/1943
036417-12-1943 6.= pm.

1500 tons of bombs were dropped on Berlin last night by our Lancasters. From this raid and other operations 30 of our planes are missing. One of our Mosquito pilots which went out for reconnaissance after the raid reported large fires. Sea mining was also done by our planes and our Mosquitoes were over N.W. Germany. The Germans say that damage was done in Bremen. An article in Das Reich mentions false radio instructions given by us to German fighter planes. The news from Italy is of hard won gains only. A statement on Mr. Churchill's health speaks of an improvement in the general position and reports that there is no spread in the pneumonia. A success in the Atlantic is reported against two U-boats attacking two of our convoys. Both submarines were sunk. In Italy the 5th Army's front is 12 miles from Ortona. In this sector the Germans made two major counterattacks by new reinforcements backed by
0365planes and tanks. Ortona is still in German hands but they are setting fire to the town so its evacuation is likely. For the second day running railway systems in N. Italy were bombed heavily especially at Padua. 11 enemy planes were destroyed. Our Tactical Air Force supported our troops in the battle area and over Yugoslavia. The Red Army's position in the Kiev salient has improved. The Germans were driven from various villages which happened 60 miles to the West of Kiev. The Germans say they are in heavy defensive fighting in the area of Nevel. In the So. the Germans have been pushed further away between Cherkassy and Kremenchuk. Two Germans gave evidence in the Kharkov Trial, which continues about the shooting of prisoners of war and civilians. Tanks and infantry of the American army are driving inland on New Britain from the place where they landed. Casualties are are said to be light. Our objective of operation is to establish airfields on New Britain to get rid of Rabaul. American submarines sank 8 Jap ships. Pres. Roosevelt is back in America17/12/1943Kharkov Trial
036620-12-1943. 6.= pm. Robert Robinson

This afternoons bulletin about viz. Churchill's health reports a satisfactory progress. The temperature is normal. Today American bombers were over N.W. Germany. A major attack on South German towns by heavy bombers from Italy took also place. Liberators and Fortresses escorted by long range fighters bombed Augsburg and Innsbruck in Austria. The latter town was also bombed 5 days ago. 11 bombers have not returned but some may have landed in friendly territory. Some 100 enemy fighters went up of which 37 were destroyed. Innsbruck is the main railway centre and the bombing of it was accurate. In Italy 3 points behind the German lines were attacked. 3 Allied fighters are missing. In Italy the 8th Army made further advances. In the centre of the front a village was captured. The 5th Army is also pushing on. In other sectors they are pushing forward two miles. The Red Army's new attack at Nevel was launched a week ago.
20/12/1943for Newel read Nevel'
0367The weather has changed from day to day. Around Vitebsk the Germans built an iron wall with a depth of 3 miles, trenches, minefields and wire. The big Russian attack started by a devastating artillery barrage and afterwards the Russians broke through along a 50 mile front. The advances amounted to nearly 20 miles to the So., So.W. and No. of Nevel. The front was torn wide open, 500 towns and villages were freed 20000 Germans killed and 2000 prisoners taken. The Red Army is now moving from the No. and No. East towards Vitebsk and are only 60 miles away from the Latvian and Polish borders. In their communique the Germans refer to Russian attempts to break through at Nevel. They say they have evacuated their Cherson bridgehead. The American's progress in New Britain brought them to an airfield 6 miles inland which may now be in their hands. 3 German and one Russian traitor were hanged in front of 10000 Russians in the marketplace at Kharkiv.20/12/1943for Witebsk read Vitsyebsk
0368The Phalanx [?] militia has been disbanded as was announced by the German News Agency today. There are now no more Japanese left on the two British islands 1000 miles No. of the Solomons. Japanese dive bombers and fighters are seen less and less as American strength in the air increases. Japanese planes are also kept grounded by Allied attacks on their airfields. Over New Britain 12 enemy planes were shot down and 4 allied planes have not returned. The Australians are well going on on New Guinea as the Americans do in the Solomons. Widespread air attacks are reported from the Pacific. Marauders were also out today bombing military objectives in No. France. Details are not yet available. Twice last night a small number of enemy planes crossed our coast and were over Essex. Bombs fell in two places, some damage was caused and there were a small number of casualties.20/12/1943
036921-12-1943. 6.= pm. Fred. Allen

Home based bombers were in very great strength over Germany last night. More than 2000 tons of bombs were dropped on Frankfurt am Main. It was the heaviest attack of the war. A secondary attack was made on Mannheim - Ludwigshafen. 42 of our planes are missing. At times more than 70 tons of bombs a minute have been falling on Frankfurt. The bombs included 4000 and 8000 pounders. The attack started at 6.30 and finished at 8. Our Mosquitoes were over Western Germany and Belgium and see mining was also done by our planes. American Marauders escorted by Allied fighters bombed military objectives in Northern France. Albacores of the see-air-arm discovered some small enemy ships off Calais in the Channel which they attacked. In Italy the Germans are fighting back stubbornly. The battle on the left flanks of the 8th Army continues. The 5th Army made also some
0370progress. On this front we saw more German air activity. American anti aircraft fire shot down three machines. Progress in Italy remains slow and tough. There was plenty of Allied aerial activity. Hundreds of sorties were flown over the battle area by our fighters. Flying Fortresses escorted by Lightnings attacked airfields in Greece and also the Bulgarian capital Sofia. 28 enemy planes were shot down. The Americans lost 9 planes. A military conference was held at Alexandria where a Russian military mission is now at General Tito's Yugoslavian patriots total at least 200000 men. General Tito's personal influence is very high. Well over half of the partisans fighting in Yugoslavia consists of Serbs. This the first time that Serbs fight under a Croat. The bulletin about Mr. Churchill, this time signed by only two doctors says he continues to improve in health. The Red Army is exploiting its breakthrough south of Nevel where again 70 villages were captured21/12/1943
0371The Germans tried to hold the Russians but 1500 of them were killed. Elsewhere on the front some 300 more died. A considerable number of prisoners was taken. The Russians are now halfway between Nevel & Vitebsk. The danger to the latter place is growing on account of an outflanking move from the North which is in the making and a direct attack. The Germans are reporting direct attacks N.W. of Nevel. In the Kiev sector the Germans again attacked. In the Kirovohrad area 39 German tanks were destroyed. Russian air forces are active and they are making the best of the weather. Sunday night Bangkok the Thai capital was attacked. Repeated attacks are reported from Burma by RAF at night and Americans during the day. At the press conference Col. Knox said that there is evidence the Japanese are evacuating the island. Japanese opposition in the air is negligible. In New Britain the Americans captured the airfield on New Britain as expected. Yesterday Cape Gloucester got the heaviest attacks of the war in the SW Pacific when 44 tons of bombs were dropped. Everybody in Britain will at least get a pound of oranges from January to April21/12/1943for Kirowograd read Kirovohrad
037223-12-1943. 6.= pm.

The bulletin about the prime minister's health says that he continues to make more progress. Allied troops had the better of local fighting in Italy yesterday. The weather was clearest in the Adriatic sector where Canadians are fighting with ferocity in Ortona. Snow is now falling and German counterattacks is very stiff. Their panzer troops in the Ortona sector have been reinforced by parachute troops. On the 5th Army front fighting is almost to a standstill. Almost all our planes had to remain grounded. in Italy by rain and clouds, our fighters were nevertheless active over Yugoslavia. In the land fighting in Yugoslavia the initiative remains with the liberation army especially in West Bosnia and Croatia. The free Yugoslav radio has broadcast a declaration by General Tito to the effect that the Government round King Peter at Cairo must be deprived of
0373its rights. Last night aircraft of Bomber Command, without loss, bombed targets in N.W. Germany and N France. There was a little air activity over SE England when few bombs were dropped. Germans in Russia are counterattacking. In White Russia for the second day German panzer attacks are taking place. A communique from Lord Louis Mountbatten's headquarters at Delhi reports local fighting in Burma. From the extensive operation by planes of the new command and 1 plane is missing. In the South West Pacific the Japanese tried to hold up the Americans on New Britain by air attacks. General George Marshall arrived back in Washington after a tour of the SW Pacific. He went at once to the White House where a conference at which Leahy and Stimson were also present, was held.23/12/1943
037428-12-1943 6.= pm. Frank Philips

No major activity took place along the Italian fronts yesterday. After a week of destructive house to house fighting the Canadians have ousted the Germans from the small port of Ortona which is in complete ruins. The Germans themselves say today they have evacuated the place. This mornings communique about the fighting in Italy speaks about the clearing of Ortona. Some progress was made by French Moroccan troops as well as American troops of the 5th Army. Flying weather was better than for some time and more of our tactical bombers were out. For the 5th day running our Marauders went out to Northern Italy bombing a.o. between Genoa and Spezia. Not one of our machines is missing. The new Russian offensive in the Kiev salient is becoming dangerous for the Germans. The spearhead of
0375Russians is directed towards the southwest of Kiev and the advance amounts to to 20 miles, whereas the Russians are 17 (?) miles from Berdychiv. The speed and strength of the Russian advance is a feature. The Germans themselves report strong Russian pressure in the Zhytomyr battle area. In the Vitebsk a spirited action was fought which led to the cutting of the railway running to the Baltic and the South. The Germans report bitter fighting. German attacks North of Kirovohrad were repelled by the Red Army. United States' naval losses in the landing at Cape Gloucester in New Britain, the second one on this island amounts to one destroyer and one landing vessel. A bridgehead has been formed. Three Japanese attacks on the other bridgehead on the island were repelled. On the occasion of an award of the Woodrow Wilson Foundation medal General 28/12/1943
0376Smuts made a broadcast to the United States. Many thousands of workers in the steel industry return to work in Chicago and Pittsburgh. President Roosevelt gave instructions to take over the US. railways as the men had threatened to strike. It is now said that Canada supplies the United Nations with 40% of the aluminum they need. 28/12/1943
037729-12-1943. 6.= pm.

The Admiralty and the Air Ministry issued a communique about a new action against German seaplanes. In the Gulf of Biscay 3 German destroyers were sunk and others damaged. A blockade runner carrying probably edible oil and rubber was also sunk. It is now known that the cruiser Jamaica gave the final blow to the German battleship Scharnhorst. Two new appointments to the command for the second front have been announced. In Italy the Canadians who have captured Ortona are pushing on to Pescara through snow, sleet and high winds. The enemy is still losing ground. On the right flanks of the 5th Army front French Moroccan troops have captured some positions. In the centre of the front positions were consolidated. On the left wing British troops repelled German counter attacks. Our aircraft have been active
0378In Northern Italy our Liberators attacked a railway yard. The Germans sent up some 50 fighters of which 19 were shot down. Over the battle area our fighters were also active. We lost 11 planes and a further enemy plane was brought down. General Tito's forces had to evacuate an island in front of the Dalmatian Coast and elsewhere his troops continue to do well. Our Middle East aircraft are keeping up their attacks against Piraeus. The Russians captured in one week territory which the Germans could only take in 7 weeks. This is a most sweeping Russian success. In the Kirovohrad sector the enemy is launching attacks and it is unlikely that the Germans can hold Vitebsk any longer. Bomber Command Mosquitoes, without loss, attacked targets in Western Germany. The Germans announce a further raid across the Channel on the island of Sark. The American railway strike there .....[?] for tomorrow has been called off.29/12/1943Sark
037930-12-1943. 6.= pm. Fred Grisewood.

Over 2000 tons of bombs were dropped on Berlin last night. From this operation including mine laying and Mosquito activity 20 of our planes did not return. Before 8 o'clock the first target indicators were dropped on Berlin which up to last night got over 12000 tons of bombs. Our Lancasters and Halifaxes which afterwards went in left smoke which rose more than 3 miles high. One of our crews reported that they could see our other planes going in for attacks in the light of the flames but they did not see one enemy fighter. To puzzle the defense of the Germans faint attacks were carried out on targets near Berlin until the bulk of our planes arrived for the attack on Berlin proper. Our Mosquitoes attacked targets in France and Germany. The air offensive was kept up in daylight today when American bombers attacked targets in South West Germany and other American and British bombers escorted by American and Allied
0380fighters bombed military objectives in France. In Russia the Germans had a very bad day when except Zhytomyr they lost everything they gained in their recent fighting South West of Kiev to the Russians. Korosten was also captured by the Russians who are also within striking power from Berdychiv. It is in this sector apparently freezing only at night and thawing by day. The Germans themselves report very briefly, although the loss of Korosten is admitted. They say that the hard struggle in the battle for Zhytomyr continues. The Germans at Nikopol are in a more dangerous position than ever before. In the Kirovohrad sector the Germans attacked for the third day running. A station 8 miles due north of Vitebsk on the line to Nevel has been reached by the Russians. The only change on the 8th Army front yesterday was that the Canadians pushed a mile beyond Ortona. A description about the recent fighting there was given30/12/1943
0381all kinds of weapons were used including flamethrowers and phosphor bombs. At times Canadians and Germans were in one house at a time the Germans on the first floor and the Canadians below who threw up hand grenades to the Germans so that the whole house collapsed. We also used anti-tank guns to make breaches into the ruins. The German counterattacks against the British wing of the 5th Army has died down. Our bombers again attacked railway targets in Italy north of Rome and south of Florence. Our light bombers were active in front of the battle area and our fighters also over Yugoslavia. The Americans who landed at Cape Gloucester in New Britain pushed up to a mile from the airfield there. The Japs are resisting stiffly. Over Rabaul 8 enemy fighters were shot down. In New Guinea the Australians pushed 5 miles on in the last 24 hours.30/12/1943
03824-1-1943 6.= pm. Frederick Allen

In Russia the first Ukrainian group under Vatutin is rapidly nearing the 1939 border over a 50 to 60 mile front. The advance goes on and the Russians are half way between Belgorod where their summer offensive began and the German frontier which means a distance of 500 miles in under 6 months. 140 miles N.W. of Kiev the Russians are 8 miles short of the 1939 border at Lutsk (?). Novohrad-Volynskyi has also been taken. South of Kiev the Russians are swinging round Berdytsjiv and the great Russian salient is steadily being pushed out. The Germans report continued Russian attacks in this sector The Russians are now 250 miles from Slovakia and Hungary. The Germans say it is not true that there have been cabinet changes in Bulgaria. The weather on the Italian front shows signs of improvements. In the Adriatic
4/1/1944Vatutinfor Bjelgorod read Byelogorod or Belgorod
0383sector the Indians captured some high ground. The weather in Italy makes fighting almost patrolling. Flying Fortresses availed themselves of the better weather and for the 3d time attacked the ball bearing works north of Turin. Beyond other targets our light bombers attacked the railway between Susak and Split. General Tito reports that a German garrison his forces have encircled have asked for help. In all 7 enemy planes were destroyed and 3 of ours are missing. After Bomber Command Mosquitoes without loss bombed targets in Germany yesterday. Marauders today also without loss attacked military objectives in the Calais area. After recent naval operations in the Bay of Biscay 163 German sailors were landed in Queenstown (Eire) and the Germans have asked the Eire government to return them to Germany. In the South West Pacific 4 more Japanese warships were damaged. On the Northern tip of New Ireland 11 out of 30 enemy fighters were 4/1/1944Queenstown
0384destroyed and 18 more in an attack we made on Rabaul. In all the Japanese lost 32 planes. The Australians on New Guinea are progressing and the American landing at Saidor has met with little opposition.

5-1-1943. 1.= pm. Frank Philips.

The offensive against military installations across the Channel continued during the night after record attacks during the day. The bombing of the Northern French coast goes on without pause. In the night attacks no aircraft was lost and during the day we only lost 5 bombers and one fighter out of 250 planes employed. More mines were also laid and our Mosquitoes were over Berlin and Western Germany during the day. Yesterday Liberators and Fortresses attacked Kiel and Munster. 18 American bombers and 2 fighters are missing. A small number of enemy planes dropped a small number of bombs in South East England
0385and were over the greater London area. The break out from the Kiev salient continues but more to the South than to the West. After 4 days of hard fighting General Vatutin forces stormed and captured Bila Tserkva. The ground is in a dreadful state and his men had to wade through slush. The capture was completed yesterday. The only active elsewhere from the front is reported from the Nevel sector where the line Nevel - Velikieje Loeki has been cleared. The Germans say that it's not true that General Franco has called the Spanish troops back. In Italy Indian troops captured a commanding position in the Adriatic sector whereas the 5th Army also captured an important position. The weather remains bad. Railway targets south of Sofia were bombed whereas our light bombers were over Yugoslavia. General Tito's reported today that the German offensive in Bosnia has been smashed but that the Germans are massing troops in Central5/1/1944Tserkva
0386Bosnia. In New Guinea the Australians are gaining ground. Frank Faro the Australian minister said that Australian Army casualties since the outbreak of the war are 55890 viz. 25895 prisoners, 10884 killed, 15332 wounded and 3789 missing. Lemons, real lemons from Sicily will here be soon. The first consignment goes to the North and one lemon per head will be available. For the first time in 2 years Spanish onions will also be available in the North viz. 1 lb. per head. The double ration of dried egg is to continue.5/1/1944
03876/1/1943. 1.= pm. Stuart Hibberd

The Baltic port of Stettin was heavily raided in bright moonlight last night by aircraft of Bomber Command. Our Mosquitoes kept the sirens going in Berlin and were also over Western Germany and Northern France. In all 15 of our planes are missing. The trip to Stettin made a round flight of 1200 miles. Stettin is the main port of supply for the North Russian fronts. During the raid on Kiel and attacks on France yesterday 95 enemy planes in all were destroyed. 25 of our bombers and 12 fighters are missing. In Italy stiff fighting takes place in the Adriatic coastal sector. Troops of the 5th Army are fighting stiffly in San Vittore del Lazio. On Tuesday night a chemical plant was bombed and one plane is missing from that raid. Monday night our destroyers in the Adriatic bombarded an Italian position on the East coast 120 (?) miles North of Ortona.
6/1/1944For San Vittore read San Vittore del Lazio (?)
0388New good results are reported by our submarines which have sunk 8 ships and damaged more. Berdytsjiv fell to the Russians yesterday and is a large railway junction. Troops of Vatutin's army are within 40 miles from the railway to Odessa and 60 more villages and town were taken. In this sector the Germans lost 40000 men yesterday. The situation for the Germans in the Dnjepr bend becomes more critical. Advances are reported from the Nevel sector. Beneš has arrived back in London and all his ministers were there to meet him on his arrival. American Marines at Cape Gloucester have beaten off another Japanese counterattack. In the daily raids on Rabaul 6 Japanese fighters out of some 20 were shot down. No important changes are reported by General Tito. A description about the events of the S. African major Valentine who escaped as a prisoner of war in Italian hands to the Yugoslav partisans was read by Maurice Shillington6/1/1944Edvard Benešfor Berditchew read Berdichen [Berdychiv] or Berdytsjiv
03898/1/1943. 1.= pm. Fred Grisewood

American troops of the 5th Army have captured San Vittore after 2 days of heavy street fighting. The advance along the 10 miles front continues. Sharp patrolling takes placer on the 8th Army front. Maribor South of the Austrian border in Yugoslavia with its aircraft factory was bombed as well as Fiume near the Italian - Yugoslav border where railway yards were attacked. Airfields north of Rome were also bombed, whereas our fighters carried out sweeps over the Yugoslav coast. 4 bombers are missing incl fighters and the enemy lost a same number. At Kirovohrad in the Dnjepr bend the Russians have started a new offensive which resulted in a breakthrough over a 60 miles front. Kirovohrad itself has been surrounded completely and the Russians are closing in on it. Thursday evening the battle raged at terrific intensity. Our Mosquitoes again without loss
0390went to Western Germany. In yesterday's daylight raids by the Americans on targets in S.W. Germany 42 German fighters were shot down for a loss of 2 bombers and 7 fighters. The pounding of the North French coast went on yesterday when 750 planes took part. Sloops of the Royal Navy have sunk 2 U-boats of which one northwest of the Azores. In the Kirovohrad sector the Russians advanced up to 55 miles in some sectors and captured 120 places In the Kiev bulge Vatutin's forces are still successful. Wissof [?] (spelling?) inside the 1939 Polish border has been captured and his forces are within 30 miles of the rly line which runs from Odessa through Poland to Germany. German losses are extremely heavy and a great deal of booty has been captured. In the other sectors of the Russian fronts reconnaissance activity and mortar and artillery exchanges take place. Japanese troop carrying barges near New8/1/1944Vatutinfor Watoetin read Vatutin
rly short for railway line (?)
0391Britain has been sunk. American troops gained more ground along the coast in New Guinea. Last week's coal production is 153000 less than in the same month of November.


The latest Russian advances narrowed down the pocket between the 1st and 2nd Ukrainian Army and increases the threat to the German escape and supply communications. The 5th Army captured two more heights on the way to Rome. The Postscript given last night by the Prime Minister of Northern Ireland Sir Basil Brook which has been recorded will be repeated after the news. The biggest of the 70 places captured yesterday by the Russians is ..........[?] and the Russians are now 20 miles from Shepetivka. the second army group captured 40 places in the Kirovohrad sector. The 5th Army made further advances of about 2 miles on one point. There is nothing to report from the
03928th Army. Our troops are meeting the stiffest mortar and artillery fire in Italy so far. One enemy plane has been destroyed and one of ours is missing. A communique from 10 Downing Street reports that General Sir Henry Maitland Wilson has assumed duty in the Mediterranean zone from last Saturday. The Americans who landed on Saidor hold 11 miles of the coast and the Australians are moving to them. On New Britain the American marines have reformed for the 2nd time to make an attack on the Japanese who suffered heavy losses. Allied losses were 7 planes during the day and 10 Japanese planes were destroyed. A big fall is recorded in the number of death by influenza during the last weeks of the old year amounting to 464. A comment was given on the war in the Atlantic.10/1/1944
039312/1/1943. 1.= pm.

In Italy the 5th Army made hard fought progress towards Cassino. The advance of the British and American troops of the 5th Army continues and some more high ground was seized. A considerable force of our bombers attacked Piraeus, the harbour of Athens and also yesterday night. There is no further news about the raid by the Americans on North West Germany yesterday but it is reported that the bombers were escorted by fighters including some new American Mustangs of exceptional performance especially at high altitudes. From American side the bomber fleet is described as a great armada and violent air battles took place which lasted for over 3 hours and took all the way from coast to target and back again when swarms of fighters were encountered. On the Dalmatian coast our fighter bombers attacked ships. The enemy lost 11 machines in Italy and 7 of ours are missing. The Germans, as our correspondent in Italy reports, seem
0394anxious to avoid a breakthrough at Cassino and they are throwing in every available man and weapon. Highly trained mountain troops are also thrown in North of Cassino. British destroyers in the Adriatic have damaged railway trains on the East coast of Italy. The Russians are now between 30 and 40 miles inside the 1939 Polish border and the Germans have lost control of the railway line from North to South which is in Russian hands with the exception of around 15 miles or so. The line from Korosten to Shepetivka is also in Russian hands. It is made known that in the Kirovohrad battle the Germans suffered heavily as 15000 men were killed whereas destroyed or captured were 450 tanks, 500 guns and 2000 motor vehicles. The Soviet information bureau announces that without doubts there are still Spanish troops serving at the Russian front. President Roosevelt could not deliver his speech to Congress himself but a little later he broadcast some or a greater part of it.12/1/1944
0395From General MacArthur's headquarters it is announced that American marines are progressing in the Cape Gloucester area whereas the Australians are also advancing in New Guinea. Stockholm reports that this week Monday the Germans took over all buildings in the Danish town of Esjberg. Two Spaniards in the service of Germans have been executed at Gibraltar. Stewart MacPherson reported about the Americans building wagons in England with an output of 26 wagons per day. The size of the wagons is of the continental type. The work done is mainly assembling.12/1/1944Stewart MacPherson
039613/1/1943. 1. pm. Frederick Allen

The Russians captured Sarny yesterday. Cervaro 4 miles East of Cassino has been captured in Italy, where a new attack has started on the right wing of the 5th Army. Today's communique from the Italian front says that the French troops have gained some ground. American troops of the 5th Army have captured a place east of Cassino, on which place they are now advancing. On Monday night for the third night railway transports on the Eastern Coast of Italy has been attacked by our destroyers in the Adriatic. Over Italy 2 enemy planes were destroyed and 3 of our are missing. In Russia a new offensive, the 5th in 7 weeks has started and is aimed at the last big junction east of the Pripet Marshes. The Russians advanced 9 miles over a front of 18 miles and captured some 30 places. The important capture of Sarny 40 miles inside the 1939 Polish border took place yesterday. The heaviest fighting took place
13/1/1944Sarnyfor Chefaro read Cervaro
0397East of Vinnytsja [?] where German counterattacks by large tank forces failed. The Japanese tried to land troops at Cape Gloucester to ease their position but the attempts failed. 43 troop carrying barges were damaged off New Britain and New Guinea.

14/1/1944. 6.= pm. Robert Robinson

The 5th Army is pushing on to the Italian mountains. The total number of prisoners taken since the landing in Italy amounts to over 8000. Our home based bombers attacked airfields. Vatutin's army has now a 70 miles front over the 1939 Polish border. In Italy our line has gone forward 2 miles in 24 hours which as Frank Gillard said is a notable achievement having regard to the country and the stiff opposition. Moroccan unit were also active using the knife
0398in the violent fighting. 15 miles inland from the Adriatic coast New Zealand troops have made progress. The number of prisoners in Italy on December 14th amounted to 6000. Owing to better weather conditions there was more activity in the air over Italy yesterday. Liberators and Flying Fortresses as well as Marauders and Mitchells raided airfields around Rome and a number of other targets. 70 enemy fighters challenged our bombers and 10 enemy planes were destroyed. We lost 5 aircraft. Attacks on shipping off the Dalmatian Coast were also carried out. General Tito reports that the greatest weight of German pressure is in Central Bosnia and the North Dalmatian coast whereas fighting is also stiff near the Croatian border. Italian, Hungarian and even German units take part in the actions of General Tito.14/1/1944
0399one of the judges who condemned Ciano to death has met with an accident and has been killed. Mosquitoes of which one is missing attacked targets in W. Germany last night. General Vatutin's Army has crossed the 1939 Polish border on a new point and the Russians are now from 40-50 miles inside it. In the air battle which took place last Tuesday the Germans used a new weapon which is said to be an air mine. In Burma our troops are pushing on to Akyab and are advancing. RAF and American heavy bombers bombed the out- skirts of Bangkok which was also raided by American planes based in China. Attacks were also made on an aluminum plant in Formosa. The first meeting of the European Advisory Committee under the president Mr Winant took place. Mr. Strang and the Russian ambassador are also 14/1/1944 European Advisory Committee
0400members of the Committee. Lord Woolton, now Minister for Reconstruction spoke at Liverpool today. Due to low level of a.o. the river Thames where from London on gets his water supply on account of lack of rain. Londoners have been warned to save water as otherwise restrictions might have to be imposed. The advantages of the British gas turbine aeroplane which has no air screw were summed up.

17/1/1944. 6.= pm. Fred Grisewood

General Eisenhower spoke about the fine groundwork in preparation for the second front when he held his first news conference for American and British correspondents in London today. He also announced that General Bradley who is 50 years of age has been appointed senior commander of the ground troops.
17/1/1944General Bradley
0401Italian based Flying Fortresses raided the Messerschmidt aircraft factory at Klagenfurt which is part of Wiener Neustadt. Hits are reported on the machine shop and railway sidings. Some German fighters came up of which also some fired rockets. In all we destroyed 18 enemy planes over Italy against a loss of 5 Allied planes. In the Ukraine a battle of armour is raging on a large scale against Vatutin 's army. The Russians report to have knocked out 130 German tanks. To all purpose it is the intention of the Germans to check the Russian threat to the river Bug. One of our correspondents in Egypt had an interview with a few officers of the Yugoslav partisan army who told that the partisans reckon 3 German casualties against one of them. The first batch of boys who have been under the new scheme for work in the mines have arrived today at their training centres.17/1/1944
0402For the new American B.29. bomber the name of Superfortress has been chosen. In New Guinea the Australians advancing along the coast took a Japanese base and pushes 3 miles beyond it. In the Cape Gloucester area of New Britain the Americans took a hill. In Burma our troops made progress in the Mayu Peninsula. British and American planes carried out several attacks on various targets in Burma. American bombers based in China have bombed targets in French Indochina and also the port of Swatow. A conference is taking place in Canberra between New Zealand and Australia where the respective prime ministers Slater and Curtin have spoken17/1/1944Mayu Peninsula
040318/1/1944. 1.= pm. Stuart Hibberd.

Mr Churchill got back to London about 3 hours ago and immediately upon his arrival went to the House of Commons where he took his seat where he was welcomed with great enthusiasm. He arrived by special train and his visit to the Commons was a surprise one. Members rose cheering and waving with their order papers. Mrs. Churchill and her 2 daughters were in the gallery watching the welcome given to the prime minister. A report was read about the reception of Mr. Churchill in the Commons and the reporter said Mr. Churchill was looking quite well and really fit. Mr. Churchill rose to answer questions as well as a number of supplementary ones. He pronounced a statement on the war situation, also on the war in Italy in the near future. Both our light and heavy bombers were active over Italy yesterday whereas our fighter bombers were active in support of our troops in the battle area and also attacked enemy communications behind the front. The Canadians of the 8th
0404Army made some progress along the Adriatic in the face of stiff opposition. The 5th Army captured the village of San Amino [?] 5 miles above Cassino. The usual population of the latter place is 7000 but our correspondent doubts whether there will be 7000 now. The is no news about our direct attack on Cassino. Cassino people have fled into holes and caves in the surrounding mountains. The Monte Cassino is 1700 feet high. Cassino was a formidable barrier on the way to Rome. In Russia no longer German counterattacks east of Vinnytsja [?] are reported. After 5 days these attacks have come to a standstill. The Russians are now threatening the railway 20 miles ahead in this sector. The Russians are also within 15 miles from Rivne and in the area of Novohrad-Volynskyi they are 30 miles across the Polish 1939 border. In the South West Pacific another Japanese convoy has been smashed up. American Catalinas spotted it at dusk and attacked it by night sinking a 10000 tons freighter and setting 20 supply ships of 6000 and18/1/1944
04058000 tons respectively on fire. At east 22 Japanese planes were destroyed against the loss of one allied plane. 19 of these were destroyed by Kittyhawks. Over New Britain were the Japanese tried to interfere with our operations in Saidor. We also attacked Rabaul. There is no news about the land fighting. New Zealand and Australia have agreed to work together. First official Argentine figures about the earthquake at San Juan indicate 800 casualties against the 4000 as first estimated. The Russians are closing in towards Rivne 12 1/2 past 1 news ended and was followed in the home service by a talk by Squadron leader L.A. Nicholls.18/1/1944the earthquake at San Juan
040619.1-1944 6.= pm. R. Wessel.

British troops of the 5th Army have started a new attack over the lower regions of the Garigliano river and have formed 3 bridgeheads. The attack was launched on Monday night. American troops are keeping up their pressure on Cassino and beyond it. Cassino is now under shellfire. Railway targets in Tuscany were attacked by heavy bombers who were escorted. A number of our destroyers have attacked places on the Albanian and Dalmatian coasts. The latest news from Moscow is about two new offensives started by the Red Army and the news about them is good. The first offensive is directed against Marienbaum 20 miles west of Leningrad where the Germans had 2 1/2 year to make formidable defenses. The second one started some 100 miles south of Leningrad in the regions of Novgorod. The 3 rd front in the North is still some 120 miles further South. In the House of Commons the presence of Spanish forces on the Russian front was discussed as well as the question between Poland and Russia. In the S West Pacific during air attacks two more ships were
0407sunk and 6 barges destroyed. From Burma widespread attacks by our planes are reported. Our Mosquitoes were over the Norwegian coast and bombed a seaplane base at Stavanger. The National Farmers Union have asked that one of their deputations be received by the minister of agriculture before the debate on farmers' prices. The farmers want an end to the present dispute and do not wish it dragging on. In the House of Lords civil aviation after the war was discussed in which Lord Beaverbrook took part. The Government education bill has come before the Commons for a second reading.

20-1-1944 6= pm. Mark Philips

News from the Italian front says that British troops of the 5th Army have extended their bridgehead across the Garigliano to a depth of 2 miles. Argento [?] at the mouth of the river Garigliano has been captured and also by a place few miles higher up
0408and one 6 miles still further. Since that news the Germans have announced the loss of munitions. During the last 48 hours the Germans made two counter attacks which were repelled. The enemy seems to have most of the 94 infantry division and also some tanks. A report recorded by Frank Gillard was also given. He said the area is heavily mined and that our troops are meeting more mines than ever before in Italy. You simply cannot put your feet safely. This message was recorded yesterday morning There is no news about the French Moroccan troops in the Cassino area or in the Adriatic sector Our bombers, both heavy, light and fighter bombers were active on a large scale. 3 enemy planes were destroyed and 2 of ours are missing. Tito's forces reports heavy fighting in Bosnia and Croatia where the partisans have also cut an important railway supply line in various places.20/1/1944
0409News about the Northern fronts in Russia comes from the Germans who say they have had to evacuate Novgorod north of Lake Ilmen. They say they did to straighten their line. 80 towns and villages were captured on this front where the Russians made a breach of 40 miles in the German defenses. The loss of Novgorod is a very severe one for the Germans. It is in Novgorod that some 1000 years ago the foundation for the Russian state were laid. It was since August 1941 in German hands. A late piece of news is coming in which says that Marshal Stalin issued a special order of the day announcing the storming and capture of Novgorod. Our Coastal batteries in the Channel sank an enemy supply ship off Cape Gris-Nez. German guns replied where up on ours fired some 80 rounds. General Eisenhower and Mallory have been interviewed by the King one of his officers gave an appreciation of Air Marshall Tedder. From the 1 st February onward the20/1/1944MalloryFor Mallarey read Mallory (probably)
0410price of coal and coke will be increased by about 3/= per ton. In the Commons minister Bevin was questioned about the men who have been selected for work in the mines (trainees). The minister of Agriculture spoke about the future of agricultural education in the Commons. There is now no longer a general shortage of food in Bengal that Minister Amery and he also announced that the Government of India has reluctantly removed the ban on work by women in the mines compelled to do so by the shortage of coal. The Secretary of the Ministry of Economical Warfare announced shipments of food to Greece will be increased to 900 tons fish products a month. The debate on the Education Bill was continued this morning. Allied bombers in the South West Pacific heavily bombed Japanese shipping at Rabaul. 3 ships were sunk, 2 probably sunk and the other 3 damaged. The Japanese sent up over20/1/1944
0411100 fighters of which 18 were destroyed and 15 probably destroyed. We lost 12 planes. The Chinese mission touring the war fronts has visited Malta and is now on its way to London. The Brazilian ambassador at London announced that a Brazilian Expeditionary Force is going to final training to stand by when training is finished on whatever front the Allies need it. 8 more Dutchmen have been murdered by the Germans.

21-1-1944 6.= pm. Stuart Hibberd

The biggest force of Lancasters and Halifaxes we ever sent out so far dropped over 2300 tons bombs on Berlin in 30 minutes last night. Our Mosquitoes were over Germany and in all 35 planes are missing. The Berlin attack lasted from 7.30 to 8 o'clock when large fires broke out and smoke rose to thousands of feet above the targets. There was not so much opposition from enemy fighters
0412which arrived late over the target and the flak was neither so heavy. The Royal Canadian and the Royal Australian Air Forces also took part in the attack. In daylight today our heavy and light bombers escorted a.o. by Lightnings and Thunderbolts bombed unspecified targets in the Pas de Calais area. Late last night our guns fired across the Channel on enemy shipping in the Strait being the targets. Heavy fighting reported from Italy on both flanks of the 5th Army. British troops on the left flank improved their position. Our correspondents say that our troops secured Castelforte this morning which place is 5 miles No. Minturno. Gillard reported that in Italy it is rivers and mountains all the time. The Germans are now thorough with mines. Up the West coast of Italy our cruisers and destroyers bombed Terracina. On the 8th Army front the positions remained unchanged our heavy bombers attacked 5 air-21/1/1944
0413fields in central Italy of which 3 around Rome. The attacks were carried out by Flying Fortresses. The partisans report from Yugoslavia that the last German attacks against their forces have lost momentum. A Japanese cruiser has been sunk by one of our submarines in Northern Straits of Malacca. The South East Asia Command reports more widespread air attacks on targets in Burma. 6 enemy planes were destroyed and we lost 3 whereas the enemy lost one more by anti aircraft fire. In Russia General Vatutin's Army seems to have paused with its attacks to the West and the other Ukrainian army has repelled German attacks. Vichy reports that Darlan has decreed that all courts will be acting as courts martial to deal with terrorists and bandits. A description was given by a correspondent about NW British frontier corps21/1/1944For Darland read Darlan (?)
041424/1/1944 1.= pm Frederick Allen

Reinforcements and supplies are flowing into our new bridgehead in Italy. So far we have met very little effective opposition ..... is in our hands Our Mosquitoes were over Germany last night.

American and British troops and supplies are now flowing steadily into our new bridgehead south of Rome. As reported by our correspondents it is now 4 miles deep. The weather shows signs of deteriorating rapidly. The main fighting in Italy takes place on the 5th Army fronts where the Germans have reinforced their troops from Rome and are counterattacking furiously. NE of Cassino the Germans pressed the Americans a little back. The Germans are throwing in wave after wave of troops but they are meeting little success. They have not been able to drive us from one position on the high ground which we occupy. On account of the threats in their rear the Germans may
0415withdraw as one of our correspondents said. We are taking hundreds of prisoners. During the last few days 11 enemy planes were destroyed against a loss of three of ours. This reported from General Tito that in the NE corner of Yugoslavia fighting takes place between the coast and Zengg and also at Susak. Our planes last night also went out sea mining without loss. Marauders escorted by fighters kept up the attacks on military objectives in N France shortly after breakfast this morning. The Russians kept up their pressure between Lake Ilmen and Leningrad but their most striking attack took place deep into the Pripet Marshes where they have now advanced 50 miles beyond Mazyr. West of Sarny the Red Army is now 60 miles inside the 1939 Polish border. In the SW Pacific we sunk one thousand tons freighter loaded with fuel, 4 small ships, one patrol vessel and barges beyond damaging others. A report was given by Richard Dimbleby who said that British transport by road, rail and water had never been so busy before.24/1/1944Zengg
0416at the end of the news last night's Postscript by George Formby the comedian from the film It's in the Air was repeated. Formby made a trip along the shores of the Mediterranean entertaining the forces.

26-1-1944. 6.= pm. Stuart Hibberd

In Italy British and American troops are extending their bridgehead in face of gradually increasing enemy resistance. The Germans are fighting small delaying actions. Our correspondents reported this morning that our tanks had crossed the Mussolini Canal which is 10 miles from the coast and they are now said to be well beyond it. The Germans are rushing in reinforcements which they do by plane at night dropping their men by parachutes. South of our Nettuno bridgehead the French troops are in a hard struggle for a height NE of Cassino. These troops are Moroccan and Algerian troops under French born officers.
26/1/1944George Formby
Mussolini Canal
0417It is said that now the German strength is about equal to the strength of the Allies in Italy. The Americans in the Cassino area are advancing through country solid with mines. Allied heavy bombers attacked railways in Central Italy and light bombers attacked Frascati and approaches to Rome. Our planes made more than 400 [?] sorties against 60 by the Germans. Our Mosquitoes went to Western Germany and our other planes to N. France, all without loss. The Argentine has broken off diplomatic relations with the Axis and the concerning decree was signed by President Ramirez. It is reported that in the Mediterranean area our casualties of our air forces are less than 1% whereas at home are less than 5%. Formations of our planes were seen flying out over the Channel today. It is now known that we use26/1/1944Pedro Pablo Ramírez
0418glider planes which can carry 15 men fully equipped. In Russia the Germans are fighting hard against the flanks in the Leningrad sector. The Russians are now 30 miles from Leningrad and the escape from the Germans from the East has been blocked. The Leningrad-Moscow railway has been reached by the Russians in various places. The Russians are beyond pushing Novgorod and Lake Ilmen. The Germans themselves report that bitter struggles continue. In the Ukraine the Germans resumed their counterattacks against Vatutin's army and claim successes but the Russians say they have repelled the German counterattacks. The Russians have now published a full report about the shooting of Polish soldiers at Katyn. A Russian Commission has inspected the graves at Katyn and there were found to be some 11000 bodies there26/1/1944Katyn

Lake Ilmen
0419When the Germans came to Russia in 1941 there were 3 camps with Polish prisoners in the district of Smolensk. After the occupation of Smolensk the Poles were seen working on the road but after September none were seen. The Germans shot the prisoners in the autumn of 1941. Papers have been found from which it is clear that the prisoners were alive when the Germans occupied the area and it is therefore clear the prisoners .......[?] have been shot by the Germans. It is first announced that Marshal Stalin issued an order of the day wherein the capture of the rly junction of Gatsjina (??) is announced. This place is So. of Leningrad. The Spanish ambassador has assured us that no further bombs will be found in Spanish cargoes of oranges to England. The minister for the colonies announced that he will buy all sugar from the colonies for the next 3 years. Miss Ellen Wilkinson was elected as chairman of the Labour party today. Rich Wessel read a about the debate on the quarrel between farmers and the minister about prices.26/1/1944Ellen Wilkinson
Bombs in Spanish oranges. Nw York Times, January 16, 1944, page 17
042027-1-1944 6.= pm. Fr. Allen

Allied troops South of Rome have been reinforced and the bridgehead had been advanced. In North Russia the Germans are being driven from strong defenses between Leningrad and Lake Ilmen. British and American troops have further improved their positions and been reinforced. South West of Littoria a sharp clash has taken place between our troops and the Hermann Goering division. French troops have gained important heights whereas the Americans also improved their positions and advanced in the Cassino area. Patrols of the Americans have been in the outskirts of Cassino for some hours. A report by Frank Gillard was read by John Snagge. Bad weather hampered Mediterranean flying. 3 enemy aircraft were destroyed and we lost two planes. Our Middle East aircraft have attacked shipping in the Aegean and one aircraft was Lost. General Tito’s headquarters
27/1/1944Monte Cassino

Hermann Goering division

John Snag

General Tito’s headquarters

Littoria niet kunnen vinden in G-maps en B-maps.
0421report that ¾ of Central Bosnia has been freed. Thousands of German dead have been left in Gatsjina well to the south of Leningrad and the Russians are pressing on in all directions and also beyond Novgorod. In his heavy counterattacks in Southern Russia the enemy has made some progress in the same sectors as before. In the South West Pacific some 24 enemy fighters were destroyed out of a 60 the Japanese sent up. Our Mitchells bombed airfields in the Admiralty group of islands and some 8 more fighters were destroyed. The South East Asia command reports that we keep up our pressure. The Japanese authorities sent a list to London with names of prisoners of was who lost their lives when a transport carrying them to Java was sunk. No ship has left Buenos Aires for fear of Axis Retaliations. Liberia, the negro Republic in Africa has declared war on Germany and Japan.27/1/1944For Novogarad read Novohrad-Volynskyi?
0422At a meeting of mine workers a minimum wage of £ 5.=.= per week for work underground and £ 4.10.= per week above ground was accepted. A 15th aircraft is now known to have been destroyed in the enemy's raid of last Friday on this country. The Germans therefore lost 1 plane out of every 6. Bruce the High commissioner for Australia has spoken today. Listeners will have heard about the sinking of 3 hospital ships in the Gulf of Anzio by the Germans. A talk was given by a captain whose hospital ship the Newfoundland carrying American sisters was also sunk before.27/1/1944Stanley Bruce

hospitalship the New Foundland
042331-1-1944 1=pm. Frank Philips

Yesterday's heavy and widespread air offensive was followed by a further heavy attack on Berlin last night which attack was the 4th in 3 days. Last night's attack on Berlin was the 3rd major attack in four days and the 14th attack since the start of the battle of Berlin. Our force was a large one as said on the Air Ministry's communique. Attacks were also made on targets in Central and Western Germany. 33 of our planes are missing and we destroyed 2 enemy planes. Our planes attacking Berlin made an early start and started after the Americans returned from their attacks in the Hannover and Brunswick areas. The bombers destroyed 46 planes and the escorting long range fighters another 45. 12 Focke Wulfs were destroyed over France so that the total enemy losses yesterday amounted to 102 planes we lost 20 bombers and 5 fighters. News from the 5th Army is good. Fresh troops and supplies
0424are entering our Anzio beachhead. Correspondents say we are not far from Cisterna. German counterattacks were repelled. Americans improved their positions in the Cassino area helped by the French. Our air force attacked 4 airfield which are used by the Germans for refueling in N. Italy whereas our fighters are continually patrolling our beachhead. 900 sorties were flown yesterday. In the air 63 planes were destroyed and 6 of ours are missing. Our Mosquitoes which went to Berlin after the return of our bombers reported big fires there. Our Mine Layers and Intruders were out again. In Italy there are signs that the Germans are making preparations to leave Rome. In Russia the Germans are being driven to the west along the Finnish Gulf where the Russians attacked 15 miles so that they are now only 5 miles from the Estonian border where they captured a place. The Red Army is rapidly pushing along the coast to the West. The Russians are also half way between Leningrad and Riga junction.31/1/1944Battle of Cisterna
0425Progress also continues to the west and northwest of Novgorod. Also a place has been reached 45 miles from the Polish border where it is joined by the Latvian border. The Japanese say they are fighting against Americans who have landed in the Central Pacific Marshall Islands. Our attacks on Rabaul continue. 30 out of 70 Japanese fighters were destroyed. In a month the Japanese lost 24 merchant ships, auxiliaries and 175 barges plus some small craft. Details are published about a new anti tank gun called the Piat which name has been formed from Projector Infantry Anti Tank gun
1.12 End news
followed by a recorded talk last night by .....[?]
04261.2.1944 1= pm. Richard Wessel

In Italy fierce fighting has developed on the fringe of our beachhead. General Alexander's communique reports that in the Anzio beachhead we have reached the outskirts of two little towns 15 miles inland and our troops were by Allied warships lying off shore. Airfield in Southern Austria and Northern Italy were again bombed by heavy bombers. Klagenfurt being the Austrian target. French, American and British troops of the 5th Army have again advanced and the Germans have suffered heavy losses in their counterattacks which were repelled across the river Garigliano. In the British Coastal sector we obtained some high ground. Canadians of the 8th Army have advanced in the sector along the Adriatic Coast. In all we destroyed in the air 18 enemy planes, besides a number destroyed on the ground. Our planes flew 800 sorties and we lost 4. The Russians have set free 60 more
0427places in the North and reached a town less than 10 miles from the Estonian border. The river Luga has been reached and crossed on a few points. In all the Russians advanced 75 miles from Leningrad. A station ... miles short of Luga town has been captured and the Germans were forced further away from the Leningrad and Moscow railway. The Russians from Novgorod also continue their drive towards Luga. In the S.W. Pacific another punishing attack has been made on Rabaul when 12 and 24 more planes were destroyed. Our losses were small. No official news is given about the attack on the Marshall Islands but from Pearl Harbour is reported that our attacks have been carried out on Wake Island. Cordell Hull has spoken about Japanese atrocities to prisoners and has enumerated a number of American protest. At 1.15. A talk was given by A.S. Wallace the first of a new series called "Neighbours of Europe"1/2/1944Wake Island

Luga river

Cordell Hull

04282.2.1944 1.= pm. Frank Philips

Troops of the 5th Army have made further advances in the mountains of Central Italy West of Cassino and are through the German lines over a width of several miles. The extent of our beachhead south of Rome is 14 miles long and an average depth of 8 miles. On the main 5th Army fronts American and French troops have made further advances west of Cassino and are through the German Gustav line over several miles in the mountains. Fierce fighting is in progress on our beachhead south of Rome. American and British troops have advanced. Allied bombers have attacked an oil refinery at Trieste. Yesterday weather was too bad for flying on large scale. 5 enemy planes were destroyed against a loss of one of ours. The Russians have broadened their fronts in which they drive the Germans westward and they are now a mile or so from the Estonian border and 8
2/2/1944GustaflineFor fearce read fierce
0429from the town of Narva on the river of the same name and 30 miles from Lake Peipus. They are also outflanking the town of Luga. The other Russian army is less than 20 miles away from Luga junction and newly arrived German reserves are being thrown in by the Germans. The only other front on which fighting is mentioned in the Russian communique's is that of Nowo Sokolnikov [?]. A report has been published about the condition of the town of Novgorod. Great changes have been announced in the administration of the USSR. The Japanese are putting up strong resistance to the American landings on the Marshall Islands which landing was made [one?] of the heaviest so far and terrific bombardment by carrier borne aircraft and battles by Dutch and Australian troops have beaten off a landing by Japanese troops on Dutch New Guinea which is the first time that Dutch troops are mentioned along with the Australians. Our Mosquitoes were over Berlin and bombed2/2/1944Lake Peipus


Nowo Sokolnikov (?)
0430objectives in Western Germany. One plane has not returned. Frenchmen are to work on a more extensive scale in Germany as has been announced by Vichy. The Marshall Islands are possessions which were in Japanese hands before Pearl Harbour. End news 1.12 1/2.

3/2/1944. 1.= pm. Stuart Hibberd

Our Anzio beachhead has been enlarged in face of strong enemy resistance and counterattacks against it and the main 5th Army fronts have been repulsed. Heavy fighting takes place on both fronts. Correspondents report that one counterattack was beaten off in the neighbourhood of Littoria and also that heavy fighting takes place in outskirts of Cisterna. Now our French and American troops on the main front are through the mountains. Cassino is seriously threatened. American troops are said to be within 500 yards from Cassino
3/2/1944For Cisterna read Cisterna di Latina
0431which place lies under our continual fire. Tuesday night Maribor near the Austrian border in Yugoslavia was bombed. Durazzo was also attacked yesterday. 4 enemy planes were destroyed. We lost one plane but its pilot is safe. On enemy patrol craft in the Mediterranean and two schooners in the Adriatic were sunk by our light naval craft. Further details are now known about the American operations against the Marshall Islands. The best airfield in the island has been captured by the Americans who have also captured several islands. Brisk machine gun- and mortar fire from the Japanese is met. The Americans are now using artillery in their operations. Rear Admiral Turner, terrible Turner as he is called, is the man who leads the operations and he also led the attacks against Guadalcanal and the Gilbert Islands. Enemy resistance in the air is decreasing to some extent. On New Guinea the Japanese who have been trapped between the American3/2/1944Maribor


Rearadmiral Turner

0432bridgehead and the Australians are trying to escape. The Soviet troops continued their advance towards Narva on the Estonian border along a 30 miles front. The only other fighting is reported from Nowo Sokolnikov [?]. Bomber Command Mosquitoes were over Western Germany. Casualties in the Turkish earthquake of last Tuesday are 1000 dead whereas some 1500 houses have been destroyed. 1.8.1/4 end news. 1.15 What the microphone wants to know.3/2/1944Turkish earthquake
For Nowo Sokolnikov read Nowosolniki (not likely)?
04337.2-1944. Stuard Hibberd 1.= pm.

In Italy hard fighting continued in and around Cassino. American and British troop of the 5th Army have repelled German counterattacks against our Anzio beachhead and we have taken a number of prisoners. In their attacks against the Americans the Germans had some initial success on Saturday night but hard fighting restored the position as it was before. We are now on 3 sides of Cassino and the inland road to Rome is under continual fire. On the 8th Army front two mountain villages some 20 miles inland from the Adriatic coast were captured. Our bombers and fighters were active and 10 planes of the enemy were destroyed whereas we lost 13 planes. New and fresh Russian successes come from a new front N E of Krivoy Rog and N E of Nikopol where the initial Russian breakthrough has developed
0434into a front of 100 miles on which the advance amounts at least to 28 miles and in some places to 40 miles. 7 German divisions were routed on this front and the Lower Dnjepr was reached not far from Nikopol. 5 more divisions have bee trapped. The Germans lost 12000 dead and 2000 prisoners were taken, 130 tanks were destroyed, 65 tanks captured and 450 guns and 5300 motor vehicles also taken. This success is the more striking as the roads are in bad condition and it is thawing. S W of Rivne the Russians covered some more 25 miles. German attempts to release their 10 trapped divisions on this front have failed. The Eastern bank of the River Narva between the coast and Lake Peipus has been cleared completely and progress was also made in the Luga direction. Helsinki got two heavy air raids last night. Telephonic and other communications have been cut but no details are given about the damage. Against our recent attacks at Rabaul the Japanese have sent up comparatively few7/2/1944Rovno
0435fighters. We destroyed 4 planes and lost 2. The Japanese are now using a new fighter over Rabaul called Tojo.
1.10 end news
....... [?] service zender is gelijk Duitsche Zender doch ultrakort 1.30 Fransch. 1.45 Fransch Italiaansch 2.= Duitsch

10-2-1944 1.= pm.

Our air offensive across the Channel started up again this morning when for the third day running American Marauders went up in snow and wind. Our Mosquitoes were over Western Germany last night and one of them is missing. 5th Army troops continue to fight in the streets of Cassino the defenses of which place are thoroughly organized from top to bottom. Pillboxes which the Germans have are made from thick armoured plate. Enemy counter attacks elsewhere have been repelled. In the Anzio bridgehead the Germans continue
0436probing our defenses. The weather was too bad for flying on a large scale. General Tito's forces report that some of their troops have had to withdraw before the Germans who are regrouping their forces but have inflicted serious losses on them. From Russia no big new developments are reported. Nikopol was captured last Tuesday and the Germans are now slung back to the west from there. The Russians have also begun to outflank Krivoy Rog. In spite of bad weather the ring round the trapped German divisions in the Dnjepr bend is growing tighter In the North the Russians are drawing closer to Luga where some 30 more villages and towns were taken. They also pushed a little further from Novgorod. In spite of the limited opportunities for attacks it has been announced that more U-boats were sent to the bottom during last month than in December and January's10/2/1944Kriwoi RogFor bent read bend
0437figures for Allied tonnage destroyed are the lowest of the war. An American destroyer rescuing airmen near the Marshall Islands has wiped out a Japanese convoy of 4 ships on his own. Australian troops on the East coast of New Guinea are now only 7 miles from the American bridgehead at Saidor. The King and Queen have visited coalfields in Yorkshire viz. around Wakefield and Lancaster and a report about that visit was given by Richard Dimbleby.10/2/1944Richard Dimbleby
043814/2/1944. 1.= pm.

British troops of the 5th Army have made successful attacks from the Anzio bridgehead with continued air support. The Americans continue to exert pressure in the Cassino area. Medium and light bombers have attacked troop concentrations, but the weather was not too good for our heavy bombers. There were about 30 enemy planes over our beachhead and we destroyed 4 planes, losing 2 ourselves. The Germans sent some 50 bombers to this country of which 15 reached London and 6 were destroyed. Not one of our Intruder planes is missing. Two more enemy planes were destroyed off France this morning. A great new Russian advance is reported from Northern Russia where the Russians are rapidly reaching Pskov. They advanced from 25 to 50 miles an turned South after clearing the East coast of Lake Peipus. The Germans are retreating from
0439Luga which was reported captured yesterday to Pskov. It looks as if Staraja Roessa will be outflanked. The Russians are wearing down the encircled German divisions in the Dnjepr Bend. The German spy system in Turkey seems to be breaking down as 3 more agents have come over to us, after the other two a few days ago. They are all three Austrians another name of one is Hamburger. The submarine Unseen came back from a trip of 23000 miles. 4 new army appointments are announced as generals Anderson, Lloyd and Smith. Allied planes have kept up the battering of the airfield at Rabaul. We lost 2 planes. The latest news from New Britain is that the Japanese have left behind a lot of equipment. Our heavy bombers carried out two long distance raids to Timor and an airfield in the Celebes. A giant has been given to Jamaica

1.11 end news
1.15 recording of last night's Postscript
by a Dutch officer who recently escaped to this country.
044015/2/1944 1.= pm. Richard Wessel

Better weather in Italy has allowed the renewal of our air offensive. Over 1500 sorties were flown yesterday against 60 by the Germans. 21 enemy planes were destroyed and we lost one plane. Our heavy bombers attacked 5 important railway junctions in Lombardy plain and mediums railway targets a little South and also the port of Leghorn. Our fighters kept up the offensive patrols over the beachhead. Pressure on the enemy was maintained on the main fronts on the beachhead. Positions have remained static for 3 days now. Hard fighting takes place in and around Cassino. Yesterday we fired leaflets into Monte Cassino in order to warn the monks and refugees there that the Allies could not any longer save the historic building as the Germans held to their gun positions there. News has just reached us that a hundred Flying Fortresses in 4 waves have bombed Monte Cassino this morning. Our planes were again active across the
0441Channel today when American medium bombers escorted by fighters attacked targets in Northern France. In Russia the encircled and hungry enemy is trying to hold out in the hope of relief from the outside. The Russians captured the headquarter town of the trapped divisions.

Interrupted by telephone

In the Pacific Allied planes had an extra busy day attacking airfields and shipping. A strong attack was carried out against Rabaul by escorted planes. From the Burma fronts some new facts about the recent fighting there were given by our correspondent.
044216/2/1944. 1.= pm John Snagge

The raid on Berlin last night was the heaviest raid on any objective in air warfare so far. over 2500 tons of bombs were dropped. ....[?] attacks were made on Frankfurt on Oder and our Mosquitoes were out over Western Germany and Holland. We had over 1000 aircraft out last night. 45 planes are missing. The main objective for aircraft of Bomber Command last night was Berlin. A heavier load of bombs was dropped than on any target in air warfare. Mines were also laid in enemy waters. The total weight of bombs dropped on Berlin since our attacks in November is approaching the 25000 tons. The previous large attack was carried out a month ago. The raid started soon after 9 o'clock and by midnight some of our crews were back. The attack was a concentrated one. Frankfort was attacked on one occasion previously and it lies 50 miles East of Berlin. From Italy limited activity by patrols is reported from the main 5th Army fronts and the Anzio
0443beachhead. On the 8th Army front weak German tank attacks was broken up by our artillery. Our planes flew 1100 sorties yesterday against some 70 by the Germans. A railway station south of Florence was bombed and also troop concentrations and railways round Rome. Our medium bombers attacked ports on the West coast. We destroyed 9 planes whereas one of ours is missing. The number of enemy planes destroyed on Monday has risen to 24. Photographs show that Monte Cassino monastery has been completely destroyed in the attacks by our bombers yesterday. The attack lasted 35 minutes 20 enemy planes were encountered and the flak was weak. This morning 5th Army artillery bombed the remains of the monastery. A recorded report on the destruction of the Cassino Abbey was given by an Abbey [?]. In the House of Commons the Prime Minister gave the number of British casualties since we landed on the Italian mainland up to the .. of Febry viz. 7635 killed, 23283 wounded16/2/1944
0444and 5708 missing. In Russia the Russians made further advances between Lake Peipus and Lake Ilmen whereas on the way to Pskov more villages were taken. The Red Army also advanced from Luga which fell to them on Saturday and have since covered 15 miles. The ring round the encircled Germans was tightened further and German efforts to break through from the outside with tanks were repelled the enemy suffering 1000 dead. The Green Islands of the Northern tip of Bougainville in the Solomons were captured by American and New Zealand troops. General MacArthur in an interview with correspondents said that the capture of the Green Islands completes the struggle for the Solomons which had lasted 18 months. The relief of the scattered Japanese units totaling some 22000 men will now now be impossible. A report was read by Gilbert Thomas about the situation on the Anzio beachhead.16/2/1944Lake Ilmen
044517-2-1944. 1.= pm. Richard Wessel

Heavy fighting takes place in the Northern part of the Anzio bridgehead so that the relative lull in the bridgehead has been broken. 5th Army troops are heavily engaged in the Northern part of it. A report from Frank Gillard says that the Germans have been shelling the area for 24 hours. Fighting in Cassino continues. In the Ukraine the Germans fought violently yesterday to get out of the Russian grip. Over Italy our bombers were out in very great strength our medium e.g. attacking railway targets between Florence and Rome. And all attacks were especially aimed at the transport system. 9 planes were destroyed and we lost 4 aircraft. Our planes flew 1200 sorties against 150 by the enemy over the beachhead. In the Ukraine the the Germans attacked hard from the inside of the ring and from the outside notwithstanding these attacks the Russians continue to squeeze the enemy tighter together and they
0446achieved that in appalling weather conditions which made the roads impossible for rolling vehicles. The German attacks were costly to them as 2500 men were killed and prisoners taken whereas 90 tanks were destroyed. In N. Russia the Russians are fighting their way through from Luga and also strengthening their position on the East bank of Lake Peipus. Helsinki got two air attacks last night. The Ju 290 is a heavy bomber also used for transport. More than 100 planes bombed at treetop height a harbour and airfield in new Britain which attack cost us 8 planes. On land we are pushing on Eastward from Cape Gloucester. American bombed an island 400 miles East of the Japanese base at Truk. At New Delhi the viceroy Lord Wavell spoke about the war situation and the prospects for India. 1.10 end news17/2/1944Cape Gloucester

the viceroy Lord Wavell
044718/2/1944. 6.= pm. Robert Robinson

In Italy there were big beachhead attacks yesterday but the heavy enemy attacks were repelled. The main thrust the enemy tries to carry out was 10 miles inland from Anzio where some 7000 Germans attacked. Our correspondents say that the present enemy attack is as strong as his main effort last week. The Germans have published an admission that they have pulled out of Staraja Roessa which was an important base to them. In Italy the biggest number of bombers ever engaged were thrown in on the main 5th Army front. There was hard fighting for the heights west of Cassino. The position in Cassino itself remains unchanged. Severe weather caused activity to be limited on the 8th Army front. Moscow has reported yesterday and this morning the end of the 10 trapped divisions of the German 8th Army. The German losses are 80000 men viz 52000 dead 11000 prisoners 20000 killed in relief actions from the outside.
18/2/1944< a href="">Staraya Roessa
0448The Russians say the prisoners were dirty ragged men who were half mad. At Stalingrad a correspondent says the weather was different but the picture is the same. South of Lake Ilmen the Germans have evacuated a salient including Staraja Roessa. The latter place was almost recaptured by the Russians in the early part of 1942 but the Germans managed to make good their position which was a hedgehog one. The Russians are dangerously nearing the railway and main road leading to Staraja Roessa and the West. It is reported that Finland will not take part in the meeting of the I.L.O. ( International Labour Organisation) which will take place in Philadelphia. There is no further news about the American naval attack against the Japanese of base of Truk in the Carolines which has started on Wednesday and several hundreds of planes were thrown in. Truk has been called the Japanese Pearl Harbour. 10 days ago 2 Liberators flew over the base and reported 25 warships and 2 carriers in the lagoon which is said to be able18/2/1944the Japanese Pearl HarbourTrukFor Truuk read Truk
0449to accommodate any warship. Truk itself is not an island but actually a group of islands. North of New Ireland we made a successful attack on a large Japanese convoy which is still going on. Elsewhere in the Pacific attacks on the enemy basis continue uninterruptedly.

Interrupted by telephone

Bomber Command bombers were out again in great strength last night. Stuttgart being the main objective. Clouds over the targets cleared towards the end of the attack. Mosquitoes bombed Munich and targets in the occupied countries whereas mines were also laid. 11 planes are missing from the night's work. Yesterday's attacks by the Americans was the greatest so far, 2000 planes including escort ones were out. Leipzig was again bombed especially fighter plane factories (Messerschmitt) on the outskirts of the city as well as similar factories at Gotha, Braunschweig, Aschersleben
18/2/1944AscherslebenFor Braunsweig read Braunschweig

For Asschersleben read Aschersleben
045061 enemy planes were brought down and 22 bombers and 3 fighters were lost. Our correspondent Robin Duff was present at one of the airfields when the crews returned. His report was given during the news. Leipzig was bombed 2 times in 24 hours viz. by the RAF and the Americans. It was the first time that American heavy bombers saw Berlin. The number of bombers out exceeds 1000 and the rest were fighters viz. Thunderbolts and long range Mustangs. Two more planes were brought down in last nights raid on this country the total number being 5. Enemy planes were over London, S.E. England and East Anglia a little before midnight. Early this morning enemy planes were over S.E. England. A communique from the Air Ministry which has just come in reports that only 10 planes are missing from the night's work instead of 11. British and American warships continued the bombardment off the positions near the Anzio beachhead.18/2/1944Robin Duff
0451In the beachhead itself the 5th Army infantry and tank units threw back a German attack. Several 100 of prisoners were taken and enemy losses were very heavy. On the 8th Army front patrols were busy. Our bombing in Italy concentrates on the beachhead area and our fighters maintained constant patrols over it. 4 enemy planes were destroyed and we lost 3. Our planes made 900 sorties against the enemy over the beachhead 100. Fighting in the beachhead was less fierce. The German attack started at 4 o'clock on Saturday morning and we shortly after 7 o'clock forcing the enemy back. The enemy on our left flank is still strong. There is no change on the main front where house to house fighting continues in Cassino. It is said that the Todt organisation is building a new line of resistance in Italy with the help of conscripted Italian labour. Army and Navy Chiefs of Staff have been dismissed by the Japanese Prime minister Tojo who undertook these posts himself.18/2/1944Organisation Todt

the Japanese Prime minister Tojo

0452American planes kept up their attacks on the Carolines. The result of the bombing of the Jap base of Truk are now announced and American planes gave it a thorough bombing. 201 [?] planes were destroyed as well as 19 ships. American losses are 17 planes and one ship moderately damaged. Attacks on Rabaul continue with 100 tons of bombs dropped and 15 planes destroyed in the air and on the ground. In yesterday's progress by the Russians on the N. Russian fronts over 100 villages and places were captured near Lake Ilmen and the Red Army is rushing westward to Pskov.

045322/2/1944 1.= pm. Stuart Hibberd

Mr. Churchill has just started his war review in Parliament. He started an hour ago and said that there was no time for sorrow or rejoicing but time for preparation, effort and resolve. He said o.a. he never gave a guarantee that 1944 will see the end to the European war and also that the Germans still had some 300 divisions in the field. He said that since the 1th of January 1943 19 enemy warships were sunk through British action alone plus a number of E-boats and other smaller craft. Since the beginning of the war 316 merchant ships had been destroyed and our merchant navy had lost 41000 men killed. We also had disabled and crippled for shorter or longer time 95 ships of war. Over 10000 planes had been lost, all since the beginning of the war and 900000 sorties flown to the Northern European area. The number of our pilots killed and wounded is 38300 and 10400 are missing. The American bomber force is surpassing ours in strength and will be considerably stronger shortly.
0454Spring and summer will see greater actions in the air.

The news from Italy is of local fighting artillery and air activity. The Americans have not yet given the number of planes they have shot down yesterday but it is known that their long range fighters shot down 33 planes. They themselves lost 20 planes which brings the total over two days with over 4000 planes out at 44 planes lost. After Sunday's raid photographs have been taken which show that at the Leipzig fighter plane factory production has been stopped as well as in factory making twin engined fighters where this is also the case at the Brunswick factory where components are made. Our Mosquitoes were over Western Germany and the occupied countries. One plane is missing. There was slight air activity over the London area and East Anglia last night. A group of enemy E-boats trying to reach Anzio was driven
0455away by the Americans. On the fronts things were quiet and the main 5th Army fronts and 8th fronts report patrols only. A.o. the docks at Leghorn were bombed and our fighter bombers attacked troops and gun positions whereas our fighters maintained patrols over the beachhead. 3 enemy planes were destroyed and none were lost by us. Our planes made 500 sorties and the Germans flew some 60. The Russians are fighting themselves into Krivoy Rog and have beaten off fierce attacks by tanks and infantry. Correspondents report bloody street battles. From the Northern Russian front the capture off ......[?] is reported between White Russia and the Baltic front. South of Lake Ilmen the Russians are advancing to Pskov. Finland got another air attack on Oulu and from the Swedish frontier fires could be seen there. A second Japanese convoy was to be smashed up between New Britain and New Ireland was reported today. Over Rabaul 26 Japanese planes were brought down. The Coral Islands were attacked by American bombers. 1 19 3/4 end news22/2/1944Coral Islands or Coral Sea Islands?
045625/1. 1944 Fred Grisewood. 6.= pm.

American aircraft for the 5th consecutive day have attacked against the Luftwaffe. Latest news about our activity is that strong forces of the 8th American Air Force bombers have bombed in daylight today aircraft factories at Regensburg and ball bearing factories at Stuttgart as well as other targets in Southern Germany. For the 5th day running aircraft factories have been attacked in force and same as yesterday bombers from Italy joined in today. Last night Bomber Command aircraft from this country flew over 1000 sorties and went to Schweinfurt and Steyr. The former place receiving two attacks one night. This night attack started an few hours after the daylight attack on the same places. Steyr was also raided yesterday and the day before yesterday from Italy. From the night's attacks which included extensive mine laying and attacks on military objectives in Northern France as well as airfields in Holland and Belgium 35 of our planes are
0457missing. The King and Queen have toured the bombed areas of London. Enemy planes were over the Greater London area, SE England and East Anglia. 13 planes were destroyed of which 10 over this country and 3 by Intruder aircraft over the Continent. One Intruder is missing. In London the main damage is to shops and houses. 5th Army troops in Italy have improved their positions on both fronts. 3 enemy attacks were repulsed. The weather was clouded and snow limited patrols of the 8th Army. Round Cassino 7 inched of snow fell. Nearer the sea German attacks failed and British troops pushed the Germans back. On our beachhead front the Germans kept up their pressure but they also failed. The enemy also continued his infiltration efforts. Heavy exchanges of artillery fire take place The Germans have brought up another division against our beachhead front so that there are now 10 German divisions against us there. On the other front there are 9 divisions so that the total in Italy is 19 divisions.25/2/194425-1-1944 must be 25-2-1944?
0458The army is supplying news sheets in Italy to the Germans which are fired into the German lines by our artillery. The sheets are single page and printed on both sides. Copies of it are loaded into small shells which burst in the air so that the sheets shatter down. There was more activity by the Mediterranean Air Force yesterday than Wednesday. American heavies attacked an oil refinery at Fiume and also an airfield north of Rome. A vessel was also sunk off the Yugoslav coast. 950 sorties were flown over the beachhead against only 4 enemy planes sighted. Including the attacks over the Alps 63 planes were brought down and 21 lost. The Soviet breakthrough in Russia causes a serious threat to the Germans. Rahachow has been captured and the Russians are now only 30 miles from Babruysk on the Berezina. The Germans admit the loss of Rahachow. The danger for Pskov has grown greater and the Red Army is within 15 miles of the town of Tarkhof [?].25/2/1944
0459From the Far East there is more news of Japanese shipping losses and we have made another air attack on Rabaul. In Burma the clearing of the pass continues where the enemy were withdrawing. President Ramirez of the Argentine has resigned but no explanation is given as to the reasons for the resignation. The atmosphere of tension and confusion has lasted for weeks. Some messages speak about a coup d'etat but others say that Ramirez withdrew for health's reasons. The ban on radio sets in motorcars has been lifted in Great Britain.

28/2-1944/ 1.= pm. Richard Wessel.

Bad weather is still restricting fighting in Italy. Main news of Russian progress is in the North and the Russians are making more headway on the way to Pskov. The Finns report 2 more air attacks on their towns. The Japanese put up no opposition against our air attacks on Rabaul.
Radio Oranje 1 pm. In de afgeloopen
0460bij aanvallen die met een onderbreking van slechts eenige uren dag en nacht duurden werden 17000 tons bommen geworpen. De totale vliegtuigverliezen aan geallieerd zijde bedragen 417 toestellen waarvan 148 bommenwerpers van de RAF, 232 bommenwerpers der Amerikanen en 37 Amerikaansche jagers terwijl tusschen de 600 en 700 Duitsche jagers werden vernield. Door het slechte weer duurt de betrekkelijke rust aan het Italiaansche front voort. De Japansche basis Rabaul werd eerst door de vloot gebombardeerd en daarna uit de lucht. De Geallieerde blokkade van de Bismarck Archipel is doeltreffend van 50 tot 60000 Japanners beginnen aan alles gebrek te krijgen. Het pas door de Russen bevrijdde gebied is zeer groot namelijk 13000 vierkante km en strekt zich uit tot aan de spoorlijn Leningrad Witebsk terwijl men 70 km van de grens van Letland is. De sleutelstelling Pskof is in groot gevaar. De Russen rukken over een front van 150 km ....[?] 40 tot 100 km diep op. Ten Westen van Kholun [?] bevinden zich uitgestrekte moerasgronden. Pr. Juliana is Curacao per vliegtuig aangekomen28/2/1944
0461Het verslag hierover werd gegeven door George Sluizer. Zij werd verwelkomd door den Gouverneur Castell en de Admiraal der Am. vloot. Gisteren heeft zij den dienst in de Ned. Herv. kerk bijgewoond en voor de ...[?] gesproken. Parade van 6000 militairen en burgers werd tevens door H.K.H. afgenomen. Vrijdag zal Pr. Juliana Venezuela bezoeken op uitnodiging van den president. Vervolgens berichten aan zeevarenden.

Radio België 1.15 Over verzet in Frankrijk en de cultureele kwestie in Vlaanderen.
28/2/1944George Sluizer
046229-2-1944. 6.= pm. The radio has been repaired and now in good condition again.

British based American Flying Fortresses renewed their attacks against aircraft factories in Germany today by attacking aircraft part and component plants at Brunswick today. A new force known as the Air Defense of Great Britain is now in action against enemy attacks on this country. In Italy 600 sorties were flown by our planes whereas the enemy flew none over our beachhead. The Russians are nearing the outer defenses of Pskov. Military objectives in the Pas de Calais area of France were again attacked by heavy bombers, medium and light bombers as well as fighters also took part. In Italy heavies are still kept grounded by the bad weather. Shipping on both side of the Adriatic was attacked. 3 of our planes are missing. By the 8th Army some high ground was taken and patrols were active. The position in our beachhead was improved and our gunners engaged some enemy positions and had successes
29/2/1944For repared read repaired
0463in doing so. In Northern Russia the Russians have reached the outer defenses of Pskov. In the North, North East and East they are still some 20 miles from the town. In this area nearly 500 places were captured. The Red Air Force was very active. The Germans put up stiff resistance. A little further South the Russians are less than 40 miles from the Latvian border. 200 more places were captured on this front. Position [?] of position was overrun by them. Marshal Stalin has sent a message to President Roosevelt thanking him for his congratulations on Red Army Day. It is reported from Stockholm that the Finish Parliament is meeting in Helsinki. From operations over Burma not one of our planes is missing. Colonel Knox announced further blows to Japanese shipping in the Pacific. During the last month 128 Japanese ships were sunk or seriously damaged and since the beginning of the war the Japanese have lost over 3.000.000 tons of shipping. In the Commons the air estimates were presented today and the Secretary for air announced that the whole time spent by a German bomber over this country is not more than 20 minutes.29/2/1944Knox
0464The Secretary also gave details about the air battles over Germany. In last year's bombing operations over 2500 bombers were lost and have not returned. The number of personnel killed or made prisoner is 18000 which is less than in one day's battle on the Somme in the last war. Stafford Cripps spoke about the aid to China in the Mansion House. Quadruplets were born in England.

1 3-1944. 1.= pm.

No 169. end Works Wonders program Frederick Allen

According to the communique from Italy the enemy renewed his strong pressure against the beachhead. The Russians are now 6 miles from one side of Pskov and 10 miles from the other side. From the Pacific a landing is reported on the Admiralty Islands. Against the 5th Army beachhead the enemy attempted the breaching of our beachhead without success. From the main front patrols are reported. Viterbo has been bombed as well as gun positions and
1/3/1944Mansion House
Admiralty Islands
0465troop concentrations. We destroyed 6 enemy planes and 6 of ours are missing. Our planes flew 700 sorties against 30 by the enemy over the beachhead. The weather was clear for the first time in 6 days. The Russians reported substantial progress in the direction of Pskov which they are reaching from 3 sides. It is also being outflanked from the South where 30 miles below it an important place was captured. The Germans are resisting fiercely round Pskov. Yesterday more than 250 places were captured. Renewed fighting took place down in the Dnjepr bend where 70 places around Krivoy Rog were taken. 18 tanks or armoured cars were burnt out or destroyed. The Russians publish the terms on which they are prepared to conclude an armistice with Finland and the conditions are the internment of German troops in Finland if necessary with the help of Russia, renewal of the 1940 agreement as far as frontiers etc are concerned. It is reported there are still 7 divisions in Finland from the Germans. MacArthur's men have landed N.W. of Rabaul and 1300 miles away from the1/3/1944
0466Philippines in the Admiralty group of islands. The men were carried in fast destroyers an airfield was captured. MacArthur himself was present when the attack began. The End of the campaign in the Bismarck Archipelago is in sight. Excluding those in the Solomons 50000 Japanese are surrounded.

Radio Oranje 1.== pm

Finland begon met de voorbereidingen voor de eventueele onderhandelingen hoewel ze nog niet plaatsvinden. Er is kans op officieele onderhandelingen tusschen Finland en Rusland. Nieuws uit het ondergrondse blad "Ons Volk" werd gegeven.

Radio België 1.15 nm. Quisling kroniek omtrent het aangekondigde optreden te Antwerpen van John Amery de best betaalde kracht in duitschen dienst nog meer dan Lord HawHaw. Renegaat zoon van minister Amery. 48 bekeuringen autorijder sloeg een chauffeur neer en vernielde auto. Filmdirecteur failleerde in 1937 door wanbeheer reisjes Berlijn, Weenen, Parijs, St. Moritz. In Berlijn was z'n vriendin een vrouw van een Turk die door zijn toedoen zelfmoord pleegde. Juwelenoplichting
1/3/1944Admiralty Group

John Amery
Ons Volk
04672.45 pm. Holl. berichten

Gisterenavond luchtalarm in London weinig schade geen slachtoffers. Ruben [?] ... [?] uit Caracas bericht dat Pr. Juliana Vrijdag in Venezuela zal aankomen. Finl. moet betrekkingen met Duitschland verbreken. Alle Duitsche schepen en troepen interneren. Russische en Geallieerde krijgsgevangenen en geïnterneerde burgers direct vrijgeven en naar huis zenden. Over kwestie van schade aan Russisch bezet gebied zal eerst te Moskou onderhandeld worden. Ook over kwestie van demobilisatie en Petsamo. Oplossing Finsche geschil in eerste plaats een kwestie die Finland aangaat. Marinemedewerkers over landing op Admiraliteitseilanden.

3.= Engelsch
04681-3-1944. 6. pm.

The 3rd German attack against our beachhead seems to have started Monday night. Greek patriots led by a British officer have wrecked a train killing 400 troops. Marauders have for a loss of 13 planes dropped 3200 tons of bombs. The Finns had nothing to say about the armistice conditions offered to them.

Heavy fighting took place at noon yesterday 10 miles inland from Anzio where the Germans attacked with tanks and infantry and which seems to be a major operation. On Monday patrols were active. A terrific artillery barrage was used by the Germans and heavy exchanges of artillery continue in the beachhead. The long range shelling of the port of Anzio had reached a new pitch with a shell falling about every 5 minutes.On the main front patrols continue as well as artillery duels. On the 8th Army front the position is similar. The railways near Rome and Viterbo airfield north of the capital were bombed. A German armoured train has been wrecked in Greece. It was known
1/3/1944Viterbo Airport
0469that a train was to leave Athens on the 22nd of February with high officers for Germany. The British military mission in Greece took measures to undermine the track which done over a length of 300 yards. The operation was completely successful about 400 officers and men including a general were killed and others wounded. Allied casualties were only 3. SS troops were ordered from Larissa who surrounded the district. The Finns have kept silence on the terms for the armistice offered to them by the Russians. The Finish cabinet has however reclined an note of Agreement. Eventually a Swedish industrialist arranged for the terms of the armistice to be handed to the Finish representative by Mad. Kollontai Soviet representative at Stockholm. It is reported that of the 7 German divisions in Finland there are 3 mountain divisions including one SS div. The Finish army is said to be 15 divisions. Before the presentation of the armistice terms to Finland there have been consultations and meetings about some by the British and Finish governments. This afternoon a special1/3/1944Kollontai
0470plane has arrived in Stockholm bringing some public men from Finland including the Director of the Bank of Finland. The Russians are now only 30 miles from the Latvian border and near Pskov. The Germans are counterattacking.1/3/1944
04712/3/1944. 1.= pm. Joseph Macleod

Our bombers bombed Stuttgart in strength last night and our Mosquitoes went to Munich. A very strong force went to Stuttgart and large fires were seen burning. 4 planes are missing. Our Mosquitoes also attacked targets in Northern France and the Low Countries. Marauders escorted by Typhoons bombed military objectives in N. France today. There were some enemy raiders over South East England and the Greater London area. 5 enemy planes including a JU 88 and JU 188 were brought down. Allied troops held a powerful German thrust against the centre of our Anzio bridgehead and the enemy maintained his pressure all round the beachhead. The whole area of out Anzio beachhead is low lying and presents little cover. The Germans in all used 3 divisions in their attacks over a 1000 yard front. Weather in Italy is changeable from bright sunshine to heavy rain. 170 sorties were flown by our planes but none by the enemy. Not one of our planes is missing. From the other main fronts across Italy patrolling
2/3/1944Joseph Macleod
0472is reported. The Russians have crossed the river Narva and broken through the German defense line south of the city. On the West bank of the Narva a bridgehead has been formed about 20 miles wide and 10 miles deep. The advance towards Pskov continues and over 70 places and villages were captured on this front. There is now only one railway leading South at the disposal of the Germans but the Russians are only a few miles away from it. Fighting takes also place near Vitebsk where the Russians are on one side only 5 miles from the town. In the Malacca Straits a Japanese aircraft carrier has been sunk by one of our submarines. American troops on the Admiralty Islands have successfully consolidated their position. A Japanese attack against the airfield occupied has been repelled. British and American war supplies to Turkey have stopped.

Radio Oranje 1= pm.

Citaten uit Vrij Nederland o.a. omtrent onderduikers en de guerillas in Zuid Borneo.
04731.15 Radio België Beschouwing over de toestand in Italië en tevens causerie over Christendom, Humanisme en Kultuur

3.= pm. Stuttgart was raided by 600 bombers last night. American Marauders went with escorting planes to South West Germany today. About a 100 German bombers were over this country last night. The Finish government has published the Russian armistice terms but considered them too severe. The news about a possibility of Finland dropping out of the war caused a tremendous impression in Bulgaria. In the attacks against our beachhead the Germans used Tiger tanks. Tito's forces have pushed the Germans out of a town 60 miles South of Zagreb and also captured an airfield. Grigg spoke about the army in Britain in the Commons. Details were given about a new film called "Naples the battlefield".

2/3 6.= pm. Wardell

More than 600 planes went to Germany last night. A 6th enemy plane was shot down
2/3/1944James Grigg
0474over the Channel. Our counterattacks in Italy have won back ground lost. Beyond the Jap carrier an cruiser was also sunk and 2 supply ships damaged. The Secretary for War has introduced the army estimates in the Commons. Today is Luftwaffe Day in Germany. Stuttgart was raided by Lancasters and Halifaxes and as our planes went late to Germany, some crews came back after sunrise. Ground defenses were not very strong in Stuttgart which has a population of half a million. Stuttgart was also heavily attacked on February 20th. Coastal command Wellingtons have made an attack on an abandoned German supply ship off the Dutch coast. Flying Fortresses and Liberators went today to SW Germany. Bombs last night were dropped over widely scattered areas. One Mosquito who should have gone on leave but stayed another day shot down 2 planes. Very heavy fighting takes part in the Anzio beachhead but the Germans are now losing what ground they gained. The attacks started Tuesday morning over a 1000 yard front. The infantry rode on the tanks jumping of when approaching our minefields to clear them. They advanced2/3/1944
04751500 yards but later on the Americans counterattacked regaining a 1000 yards and still fighting forward. The Germans paid a heavy price through our terrific artillery. 500 prisoners were taken and the losses in men killed are very heavy indeed. Our troops hit back hard and had the better of the fighting. Hitler's communique says nothing about the Russian break through in the Narva sector. The Russians forced a crossing of the river and the railway line 10 miles west of Narva has been cut. Finnish radio has given comments on the armistice term which are unfavourable. The stiffness in the papers is no doubt intended to back up Finnish delegation.2/3/1944
04763.3-1944. 6= pm. Stuart Hibberd

The Allied lines in the Anzio beachhead in Italy are back where they were when Kesselring started his offensive. The Finns have given more unfavourable comments on the Russian armistice terms. Britain and America are considering to hand over 1/3 of the Italian fleet to Russia.

In Italy our positions remain intact and after 3 days of fighting we have in the terms of the enemy secured a complete defensive success. We used more aircraft than ever before in any cooperation operation and wave after wave of our bombers went in attacking the enemy positions. Correspondents report that over 30000 splinter bombs were dropped. Nearly the whole Middle East Air Force was turned against the German positions. Flying Fortresses also attacked railways outside Rome and no enemy planes were seen. The Greek guerilla troops have now decided to work together and have united. In Algiers sentences have been passed on 11 officers and men who managed concentration camps. 4 death sentences
0477were given and in the other cases penal servitude and hard labour. In Russia the main progress on the Pskov front where the Russians are advancing beyond the railway line and are a few miles from Pskov and the Latvian border. They also pressed further onto Pskov and also to Narva.

Discussions have been going on said president Roosevelt to transfer some tonnage to Russia viz. 1/3 rd part of the tonnage as Italy capitulated not only to Britain and the USA but also to Russia. There is still no official statement from the Finnish Government on the armistice terms but the comments from the Finnish press which are given over the radio are unfavourable. From Moscow no Soviet comment is given but Sweden does not consider it wise to wait. The alternative to accepting the Russian terms for the Finns is the renewal of the offensive against Finland. American bombers have again been to Germany today and also bombed targets in N. France including 4 airfields and other military objectives Two aircraft factories one at .... NW of Paris and at ....... were bombed last
0478night. Our Mosquitoes were also active and mines were laid as well. In Northern Burma American bombers have been busy but there is very little news of land fighting. None of our aircraft were lost in this theater. American troops who recently landed on the Admiralty Islands have now been reinforced considerably and bombers from bases nearby have also been active. It has been reported that Stettinius is to come to London to discuss a dozen of questions as was announced by President Roosevelt. In the Commons criticism was given on the Pension Bill.3/3/1944Edward Stettinius
04796/3/1944. 1.= pm. Frederick Allen

The Germans suffered a shattering defeat in the Western Ukraine where over a front of 100 miles 12 divisions were routed. Our Mosquitoes went to Western Germany. Military objectives in the Pas de Calais area were attacked by some 200 Marauders yesterday. None of our aircraft is missing. In Italy weather curtailed all activity but patrolling takes place on the main 5th Army front. Middle East aircraft flew 250 sorties and no planes are missing. Only 4 enemy planes were seen over the battlefield. Rabaul was heavily bombed again. On New Guinea our troops are within 50 miles from Madang. Our planes also attacked Hollandia in Dutch New Guinea. A report by Richard Sharp and read by Godfrey Talbot was given about operations behind the Japanese lines in Burma which are carried out by coloured men from West Africa as Gold Coast, Nigeria, Sierra Leone and so on. They go barefooted and are big men.
6/3/1944Gold Coast
0480In Russia the vital railway link to Southern Russia is almost cut. In Italy small enemy attacks against the beachhead have been repelled. 14 enemy planes were destroyed yesterday in our attacks against German basis used for attacks on our convoys. At the end of the news the history of Big Ben was given.

Impossible to listen to Radio Oranje and Radio Belge.
0481Owing to illness unable to listen during the past week.

14/3/1944. 1.= pm. Wardell

Halifaxes bombed railway yards at Le Mans 110 miles southwest of Paris. Frankfurt and other objectives in Western Germany were also bombed by Mosquitoes and mines were laid too. 3 bombers are missing. Cherson has been captured. There was slight enemy activity over coastal districts. In Italy patrols were active on all fronts. The weather has improved and our heavy bombers have attacked railway yards and also road and rail transport. Coastal Command aircraft bombed a.o. the docks at San Stefano. 3 enemy planes were destroyed and we lost 6 aircraft. Our planes made 1000 flights and only 45 enemy planes were seen over the battlefield. Cherson was captured yesterday under extraordinary difficult weather conditions. The Russians
0482broke into Cherson yesterday morning street fighting started and by sunset yesterday Cherson itself had been cleared completely of Germans. In one week 25000 German dead were found on the battlefield and the Germans are being pressed out of the Dnjepr bend. The Russians are also beyond Krivoy Rog and Kirovohrad and beyond Uman toward the river Bug. Another offensive leads from Vinnytsja and the Russians are also around the junction of Poskaerow [?]. The Russians hold the railway between Poskaerow [?] and Tarnopol. There is still some Japanese resistance on Los Negros and on Bougainville the Japanese try to inflict casualties on the American ground troops. Air raids have been carried out on Wake Island and islands in the Marshalls. The story of sergeant Jack Denvir was read. Denvir was in the expeditionary force which fought in Greece, made prisoner but escaped to Slovenia where he fought with the partisans.14/3/1944Tarnopol

Jack Denvir
For Jack Denver read Jack Denvir (Probably)
For Tarnopol read Ternopil
048315/2 1.= pm. Richard Wessel

The enemy reports that American bombers were over North West Germany this morning and that big battles take place near Hannover. Soviet forces are inflicting heavy losses on the German divisions cut off in the Ukraine during the retreat. They are closing in on Mykolajiv and Vinnytsja and the middle Bug. Mosquitoes went to Dusseldorf. A number of German stations were off the air today and they reported that strong formations of American bombers are approaching Hannover. 13 planes were destroyed in raids on this country last night which were on about the same scale as before. Some American troops had their first experience of an air raid in London. It has first been announced that medium sized forces of heavy bombers went to attack targets in Central Germany strongly escorted. In Russia 10000 Germans were found killed and 4000 prisoners were taken. The Russians are also pushing rapidly on towards Cherson and coming 20
0484miles in a day and are now to within 20 miles from Mykolajiv. On the upper Bug a close threat is developing to Vinnytsja from which place the Russians are only 10 miles away. Our Allies also fought their way forward to Poskaerow [?]. In the Anzio beachhead our front lines have been improved and an enemy pocket cleared out. A dozen prisoners were taken who suffered from trench feet and appeared to be badly fed through supply difficulties. Our air forces made 900 flights. 4 enemy planes were destroyed and one of ours is missing. In the Pacific over 100 Allied bombers attacked for the third time Wewak in New Guinea. In these 3 raids over 500 tons of bombs were dropped and 65 Zero fighters shot down. Over Rabaul 5 fighters were shot down the first in a week. The strike position in the Welsh coalfields is improving. 80% of the men will be at work this afternoon. The Admiralty announced that we attacked a strongly escorted enemy convoy in the Strait of Dover last night. The attack at once sinking 1 supply ship,15/3/1944Wewak
0485damaging 2 more supply ships and also 2 R-boats. All our ships returned to harbour without casualties. Today is the anniversary of the Hungarian revolution in 1884. Our Mosquitoes returned without loss from Dusseldorf. Enemy planes were mainly over Southern and South East England with London as the main target.

16/3/1944. 1.= pm. Frederick Allen.

More than 1000 heavy bombers flew out last night to attack targets in Germany and North Eastern France. Over 3000 tons of bombs were dropped with Stuttgart the main target. 40 of our planes are missing. Munich was also raided and railway targets at Amiens. At Stuttgart there are the Bosch and Daimler Benz factories. The Western air offensive seems to be kept up today as planes have been seen flying out. There was little activity over the country last night. At Cassino there is stiff opposition against our infantry and tanks who are following up yesterday's bombing of the town.
16/3/1944Hungarian revolution in 1848For 1884 read 1848 (probably)
0486In the Anzio beachhead we attacked two enemy positions and held them. Our planes flew 2500 sorties and only some 40 German planes were seen over the battlefield. Sofia was heavily bombed yesterday and 6 of our planes are missing. In Russia a 60 mile stretch of the German front in the Ukraine has been caved [?] in. Over some 40 miles near Uman the river Bug has been reached. The crossing of the Bug started early yesterday and a small bridgehead was formed and later on others as well. The Germans rushed in tanks and self propelled guns and the Russians are now 20 miles beyond the Western bank of the river Bug. They are also within 10 miles of the main line from the Black Sea and 30 miles from the Dnjepr and the border of Bessarabia near Mykolajiv. The Russians are 16 miles from the lower regions of the Bug. Thousands of Germans have been killed. 35 tanks captured and 1000 railway wagons with war materials. They are also closing in on Vinnytsja from 3 sides. A German secret service agent was executed today. He was sent to this16/3/1944
0487country to find out bomb damage and public morale. He came to this country on Nov. 1st by plane from Lisbon. He is the 14th spy to be executed in Britain during the present war. A report by Nickson [?] dated 2-3-1944 was read by Maurice Shillington about the crossing of the Chindwin River in Burma. The river was crossed without a shot being fired. The country is very difficult with mountains 7000 feet high and only 5 1/2 miles covered in a day. The trip to cross the river lasted 18 days and during 8 days there was rain day and night. Supplies had to be dropped by plane.16/3/1944
048820/3/1944 1.= pm. R. Wessel

The Germans managed to reinforce their strong points in Cassino and regained some ground. Heavy fighting continues. The Red Army's biggest success yesterday was the crossing of the Dnjepr over a 40 mile front. On the Italian front fierce fighting continues in Cassino and on the other 5th Army front sharp fighting takes place but no changes in the front. On the 8th Army patrols were active. Our planes flew 1800 sorties against some 80 by the enemy. We destroyed 22 planes and 17 of ours are missing. Docks near Trieste were bombed and and also railway installations between Florence and Rome. American naval forces were active west of Cassino. Pucheu was executed by a firing squad this morning. His appeal was rejected. The preparations are being made to evacuate places on the foot of the Vesuvius where the position is serious. Cergy a railway depot 25 miles North of Paris was bombed
20/3/1944PucheuFor Crey read Cergy (probably)
0489Allied planes were crossing and recrossing the coast over the Channel. This morning Mosquitoes went to Central and Western Germany last night and also went sea mining all without loss. There was some activity over Coastal districts last night. Some damage was caused but no one was hurt. 7 enemy planes were brought down over this country and one over the Channel. The Russians have crossed the broad river Dnjestr after crossing the Bug last week and are now advancing on the Prut. The Dnjestr which is very wide was crossed in a day; over a more than 60 miles front it was reached and crossed over a 30 miles front. Over 40 places in Bessarabia were captured. On the Eastern bank of the river more upstream Mohyliv-Podilskyi an important town and railway crossing was reached and the Russians are only 45 miles away from the Rumanian frontier. Vinnytsja is more threatened than ever before (the German High Command announced at 2 pm they had left the city!) There is no news about the pressure on Mykolajiv.20/3/1944Mohyliv Podilskyi
0490In the Barents Sea the Russians sunk 2 supply ships, 2 escort vessels and damaged two more supply ships by planes. 6 Russian planes were lost and 15 German planes were brought down. All vital areas in the Admiralty Islands are now in America hands. Liberators made a 2 hour attack on Surabaya. Wewak got another attack for the 8th successive day. Rabaul got a day and night attack. Ministry of Food announced that home produced jam is off rations and on points. In the Central Mediterranean French naval ships sunk at least 3 ships.20/3/1944
049121/3/1944 1.= pm. Fred Allen

Latest war reports are about the Italian fighting and the Western air offensive. The struggle for Cassino continues. The enemy is fighting stubbornly in his reinforced strong points. In the Anzio beachhead we made two successful raids on enemy positions. From the 8th Army strong patrol clashed are reported. Our bombers attacked railway targets in Central Italy and 3 ports on the West coast of Italy below Leghorn. 3 planes are missing and we flew 1100 sorties. About 50 enemy planes were active over the battlefield and we destroyed 6 planes. The Finns report in an official communique that they have rejected the Russian terms. In their decision the Finnish Government were backed by a note of Parliament. The Hungarians started broadcasting again today. Hitler made demands on the Hungarians who visited him in his headquarters and have not yet returned since Saturday. The German retreat on the Russian front is hampered.
0492The Russians are enlarging their bridgehead on the Western bank of the Dnjestr into Bessarabia. The fall of Vinnytsja is reported and Mohyliv-Podilskyi has also been captured. Bomber Command sent out a small number of Lancasters to bomb an explosives factory near Bordeaux. Mosquitoes were also sent out and returned without loss. Our large guns fired 140 rounds in an hour on German shipping in the Channel. From the 1st April there is a ban on visits to a coastal belt 10 miles from the Wash down along the South to Land's End. Also the Firth of Forth. In the Far East British submarines have sunk 7 vessels whereas two supply ships were torpedoed off the East coast of Sumatra a gun battle was fought with a large riverboat. Our bombers in the S.W. Pacific smashed a convoy trying to sent reinforcements to Wewak. Wewak itself was bombed for the 9th day running. Rabaul was also bombed. Many air attacks were carried out on an atoll in the Mid Pacific Marshal Islands. BBC ......[?] Holl. 11.45 en 2.4521/3/1944
049322/3/1944 1.= pm. Joseph Macleod

Bitter hand to hand fighting still goes on in and around Cassino. Sharp patrol clashes take place on the 8th Army front. Railway installations in and around Rome were Bombed. At Tarquinia North West of Rome a bridge was destroyed. 4 enemy planes were destroyed and 4 Allied planes are missing. Allied planes made 800 sorties against some 40 enemy planes active over the battlefield. On account of the eruption of the Vesuvius 14000 people are to be evacuated. 2 places have been swallowed by the lava streams. Of San Sebastiano only the spire of the church can be seen. The lava goes 1200 feet up into the air and the column of steam going up from the crater is 1 1/2 mile high. In attacks on this country 9 enemy raiders were destroyed. The attack was mainly against London, East and South East England and Bath. Incendiaries and high explosives were dropped. Casualties and damage are reported. Mosquitoes last night bombed objectives in Western
0494Germany and went sea mining. All returned without loss. The air offensive seems to be kept up this morning and many German radio stations were off the air. Big guns on the Channel fired 100 round last night. The Germans replied. In Russia the Red Army is 20 miles beyond the Dnjestr and 40 places were captured. The bridgehead on the West bank of the Dnjestr stretched from Mohyliv-Podilskyi to Saroky [?]. The one main railway in Bessarabia has been cut and the Russians are within 20 miles of the important junction. German counterattacks to halt the Russian advance failed. On the Ukrainian side of the Dnjestr North of Mohyliv the Germans are retreating. The Russians are also pressing on beyond Vinnytsja. On the middle lower Bug Germans bridgeheads still exist but Russian forces are within 5 and 10 miles of them. Finland's rejection of the Russian armistice terms was followed late last night by a communique from Moscow. All Japanese bases in the Bismarck Archipelago are now cut off. A Liberator on night patrol found a Japanese convoy of New Guinea.22/3/1944
0495The total number of people killed in road accidents during February is 554 and injured over 9000. 8 collieries in Yorkshire are idle today and some 14000 miners are out.

23/3/1944. 1.= pm. R. Wessel

Bomber Command sent over 1000 aircraft to Germany last night. The attack was well concentrated and mainly directed against Frankfurt. Our Mosquitoes were over Berlin and Western Germany. Frankfurt is the centre of the chemical industry also an important railway centre with a population of 1/2 a million. Mosquitoes coming later also dropped some 4000 pounders into Frankfurt. The heavy attack lasted half an hour. Our Mosquitoes coming from Berlin saw Frankfurt burning from 200 miles away. 33 of our planes are missing. Today many planes were seen flying out over the East coast and the enemy reported our planes over West, North West and Central Germany. Berlin was still burning from the daylight attack when our Mosquitoes were over it.
0496A report was given about the landing of our Lancasters on an airfield. From Dover great columns of black smoke were seen over the French coast. In raids on this country one raider was destroyed. Small damage was caused but no one was hurt. The enemy sent over a small number of planes. Hard fighting continues at Cassino. A counterattack was repulsed and prisoners were taken. Heavy bombers attacked Balagua [?] and Verona and mediums bridges whereas fighters attacked railway yards in Greece and shipping on the Dalmatian coast. Our planes made 1000 sorties and some 60 enemy planes operated over the battlefield. 7 planes were destroyed and we lost 4 planes. Both Antonescus [?] were summoned to Hitler's headquarters and there are reports about more troops into Slovakia and Romania. The newly formed government in Hungary is under the leading of the minister at Berlin. A German beachhead around the Bug was wiped out. Only 2 other bridgeheads remain on the Eastern side of the Bug23/3/1944Ion Antonescu
0497but these are drastically compressed. One of the bridgeheads is at Mykolajiv. In Bessarabia 15 more places were captured. The position of the Russians at Mohyliv on the Ukrainian side of the Bug has been improved. The Russians are pushing on slowly beyond Vinnytsja notwithstanding repeated counterattacks and German reserves brought up. General George Marshall said that the American air force is rapidly gaining superiority in the air in all theaters of war where it is employed. The recent Japanese drive in Burma has taken them into an Indian province. In the Chin Hills the Japanese crossed the Chindwin river. No major engagement has so far taken place and hard fighting is ahead.23/3/1944Chin Hills
049828/3/1944. 1.= pm. Frank Philips

Last night Bomber Command Mosquitoes attacked targets in the Ruhr and returned without loss. This was the second consecutive after dark attack. Enemy planes were over West and South West England, South Wales and parts of the East coast. In one London area a short alert was sounded and it is now known that 11 enemy planes were destroyed. In yesterday's raids on airfields over France between Paris and the Spanish frontier 42 enemy planes were destroyed viz 4 by bombers and 38 by the fighters. 10 American fighters and 6 bombers were lost. In Russia Zhukov's army is across the Dnjestr and in other parts the Red Army is only from the high peaks of the Carpathians and 3 or 4 miles from Chernivtsi, the capital of the Bukovina. Between the Prut and the middle Dnjestr 100 places were captured and the Russians are closing in on Mykolajiv. Communique from General Alexander reports three small enemy attacks against our beachhead which were repulsed. Our planes made some 1400 sorties and 55 enemy planes were active over
0499the battlefield. Our planes attacked railway bridges, shipping etc. and we destroyed 2 enemy planes losing 3 ourselves. Marshal Tito reports the capture of an island south of Split and violent fighting in Eastern Bosnia. In the South West Pacific widespread bombing takes place at Wewak and Rabaul. The amount raised so far in the "Salute to Soldier-week"is over £ 73.000.000.-.=.28/3/1944
05003/4/1944 1.= pm. Wardell

The Russians are pursuing the Germans and their Allies on Rumanian soil. Mr. Molotow made an important statement yesterday about Russian - Rumanian relations. He said that the Russian forces had reached the river Prut and crossed it in several sectors. The time is therefore near he said that the natural frontier between Russia and Romania will be restored. The Russian High Command has given the Russian forces instructions to pursue the enemy. Mr. Molotow also said that the Russians do not wish Rumanian territory. At the conference were present 30 Allied correspondents and also 2 Japanese who however did not ask questions. It was also said that the social structure of Romania will remain the same. Many Germans and Rumanians were drowned in the Prut. Places were also captured in the foothills of the Carpathians. The Russians are only 20 miles away from Odessa. Only one crossing of the Dnjestr remains in German hands. The Mediterranean air forces were out in
3/4/1944ProetFor Proet or Proeth read Prut or Pruth
0501strength yesterday. 2200 sorties were made but no enemy planes were seen over the battlefield. A heavy force of heavy bombers attacked the Daimler Puch ball bearing works at Steyr. Rly targets in Yugoslavia were also attacked. Lighter planes attacked a number of targets in the battle area more than 100 enemy planes were destroyed and we lost 33 planes. Yesterday night Leghorn and San Stefano were also bombed. An attack against the left flank of our beachhead was repelled. The position was quiet on other fronts. Light forces of the French navy destroyed an entire convoy and its escort in the Adriatic. The Air Ministry gave details about last month's work. Over 8000 aircraft took part in the operations and 28000 tons of bombs were dropped which mean 1000 tons nearly every night. Last month's record was thousand heavy bombers and 3000 tons of bombs. In 28 nights out of 31 Mosquitoes were out. On 21 nights targets in occupied territory were bombed. It was also the most active month of sea mining. The weather was described as good on only 9 nights and on 6 nights bases in this country were fogbound. On 29 days fighter3/4/1944
0502sweeps were made. Japanese Central Pacific bases Truk and Ponape were attacked. In the South West Pacific bombing was held up by bad weather. The latest raid on Rabaul was a heavy one. In New Guinea the Allied forces advancing on Madang are only 20 miles away from this Japanese base. The number of Japanese cut off is estimated at 100000 who are in a very difficult position with 9 ships out of every 10 trying to supply them being sunk.3/4/1944
0503Arrested 5/4-1944 released 8/4/1944.
unable to listen.

11/4-1944 6.= pm. Wardell

Up to 2000 aircraft of which half American bombers have been into Germany today. Marauders attacked targets over the Channel last night. 900 planes chiefly Halifaxes and Liberators attacked railway targets in France and Belgium and dropped over 3600 tons of bombs. A record quantity so far. Fortresses and Liberators penetrated deep into Germany today. Aircraft factories at Aschersleben near Magdeburg and Leipzig were bombed. Fierce air battles took place. Charleroi was raided by Marauders and also military objectives in the Pas de Calais area. Mosquitoes were also over the Ruhr and Hannover last night. From last night's operations only 9 planes were lost. 7 enemy planes were destroyed by the bombers and 8 by the fighters. In Italy bad flying weather kept our heavy bombers grounded. Fighters attacked shipping off the Adriatic and Dalmatian coasts.
05042 small coastal ports were attacked. Over 900 flights were made and only 2 planes lost. Over battle area only 2 enemy planes were seen and one of them was destroyed. In Italy our troops repulsed enemy attacks N. West of Cassino. The Polish 2nd corps is being inspected in Italy by its Commander. The assault on the Crimea which the Russians announced only yesterday night has been going on for some days. There is now a 25 mile front in the Crimea. 6000 enemy troops were killed and 1000 captured. The Germans did their best to wreck Odessa which is now a mass of fires. The river Siret has been crossed and the Russians now hold a front of 120 miles in the Carpathians. Near Scala [?] 15 divisions are trapped. The Japanese keep up their pressure in Burma but no important changes take place. In Arakan the resistance is stronger. During last month 4500 sorties were made and during the first 10 days of this month 250 sorties per day. In the S.W. Pacific the major port of New Britain is now under our control and the Japanese are preparing their last positions around Rabaul. The Japanese lost about 5000 men killed and double the number11/4/1944
0505is sick and wounded. Minister Bevin discussed today the proposed amendments in the regulations to prevent strikes. The stoppage in many collieries ended today and tomorrow most pits will work again.

12/4/1944. 1.= pm. Grisewood

Last night another German railcentre was attacked when Bomber Command aircraft made a heavy attack on Aachen. The attack was a well concentrated one. Hannover was raided again and also objectives in Western Germany. Sea mines were also laid. 9 of our planes are missing. Yesterday during the day a great number of planes were out. 126 enemy planes were destroyed and also aircraft on the ground 64 bombers and 16 fighters were lost. The attacks were made over widespread areas and as far as Rostock and Stettin. Reports from the S. East coast say that our planes were out again early this morning. There was little activity over this country last night. In Italy bridges, supply dumps and shipping off the Dalmatian coast were bombed. 1100 sorties were made
0506and one plane was lost. 5 enemy planes were destroyed. A small attack N. West of Cassino was repulsed and our patrols were active on all fronts. In the Russian offensive against and on the Crimea advances up to 45 miles were made. Kertsj was also captured and the Russians are 20 miles inland from there and now stand before the last strong German defenses. The Germans and Rumanians are resisting stubbornly. The Russians are however steadily fighting forward. Dzhankoy an important railway junction was also captured and Kertsj itself was cleared within a few hours. Much booty was captured. The Russians are 10 miles SW out of Odessa. Torpedo bombers are now operating off the mouth of the Danube and fighting takes place in Tiraspol. The river Siret has been crossed and Pașcani captured. Lwow was raided by Russian night bombers. American losses on New Britain are given as 1500 and the Japanese amount to 15000. Rabaul was attacked by 200 aircraft. In the Marshalls 4 more attacks were taken. The strike of the Yorkshire mines is over. Engineering apprentices in Huddersfield are also returning to work. Stettinius had talks this morning. Germans announced Allied bombers over the Ruhr this morning.12/4/1944
050713/4/1944. 1.= pm. Wardell

Squadrons of Mosquitoes went out last night to raid Osnabrück which lies 80 miles West of Hannover. Other planes again went sea mining. 2 of our planes are missing. Steward McPherson present at the take-off of the Mosquitoes reported about some Bostons and Mitchells attacked at dawn this morning objectives in Northern France. Marauders escorted by Spitfires were also out attacking targets in France and Belgium. The Germans reported Allied aircraft over the Reich this morning. A small number of aircraft crossed the South East coast and some came to London. One enemy plane was destroyed. Yesterday Liberators and Fortresses shot down 10 planes and escorting fighters 16 planes making a total of 26. Intruders destroyed 2 planes last night. RAF Wellingtons from Italy bombed Budapest this morning and dropped 4000 lbs blockbusters. The railway yards were the main targets.
0508The Messerschmidt assembly factory at Wiener Neustadt was attacked yesterday. 500 heavy bombers took part in the operation yesterday. Zagreb, Split were also bombed and 2250 sorties were flown. In the land fighting patrol clashes are reported. The speed of the Red Army advance on the Crimea is phenomenal. The whole Kertsj Peninsula has been cleared of the enemy. The Russian maritime army played an important part and the Russian troops are within a dozen miles of Feodosija which was raided sharply by Russian planes of the Black Sea fleet. 3000 prisoners were taken and 2000 Germans killed. The Russian are now only miles from Simferopol after advancing from Dzhankoy along the railway line. There is little hope for the enemy in the Crimea to escape. The only nearest port is Constanța but this was bombed by a large force of heavy Russian bombers last night. Tiraspol has been captured, The Dnjestr crossed and nearly all places on the Eastern side of this river are in Russian hands whereas the Russians are also only a few miles from Chişinǎu. In Romania the Russians are advancing in the direction of13/4/1944Dzhankoy or Dzhankoi
0509Campulon [?]. Stockholm reports that Finland has rejected the Russian peace terms. National delegates of the Miner's Federation have agreed to accept the Government's 4 year wage plan.

15/4/1944. 1.= pm. Frank Philips

The spreading Russian advance in the Crimea has pushed the enemy troops into the Southern hills of the Peninsula. Last count of prisoners taken is well over 30000. General Vatutin died in Kiev one of the great cities he freed yesterday night.

Most of the Crimea is now in the hands of our Allies. The two Russian armies on the Crimea have now linked up in the centre. The Germans are now around Jalta and Sebastopol. The Russians are within 20 miles from Sebastopol and less than 20 miles from Jalta. One troop is advancing from Feodosija and covered 40 miles yesterday. Both armies formed up not far from Sebastopol. The total number of prisoners in the Crimea
0510is so far 41000. The Germans are retreating in panic and prisoners say German and Rumanian Generals are getting away by air. The Eastern bank of the Dnjestr has been cleared completely. Between Tarnopol and the upper Dnjestr 40 places were captured by the Russians. General Vatutin 38 years old and one of the most gifted of the younger Russian commanders died in Kiev after an operation yesterday night. New from Italy is mainly about the air war. Railway yards at Leghorn were bombed as well as 4 railway bridges, the airfield at Viterbo. Last night San Stefano on the Coast opposite Elba was bombed. Our aircraft made 1400 flights with a loss of 5 machines. Some 40 enemy planes were seen over the battle area and 4 were destroyed. Our patrols were active on all fronts. The Turks have said they will give an early reply to the American note on their trade with Germany. On New Guinea the Japanese are falling back on Madang. 250 tons of bombs were dropped in the Wewak area. Air attacks on the Carolines continue the main target being Truk. The Marshalls were also attacked. In the N. Pacific many attacks were made on an island 1100 miles from Tokyo. It has been stated that there was a fire every day last last year every hour in London not caused by the Germans and 80 % of these could have been avoided.15/4/1944
051117.4.1944 1.= pm. Frederich Allen

Allied bombers from Italy kept up their attacks on targets behind the Southern Russian front. Turnu Severin was attacked again by heavy American bombers. Railway yards in Central Romania 50 miles north of Ploesti were also bombed as well as airfields and an aircraft factory at Belgrade. Budapest was attacked too. Budapest reported that a steamer struck a mine in the Danube and consequently passenger steamer service has been suspended, Shipping of the Yugoslav coast was also attacked. In all 1800 sorties were made, 14 enemy planes destroyed and 30 lost. In Italy patrols are active on all fronts. A pillbox and its defenders as well as an ammunition dump were destroyed. Tito reports that a ......[?] hall was blown up whereby 80 Germans were killed. Over 600 hostages were shot. The Italian fascist press says that Mussolini is dangerously ill. He has detached himself from the world and is waiting for death to strike. On the Crimea Jalta was reached by the
0512Russians yesterday and since then German resistance has been short lined. The enemy was taken in the flanks. Many Germans and Rumanians surrendered and the total of prisoners is now over 40000. The Russians raided Sebastopol heavily especially port and station. Fresh Russian crossings of the lower Dnjestr have opened the way to Southern Bessarabia. Allied air attacks were made on New Guinea beyond Wewak and also on Timor further on New Britain, New Ireland, Bougainville, Truk Ponape and the Marshalls. At Ponape a tanker was sunk. In the Northern Pacific Isles North of Japan were bombed as well. General MacArthur has issued a statement that he did not seek and had not sought the office of President of the USA. On account of a dispute over Censorship Sydney was almost without newspapers this morning. The Cabinet is meeting at Canberra tomorrow. Robin Duff has completed a visit of American airfields and depots in a Fortress and described his impressions17/4/1944Ponape
Robin Duff
051318/4/1944 1.= pm. Wardell

Russian bombers have bombed Galaţi. The final assault against Sebastopol is being made. Our Mosquitoes went to Cologne last night.

Allied aircraft from Italy have bombed another target on the supply routes in the Balkans. Plovdiv also called Philippopel was bombed early this morning by Wellingtons and Liberators from Italy. In Italy itself our fighters made attacks across the Adriatic and also on railway targets and bridges in Italy. 2 heavy bombers and 8 other planes are missing from some 1600 flights made. On land an enemy raid in the Adriatic sector was repelled. Long range Russian bombers made an attack on Galaţi which place is guarding Ploesti. Many fires broke out and were seen burning. ....[?] the port also got direct hits. Not one plane was lost. On the Crimea the Russians are closing in swiftly for the final assault on Sebastopol. In the South East Russian forces are only 13 miles and in the East only 10 miles away from the place. In the North and
0514North East only a few miles. The Germans have strong defenses at Sebastopol and are fighting with their backs against the sea. On the lower Dnjestr new crossings were made in the direction of Chişinǎu. Last night our planes from this country also laid mines in enemy waters. One plane is missing. Australian patrols are moving in the direction of Madang on New Guinea and have advanced several miles without seeing a Japanese. Bombers from the Solomons have bombed Truk and Ponape and also positions in the Marshalls. The House of Commons re-assembled this morning after the recess. A statement on Service pay and allowances will be given next week. Buenos Aires has been the spy centre for South America for Japs and Germans. Robin Duff has been out in a Lightning and gave a description about his experiences.

1.= Radio Oranje
1.15 Radio Belge Kroniek Johan Fabricius
2.45 Radio BBC Nederl.
18/4/1944Robin Duff
051519.4.1944. 1.= pm. Stuart Hibberd

Bomber Command sent out more than 1000 aircraft last night attacking railway targets near Paris and elsewhere in Northern France. Mine laying took place on a large scale. Constanța was again bombed heavily by the Russians. Heavy attacks were carried out on railway targets in the outskirts of Paris and a large mine laying program was carried out. 14 of our planes are missing. Mosquitoes attacked targets in Berlin and Western Germany. 2 trawlers were sunk and damaged by Beaufighters off the Frisian islands. In raids on this country the enemy lost 13 aircraft. His attacks were chiefly against SE England and London. Casualties and damage are reported especially in a London hospital. Houses and shops were also damaged. In the Home counties a brewery and a garage were on fire.
0516An Intruder also shot down an aircraft over Holland last night. The enemy reported once again Allied bombers over the Reich this morning. Air battles were also reported. Yesterday's 2000 aircraft attacked an aircraft factory at Oranienburg near Berlin and a target further away. 19 bombers and 6 fighters are missing from these operations and 13 enemy planes were destroyed. Moscow reports further progress towards Sebastopol and a successful defense outside the Carpathians. On the Crimea Balaklava fell in Russian hands. East of Stanislaw the Germans are counterattacking. One Russian unit alone repelled 15 counterattacks. The Germans sent dive bombers to help in this area. From the Russian raid on Constanța only one of their bombers is missing. In Italy the bad weather stopped practically air activity. 9 enemy planes were destroyed and we lost 8. 4 enemy raids against our beachhead positions were repulsed with heavy loss19/4/1944For Stanislaw read Ivano-Frankivsk
0517and our patrols remain active. It is now known that mines were laid in the Danube last week and barges were also strafed, a dozen were put out of action. News from the S.W. Pacific is all about air attacks. Rabaul was attacked, also New Britain and the Carolines. All without opposition. Washington announced that 15 more Japanese ships were sunk by USA U-boats.

20/1(?)/1944 1.= pm. John Snagge
At Sebastopol the Germans try hard to evacuate as many troops as they can by sea and air but the Russians are taking a heavy toll of them. The Germans are making considerable attempts to evacuate. The Russian air forces are continually over the port and co-operating with the Black Sea Navy. One bomber group alone sank 10 fairly big sized ships. 10 Junker transport planes were destroyed and 17 fighters shot down. The Germans sent out tanks under air cover along the road to Sebastopol
0518but were driven back by the Russians to their old positions. The Germans and Hungarians are attacking south and southeast of Stanislaw. All attacks were however repelled. 13 machines were shot down. Russian long distance bombers heavily raided Lwow. Allied naval forces attacked Sabang on Sumatra early yesterday morning. Our forces had no damage.The last attacks on Sabang were made 16 month ago by air bombers under admiral Summerville who also led the operations at Dunkirk and ... [?]. In Burma our troops surrounded at Kohima were relieved. In Italy Allied troops have made successful raids in the Anzio beachhead and the Adriatic sector. Bad weather curtailed air operations and 600 flights were made without loss. Florence was attacked and fighters attacked a factory in Yugoslavia. Wellingtons bombed Leghorn last night. There was a little activity over S.E. England but no one was seriously hurt. One plane was destroyed. In London the bus strike is still on and army lorries have conveyed people to their work. London Transport20/4/1944For Stanislaw read Ivano-Frankivsk
0519says the strike is unauthorized. A secret session of the Swedish Parliament was held yesterday and it is learned that will politely refuse the USA demand. Hitler is 55 years today.

21-4-1944. 1.=pm. Joseph Macleod
Bomber Command sent out more than 1100 aircraft last night against German railway centres at Cologne, near Brussels, outskirts of Paris and Pas de Calais. 16 aircraft are missing. In the London bus strike 400 men started work again but 2000 are still out. Last night was another night for the assault on Germany when railway targets in Germany, France and Belgium were attacked. In Belgium a centre 15 miles S. East of Brussels was attacked. Cologne was attacked through clouds. Mosquitoes bombed objectives at Berlin and also laid mines in enemy waters. Cologne is an important railway centre and Lancasters bombed it. A small number of aircraft were over Eastern and North Eastern districts
0520Some damage was done but no one was seriously injured. 3 planes were destroyed. Yesterday 2000 planes went out attacking military objectives in N. France and 9 bombers were lost. 4 enemy planes were destroyed. Marauders made 2 attacks and dropped 600 tons of bombs. The attacks were renewed today. Weather today is fine and sunny with the barometer higher. In N. Russia the Russians held attacks by the Germans against their bridgehead on the Western bank of the Narva but the Russians held firmly. 2000 Germans were killed, 10 dive bombers destroyed on the ground and 8 planes in the air. In Latvia 2 railway centres were bombed by the Russians. South West of Tarnopol the Russians attacked. The Russians coped with the attacks the Germans made near Stanislaw. The only news from the Crimea is of more blows by the Russian fleet air arm against shipping trying to leave Sebastopol. In Manchester 2 gas works are on strike.21/4/1944For Stanislaw read Ivano-Frankivsk
052122/4/1944 1.= pm. Frederick Allen

Strikes in London and Manchester seem to be almost over. Reports about air attacks on Bucharest and Turnu Severin. It is the 4th day of the German attacks in the foothills of the Carpathians.

London bus strike appears to be over and in the next hour Manchester gas workers will be back as well. From the Mediterranean the news is chiefly about the air war yesterday when railway yards at Bucharest were attacked and also the Danube parts of Turnu Severin. In Italy ammunition dumps and railway targets were attacked. 38 enemy planes were destroyed. We lost 8 bombers and 9 other planes. Patrols were aggressive in the land fighting. Tito reports hard fighting in Central Yugoslavia and Montenegro. Mosquitoes again attacked Cologne which had 1600 tons of bombs the night before. Mines were also laid. Our planes returned without loss. This morning fighters and bombers have been crossing the Channel. The Germans
0522attacked for the 4th day running in the foothills of the Carpathians and strong forces were thrown into the attacks. 68 tanks were destroyed and 1500 men killed. There is no news about the siege of Sebastopol but the Russians have continued to bomb oil refineries in Estancia [?] and have now bombed 3 refineries in two consecutive days. In 1941 the Russians destroyed the plants but the Germans got them working again last year. A story is told by a correspondent about the attack on Sabang. All Allied wounded have now been evacuated from Kohima. Monetary arrangements have now been made whereby a fund of 8000.000.000 $ will be formed. All countries agreed to proposals with the exception of Russia which however agreed later on. It is expected the fund will be well over £ 2000.000.000. A report was given about portable airfields for the construction of which still nothing is used. London bus services were normal again this morning.22/4/1944
052324/4/1944 1.= pm. St. Hibberd

Allied aircraft went again across the Channel this morning. In last night's attacks railway targets were again bombed 6 miles northeast of Brussels. Mines were also laid. Mosquitoes went to Mannheim which was attacked for the second night running. 6 of our planes are missing. Yesterday Mustangs and Thunderbolts raided targets from the Dutch coast to Bremen and the Ruhr Valley. Spitfire bombers bombed a viaduct near Amiens. Belgian and French targets were also attacked and our fighters penetrated deep into Eastern France 250 miles from the coast. Namur in Belgium was attacked yesterday night.
There were a small number of enemy planes over South and West England last night. 5 planes were destroyed. Bombs fell in several places and some damage was caused. There were also a small number of casualties. In attacks on Austria from Italy yesterday the bombers shot down 26 planes and the fighters 21 enemy machines.
0524The targets were aircraft factories at Wiener Neustadt and Vienna. Airfields and railway targets north of Rome were also attacked as well as gun positions in the Anzio and Nettuno beachheads. Last night Wellingtons, Liberators and Halifaxes bombed harbours on the West coast of Italy. 1500 flights were made. In Italy little land fighting takes place and our artillery blew up an ammunition dump in Cassino. Marshal Tito has asked the Yugoslavs to sabotage chrome supplies to Germany now. Turkey has stopped supplies and Greece and Yugoslavia are the only sources. He asked the workers to wreck the mines. In the S.W. Pacific Allied forces landed on three more places on the West coast of New Guinea under personal supervision of General MacArthur. The landing came as a surprise to the Japanese. The only opposition was halfhearted machine gunfire. No ships were lost in the action. Hollandia in Dutch New Guinea was captured. 60000 Japanese troops or so are now cut off at Madang and Wewak. Widespread air attacks were also made. On the Russian front local fighting is reported from the Narva and Stanislaw sectors. On the Crimea enemy airfields near Sebastopol were raided.24/4/1944For Stanislaw read Ivano-Frankivsk
0525Important changes are announced in the Command of the German front in Russia. The people of Finland heard only last night that their country has refused the peace terms. Air Chief Marshal Tedder is second in command of the invasion forces. He inspected airborne troops as reported by Frank Gillard.
1.15 pm. end news
Talk by lieutenant Ritchie on the Navy.
052625/4/1944. 1.= pm. Frank Philips
Bomber Command aircraft went out in very great strength last night with Karlruhe and Munich as the main targets. 30 aircraft are missing. The Allied air offensive seems to go on without pause as the radio warning system in Germany has been busy all morning reporting Allied planes over West, South and South West Germany. Both attacks last night were well concentrated. Fires were seen over a large area. Dusseldorf was attacked by Mosquitoes and also railway installations near Paris. Mines were also laid. At Karlsruhe there is an important tyre factory. In daylight yesterday the Americans bombed airfields at Munich and also Friedrichshafen near the Swiss border. 103 enemy planes were brought down. 38 bombers and 17 fighters were lost. Bombers from Italy bombed Rumanian railway yards at Bucharest and Ploesti. 27 enemy planes were destroyed and 14 planes lost in the 2000 flights which were made. Aircraft factories at Belgrade, shipping off the Yugoslavian coast and ports and railways in Italy
0527were bombed too. On land patrols were busy on all fronts and there was also artillery activity. Bombers of the Black Sea fleet bombed the Germans trying to evacuate from Sebastopol as well as Lwow. Measures have been taken to cut Denmark off from the outside world by cutting telegraphic and telephonic communications with Sweden and also stopping the ferry services. The Swedes have intercepted another consignment of Swedish maps the Germans tried to send through to Norway. Sweden does not allow any mail vans through to Norway. By a new order made in this country the temporary exceptional conditions have been extended further by forbidding the departure from England other than for urgent national business after Thursday. American, Australian and Dutch forces are making way inland in New Guinea. Hollandia in Dutch New Guinea has been captured and Dutch civil authorities have arrived to take over. When landing American carrier aircraft destroyed over 100 Japanese planes.25/4/1944For Lwow read Lviv
0528Rabaul, the Marshalls and the Carolines were bombed again. Today is the 29th anniversary of Anzac day. Australia's premier Curtin is staying at Washington and has answered questions by the press.
1.13 end News.

26/4/1944 1.= pm. Robert Robertson
The Government have decided on increase in pay and allowances to members of the forces and their families. This was announced by Mr. Churchill at question time in the Commons this morning. Details will be given in the evening bulletins and reports in a white paper which will be available later in the day. Shortly before 8 o'clock this morning formations of fighters and bombers went out over the Channel. The German warning system reports Allied planes over Central Germany. Mosquitoes attacked Cologne last night and mines were also laid, all without loss. A short alert was sounded in London last night but no bombs fell. Later on in the night some German planes were over coastal districts of Southern England. Some damage was caused and there were a small number of casualties
05294 enemy planes were destroyed over this country. In Italy an aircraft factory at Turin was bombed and also the railway at Carrara. 16 of our planes are missing. 1400 flights were made, 14 enemy planes were destroyed and only 7 were seen over the battle area. In the 5th Army bridgehead the positions were improved. Tito reports that his forces landed on ....[?] and the Germans have sent reinforcements to Yugoslavia, opening the floodgates of the river Sava in Croatia. From the Russian front no substantial changes are reported. From one sector near the Carpathians Russian counterattacks are reported. Russian planes were active bombing railways behind the German lines. The air arm of the Black Sea Fleet has kept up its attacks between Sebastopol and Rumanian ports. The Allied troops landed in New Guinea are meeting little opposition. The mystery is where are the Japanese? The Australians advancing on Madang also meet little opposition. Americans have landed on an island in the Marshalls 550 miles East of Truk. A warning has been given against unauthorized strikes. From the USA there are reports that the USA26/4/1944
0530will maintain the full strength of its Navy after the war. Uncle Sam means business. The Germans have now reported that Hube commander of the 1st Panzer army was killed in an air raid last Friday. Sixty explosions were heard in the port of Copenhagen and in the inner town. 20 acts of sabotage have taken place. One of our correspondents in Sweden has given us some news about the internal situation in Finland after the breakdown in the negotiations with Russia. The position of Tanner the minister for Finance has improved and the fear for a split in the Democratic Party is now gone. ...[?] strengthening of Tanner's position does not make the prospect for a peace brighter.
1.14 1/2 end news
053127/4/1944 2.45 Holl. BBC

De australiërs hebben Madang op Nieuw Guinea veroverd. 2 vliegvelden bij Hollandia in Nederl. Nieuw Guinea zijn ook veroverd. Men nadert het 3e en grootste eiland. Liberators en Vliegende Vestingen hebben vandaag militaire doelen in Noord Frankrijk aangevallen. Ver over de 1000 bommenwerpers bombardeerden vannacht Essen, Schweinfurth en spoorwegdoelen bij Parijs. Mosquitoes bombardeerden Hamburg. 29 bommenwerpers en 2 Mosquitoes keerden niet terug. De aanval op Schweinfurth was kort doch hevig. Spitfires met extra groote benzinetanks hebben voor de eerste maal een aanval gedaan op Duitschland. Zelf zonder verliezen te lijden. De amerikanen hebben gisteren overdag West Duitsland en Brunswijk gebombardeerd. Boven East Anglia en de kust van Zuid Engeland verschenen vanacht Duitsche vliegtuigen. 2 werden er vernietigd. De Russen bombardeeren geregeld Lwow en de oostzeestaten. In Rusland is er in het Zuiden meer activiteit. Van de Krim komt het bericht
0532dat de Russen nu al 24 uur onafgebroken stad en haven van Sebastopol bombardeeren. Alles staat in brand. In Denemarken vinden op groote schaal troepenverplaatsingen plaats en ook versterkingen van de luchtmacht. Het blijkt nu wel dat de afsluiting van Denemarken van de buitenwereld dient ten einde te troepenverplaatsingen te verheimelijken. Door de marinemedewerker werd commentaar gegeven op de verovering van Madang.27/4/1944
053328.4.1944 1.= pm.

Last night our bombers were out in very great strength with Friedrichshafen near the Swiss border as their main objective. The weather was clear over the targets. The attack was well concentrated and air battles took place over it. Railway installations in Belgium were also bombed. .....[?] near Aachen in Belgium. Mines were also laid. A new moon lighted our Lancasters on their long trip to Friedrichshafen where there are 4 Dornier factories, a radio location plant and also works for diesel engines. Our Mosquitoes went to Stuttgart and 36 of our planes are missing whereas 4 fighters were destroyed. Reports from the South East coast say that the offensive across the Channel seems to be going on today. A number of radio stations are off the air and the sirens are kept going in Germany. There were some enemy planes over the South East coast last night but there were no casualties and no damage. One plane was destroyed. Yesterday we had 2000 planes out in daylight. General Smuts arrived early today in an Avro Lancaster escorted
0534by Spitfires and accompanied by his son Jan Smuts. He recorded a message which was given. The communique from Lord Mountbatten says that a number of Japanese positions in the Kohima area have been captured and strong points destroyed. It seems to be the start of an all out effort to drive the Japanese out. One of our correspondents speaks of an incredible battle front. More Allied successes are reported from New Guinea where all 3 airfields near Hollandia have been captured. All resistance by the Japanese there has ceased and they have fled in disorder. The Australians are now advancing from Madang on Wewak. It has first been announced from Bombay that Gandhi's condition is weak. From Russia more German attacks are reported southeast of Stanislaw which were defeated. There is also a flare up in the sector of the 2nd Ukrainian front where prisoners were taken and a regiment wiped out. For the rest there is a lull on the fronts. Black Sea Fleet bombers have kept up their attacks on shipping off Sebastopol. In Italy bad weather curtailed an operation and only 18028/4/1944For Stanislaw read Ivano-Frankivsk
0535sorties were flown without loss. An ammunition dump north of Rome was bombed, On land there is aggressive patrolling. In the USA Dewey has given a long statement on foreign politics. He said the USA must not repeat the tragic error of 25 years ago. There should be a system of General international co-operation. Dewey's statement this time was more definite than before but his speech was a critical one. Over here an American has said that the medical plans for the invasion have been completed. Smuts arrived for the conference of Dominion Prime Ministers.28/4/1944
053629.4.1944. 1.= pm. Stuart Hibberd

Last night Lancasters of Bomber Command went to Norway to attack and aircraft repair factory working for the Germans near Oslo. Mosquitoes went to Hamburg. The bombing of the Kira [?] factory meant a round flight of some 1500 miles. Our Lancasters went out when it was still light and arrived at their target soon after 1 o'clock. The bombing was well concentrated. The Kira factory was last bombed in daylight in December. Reports from the South East coast say that the across the Channel offensive continues today and the Germans report out planes over North Western and Central Germany short from Berlin. In Italy in daylight yesterday 3 ports on the West coast were bombed and during the night more ports were bombed, also Genoa. Railway targets, gun positions and supply dumps as well as a railway bridge between Florence and Rome were bombed. 1700 sorties were flown, 11 planes were lost and 5 destroyed. On land it remains quiet in all sectors. Lively skirmishing takes place in Slovenia and Croatia.
0537No important changes are taking place on the Russian front. German attacks continue in the Stanislaw sector where 400 Hungarians were killed. Lwow behind the German lines got another series of attacks. At Orsha an airfield was also bombed. More ships were sunk by the naval forces off Sebastopol. From the 7th of May onward there will be another 1/2 pint of milk. In all 3 pints each week. Extra sugar for jam making will be obtainable for schools viz. 4 lbs which will make 8 lbs of jam. A report from Mountbatten says that we are still still advancing from Kohima. Extensive bombing took place. News from the S W P. is mostly about air activity, bombing of Rabaul, New Guinea and Carolines. Light skirmishing takes place in the Hollandia area. Riv [?] Robson gave a review about the New Guinea fighting and he says correspondents are beginning to wonder what happened to the 60000 Japanese troops. The Japs seem completely broken and outfought. Through the occupation of Hollandia and Madang we now have 2 harbours with sea and airlines. Courtney [?] an eye witness of the landing of the Americans in New Guinea gave and account.29/4/1944For Stanislaw read Ivano-Frankivsk
053830/4/1944 9.= am. News at dictation speech.

RAF bombers from Britain were over enemy occupied territory last night. 3 German aircraft were destroyed over this country when a small force of raiders crossed the S. West coast of England. The big force of American heavy bombers from Britain which attacked Berlin in daylight yesterday shot down 72 German fighters. Allied fighters destroyed 16 more. 63 American bombers and 14 American and British fighters are missing. American heavy bombers from Italy yesterday attacked the French port of Toulon. In Dutch New Guinea American troops advancing from Hollandia have captured another Japanese airfield in the area. Allied aircraft have kept up their raids on the Wewak area of New Guinea. The Red Army front is still comparatively quiet. More German small scale attacks in the Carpathians foothills weer repulsed yesterday. On the Indo-Burmese border 14th Army troops have cut off a Japanese force north of Kohima. The Japanese have lost more than 5000 killed in the Imphal district.
0539It is estimated that in the past 14 days alone 1500 more have been killed round Kohima. The latest news from Italy is that on Friday anti-aircraft gunners on the Anzio beachhead broke up an unusually strong force of German dive-bombers. Several raiders were shot down. All the Dominion Premiers are now in London for the Imperial Conference which will begin tomorrow. The Australian Prime Minister Curtin arrived last night.30/4/1944
05401/5/1944. 1.= pm. Joseph Macleod

Last night Bomber Command aircraft made heavy and concentrated attacks on two railway targets and an ammunition dump in Northern France. Marshal Stalin issued an order of the day for mayday. Reports from the South East coast say our bombers are out across the Channel again. The 8th American Air Force dropped a record number of bombs in in April viz. 24000 tons. The 3 targets attacked in N France were a dump, which blew up, 40 miles S. West of Paris, a railway target 13 miles west of the capital and one near Arras. Objectives in Western Germany were also bombed and mines were laid. One plane is missing. Strong forces of Mediterranean bombers attacked Industrial targets in N. Italy viz 2 aircraft factories, one airfield and railway yard especially at Milan. Our fighters were over the battle area and last night Leghorn was bombed and a port in the Gulf of Trieste. In all 1750 flights were made, 5 aircraft were lost, 12 destroyed.
0541A few planes were seen over the battle area in daylight. On land patrols were active and there were exchanges of artillery and mortar fire. In Russia there is some activity North of Stanislaw and North of Jassy. A junction on the railway line to Hârlău was heavily bombed. In the Black Sea a small naval engagement took place on account of which 2 German transports were sunk. A long order of the day by Marshal Stalin says that mayday can be celebrated after a series of great Russian victories on account of a.o. the high morale of the troops. He also paid tribute to Britain and America who held their fronts in Italy and supplied valuable war material and bombed Germany. 20 artillery salvos will be fired tonight at Moscow, Leningrad and Kiev and also in 6 other large towns in Russia. An agreement proposed between Russia and Czechoslovakia has been sent in draft before signature to Britain and America. MacArthur reports advances beyond Hollandia where the area of occupation has been extended.
1.11. end news
1/5/1944Railway lines from Iași For Jassy read Iași
For Lahru read Hârlău (probably)
For Stanislaw read Ivano-Frankivsk"
05422/5/1944 1.= pm. R. Robinson

Mr. Eden announced in the House of Commons at question time that Spain had agreed to:
1. Close German Consulate General at Tangier in view of the unneutral activities of the Consul there and that certain German agents will be expelled from Tangier and Spanish Morocco.
2. Withdraw Spanish units of the so called Blue division still in Russia which are only remnants of said division.
3. Release 6 Italian ships detained in Spanish ports. The other ships will also be released with the exception of 2 whose ownership is disputed and will be subjected to arbitration.
4. Reduce exports of Spanish wolfram to Germany to 20 tons per month during May and June and 40 tons per month after June. During the negotiations there was a complete embargo on wolfram shipments to Germany.
0543The foreign secretary Mr. Eden said that a satisfactory conclusion had been reached between the British, American and Spanish Governments and that oil supplies to Spain will be resumed. The outcome of the negotiations is considered satisfactory for the Allied nations. The Germans had after losing manganese from Nikopol and embargo of chrome supplies from Turkey to rely on the Spanish wolfram. 20 tons of wolfram per month means a reduction of shipments to 1/5 th. Last night our Lancasters and Halifaxes attacked war factories and railway targets in Belgium and France. 10 machines are missing from the very strong force sent out. Targets attacked were Lyon, Tours, Toulouse and north of Paris in France and at Malines, Bergen and Mons in Belgium. Planes went also to Ludwigshafen and sea mines were laid. In daylight yesterday the Americans only lost 6 machines of the some 2000 planes sent out. Over the Street of Dover it is cloudy and colder today with the glass falling. A number of German radio stations are of the air this morning and during the night the German2/5/1944Malines is Mechelen (probably)
0544warning system was very busy. In Italy heavy and medium bombers are keeping up their attacks against the West coast of Italy where the ports of Leghorn, Genoa, Spezia were bombed as well as transport and stores. In all some 1300 flights were made, 2 planes were lost and 2 destroyed. On land only small scale enemy raiding parties were repulsed. As has been announced by Cairo another German general is in our hands. He was captured in a raid on Crete. The leader of the British military mission with Tito, Maclean has arrived in London with 2 of Tito's officers. Mr. Randolph Churchill, major and son of Mr. W.C has been touring Croatia after landing there by parachute. From the Southern half of the Russian front fighting is reported of local importance in the Jassy and Stanislaw sectors. Air attacks were made by the Russians against Brest-Litovsk where railway yards were attacked. One plane is missing. In Far Eastern waters our submarines under command of Wingfield, Alexander and Young have sunk 1 destroyer, 3 supply ships and damaged more. Mopping up of Japs round Hollandia continues and Amboina was heavily bombed.2/5/1944Maclean
05453/5/1944. 1.= pm. Wardell

Our planes are out again this morning according to the Germans. The Japanese have lost 126 aircraft in an attack by the Americans on Truk. The strong winds in the Strait of Dover do not seem to have stopped our planes flying out. The night's bombing was mainly left to Mosquitoes which went to Leverkusen near Cologne. Railway yards outside Paris were also bombed and sea mines were laid, all without lost. Our Intruders destroyed 5 enemy planes. News about the land fighting in Italy that enemy raiding patrols have been repulsed and patrol work led to some clashes. Our planes made 1800 flights to Northern and Central Italy bombing also the port of Spezia. Last night Genoa was attacked for the 5th night running. Shipping off the Dalmatian coast was attacked by our fighter bombers. Some 85 enemy planes were seen over the battle area and one of them was destroyed. 6 of ours are missing. In Russia the front remains quiet except near Stanislaw but here the Russians destroyed 15 tanks, 160 lorries plus a trainload with supplies. 16 German planes were destroyed. Last night Russian bombers attacked Lwow
0546where six trains were set ablaze. Several more ships on the evacuation run from Sebastopol to Romania were sunk. Powerful American task forces took part in an attack on the Japanese base of Truk. 800 tons of bombs were dropped. The attack has been going on for 2 days, also on Ponape. The attack was also carried out by ships which helped in the recent New Guinea landing. 30 American airmen are missing. Air attacks were also carried out on Japanese held Wake Island. No ships were lost in the action. Over New Guinea a dozen Japanese Zero fighters were destroyed. The Japanese are trying to seek safety in the interior of the island. New Guinea natives said the Japanese had dug themselves in and had a good life with bottles of sweets, picture magazine etc. The House of Commons heard of the signature of an agreement to grant a loan of £ 50.000.000. for the purchase of war material to China. Mr. Eden spoke about the satisfaction on the conclusion of the agreement. Mr. Curtin said in a statement today Australian was doing her utmost to keep up fast supplies to Britain. The American press expresses its great satisfaction on the agreement with Spain.3/5/1944
05474.5.1944. 1.= pm.

The air bombardment of the enemy's Europe goes on from West, South and East. Last night strong forces of our bombers attacked a big railway deport southeast of Reims, one not far from Amiens and an ammunition depot at Orleans. Ludwigshafen in the German Rhineland was also bombed as well as mine laying carried out. There was much fighter opposition over France and 49 of our planes are missing. Lots of our bombers were seen going out this morning and sirens were sounding in Germany this morning. The attacks seem to be widespread as the German warning system reported our planes over North, North West, South West and Central Germany. From Italy our bombers gave Bucharest its first night attack last night when railway yards there were attacked. Transport on the Italian Riviera between Genoa and Marseille as well as between Rome and Florence were also attacked. 1250 flights were made, 3 machines lost and 2 enemy planes destroyed. From the land fighting only patrol and artillery activity is reported. The Russian air offensive is also growing in strength. Lwow was raided again.
0548and also targets 45 miles southwest of Lwow, also southwest of Jassy. 90 aircraft were destroyed on the ground. Mountbatten reports the sinking of an enemy U-boat off the Gulf of Aden. In the Southern front in Burma we are now holding high ground. On the central front there is no change round Imphal. There is news of another action in the Channel between a French destroyer and a British frigate meeting U-boats. The U-boats were splitted into 3 groups and fought back all the way to Cherbourg. Both destroyer and frigate got back without casualties or damage.4/5/1944
05495/5/1944 1.= pm. Stuart Hibberd.

Liberators bombed French targets this morning and medium bombers raided raided railway targets at Cambrai. Unsettled weather across the Channel may limit the scale of our air offensive today but not withstanding that unspecified targets in the Pas de Calais area were bombed. Our Mosquitoes went to Western Germany last night, sea mines were also laid. Not one of our planes is missing from the operation. The crew of one Mosquito yesterday destroyed 4 enemy planes in 6 minutes over a German airfield at Dijon. Last night heavy and medium bombers from Italy attacked railway targets at Budapest, the Hungarian capital. 4000 lbs blockbusters were also dropped. Mediterranean aircraft made 1100 flights on which 4 planes were lost. There was no enemy aerial activity over the battle area. On land things were quiet and only artillery and patrol activity is reported. The Americans made 2 further landings in New Guinea 12 and 14 miles northwest
0550of Hollandia. More bombing of the New Guinea coast takes place. New Britain, New Ireland and Bougainville were also bombed as well as Truk and the Carolines. In Northern Burma Chinese troops have captured a place. Tokyo reports that the Commander in Chief of the Japanese navy has been killed in action in March. The lull in the land fighting in Russia continues. Russian long distance bombers made heavy attacks also on Sebastopol. All planes returned. On Wednesday 47 tanks and 24 aircraft were destroyed by the Russians on all fronts. 1.5 3/3 end.5/5/1944
05516/5/1944 1.= pm. Robert Robinson

Liberators from this country have been out this morning to attack targets in the Pas de Calais area. Sea mines were also laid all without loss. The attacks this morning were carried out by Liberators of the 8th Air Force escorted by Mustangs, Lightnings and Thunderbolts. 2 Mosquitoes attacked an airfield only a short distance from the Spanish border. Enemy planes were over Scotland but no bombs were dropped. After yesterday's big attack by the Americans on Ploesti RAF heavy bombers from Italy early this morning went again to Ploesti and also attacked oil storage tanks at Câmpina 20 miles northwest from Ploesti. Planes from Italy made 2000 flights and only 17 planes were reported over the battle area. 24 of our planes are missing and 11 planes were destroyed. German escape convoys from the Crimea have again suffered a severe loss in the Black Sea West of Sebastopol. 2 barges and a 3000 tons transport were sunk and many other ships damaged. In Russian there is no material change on the land front and another German attack near Sebastopol was
0552repelled. Near Tiraspol 6 German dive bombers were destroyed. Mountbatten reports more successes on the Kohima front where the Japanese suffered heavy casualties but we are still advancing. MacArthur reports air attacks on New New Guinea and New Britain. Mr. Gandhi has been released in view a medical report on his health. He was detained since august 1942. A bulletin issued by his doctor says that he was very weak on account of malaria fever. Our ambassador in Spain Sir Samuel Hoare arrived this morning by plane from Lisbon. Stettinius arrived back in the USA and held a press conference. Recordings made at a commando post in the front line of the Anzio beachhead were made and recorded. 1.13 1/2 end6/5/1044Hoare
055310/5/1944 1.= pm.

Bomber Command aircraft were over France in strength last night attacking military objectives along the coast. An aircraft factory near Paris which is also a foundry and stamping plant and a ball bearing factory near the Franco- Italian border in upper Savoy. Mosquitoes also made a lightning attack on Berlin. The whole ball bearing works appeared on flames. Mines were also laid and 7 of our planes are missing. The sirens are sounding again in the Reich this morning and since early this morning many German stations are off the air. The Germans report one formation of our planes probably from Italy over Southern Germany. Yesterday the Americans alone had some 3000 planes out and only 16 of these are missing. 12 hours ago Sebastopol fell to the Russians, after the Russians stormed it. Marshal Stalin issued and order of the day wherein he praised the efforts of the troops who captured it only in 3 days of direct attacks. Only a month ago the Russians broke into the Crimea and now the whole Crimea has been cleared of enemy
0554resistance which resistance only stopped last night. On Monday night the Germans made more than 20 counterattacks. The German Overseas Radio Service says that their troops are evacuating Sebastopol. There is no change on the other fronts in Russia but there is more activity in the North where Kokka [?] and places in Estonia have been attacked by the Russians. The entire front in Italy is generally quiet. 8th Army troops are following up the slight German withdrawal. Bad weather hampered air activity but our light bombers and fighters were fairly active. Genoa and Leghorn were bombed last night. 8 planes are missing. Parliament has been hearing a Government's statement on the prices of secondhand furniture. Roosevelt held his first press conference since a month yesterday. Frederick Allen read a description about Sebastopol. 1.14 1/4 end.10/5/1944
055512/5/1944 1.= pm. Frederick Allen

Allied armies in Italy have launched a new offensive in an attack up the Liri Valley to clear the bottlenecks of Cassino on the way to Rome. The attack began at 11 o'clock last night after completing a major regrouping of both armies. Units of the 8th Army have moved across the Apennines after laying new supply lines. The operations have not been interfered with by the enemy. The 8th Army is now on the right flank of the 5th Army which is in the coastal sector. The new offensive was preceded by a powerful artillery and air bombardment. Last night a strong force of our bombers attacked railway yards at Louvain and Boulogne and military installations in Belgium and France. Mines were also laid and 16 of our machines are missing. This was the 6th successive night that our Lancasters were out attacking target in Belgium and France.
0556The air offensive has gone on this morning when weather over the Straits of Dover was sunny and aircraft were seen flying out to France. One of our correspondents from the South Coast reported that all types of planes were seen flying out, crossing and recrossing the Channel. No details are known yet about the targets attacked. A number of radio stations in France and Germany were off the air. In Russia the Russians have beaten off German attacks with strong infantry and tank forces. North East of Tiraspol. The Germans suffered heavy losses. On Tuesday Black Sea naval planes attacked an enemy port. No further details were given. The trial of Algiers against admiral Derrien has ended with the verdict imprisonment for life.12/5/1944Derrien
055713/5.1944 1.= pm. Wardell
Heavy fighting is going on in Italy along a 30 miles front, against which our troops launched their offensive. Our troops crossed the Rapido and Carigliano rivers and fought their way up hill to the main German defense line. Our bombers were again out last night attacking railway targets in Belgium, France and North West Germany. Renewed German attacks against Russian positions on the lower Dnjestr have been thrown back. The attacks by the 5th and 8th Armies in Italy is directed against the Gustav line stretching from the Gulf of Gaeta inland. In the first 12 hours of the offensive our troops crossed the Rapido river over a front of 8 miles and they are now massing equipment to proceed with their attack. Above Cassino, which itself is quiet, our troops are meeting stiff opposition. More to the coast we have crossed the Carigliano. The German re-acted fiercely to our offensive. Prisoners were taken and against the expectations our casualties were light. A British cruiser supported by USA destroyers has assisted from the sea in an area which had earlier been swiped by British minesweepers. Our aircraft were very active and 2750 sorties were flown with
055818 planes missing. One enemy plane was shot down on Thursday night. In daylight yesterday only one plane was seen. Our planes made heavy attacks on a number of targets in N. Italy and also the ports of Piombino and San Stefano were bombed. Our fighters in support of the ground troops attacked a number of targets immediately behind the German line as troop concentrations, bridges etc. Last night key points behind Hitler's Westwall were bombed viz. Louvain 23 miles east of Brussels and Hasselt east of Louvain. Hasselt was also attacked in daylight yesterday. From last night's operations which included mine laying 14 of our planes are missing. It all began over again early this morning when planes went out towards France and a number of radio stations went off the air. Yesterday the Americans with a force some 1500 aircraft strong attacked synthetic oil plants in the Leipzig area and Czechoslovakia. Some 150 enemy planes were destroyed a loss of 42 fighters and 10 bombers. It has just been announced that R.A.F. Mitchells and Bostons escorted by Spitfires attacked railway targets in Northern France.13/5/1944
0559Air Marshal Sir Roderic Hill talked to a Canadian squadron which has now destroyed over 100 German planes. Early yesterday morning Germans and Hungarians threw in a lot of fresh troops against the Russian bridgehead at Tiraspol. 4000 German trooped were killed and 100 tanks knocked out. Long distance bombers from Russia bombed Lublin 95 miles SE of Warsaw. The mopping up of troops west of Sebastopol continues. Over 61500 prisoners were taken in the fighting on the Crimea including 2 Generals and a number of Colonels. Russian Black Sea aircraft have caused very severe losses during the campaign. 96 fully loaded transports and some 100 other craft were destroyed. During an offensive sweep off the French coast one ship was hit and left ablaze, others damaged. All ours returned safely with a small number of casualties. A Review on recent fighting in the Pacific was given by Robson who said a.o. that air supremacy gave us naval supremacy and that the Americans construct an airfield in a week for which the Japanese require 2 months.13/5/1944Roderic Hill
056016/5/1944 1.= pm. Robert Robinson

The 5th and the 8th Armies in Italy have widened and deepened their breach in the Gustav line and have finished off all organized resistance in the area overrun. The bridgeheads over the Rapido have been extended. German prisoners taken since the offensive began now number 3000. The French have captured a regimental commander with his staff after being cut off. 2/3 of the Allied troops in the Rapido bridgehead are British. The bridgehead is nearly 2 miles deep. The left flank of the 5th Army is being assisted by the navy and a British cruiser fired 800 rounds yesterday. Our Mediterranean air force were not so active yesterday and they flew 1800 sorties. 8 of our planes are missing. 7 enemy machines were destroyed and only some 30 German planes were encountered over the battle area. Objectives on the isle of Elba were bombed and also ports on both the sides of Italy as well as targets in Yugoslavia. Last night our Mosquitoes made another attack on Ludwigshafen in the Upper Rhineland dropping also some 4000 pounders.
0561Objectives in North West Germany were also raided, mines laid and airfields in France attacked. 4 of our planes are missing. Of the small force of bombers the enemy sent out over the South East Coast 6 planes were destroyed. Some damage was caused by bombs dropped and there were a small number of casualties. Over the Straits of Dover weather is a bit brighter this morning but it is still chilly. The Labour party had announced the postponement of the Easter Conference. The Russians announced intensive bombing on German communications and also attack a strong German convoy of Kirkenes in Northern Norway consisting of some 16 supply ships and 25 escort vessels. No important changes are reported in the land fighting and at Tiraspol, the Russians improved their positions. Sergius the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia died yesterday evening in the age of 77. In Burma the fighting around Kohima goes well. Treasury Hill dominating Kohima16/5/1944Sergius
0562has been reached. The Schouten Islands off New Guinea were bombed again. The Australians gained a little more ground in their advance on New Guinea. A year ago a bitter struggle was fought out to capture Warsaw ghetto. Richard Wessel read a story by a Polish member of the underground movement who is in London now.16/5/1944
056317/5/1944. Rich. Wessel.

In the battle for the Gustav line British and Indian troops have pushed further up the Liri Valley. The battle continues without pause, There is no change in the hills north of Casino and the 8th Army's bridgehead has been enlarged. All positions of the Gustav line have been overrun. French and American troops are fighting forward towards the Adolf Hitler line. In Italy the weather prevented operations of our heavy bombers. 7 enemy planes were destroyed and 6 of ours are missing. More than 1800 sorties were flown. Only 10 enemy planes were seen over the battle area in daylight. Last night the ports of Piombino, San Stefano and Portoferraio were bombed. Further advances by French troops are reported this morning and we are now 2 1/2 miles from Esperia where we have captured some high ground. The Americans have deepened their penetration in the coastal sector. The Hitler Line starts 6 miles west of Casino. The latest news from Russia says that the
0564lull in the land fighting is only broken by German attacks north of Tiraspol. On Monday night Russian bombers attacked Polatsk. 15 German planes were destroyed in attacks over Leningrad. Our correspondent Sharp sent latest news from Burma this morning. Our casualties have not been light but the Japanese have lost many more. Last night our Mosquitoes bombed targets at Berlin without loss. There were no raiders over here. Weather in the Straits of Dover is almost wintry. On the 6th May frost damaged fruit trees in Kent and also potato fields in Lincolnshire suffered severely. With the blackout fruit growers cannot use lights against night frosts. It is reported that 9/10 of the Victoria plum crop in the Vale of Evesham has been destroyed so that there will be less fruit this year. In the Commons Mr. Eden was asked when the German consulate at Tangier would be closed. He said the shield and flag on the consulate had already been removed so that the consulate17/5/1944
0565is closed. We have also given the Spanish Government a list of the Germans we want expelled from Tangier and the departure of German agents from Spain will be speeded up. The German minister gave an explanation about the maps for Sweden the Swedes have seized. President Roosevelt said yesterday that the cast of arms and ships will be cut by a considerable sum in the next financial year. Production of naval fighter planes will also be cut as losses are much lower than was expected. A story was recorded of an English farmer, an Italian labourer and a German airman who bailed out.17/5/1944
056618/5/1944. 1.= pm. Wardell

The battle on the Gustav line is drawing to an end after 6 days of heavy fighting. The number of prisoners exceeds 4500 and is still growing. Troops of both armies have reached the outposts of the Adolf Hitler line and closing in on Casino and Monastery Hill. The battle for the Gustav line is drawing to a close and the one for the Hitler line is about to commence. In the Lire Valley the 5th and 8th Armies continue to advance and are in contact with the outposts of the Hitler line. The Germans said this morning that their troops had evacuated Casino but there is no confirmation of this. Our troops have swept onto the S.W. of Casino and also on the famous highway 6 which leads out of Cassino to Rome. The fighting described by one of our correspondents peculiarly savage fighting. French troops have taken Esperia. On the left flank of the 5th Army the Americans are reported to make considerable advances and are said to outflank the port of Formia. Our heavy bombers in medium
0567strength attacked the port of San Stefano, Piombino and Portoferraio on the isle of Elba and Ancona on the East coast. Frosinone on the way to Rome was also bombed. Light bombers and fighter bombers supported our troops in the battle area. In all 2500 sorties were flown and exactly one enemy plane was seen over the battle area. General Stilwell's Chinese and American troops have captured an airfield south of the town of ? The field was captured intact. Pacific war news for the 1st time speaks about land fighting at Aitape where many Japanese surrendered. Russian bombers attacked 3 railway junctions in White Russia a.o. Minsk. Only 3 of their planes are missing. There is no change on land in Russia except some more activity in the Carpathian foothills and on the lower Dnjestr. The Admiralty gave news about the sinking of two U-boats in the North Atlantic by 2 frigates built in America.18/5/1944
056819.5.1944 6.= pm Macleod
The 8th Army is exploiting the capture of Casino. Fortresses and Liberators attacked targets at Berlin and Brunswick today.

The 8th Army is getting the utmost out of the capture of Casino. The 5th Army is continuing its drive South of the Lire river and approaching the Southern bastions of the Hitler line. The Americans have captured Formia. Monastery hill has been captured by the Poles and Casino town by the British. One place captured means an advance of 17 miles since the offensive began. Formia was captured yesterday afternoon and the Americans have pushed on beyond that place. It was at 10.15 yesterday morning that Monastery hill fell to the Poles. At half past 2 yesterday afternoon Casino town had been cleared of all resistance. The German High Command communique reports continued heavy fighting. In our advances near the Coast our navy gave help. Our planes made 2000 flights from Italy. Over the battle area our light and fighter bombers were active.
0569Our medium bombers attacked rail yards and our heavy bombers communications. There were 8 enemy planes seen over the battle area. Between 700 and 800 heavies went to the Balkans. 14 aircraft were destroyed and 21 of ours are missing. De Gaulle returned to Algiers yesterday. At least 500 Fortresses and Liberators attacked targets at Brunswick and Berlin today escorted by about the same number of fighters. Small formations of Typhoons and Mosquitoes attacked targets in Northern France this morning. Some enemy planes were over North Scotland last night. Mr. Eden said today that 47 RAF, Dominion and Allied officers were shot by the Germans when they escaped in March 2nd viz some while resisting arrest and some while trying to escape again. An explanation has been demanded also why this act was told so late to the representative of the protecting power. He promised the House more information. There is more good news from Burma about the19/5/1944
0570fighting at Myitkyina. For the first tile the Japanese gave air support to their troops. Bad weather slows up air operations in Burma. Not one aircraft was lost. 2 new Allied landings are reported from New Guinea. One at Arara in Dutch New Guinea. There was no resistance. No important change is reported from the Russian front. General Smuts received the freedom of Birmingham and held a speech.19/5/1944Arara
057120/1/1944 (5?) 1.= pm. Stuart Hibberd

In Italy heavy fighting takes place all along the Adolf Hitler line in which breaches have already been made. The number of prisoners is now over 5500. A heavy air attack was carried out on Surabaya which lasted from dawn till midnight. Last night Boulogne, Orleans, Le Mans and Paris in France were attacked.

In Italy the battle for the Adolf Hitler line has already started. Commanding features have already been captured by the 5th Army which gives the enemy no respite. On the Allied right flank Polish and British troops of the 8th Army are pressing up the Liri Valley. Our troops are also east of Aquino which is on highway 6 which leads to Rome. We are also 3 miles N. East of Aquino, but southwest of Aquino resistance is stiffer. The Americans have captured Itri and Gaeta and the main road at Itri has been cut. The Germans transferred their defense line nearer to Rome and it now runs from Terracina to Pico. In a French section alone 40 guns
0572were captured. Of Casino itself nothing is left. The farmer inhabitants have been forbidden to return. The capture of Cassino is a very great victory. What remains of it is only a smoky mass. The ports of Spezia, Genoa, and Leghorn were attacked by heavy bombers in strong formations. Rly targets 10 miles east of Florence were also attacked. A fighter patrol was maintained over the battle area. 1 enemy plane was destroyed, 20 of ours are missing, 2270 sorties were flown and only 20 enemy planes were seen. News from the So. We. Pacific is of a very heavy raid on Surabaya on Java which lasted from dawn to midnight. Australian, American, Dutch and French forces took part. American and British aircraft carriers were used. Two floating docks were badly damaged. Land based bombers also took part in the later attacks. 19 Japanese planes were destroyed on the ground and two in the air. Our losses were only three planes. In Burma the battle for Myitkyina is reaching its climax. The Japanese are20/5/1944Rly is short for railway (probably)
0573being chased out of the town. The air offensive is again in full swing this morning when planes are seen going out in great force. In their raids on Brunswick and Berlin yesterday the Americans destroyed 125 enemy planes for a loss of 26 bombers and 19 fighters. Last night bombing in France was well concentrated, military objectives on the coast were also bombed. Mosquitoes went to Cologne and sea mines were also laid on a large scale. 7 of our planes are missing, There were no enemy planes over this country last night. On the Channel German guns opened up but we did not reply. There is no change on the Russian front and only some fighting at Tiraspol is reported. Russian bombers attacked Kotka yesterday. All Russian planes returned. Off the Northern coast of Norway Russian planes destroyed 7 German planes in combat. The Admiralty gave news of the arrival of a big convoy for Russia on which voyage 2 U-boats were destroyed. The largest submarine of the Dutch navy, the Zwaardvisch of 1500 tons was commissioned in the presence of Prince Bernhard. Dutch submarines have a fine record in this way by sinking over 50 ships. 17000 tons of onions have been promised by the Egyptian government. 10000 are already on the way.20/5/1944Kotka
057422/5/1944 1.= pm. Frederick Allen

The 8th Army is still fighting hard against the main defenses in the North of the Adolf Hitler line. The 5th Army is at Pontecorvo where the outskirts of the town have been reached. Polish troops are in Piedimonte. French and American troops have also pressed forward and are now 4 to 5 miles beyond Fondi which is the most Western point. Correspondents have since reported that the Americans have already a vanguard at Terracina. The French are 2 miles northeast of Pico. Piedimonte was reached on Saturday and encircled. The number of prisoners taken is now over 6000. Our fighter planes maintained battle line patrols. Our fighter bombers attacked dumps, gun positions, transport and so on and our medium bombers went further attacking bridges etc. Our aircraft made 1450 flights, only 24 German planes were seen over the battle area, 8 planes were destroyed and 5 of ours are missing. By day and night the British
22/5/1944The Eighth Army's Advance to the Hitler LineFor Piedimonte read Piedimonte San Germano
0575based offensive goes on. Last night Duisburg was the main target for our bombers but big scale mining was also carried out. The RAF also went to Hannover and an airfield in Belgium. Air battles were fought over the Ruhr and all the way home. 30 of our planes are missing. An hour ago the Germans warned their people that our planes were again over W & N. West Germany and making for the Hannover and Brunswick area. In yesterday's record operations 45 military supply trains were attacked as well as some 200 locomotives. 70 locos were destroyed all in Germany alone. Last night some enemy planes were over Scotland, East Anglia and the S.E. Coast. Some bombs fell in Kent where some damage was caused. There were some casualties of which some fatal. The Japanese have announced that one of our task forces has been 550 miles from Yokohama, the Southern part of Japan on Saturday. In Burma heavy rain has slowed down operations at Myitkyina. From the other operations only fighting is reported from Imphal and patrol operations near Kohima.22/5/1944
0576American troops on Wakde island near New Guinea have repelled 3 attacks by the Japanese. 5 ships were also destroyed and a single bomber got also a ship. 9 seaplanes were destroyed too. In Russia Russian troops are still standing firm against German attempts to secure better positions at the Lower Dnjestr near Tiraspol and in the foothills of the Carpathians. Some news was given about Tito's forces which consists of the National Liberation Army and the Partisan detachments of Yugoslavia. In all there are 11 corps which form 34 divisions with some 300000 men. Hand grenades are being made in a hidden factory from unexploded German bombs. They also have a few captured planes and guns at their disposal. So far they have withstood 6 German offensives. Tito's headquarters are being guarded by a Praetorian guard. 22/5/1944Battle of Wakde
057723/5/1944 1.= pm. Wardell

In Italy the battle continues relentlessly. In the Liri Valley positions are unchanged but the American 5th Army has pushed forward in the coastal sector. Hard fighting takes place on the line Pico - Pontecorvo. The Americans have pushed to the North and North West of Terracina. Our heavy bombers have blocked communications north of Rome. Fighters have attacked roads, railways, bridges etc. Our medium bombers were mostly kept grounded. In all 2150 flights were made by our planes and only 5 aircraft are missing. 20 German planes were seen over the battle area in daylight and one was destroyed. Marshall Tito reports heavy fighting in the provinces of Yugoslavia bordering to Italy viz in Istria as well as in Herzegovina where Tito's forces held their own against some 5000 German troops. It is reported from Cairo that King George of the Hellenes has asked his premier to form a new cabinet. In the air our offensive goes on day and night against Europe from the West. This morning some 500 American planes with a thousand aircraft as escort went out to France and Germany to attack railway targets and airfields.
0578Last night Bomber Command had over 1000 aircraft out raiding as main targets Dortmund and Brunswick. Over these targets our planes met scores of fighters and a fierce air battle took place. Other planes went sea mining and also to France to attack railway targets at Orleans and Le Mans. Mosquitoes attacked Ludwigshafen and an airfield in Belgium. 25 of our planes are missing. We destroyed 2 fighters during the night's operations. Exactly a year ago over 2000 tons of bombs were dropped on Dortmund. Brunswick was only bombed last Friday by the Americans. In raids over this country the enemy lost 6 raiders. His attacks were against Southern England, East Anglia and parts of Eastern Scotland. In Russia no essential changes have taken place. German attacks north of Tiraspol and near Stanislaw were repelled. In Burma heavy rain holds up the advance from Myitkyina. The minister of Food has explained that we get pork from Canada and the USA as well as beef from Madagascar and lamb from Iceland. We buy where we can. With reference to the 17000 tons of onions which are on the way from Egypt to this country23/5/1944
0579he announce that these will be distributed in Scotland, Northern Ireland and the North of England. The price will be 6 1/2 d. per lb. and the ration will be a pound per head. The minister also said a revision of milk prices will be given next week as well as that new potatoes have not suffered so much damage.

1.11. 3/4 end news!
058024/5/1944. 1.= pm. Frank Philips

Fifth Army troops from the Anzio beachhead have have broken into the German lines and French and American troops from the South are making good progress. Heavy fighting takes place on the beachhead and the main fronts. This is the second phase of the battle. 20 to 25 miles South of the beachhead the French and Americans make steady progress from Terracina inland. Our cruisers off the coast have so far fired more than 3000 rounds. The 8th Army has breached the Hitler line north of Pontecorvo which was done by a Canadian corps. In the beachhead British armour has crossed the river and is a mile deep through the German lines. Gunfire from the beachhead was according to the Germans heard in Rome. The number of prisoners is now over 7500. Light and fighter bombers have attacked motor transport from troop concentrations etc. In all our planes made over 2000 flights and 9 aircraft are missing.
058140 enemy planes were seen over the battle area and 6 of them destroyed. Early this morning big formations of fighters and bombers went out and a couple of hours ago the Germans reported air battles over the Baltic, Berlin and the Alps. An airfield near Paris was also bombed and last night our Mosquitoes went to Dortmund, Berlin and railway targets in France. The Soviets report no important change in the front but vigorous patrolling in the Carpathians. Representatives of a National Council from German occupied Poland have arrived in Moscow. Reports from Chongqing say the Burma road has been cut by their troops and in Burma further progress is being made from Myitkyina. In the Pacific Allied bombers were busy over the whole area bombing targets in the Marshalls and at Truk. The House of Commons was crowded today to hear a statement by Mr. Churchill in the two days debate on foreign politics. Mr. Curtin and Mr. Fraser were also present. Churchill said that Italy's fate is terrible and he also said he hopes24/5/1944
0582that Rome may be preserved. He is also looking forward to good relations with Spain. A fuller report about his statements will be given in a later bulletin. The Red Cross and St. John organizations requires 200000 flag sellers for its flag week from 3-10 June. There is also more news about postponed conferences for June and July.
1.1 3 1/2 end.
058325/5/1944 6.= pm. Frederick Allen

Patrols of the main 5th Army linked up with patrols from the beachhead early this morning. 750 Flying Fortresses and Liberators attacked targets across the Channel early this morning escorted by fighters in their hundreds. In the beachhead our troops are in the outskirts of Cisterna. A special communique this afternoon gives the fine news from Italy that the 5th Army troops from the main front have linked up with patrols of the beachhead. This brings to a climax the spectacular success of our main army forces who have covered 60 miles in 14 days. At 7.30 this morning says our correspondent the beachhead ceased to be a beachhead and he has been to the scene of the meeting of both armies with General Mark Clark. Thereby the heroic nightmare of Anzio is at last over. General Clark was met by Lieutenant Barkly [?] and our correspondent was Wynford Vaughan-Thomas. Correspondents stress the point that the link up by patrols of two fronts does not mean a firm junction between
25/5/1944Wynford Vaughan-ThomasFor Cisterna read Cisterna di Latina
0584the two fronts, but the news is encouraging. The more so as the initial results of the landing in the beachhead have been disappointing. It is now possible to telephone from Anzio to Naples. The Germans themselves report that they withdrew from the coastal sector. The Appian Way (Via Appia) has already been cut. Terracina has now also been taken as well as a place 2 miles from Priverno. The Canadians took - on Empire Day - Pontecorvo. British troops pinned down the enemy at Aquino and Piedimonte is nearly surrounded. Our planes made nearly 3000 sorties including a raid on aircraft factories near Vienna and an airfield at Graz in Austria. Our planes gave special attention to German transport pulling out in daylight with the result that 359 motor vehicles were destroyed and 294 damaged. The great number of planes going out this morning attacked railway targets, airfields and other objectives behind the Westwall in N.E. France and Belgium. Between 500 and 750 fighters escorted.25/5/1944
0585Last night Bomber Command aircraft went in very great strength attacking railway yards at Aachen, the Ford automobile assembly plant at Antwerp and targets in France. Mines were also laid and Mosquitoes went to Berlin. 28 of the great force sent out are missing. There was slight enemy activity during the night over parts of East Anglia. Some damage was caused but no one was hurt. A further 230 Indians reached Swiss territory after an escape from a prison camp during an air raid in Eastern France. Earlier an other 200 had arrived. Marshall Tito is 51 years today. In Burma General Stilwell's troops have made satisfactory progress from Myitkyina where we are now using the airfield. The Japanese have tried hard to capture Imphal before the rain falls but they have been unsuccessful. American troops are meeting strong Japanese resistance on New Guinea. In the Commons today questions were asked about the Bevin boys who do not wish to go to the mines.25/5/1944Bevin Boys
0586The debate on foreign policy has been continued and R. Robinson read the report. The debate was opened by Greenwood who also said that the anti-Jewish legislation in the occupied countries must be destroyed.25/5/1944
058726/5.1944 1.= pm. Robert Robinson
In Italy the Allies have captured Cisterna on the Appian Way and are now less than 25 miles from Rome. The advance goes on. Aquino and Piedimonte are in our hands this morning. We have now taken over 12000 prisoners. The 5th and 8th Armies have made further progress. The 8th Army has broken into the Hitler line and formed a new bridgehead across the Melfa. The 5th Army continued its offensive operations. Littoria was occupied without fighting. Our aircraft intensified their attacks against troop concentrations, motor transports etc. Over 3000 flights were made and a record number of enemy vehicles destroyed. At Cisterna, which was heavily defended by the enemy we have inflicted heavy casualties in the evening. We are now reported 3 miles beyond Cisterna. Aquino and Piedimonte were occupied and Canadian armour is pressing on. A last report was given by our beachhead correspondent wherein he says the beachhead has come to an end. Mountbatten reports that Japanese reinforcements coming to Myitkyina from the West have been trapped and suffered
26/5/1944LatinaFor Littoria read Latina
0588heavy casualties. American troops in Dutch New Guinea have overcome stiff Japanese resistance and captured an airfield 125 miles north of Hollandia. The Government have published a Whitepaper to secure full employment after the war, further details of which will be given in 6 and 9 o'clock news. Queen Mary is 77 years old today and spending her birthday in the country. 2 years ago today the treaty between Britain and Russia was signed. Stockholm reports the execution of 11 more Norwegian prisoners by the Germans.

1.15 end news
058927/5/1944 1.= pm. Richard Wessel

Hard fighting and more headway is reported from all along the front in Italy. In the Liri Valley our troops have pressed forward from their bridgeheads over the river Melfa. Roccasecca not far above highway 6 has been cleared of the enemy. San Giovanni has been taken as well as Amaseno, Sezze and Priverno. Our troops are also reported 7 miles North of Cari [?] but correspondents have followed this up with the news that troops are 2 1/2 miles from Valmontone. The last German defense line before Rome runs through Valmontone and Velletri to the coast. Our troops are also not far away from Arce and Ceprano. Our planes made over 2900 sorties, fighters attacking road- and rail transport especially between Valmontone and Velletri. Heavies attacked railway centres in Southern France as well as troop concentrations in Yugoslavia. 30 enemy planes were seen over the battle area and 3 destroyed. We lost
05907 heavies and 16 other machines. It has now been announced that our Liberators carried out extensive mining operations of the Danube which covers a great area. There is no news about air operations this morning but judging by the roar of engines of planes going overhead and the behaviour of enemy radio stations which are either off the air or giving warnings, things must be going on again. Three squadrons of Mosquitoes attacked Ludwigshafen and Aachen last night. Mines were also laid and two planes are missing. It has been announced that rocket firing aircraft are being used by us since June last year against shipping off the European coasts. Planes are fitted with 8 rockets of which 2 can be fired but also all 8 can be fired. Rockets are no substitute for the torpedo but being used against smaller ships. Factories and previously motorcars, textiles, wallpaper and bicycles are now making rockets. 14 days ago we also got news that in27/5/1944
0591the Pacific aircraft are also fitted with rockets in operation. From Russia an unsuccessful attempt by the Germans to gain better positions in the Carpathian foothills near Stanislaw is reported. In the Barents Sea Russian bombers attacked a German convoy sinking 2 supply ships totaling 15000 tons as well as 2 escort vessels. 10 planes were destroyed and the Russians lost 8 machines. Reports about the land fighting in Dutch New Guinea are meager. The Japanese falling back are being harassed by Australian and American fighters. R.W. Robson, our correspondent and editor of the Pacific Island Monthly gave a report saying that a year ago the Japanese armies were intact. Now the nearest fighting to those which are trapped and who do get supplies are 1600 miles away. Great Britain completed the invasion preparations by voluntary work of schoolchildren, members of the National Fire Service etc. who packed the great number of spare parts.27/5/1944
059230/5/1944. 1.=. pm. Stuart Hibberd.

The 5th Army is encountering very stiff opposition So. West of Velletri but satisfactory gains have been made. The 8th Army is across the Liri in force and advancing on highway 6 and in the mountains north of it. The Americans are quite near Valmontone and shelling it steadily. At 9 o'clock yesterday morning Arce was taken. German parachute troops made repelled counterattacks near Arce. Arce itself which was mined and booby trapped did not suffer so much damage. Highway 6 is now clear to Ceprano but we are already several miles beyond Ceprano. A place 10 miles S.W. of Frosinone has been captured by the French. Our planes made 3000 sorties attacking all kinds of targets in the battle zone. Between 750 and 1000 heavy bombers went to attack Luftwaffe factories and airfields in the Vienna area. Mediums again last night went for Austrian targets. 68 enemy planes were destroyed, 20 heavies and 14 other machines of ours are missing. Less than 30 enemy
0593planes were seen over the battle area. Hannover was attacked by Mosquitoes last night and we also had planes over Western Germany and the Northern French Coast. Mines were also laid, all without loss. During all morning today the German radio reports fights over the Reich. There were a few enemy planes over the South and South East Coast and 2 were destroyed. In their daylight attack yesterday the Americans destroyed by their bombers 62 planes and fighters destroyed 38 more. The attacking planes went as far as Poland to attack aircraft factories in the Poznań area. Rocket firing Typhoons attacked a power station at Boulogne. It was stated by a reporter that the port of Rotterdam has been closed for German merchant shipping on account of the blocking of its entrances by attacks of our Coastal Command planes. In Russia the Germans sent bombers to the southeast of Stanislaw and German attacks near Ludz were driven back. Russian planes destroyed a bridge near Vitebsk and made two attacks on airfields in Romania. In British New Guinea the Australians are advancing from Madang30/5/1944LudzaFor Posen read Poznań
For Ludz read Ludza (probably)
059431/5/1944 1.= pm. J. Macleod

In Italy the Germans try hard to hold their Rome line at all costs. The fiercest fighting takes place on the last German line covering Rome and which runs from Valmontone to the Sea. 5th Army troops captured a place 3 miles N.E. of Arce which is nearer to Rome. 8th Army troops are advancing along the Liri river and captured Ceccano. Arpino has also been taken and San Gioni [?] is in our hands. Our aircraft in Italy made 2400 flights destroying 15 planes and losing 8 machines. The attacks included aircraft factories and airfields in the Wiener Neustadt area also 12 miles south of Linz and railway yards at Zagreb in Yugoslavia. In Russia large scale summer fighting has started north of Jassy in Romania where the Germans opened the offensive with a powerful artillery barrage. They succeeded in driving a small wedge into the Russian line but lost a great number of tanks and 36 planes. The Germans claim to have sent hundreds of bombers
0595out over the Jassy area. This morning the air offensive is going on again and a number of German radio stations are off the air. Last night military installations on the coast of France were bombed and also Mosquitoes bombed Leverkusen which got a very concentrated attack. Not one of our planes is missing. The Tactical Air Force of the Expeditionary Force bombed yesterday 9 railway bridges between Rouen and Paris. 7 fighters are missing. Including some 1200 escorting fighters the Americans had some 2000 aircraft out yesterday. 20 machines were lost. In the So. West Pacific the Americans have won their first tank battle on the island off New Guinea. The battle was fought on level ground which changed hands several times. 8 Japanese tanks and 15 planes were destroyed. A small scale landing was carried out not far from Hollandia. 2 notes were given about mountainous warfare in N. Italy and Burma viz. in the Kohima positions.31/5/1944
05961/6/1944 1.= pm. Frederick Allen

American and British troops have gained more ground in heavy fighting in the Alban Hills. The 5th Army has made limited but important gains northwest of Velletri by the Americans and by British troops near the sea. Our troops are pushing on beyond Arce and 2 US destroyers have assisted by bombing German positions in this sector. The 8th Army advancing westward up highway 6. Canadian troops have captured Frosinone together with British troops yesterday night. Frosinone was entered early this morning. Sora fell to New Zealand troops. Our heavy bombers in Italy went to Ploesti and Turnu Severin. 14 American bombers and 7 other aircraft are missing. Over Rumanian targets 43 German planes were destroyed. Our other bombers attacked German transport etc. and also assisted Tito's army in Yugoslavia. In all 2800 flights were made. Tito reports the capture of a German base in Dalmatia. Last night the strategic
1/6/1944Alban Hills
0597bombing was kept up by our Lancasters which went in heavy force to attack railway targets in France. Weather was bad with thunderstorms and ice on the wings. A yard near St Quentin was attacked, also one near Paris which handles 3000 to 4000 wagons a day, and also one between Nantes and Paris. Military objectives in France were also bombed which attacks were concentrated into 15 minutes. Mines were also laid. 8 planes are missing. The weather in the Straits of Dover is much cooler this morning with mists and low clouds. Some enemy planes were over East Anglia last night. Slight damage was caused but no one was hurt. In their offensive North of Jassy the Germans did not make any advance. Yesterday 58 German aircraft and 37 tanks were destroyed which brings the total in two days to 59 tanks and 142 planes. In the So. W. Pacific Allied bombers were held up by bad weather. In the Eirean elections De Valera's party has a clear lead. The latest news is that his party has 65 seats which means a lead over1/6/1944de Valera
0598the other combined parties of 16 seats. It looks as if his party will maintain the lead. Our correspondent Robert Kent [?] met some USA coastguards who arrived in this country and gave a report about them. They are specialized in anti submarine escorts and rescue work. They were all from New England except one.1/6/1944
05992/6/1944 6.= pm. Stuart Hibberd

The 5th Army has cut highway six somewhere near Valmontone. We entered Velletri on highway five last night after the Americans capturing a height behind the town. French troops have also reached highway 5 through the Lepini mountains. The 8th Army is fighting near Veroli In the coastal sector the navy has again given assistance to our troops. Our planes made 1800 flights including operations over Yugoslavia. Our heavies did not operate in daylight but attacked targets 60 miles southeast of Budapest last night. 4 of our planes are missing and 9 enemy aircraft were seen over the battle area. The Pope addressed a meeting of Cardinals in Rome this morning. He expressed the hope that Rome would not be made a theater of war and spoke about postwar settlement. Bomber Command attacked military objectives on the coast of France in strength last night and went for the second night running to Saumur railway yards between Nantes and Paris. Mosquitoes
0600went to Denmark. Mines were also laid but not one of our planes is missing. American strategic bombers attacked installations in the Pas de Calais area. Some 750 planes went out moderately escorted. The Americans announced they dropped 63000 tons of bombs in Germany, occupied countries, Italy and the Balkans during May and made over 50000 sorties. In Russia the battle near Jassy is going in the favour of the Russians. The Germans also mention Soviet penetration and they themselves claim they had 1000 planes over the area yesterday. In Burma savage fighting goes on in and outside Myitkyina. American and Chinese troops occupy half of the town. Heavy rain has not stopped fighting near Kohima where we used tanks to capture hilltops. American troops who landed at Biak Island have got reinforcements without being harassed by sea or air. The bombing of Truk continues and Wake Island and Guam have also been bombed again. At 2 o'clock this morning an ammunition train blew up in a market town in East Anglia2/6/1944Biak
0601which caused much damage. The driver etc. were killed and the fire spread to a gasworks H.R.T. [?] men helped in the rescue work. It is announced there should be plenty of fresh herring in restaurants from Monday onward. There is a Ministry of Labour announcement about the registration of young men. It was also announced that worn out clothes can be changed into war equipment and should be salvaged.

6.20 end news
06023/6/1944. 1.= pm. Frank Philips
Correspondent's reports confirm that the 5th Army troops have captured Valmontone on highway 6 and Velletri on highway 7. Although these two towns have been taken the German defensive positions have not yet been broken. Firm resistance is still being met. The Americans are moving north and east of Valmontone which Eastern advance is in the direction of the 8th Army. The 8th Army continues to drive up highway 6 and is nearing Alatri and Ferenmio [?]. General Alexander has issued a statement that the Allied military authorities are only interested in the destruction of German troops in Italy, but that it is their intention to take every precaution to safeguard the population of Rome. If however, the Germans defend Rome the Allies will take steps to eject them. In Italy the Tactical Air Force attacked all kinds of targets in the battle area. 2700 sorties were made and only 5 planes are missing. Attacks were also made on targets in Hungary and
0603Romania. Last night targets south of Bucharest were also bombed. After attacking targets in Romania our planes have flown to Russian prepared bases. The Red Air Force protected our bombers and only one bomber and a fighter were lost. The Russians themselves lack in strategic air force so that now a shuttle service operates from Italy to Russia and back and Russian bases are available to US airplanes. Last night Bomber Command planes were in strength over France where military installations on the coast were bombed as well a a railway yard near Paris. 17 of our bombers are missing as well as 2 Intruders who attacked German fighters over France and it is known that 7 enemy planes were shot down. Chemical works at Leverkusen were also bombed as well as mines laid. Allied aircraft were again going out across the Channel this morning. Reports from Algiers says that the French committee had changed its name into Provisional Government of the French Republic but from America is is stated that the USA attitude remains unchanged.3/6/1944
0604It is now reported that a week ago Marshal Tito, the partisan leader in Yugoslavia, had a narrow escape when the Germans dive bombed his headquarters near Split and used paratroops to capture him. With the Allied officers he fled into the mountains. On the occasion 3 correspondents were captured. More German attacks are reported from Romania and the Russians destroyed 25 tanks. Off the North coast of Northern Norway Russian bombers sank 1 supply ship and damaged an other. In Narva Bay light German naval craft were sunk. In Burma a surprise attack has been made southeast of Myitkyina which is now being attacked from all side viz also from the North, West and South by American and Chinese troops.

1.15 end
06055/6/1944 9.= am. dictation speed

After heavy fighting on the outskirts of Rome 5th Army troops were last night pressing on into the centre of the town against only a token resistance. The final advance started at dawn yesterday. By dusk the resistance of German rearguards and snipers in the outskirts had become sporadic. Beyond Rome Allied fighter bombers were smashing at the enemy's main forces moving northward along the high road. At least 600 enemy vehicles were wrecked or damaged. Royal Air Force bombers from Britain were over German occupied territory again last night. Yesterday there was another massive daylight offensive across the Channel in which many types of British and American aircraft went for transport centres in France as well as the enemy radio chain along the French coast. There was little opposition. One German fighter was shot down. American losses were 4 bombers and 3 fighters. From the South more than 500 heavy bombers struck at railways running into Italy from France. In the South West Pacific the American
0606troops in Biak Island off the coast of Dutch New Guinea have launched a new drive against the island's 3 airfields. In the Solomons the Americans have tightened their grip on the Empress Augusta area of Bougainville by making a new landing at the mouth of the Jaba river. In the North Pacific US naval aircraft have bombed 2 islands in the Kurils. In North Burma Chinese and American troops have made further thrusts into the Japanese defenses at Myitkyina. Moscow announces that in fighting north and northwest of the Rumanian town of Jassy. Soviet troops yesterday beat off more strong German tank and infantry attacks. New Zealand's Prime Minister Mr. Peter Fraser has arrived in Cairo from Italy and will continue his inspection of New Zealand troops in the Mediterranean theater.5/6/1944
06075/6/1944 6.= pm. Jos. Macleod

Allied vanguards are through Rome and have crossed the Tiber. The battle has already swept beyond Rome which which was occupied by troops of the 5th Army last night. Beachhead troops through the city are advancing in the seaside resorts of Ostia. We control the Alban hills and highways 5, 6 and 7 are in our hands. Since the offensive began 20 days ago we took 25000 prisoners. Our aircraft strafed enemy traffic on highways 1 to 4 beyond the capital leading to the north and west of Rome. Military objectives in Yugoslavia as well as targets on the Adriatic coast were also attacked, also transports in Northern Italy and on the French Italian border. 2000 flights were made. 11 of our planes are missing and two enemy planes were destroyed. General Mark Clark was in Rome a few hours after our troops entered it. He said that we destroyed parts of 2 German armies. The essential services in Rome are still working. The population including some 500000 refugees exceeds 2000000. The electricity for Rome comes from
0608Tivoli which is still in German hands. Today it is a General Public Holiday for the people in Rome and they gave the Allied troops a great welcome. Godfrey Talbot reported from Rome. He said the city is going wild and there are thousands of people in streets and squares. Flowers are being thrown to the armies passing through and cups of wine, which is scarce in Rome, are being handed to our men. The capture of Rome is a further evidence of our military superiority. The news about Rome is the talk in Moscow. This morning between 750 and 1000 escorted Flying Fortresses and Liberators attacked targets in Boulogne and Calais areas in N. France. German rocket firing guns were seen in action from this side of the Channel and these guns were later dive bombed by our Thunderbolts and still later Typhoons went in last night. Targets on the French coast were also bombed as well as Cologne. Mines were also laid and not one of our planes is missing. Recent bombing of synthetic oil plants in Germany has caused a5/6/1944
0609curtailment in supplies. Furthermore 4500 tons of bombs have reduced the refining capacity at Ploesti and the total production there is now estimated to be less than 2 million tons per annum against some 9 million tons in April this year. The Germans show no sign of satisfaction about their fighting in Romania. In one sector alone they used some 200 tanks etc. yesterday but they did not achieve success and are throwing in reinforcements continually north and northwest of Jassy. The Germans say Soviet opposition is fierce and that counterattacks are frequent. The Polish Prime Minister is arriving at Washington to have talks with Mr. Roosevelt. The Germans asked Turkey to allow the passage through the Dardanelles or so called disarmed German naval craft which they apparently can not use any longer in the Black Sea as these vessels may be easily rearmed and used against us in the Aegean we have made it clear to Turkey we cannot accept this.5/6/1944
0610In Burma we have now more Japanese positions round Kohima and Imphal. Our fighters were also active strafing Japanese concentrations and not one of them is missing. In the Pacific USA submarines have sunk another 16 Japanese supply ships.

6/6/1944. 9.= am. dictation speed

The German Overseas News Agency made this announcement about 2 hours ago. Early this morning the expected Anglo-American invasion began when airborne forces were landed in the area of the Seine estuary. Le Havre is at present exposed to a fierce bombardment. German naval forces are engaged in fighting with landing craft off the shores. A spokesman of the Supreme Command Allied Expeditionary Force broadcast early this morning an urgent warning to people in German occupied Western Europe. It was that a new phase of the Allied air offensive had begun and people living within 22 miles of the coast
0611were particularly affected. The German News Agency said later Allied landing craft and other light warships have been seen between the Seine estuary and the Eastern coast of Normandy. Anglo American parachutists are being dropped from numerous aircraft on the Northern hip of the Normandy peninsula. The spokesman of the Allied Supreme Command in his broadcast this morning said a warning will be given in advance where ever possible to towns in which certain objectives will be intensively bombed. The German News Agency in a further flash said strong bomber formations attacked the Calais and Dunkirk area coinciding with the Anglo American invasion. The German air defenses immediately went into action. No Allied landings have so far been reported at these points. RAF bombers went out from Britain in strength last night to continue their attacks on German occupied territory. These operations followed all day.5/6/1944
0612Attacks on enemy communications and radio installations in France including attacks by over 500 American heavies. In Italy the vanguard of the 5th Army has already left Rome and is pushing North. Further inland the 8th Army is fighting its way forward against stubborn resistance.5/6/1944
06136/6/1944 1.= F. Allen

D-day has come. Allied troops were landed under strong air cover. Winston Churchill rising in the House of Commons shortly after midday said that during the night and the early hours of this morning an immense armada of some 4000 ships and smaller craft crossed the Channel. Landings were also made behind the enemy lines and landings from the sea are also taking place. 11000 first line aircraft are at the disposal of the invading armies. Reports are coming in in rapid succession. The Prime Minister also announced that the operations are going according to plan and intensify for the weeks to come. Mr. Churchill said the troops embarking during the last few days. At 9.30 this morning the first communique was issued wherein it was said that under the command of General Eisenhower the landing of the armies began on the North
0614coast of France. General Montgomery is in command and troops consist of British, Canadian and American. Landings took place between the Seine estuary and Cherbourg especially near Caen. There are no reports of enemy air attacks on the UK during last night or this morning. Gerbrandy also spoke and the people of Norway, Denmark, Holland, Belgium and France were warned. General Alexander's communique says that with the capture of Rome another phase in the war has come to a conclusion. The Tiber has been crossed in many places and our troops are 5 miles beyond the Tiber. In the hills north of highway 6 the enemy is resisting the 8th Army. Tivoli [?] has fallen to French troops. Our aircraft attacked targets in the Po Valley, Western side of Italy and on the Adriatic. 2400 fights were made. 13 of of planes are missing and 4 enemy aircraft were destroyed. When our beachhead troops started their offensive there were 150000 men. The Russians have reported6/6/1944
0615another 24 hours of successful defense against German attacks to the north and northwest of Jassy. On Biak Island the Japanese have been outflanked. In Burma more ground has been gained around Myitkyina also at Kohima and Imphal. John Snagge reported recordings made by various correspondents about the invasion. Frank Gillard was with the troops in the last stage of their preparations. Robert Dumunth [?] reported about the American forces. Stewart McPherson was with the air forces who have to provide air cover. Gillard was also on a naval craft and reported how around zero hour, actually at zero hour numerous assault craft were lowered into the water. Richard Dimbleby was on an airfield from which the planes with paratroops were taking off. Air Commodore Helmore was speaking from a Mitchell bomber over the battle area on 10000 feet. The bomber had to drop a 4000 pounder on a railway bridge. He said it was as busy in the air as in Piccadilly Circus.6/6/1944Air Commodore Helmore
06166/6/1944. 6.= pm John Snagge
Commanding officers in charge of the landings on the coast of Normandy reported that everything is going so far according to plan. From 11.30 last night to sunlight more than 1300 bombers dropped 5000 tons of bombs on the French coast, more than ever before. Opposition in the air was slight today. We had 1000 planes in operation. The fire of the shore batteries was soon largely quelled. Supreme headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force (SHAEF) reported that we have secured a beachhead and dug in. Night fighter operation was negligible whereas there was no air opposition on this side of the Channel. The Germans say that 2 hours after airborne troops had landed landing craft landed troops between Le Havre and Cherbourg. Over 640 naval guns were bombarding the beaches. Before landing craft went in 200 minesweepers, the spear point of the spearhead, swept the seas. Mr. Churchill said this is the greatest amphibious operation of all times. The Dutch navy is also among the names taking part in the operations across the Channel. The naval bombardments began at dawn and it
0617went on till the infantry had gone ashore. Transport lorries, equipment etc. was also going ashore and other divisions stormed the coast at other points and got in. The weather is not too bad but could have been better. The sea is smooth but there is a slight North Westerly wind. General Eisenhower addressed over the radio the French nation in particular. Half an hour ago General de Gaulle broadcast to the people of France after arriving here. He saw Gen. Eisenhower at headquarters. It is now reported that before faint attacks were made up to the shells of the French coast with correspondents even aboard. Immense preparations were necessary so the laying down of some 150 miles of railway track. The news of the invasion was announced at Moscow at one o'clock today. President Roosevelt broadcast last night but he went to his room to write a prayer. In Italy we are vigorously exploiting the victory of Rome. We have reached the river Tiber from Rome to the sea and also crossed it in various places. Resistance beyond the river is only weak. North of Rome the Germans are falling back6/6/1944
0618in disorder but north of highway 6 the Germans are resisting fiercely. Across the Apennines the Germans are giving up some of their mountain positions. Another 250 lorries were destroyed and 170 damaged. Only 8 German planes were seen over the battle area in daylight. The landing at Anzio took place on 22-1-1944. From Russia there are reports of still unsuccessful attacks by the Germans North and North West of Jassy. Churchill has been speaking again and said the landings had been effective along the whole front. Our airborne troops are well established and our losses less than we expected. 285 meters [?] a new News Service6/6/1944
06197/6/1944 9.= am dict. speed

Allied troops have pushed some miles in to Northern France from various fronts on the coast of Normandy. Fighting was going on last night in Caen some 10 miles inland and Allied tanks were reported to be moving up on the town. Mr. Churchill said last evening that the operations were proceeding in a thoroughly satisfactory manner. Mass-landings of airborne troops have been made behind the enemy lines. The Germans say these landings were made in great depth and they report also that Allied troops have landed in Guernsey and Jersey. The first landing were made in the bay stretching eastward from the hip of the Cherbourg Peninsula to the great port of Le Havre and it seems to have achieved a certain amount of tactical surprise. Over 4000 ships and several thousands smaller craft are taking part in the operations and nearly 11000 aircraft are available. The army group carrying out the assault is made up of UK, Canadian and American forces under General Montgomery.
0620Allied losses in ships and aircraft are officially described as very small. President Roosevelt yesterday gave American naval losses as 2 destroyers and one tank landing craft. No large scale reaction by the Germans to the Allied landing is yet reported. It is revealed that General de Gaulle who is now in Britain conferred with Gen. Eisenhower on the eve of D-day. RAF heavy bombers were over enemy occupied territory again last night. This followed a great dusk to dawn offensive in which thousands of bombers and fighters took part. American heavy bombers have struck from bases in Russia for the first time. Their target was Galaţi airport in Romania. In Italy Allied troops have crossed the Tiber at many points and some have pushed on several miles beyond the river. The Portuguese government have stopped all export of wolfram to Germany.7/6/1944
06217/6/1944. 1.= pm John Snagge

The landings on the coast of Normandy went on all day yesterday and still more airborne troops landed during the night. Warships are bombarding batteries which are still in action. We had 1000 planes out during the night. The activity of the Luftwaffe has been increased but we still have the superiority in the air. No. 3 communique from Shaef was published 2 hours ago wherein it was also said that German naval forces have made no further attempt to interfere. 26 enemy aircraft were destroyed and one of our bombers and 17 fighters did not return. Railway centres, bridges etc. were attacked repeatedly yesterday. Our air cover was completely successful. Naval units in the Bay of Biscay were also attacked. 13 heavy bombers are missing and during the night Intruders destroyed 12 enemy planes. There was heavy fighting in the beaches yesterday. In daylight our planes flew 13000 sorties. The weather is still not good this morning and there are waves up to 3 feet. It has rained during the night. Yesterday our air cover was maintained over an area of 60 square miles between Le Havre and Cherbourg
0622The object of our planes operation behind our beachhead is to block and delay reinforcements which will no doubt be brought up by the Germans. Our fighters reported German armour going up to the battlefront last night. From daybreak onward our planes were out to Boulogne and Calais. One of our navy commanders said we made it possible for Montgomery to fight a land battle. First German prisoners have reached our ports. Last night another attack was made on the chemical centre of Ludwigshafen. More mines were laid all without loss. In Italy our troops crossed the Tiber and have fanned out 10 miles from Rome. Mediterranean Air Forces made 2300 sorties attacking also oil refineries at Ploesti, rail and water transport in Hungary and Romania, targets north and northwest of Rome, shipping on the West coast of Italy. 34 enemy planes were destroyed and we lost 33 planes of which 16 heavies. During the night targets north of Rome were attacked. North and northwest from Jassy German attacks which were on a smaller scale were repelled . On Monday7/6/1944
062349 tanks and 42 planes were destroyed in this sector and on other parts of the front 6 more. Russian bombers bombed Jassy heavily and also sank 3 supply ships in the Baltic totally 11000 tons. American Mustangs from Russia, two of which are missing, shot down 6 German planes. In the South West Pacific the Americans have fought their way still further towards Biak airfield. From June 5th there is a total embargo on wolfram exports from Portugal.7/6/1944
06247/6/1944 6.= pm. Stuart Hibberd
Satisfactory progress is the latest news from France. At 6.30 last night 3 waves of gliders landed troops on the Cherbourg Peninsula and two hours later 2 more waves were dropped and our troops seized positions on the peninsula. The Germans say that only now their local reinforcements are coming in action but this is propaganda. By noon yesterday American parachutists had captured a village 3 of 4 miles inland which was an important position. Two small islands off shore were also captured. The Germans say good sized Allied forces established 3 bridgeheads. Some heavy fighting took place on the beaches and inland yesterday. At noon the men in our beaches were out of the German fire. The weather is better than yesterday and it is not holding up operations. From dusk to dawn our planes made 13000 sorties and our heavy bombers were out 4 times during the day. An enemy attack by Juncker dive bombers on one of our beachheads proved abortive. Out of 12 Ju's 4 were destroyed. There is no up to date weather news from the landing craft. It is reported that more naval officers and men are employed in
0625this operation than we had at the beginning of the war. Letters are already being sent across the Channel to our men fighting there. From Italy it is reported that our troops are 10 miles beyond the Tiber but there is no confirmation yet that Ostia has fallen to our hands. Northeast of Rome the 8th Army is meeting stiff opposition. Subiaco is still being covered by the Germans. Rearguard casualties in the operations in Northern France are less than was expected. Last day railway targets at Belgrade were also attacked. The Germans have said to Switzerland that they will give Swiss authorities a full report about the shooting of the RAF officers this week.7/6/1944
06268/6/1944. 9.= am. dict. speed

Allied troops in France have captured the town of Bayeux 15 miles west of Caen. They have also cut the road between these places at several points and were last reported to be on the outskirts of Caen itself. German resistance has stiffened as enemy reserves have come into action and there has been heavy fighting inland. An enemy counterattack with tanks near Caen has been beaten off. Allied airborne operations have been resumed on what is officially described as a very large scale. On Tuesday night more troops were dropped on the Cherbourg peninsula from great trains of gliders. Behind the front line all the landing points have been cleared of the enemy and some of them have been linked up. The beachheads are out of range of enemy small arms, but are still within range of enemy artillery. The general picture of the operations so far is that Allied progress has been very satisfactory but the hardest test still lies ahead. Allied aircraft again swarmed over the landing areas
0627yesterday attacking more than 100 selected targets. Enemy fighter opposition was stiffer than Tuesday. A correspondent says 71 enemy planes were destroyed yesterday. We lost 27. 3 German planes were destroyed in raids on this country last night. In Italy 5th Army troops are making rapid progress north of Rome in the direction of Civitavecchia but the 8th Army is meeting strong rearguard resistance northeast of the capital. In the South West Pacific American troops have captured Mokmer airfield on Biak Island off the North coast of Dutch New Guinea. The Americans are now striking towards ....[?] airfield east of Mokmer. The German push on the Rumanian front north and northwest of Jassy showed signs of weakening yesterday.8/6/1944
06288/6/1944 1.= pm John Snagge

Allied troops received a great welcome from the French people at Bayeux. Our aircraft made 9000 sorties in the last 24 hours. Churchill strongly warned against over optimism on this point of the operations. Civitavecchia has been captured. Bayeux has fallen and the road Bayeux - Caen crossed on various points. Contact between sea and airborne troops has been established. Bayeux is 5 miles inland. Peacetime population is 7000. Local people went wild when troops entered the town, The capture is good news, important road and rail centre. Our forces on the other side are steadily built up. E-boats tried to interfere unsuccessfully. Coastal batteries in action yesterday were silenced. British battleships Nelson, Warspite and Ramillies take part as well as 3 USA battleships., 2 French and a Polish cruiser. Weather off the beaches is better today. There have been times when unloading of the ships was held up by bad weather. Our air forces continued to give valuable support. Targets up to 100 miles in front of our advancing troops were attacked. Yesterday in the afternoon American
0629bombers went out twice but there was no fighter opposition. Continuous patrols were maintained over the battle area, ships and beaches. 36 of our Tactical Air Force are missing. Coastal craft destroyed 2 E-boats. Halifaxes and Lancaster were out in strength last night attacking railway centres in France and doing as low as 900 feet through the clouds to unload bombs. Last night gliders and transport planes also arrived with Jeeps and guns. Allied air forces are going out in strength today as never before. The first large batch of German prisoners arrived yesterday evening. Cologne was attacked last night and sea mines were also laid all without loss. A few German planes were over East Anglia last night causing little damage and no casualties. 3 were destroyed. In Italy 5th Army captured Civitavecchia 35 miles direct and 50 miles by rail from Rome. It was captured yesterday morning and our spearhead is pushing northward. Advance units also reached the town of Bracciano. The 8th Army captured Subiaco on the road to Pescara. Leghorn has been bombed and railways along French and Italian Riviera, 1800 sorties were made.8/6/1944
06308/6/1944. 6.= pm. Jos. Macleod

More progress is being made after our capture of Bayeux. The Germans say Rommel has started his counterattacks by reserves brought up viz. between Caen and Bayeux. We are now 40 miles north of Rome. In France fierce armour and infantry fighting is taking place. On Tuesday our troops reached the outskirts of Bayeux which has not suffered much from our raids. Early yesterday morning the Germans pulled out of Bayeux and we took some high ground beyond the town. The battleship Rodney is also taking part in the operations and the US. battleships include o.a. the Texas and Nevada. The wind dropped to a light breeze today. Mine sweeping continues and the channels have been widened. It is now revealed that we also employed rocket craft, improved since experiences at Dieppe. Last night hundreds of Halifaxes and Lancasters were out to attack railway centres outside Paris to disorganize German traffic from the East to the West. 29 of our planes are missing and 5 night fighters were destroyed. Our mediums were also out and Intruders shot down 8 planes today.
0631Marauders made a strong attack on the city of Caen which is on fire. Thunderbolts were active between Cherbourg and Carentan and also inland from Bayeux. 750 escorted Fortresses and Liberators attacked railway targets and airfields 100 to 150 miles beyond the beachhead. Several hundred German prisoners arrived here. General Eisenhower spoke about the progress of the campaign and said that the landings were made as planned. In Italy the 5th Army is pressing on very vigorously. Kesselring's 14th Army is retreating in disorder. For the 8th Army the going is heavier. 160 lorries were destroyed by our aircraft yesterday. Life in Rome is getting back to normal. Gas, electricity and water is available. The food situation is also fairly well. Badoglio arrived in Rome. The Pope had a 10 minute interview with General Mark Clark. In Russia the Germans do not claim to have attacked at Jassy. In Burma the Japanese are withdrawing to the southwest of Kohima. Bangkok the capital of Siam got the heaviest attacks it has yet had. There was a Ministry of Agriculture8/6/1944
0632announcement about applications for binder twine which have to be made at once. The G.P.O. has made a reminder about postal rates to troops in the French invasion coast.

6.2 1/2 end
06339/6/1944. 9.= am. dict. sp.

German resistance to the Allied landings in France is mounting, but it is officially announced that our troops continue to make progress. The British 6th Airborne Division has held firm against repeated attacks and the Americans are gradually enlarging their bridgeheads. 10 enemy divisions have been identified in the battle area. The Allied pool [?] of prisoners has increased. One divisional force alone claims a thousand. More supplies are being landed from merchant convoys. The Allied air forces have kept up their attacks in very great strength. The scale of the air assault is shown by the fact that in the 52 hours from dawn on Tuesday till midday yesterday Allied planes flew about 27000 sorties that is about 9 every minute. In that period 176 enemy aircraft were destroyed in the air. While Allied losses were 289 or just over 1% of the force employed. British bombers were over occupied territory during the night. In Italy the 5th Army troops have passed Civitavecchia 40 miles NW of Rome and have occupied Civita Castellana 30 miles due north
0634of the capital. The 8th Army have occupied Subiaco 30 miles east of Rome. Messages from Rome say Marshal Badoglio has not succeeded in forming a new Government and the task has been entrusted to Signor Bonomi. In Northern Burma Allied troops have got a grip on the North Myitkyina airfield and Chinese columns have pushed further into the town from the West and South. Over on the Indo-Burmese frontier the Japanese have fallen back still further southeast of Kohima. In the South West Pacific American troops on Biak Island are pushing eastward after capturing Mokmer airfield. Last night's Moscow communique does not confirm the German report of Russian attacks north of Jassy.9/6/1944
06359-6-1944. 6.= pm. Wardell

Progress in Normandy goes on in all sectors. British and Canadian troops are fighting hard for Caen. Americans are extending their bridgehead south of the Cherbourg peninsula. 12000 pounders were dropped. Advance in the Adriatic sector. The Germans say they left a place 12 miles north of Civitavecchia. Targets in the Munich area were bombed today. Milk allowance will go down but there will be extra sugar for jam making. Allied troops continue to make progress in all sectors and landings continue on all beaches. The phase of the consolidation of the foothold is still in progress. Enemy reserves are in action on all fronts. 10 German divisions are in action. The position is that in the Eastern sector on the Allied left the British 6th Airborne Division is well established. Heavy fighting takes place for Caen. Further West there is a firm line round Bayeux. On the Allied right flank the Americans are enlarging their bridgehead and fighting round Sainte-Mère-Église. Allied naval support ensured the safe arrival and landings in the beachhead. Merchant convoys are arriving. German batteries still in action were silenced by
0636warships. Lancasters and Halifaxes were out in great strength last night attacking 5 railway centres between 50 and 100 miles inland from the beachheads. One squadron went further to Saumur where 12000 pounders were dropped. There were fewer enemy night fighters up. 2 bombers are missing. Mosquitoes attacked railway targets. In the Straits of Dover there were low clouds and mists. French paratroops who are to take part in France were visited by General Kœnig. Vichy has issued a drastic order forbidding motor transport on the roads round Vichy. The 5th and 8th Armies are driving the Germans back west of the Tiber. From the Adriatic sector advances are reported. Talla 5 miles inland has been occupied and troops are moving up the coast. The 5th Army goes on advancing on the Mediterranean coast and pushing on. The Germans say they withdrew from Tarquina 12 miles north of Civitavecchia. Caprarola has also been captured and also troops there who arrived only a week ago from Denmark. We are also 10 miles north of Tivoli. Our aircraft made 1500 flights of which 1100 by tactical bombers. American heavies9/6/1944Kœnig
0637bombed target in the Munich area today. Political leaders in Italy have refused to support Marshal Badoglio and Signor Bonomi has been asked by Prince Umberto to form a government. No important changes were reported from Russia yesterday. Only local fighting near Jassy where a height was captured. Today the Germans report fighting at Jassy and Tarnopol. Off the Western hip of Dutch New Guinea a Japanese cruiser was damaged by bombers. Stocks of food in this country are good. The milk ration will go down from 4 to 3 pints on account of the drought. Extra sugar will be available for jam making. It is hoped to restore the cheese ration before the winter. 17000 tons of lemons will arrive from Sicily also raisins from Cyprus, dried fruits from Turkey oranges from Africa and Palestine, apples from Canada, apricot pulp and bitter oranges from Spain. Landings of fish have increased. A new dehydrated product is potato powder and experiments are being carried out with the dehydration of herrings. Complaints were made about luxury restaurants and it was also said9/6/1944
0638that rationing of fish is impossible. War transport ministry asked to help the free flow of traffic. Ministry of Labour announcement about shortage of women for ....[?] work.9/6/1944
063910/6/1944. 9.= am. dict. sp.

On the Western front both sides are throwing in more armour and heavy fighting has continued in all areas. The Allies have made gains west and southwest of Bayeux and the Americans have cut the main railway leading to Cherbourg. The Germans now hold only one single track line linking Cherbourg with the main part of France. Round Caen the Germans have counterattacked hard. Yesterday's allied communique described the fighting there is severe. Allied warships have driven off more enemy attempts on our beachhead shipping and sunk two German destroyers. More supplies have been landed. Bad weather held up air activity yesterday but last night Bomber Command planes were over occupied territory. Mosquitoes bombed Berlin. 3 American service chiefs General Marshall, Admiral King and General Arnold have arrived in London and General de Gaulle is to meet President Roosevelt in Washington shortly. The fishermen off Norway, Holland, Denmark, Belgium and France have been
0640warned to stop all fishing for the next 6 days. Allied shipping losses last month were lowest on record. In Italy 5th Army troops have captured 3 town more than 40 miles beyond Rome. 8th Army troops are driving ahead northeast of Rome in face of stubborn rearguard action. They also advanced on the Adriatic sector. The Pope has expressed great satisfaction at the way the Allied authorities have handled the food problem since the liberation of Rome. In the South West Pacific Allied bombers have sunk 4 Japanese destroyers off the Coast of Dutch New Guinea. Britain's cheese ration is to be increased. Plenty of fruit is coming from the Mediterranean and Canada is sending apples.

10/6/1944. 1.= pm. Joseph Macleod

Isigny has been captured by the Americans. We are fighting heavily 4 miles south of Bayeux. British and Canadian troops stand firm in the Caen area. The heaviest weight of armour is being thrown in by the enemy in the Caen area. He seems to have 3 tank divisions.
10/6/1944For Isigny read Isigny-sur-Mer (probably)
0641Already 3000 German prisoners arrived in this country and there are more to come. Yesterday weather was adverse. 2 more German destroyers were damaged. German E-boats were driven from the assault area. In the last 24 hours our warships engaged 46 targets. Last night a strong force of our bombers attacked airfields in North Western France within 100 miles of the beachhead and also a railway centre near Paris. 8 planes are missing and 4 were destroyed. German U-boats try to threaten our lines. There is an improvement in the weather since daybreak this morning. Many bombers and fighters are out today. Our casualties are much less than was expected. 4 hours after landing letters were already handed to our men in France. Sea mines were laid and Mosquitoes dropped 30 4000 pounders on Berlin in 3 minutes, all without loss. The pursuit of the German 14th Army in Italy continues. Tuscania, Viterbo and Tarquina were captured . The 8th Army took Arsoer [?] and captured Orsogna in the Adriatic sector. Last night Trieste and Terni were attacked. The Finns broadcast a communique a while ago in which they say10/6/1944
0642that the Russians launched a general offensive on the Karelian Isthmus which is said to have started yesterday morning. 8 miles S.E. of Kohima we met Japanese opposition. 5 planes were destroyed and 3 lost.

12/6/1944. 9.= am. dict. speed.

The Allied troops in Normandy now hold a 50 mile stretch coastline and have extended their perimeter to a length of 80 miles. Fighting is going on in the outskirts of Montebourg 17 miles from Cherbourg and further south. American troops were reported last night to have nearly surrounded the key town of Carentan. American forces have also made good progress in the centre of the front. They pushed 5 miles S.E. of Isigny to capture the little town of Lison and were last reported on the edge of a forest leading to the big road centre of St. Lô 8 miles further on. Extremely fierce fighting is taking place in the Bayeux area and also further east around Tilly about 11 miles inland. The Germans have concentrated strong armoured forces
12/6/1944Karelian IsthmusFor Tilly read Tilly-sur-Seulles
0643there and are putting up stubborn resistance against British and Canadian forces thrusting to the west of Caen. British warships have given the Allied push in this area very effective support. Still further East the British 6th airborne division is holding its bridgehead across the canal linking Caen with the sea. Correspondents at Allied headquarters last night described the general situation as encouraging. British bombers were over occupied territory last night and Mosquitoes attacked Berlin for the 3rd night running. Yesterday more than 750 American heavy bombers pounded 9 airfields and 8 bridges between the Allied bridgehead and the Paris area. 3 bombers were lost and 8 escorting fighters. They shot down 5 German planes. The Red Army have cut a 25 mile gap in the Finnish defense line across the Karelian Isthmus and have advanced up to 15 miles. Over a 1000 American aircraft yesterday attacked targets in Romania and Yugoslavia from bases in Russia and Italy. The Allied armies in Italy are pressing forward from coast to coast. 8th Army troops are pushing on from Pescara on the Adriatic coast.12/6/1944
064412/6/1944 1.- pm. by member of News Department (News reader been delayed)

The guns of 5 big warships are helping on the Cherbourg Peninsula. German counterattacks southwest of Montebourg have been broken up. German mobile batteries in the Cherbourg Peninsula are under heavy fire of our warships. The railway Carentan - Bayeux has been cut near Tilly is our deepest penetration so far. There is no news about the tank battle around Caen. We can now afford to exploit local successes now the consolidation of our foothold is drawing to an end. 4 railway centres were pounded last night when we made a concentrated bombing attack. Our Mosquitoes went deep into France last night flying 20 feet above the ground. Germans tried to get reinforcements across the Seine by ferries which were also attacked. On account of better weather more sorties were flown this morning than all day yesterday. Our Thunderbolt going out at dawn this morning to dive bomb were attacked by some 50 enemy fighters. Yesterday we lost 24 planes. The biggest success were
0645our gliders landing tanks and also a new fighter is in operation. From Italy a further progress of some 20 miles is reported. Our troops are now approaching Orbetello and we are also a dozen miles across Viterbo. A place was taken southeast of Lake Bolsena after the capture of Avezzano. The South of the river Pescara was cleared. The 14th German Army has been broken up in scattered remnants which have gone to all winds and stealing transport from each other to get away. We met strong resistance east of the Tiber yesterday. The Mediterranean air communique gives more details about our shuttle bombers. These attacked airfields in the Galaţi Gap in Romania, oil installations at Constantza, oil refineries and railway yards near Belgrade. 1500 flights were made, 19 planes destroyed, 17 lost including 12 heavy bombers. Last night targets in Hungary were attacked but details are not yet available. Again 4000 pound blockbusters were dropped on Berlin last night. 2 planes are missing. The battle on the Karelian Isthmus is going on. This new offensive was announced by Marshal Stalin last night. 80 places were12/6/1944Lake Bolsena
0646captured including Teriope [?] between Helsinki and Vyborg. Leningrad had become the base for this new attack. It is now the best time of the year for the assaults as it hardly gets dark.

12/6/1944. 6.= pm. Stuart Hibberd.

The Germans report the loss of Carentan. The Americans in this South Western drive have gained valuable ground. We made progress in the East and West. The Americans pressed well forward into the Bois Cerisy stretching up to St. Lo. Correspondents report that sober satisfaction is justified. Static batteries were silenced but mobile ones are still active. Still fighting is reported from the Tilly area. Rommel is getting some of his more distant reserves up. Our air force went to block the routes along which these are brought up for the 7th night running when Lancasters and Halifaxes attacked 4 railway centres. The bridges over the Seine are down and therefore we attacked the ferries over this river at the mouth of by rocket firing typhoons. On account of better weather half way through this morning more sorties were flown than all day yesterday. Weather is excellent. Harvards [?] were also out and our escorted
12/6/1944Cerisy Forest
For Bois Cérisy read Cerisy Forest (probably)
0647heavies met some opposition from enemy machines. Yesterday night there were a 100 enemy planes over the beaches and the battle area. Marauders attacked targets in the battle area twice today but were called back as the Americans advanced. The official film "Eve of the Battle" is now shown at many cinemas. In Italy the 14th Army is completely broken up. Prisoners say the German position is chaotic. We occupied the island off S. Stefano opposite Orbetello and advanced 20 miles since yesterday. We are pushing toward Rieti and captured Canteloupo [?] 30 miles due north of Rome. The Finns are fighting desperately. A 3 hours artillery barrage started the attack. Teryoki [?] has been captured. Last night our planes met very heavy flak over Berlin. In air raids over this country last month 68 people were killed or missing and 75 wounded. No news is reported about the American task force against Guam and the Marianas. Truk was bombed again and Biak shelled by warships.12/6/1944
064813/6/1944. 9.= am. dict. speed.

The Allied forces in Normandy have made more good progress. They now hold a continuous line based on a 60 miles stretch of the Coast and are steadily expanding it. American troops after fierce hand to hand fighting have taken the key town of Carentan at the base of the Cherbourg Peninsula. They have also cleared the Germans from the forest of Cerisy and were last reported to have reached a point 18 miles inland and only 7 miles short of the road and rail town St. Lo. Further East between Bayeux and Caen British and Canadian forces are engaged in fierce armour battle round the little town of Tilly which has changed hands several times. Still further East the British 6th Airborne Division is holding onto its bridgehead across the Caen canal and river in spite of heavy German counterattacks with tanks. Allied aircraft yesterday made one of their biggest and most widespread series of assault on enemy targets. A record number of 1400 American heavy bombers struck at Luftwaffe bases and rail bridges in a 400 mile arch from
0649St. Nazaire to Lille. Mr. Churchill went across to Normandy yesterday and visited the Allied troops. General Eisenhower has also again visited the battle area. RAF bombers were out last night over Germany and occupied territory. German radio stations say Cologne was bombed soon after midnight. Paris radio has reported attacks on areas south of the French capital. Little more than an hour ago the whole German radio network went off the air. In Italy 5th Army advance guards were last reported approaching a town on the coast about 70 miles beyond Rome. 8th Army troops were pushing up the Eastern side of Lake Bolsena in the direction of Orvieto. On Germany's Eastern front Red Army tanks and shock troops are pouring through the breach in the Finnish defenses on the Karelian Isthmus. London had two brief alerts during the night. The first for nearly 7 weeks. One raider was brought down.

13/6/1944. 1.= pm. Rich Wessel
News from Normandy is of steady progress with no marked advances and strong enemy resistance in
0650Eastern sector. The number of prisoners taken is now estimated to be 10000. The build up goes well and the official news confirms the fall of Carentan, where the Americans got a great welcome from the people. The ruined village of Tilly changed hands several times. There are now 3 German panzer divisions in this sector. The Germans have now some 250000 men against us. Lancasters and Halifaxes kept up the work by bombing railway centres. 23 aircraft are missing from the night's operations. 9 German planes were destroyed. About this time yesterday Mr. Churchill landed from a destroyer in Normandy. General Smuts and other Generals have also visited the battlefield. Bomber Command sent a strong force of Lancasters to Germany last night to bomb synthetic oil plants at Gelsenkirchen which is the principal coal mining centre in the Ruhr. Weather was fairly good and bombs went down in highly concentrated attacks. Cologne was also attacked and more mines were laid. 17 of our planes are missing. There were some enemy planes over East Anglia, South and South East England. Few bombs fell and there were a a small number of casualties. There was a lot of noise [?] on the Channel coast last night when the shellfire warning was in force for 5 hours. Guns from Boulogne were active. In Italy we have crossed the Saline river 6 miles above Pescara. Popoli between Pescara and Avezzano was captured. There was more opposition13/6/1944Saline
0651south of Terni and resistance is also increasing on both sides of the Bolsena Lake. Fierce fighting takes place in the town of .....[?] and there is also resistance below Orbetello. Our planes in Italy made 1100 flights. 4 are missing. Our heavies were not out. Last night targets in Hungary were attacked and not one enemy plane was seen over the battle area. In the East the Russians are pushing on and they are within 40 miles of Vyborg (Viipuri). 30 more places were captured by the Red Army. Ivalo on the main line to Helsinki was also taken. In Burma the Chinese took more strong points Myitkyina. From central China fierce fighting is reported as well as heavy casualties on both sides.

13/6/1944 6.= pm R. Robinson

American troops have captured Montebourg at dawn this morning. This was done by the 4th American Division . Valognes is now within artillery range. Montebourg's capture has come quicker than we expected. The Germans had an artillery observer in the church tower naval artillery was called upon to destroy it. Good progress is being made across the peninsula lower down, also south
0652and west of Carentan. Our air forces gave plenty of attention to the peninsula. Valognes has already been attacked by our bombers. 100 railway trucks were destroyed in one junction alone. Steady progress is being made in the rest of the bridgehead but resistance is still strong between Tilly and Caen. The Germans used flamethrowers but we replied with the same weapon. The enemy is still pressing about our plans. Last night our air forces made heavy attacks wrecking railway junctions handling Rommel's reinforcements from Flanders. American fighters alone made 1500 missions yesterday. 10 are missing, 25 were destroyed in combat and 18 on the ground. All vehicles used in the invasion are marked with a white star, the star of liberation. The Belgian Government in this country have now received definite news that King Leopold was sent to Germany last Wednesday, the day after the landing. The lull in bombing Germany only lasted 3 weeks. Last night 6 night fighters were destroyed. Yesterday evening a ME 110 was destroyed by Spitfires near the South coast. German guns were again in action in the Channel this morning. Advances in Italy are not so swift. Opposition is stiffening 6 miles south13/6/1944For ME 101 read ME 110 (probably)
0653of Orvieto. The South Africans are meeting stiff opposition. We are across the Saline river and naval units are working hard to get Civitavecchia in order again. Oil refineries in Hungary and Yugoslavia were also attacked. This morning strong forces from Italy went to Germany to bomb the Munich area. On the Karelian Isthmus the Russians are 40 miles from Vyborg and they have captured Rovola [?] and .........[?]. In Central Burma our troops are pushing southwest from Kohima. The threat to the Assam railway has now been removed. 2 more strongholds on the outskirts of Myitkyina were taken. The exchange rate of French francs is 200 francs to the £. Letters to troops in France should be addressed as before. Mashed potato flour will be sent to Normandy as soon as cooking facilities are available. Supplies of Cornish new potatoes are arriving in London and other districts. There are sufficient old potatoes left but there may be a shortage locally due to transport difficulties.13/6/1944
065414/6/1944 9.= am. dict. sp.

The Allied forces in Normandy have gained ground on all sectors and the front line was last night reported to be 85 miles long. On the British Canadian sector our tanks have captured Troarn, a little town some 8 miles east of Caen while to the west of Caen our armoured forces have also made a deep thrust froward. These two moves threaten to outflank the German positions round Caen. In the centre of the front that is further West the Germans are putting up stiff resistance to the American advance beyond Carentan and up in the Cherbourg peninsula. Hard fighting is going on around Montebourg. Altogether the Allied armies have now taken more than 10000 prisoners. Allied aircraft yesterday kept up their support of the ground forces in spite of bad weather. General Eisenhower says the results of the Normandy campaign so far have exceeded his brightest hopes and Marshal Stalin has described the landing operations as a brilliant success. In Italy Allied armies have continued their advance on both sides of the peninsula
0655though the enemy's resistance has stiffened on the West coast as well as in the Central Sector. On Germany's Eastern front Soviet forces are steadily smashing their way through the deep Finnish defenses in the Karelian Isthmus. In the South West Pacific the American forces on Biak off Dutch New Guinea have resumed their advance Westward from the Mokmer airfield and were last reported within several thousand yards of one of the two remaining airfields in Japanese hands. Allied aircraft have made another successful swoop on Japanese shipping in Geelvink Bay at the Western end off Dutch New Guinea. They sank 4 cargo ships and 3 coastal vessels. Today is being observed in Britain as as United Nation's Day and Mr. Churchill in a message to mark the occasion emphasizes the need for unity which he said can alone make final victory possible.

14/6/1944. 1.= pm. Stuart Hibberd

West of Tilly our armour struck South and advance units have reached Caumont 20 miles inland. Yesterday
14/6/1944For Geelvink Bay read Cenderawasih Bay
For Caumont read Caumont-l'Éventé (probably)
0656evening Allied planes resumed the offensive and the most concentrated efforts since the beginning of the invasion was made when bridges and airfields were attacked. Fuel dumps south of the battle zone. During the night 5 enemy planes were destroyed which attacked our beachheads. Our planes went out in force again today when Thunderbolts, Mustangs and Lightnings went out in force. Around breakfast the Germans reported our heavy bombers over the Reich. Last night our planes went to Western Germany and mines were also laid, all without loss. According the last night's Moscow communique several strong points were captured on the Karelian Isthmus. There are no important changes on other fronts. In the central sector we are closing in on Narni in Italy and are also on the North Eastern tip of Lake Bolsena. Our air forces made over 2000 fights including the attacks on Innsbruck and Munich were a.o. 2 aircraft engine factories were attacked. We destroyed 35 planes and lost 28 machines including 20 heavy bombers. Last night our planes from Italy returned to the Munich area. Our navy has been active in the Adriatic shelling an island 60 miles So. of Fiume. In last weekend's task operations against Guam and the Marianas the Americans destroyed 141 Japanese planes, sunk 13 ships, damaged 16 others, losing 30 planes.14/6/1944
065715/6/1944 9.= am. dict. sp.

In Normandy our troops have stood firm against strong German counterattacks in the Caen area. The enemy now have 4 panzer divisions in action on this sector. Further West we have gained some ground in the Caumont salient after some of the heaviest fighting since the landing. The American forces on our right have slung back the biggest counterattack yet launched against them and have heightened their hold on the key town of Carentan at the base of the Cherbourg peninsula. Up in the Cherbourg peninsula there has been fluctuating fighting around Montebourg and the town was last reported to be back in enemy hand. General de Gaulle yesterday landed in the liberated area in Normandy and correspondents say he was given an enthusiastic welcome by the people of Bayeux. Enemy radio stations early this morning reported Allied bombers approaching Western Germany. Our Mosquitoes were over Germany during the night while our heavy bombers attacked targets in occupied territory in very great strength. These night attacks followed daylight operations including
0658an attack on airfields in France and the low countries by more than 1500 American heavy bombers. The largest force ever sent out in daylight from this country. 15 American bombers and 17 other Allied aircraft are missing from the daylight operations. 7 enemy planes were destroyed. A few enemy raiders were over Southern England during the night but no damage or casualties have been reported. In Italy 5th Army troops have captured 2 more towns and are now 100 miles northwest of Rome by road. 8th Army troops are keeping up their advance on the Adriatic sector. The Russians have driven deeper into the defense system on the Karelian Isthmus and have captured more strong points. In the South West Pacific the American forces on Biak Island have gained more ground. Liberators of the S.W.P. Command played a big part in the successful attack on the Marianas by raiding Talen [?] Island besides destroying a number of grounded aircraft they shot down 20 Japanese fighters.15/6/1944
065915/6/1944 1.= pm. Wardell

Allied troops from Carentan are striking West to cut off the Cherbourg peninsula. The tank battle for Caen is flowing in intensity. 2 hours ago Shaef communique reported that on all parts of the front in Normandy we continue to bring the fight to the enemy. Heavy fighting is going on 5 miles West of Carentan. Allied troops are again fighting in the streets of Montebourg and around it we seem to be bypassing it and are now 16 miles from Cherbourg. At Carentan we destroyed 14 German tanks. We are now halfway across the peninsula but against our cutting of the peninsula we expect fierce reaction and counterattacks. Around Tilly and Caumont we have imprisoned our positions. Fighting is also taking place near Villers which has changed hands several times. The Germans are in it now. East of Caen fighting takes place round Troarn but the place itself we do not hold. Our artillery build-up is proceeding. Yesterday afternoon and evening we attacked road transport and rail traffic. A surprise attack was made on the airfield at Le Mans where a dozen planes were destroyed. At 9.30 last night our first daylight tactical attack was made
15/6/1944For Villers read Villers-sur-Mer (probably)
0660by dropping 12000 pounders on E-boat pens at Le Havre. A pilot said at least 200 anti-aircraft guns were firing there. For the first time no enemy E-boats are operating. Our fighters reported more enemy movement since the battle began. General de Gaulle spoke at Bayeux and also at Isigny. Mosquitoes again went to the Ruhr to attack the synthetic oil centre at Gelsenkirchen. The Germans say that this morning attacks were made on Hannover but there is no confirmations here. The reception of the Italian radio communique was not good but important gains were made there. Bagnoregio was occupied last night and we also captured Orvieto whereas the 8th Army took Narni. Mediterranean planes made 2000 sorties yesterday of which 500 tot 750 bombers attacked oil refineries in Hungary and Yugoslavia. Shipping at Leghorn was also bombed and last night our planes went to Yugoslavia again. 18 enemy planes were destroyed and 18 of ours are missing. The Japanese report an attempted landing on Saipan in the Marianas. The Russians captured 6 strong points in Karelia but there are no changes elsewhere.15/6/1944
066115/6 6.= pm

Over 750 American heavy bombers strongly escorted went to France today attacking railway junctions, bridges etc. General de Gaulle, who went over to Normandy on a French cruiser, has arrived back here. The temperature of the battle is growing and still rising. The unloading of troops and stores is progressing. The Germans say today that the battle is approaching its climax and getting more violent every day. Sir Arthur Cunningham has flown to France today. The German woman- sniper captured at Sainte-Mère-Église will be interned in this country. In Italy we have pushed on 7 miles from Narni and have reached the outskirts of Terni. L'Aquila has also been reached and the Pescara river had been left behind and we are across the next stream. The Finns brought up fresh forces against the Russians but that did not help to stop the Red Army's advance.
066216/6/1944. 9.= am

In Normandy American troops have taken the little town of Quinéville on the East coast of the Cherbourg peninsula while further South other American forces have pushes forward on a 10 mile front and were last reported about halfway across the peninsula. The Germans have reacted fiercely to this thrust which is taking place to the northwest of Carentan. They have also put in more counterattacks with strong tank forces further East between Caumont and Tilly. In this sector British with close air support have slung the enemy back. Our gunners fired over open sights sometimes at only 400 yards range and German infantry charging up grassy hill sides towards our positions suffered heavy casualties. Meanwhile convoys of merchant ships are pouring men, stores and equipment into our beachhead. Our correspondents at Supreme Allied Headquarters say we now laid the foundation for large scale operations. Allied aircraft were out in great strength again yesterday. More than 1300 American heavy bombers went for a wide range of targets including airfields in the Bordeaux area and some in Germany.
0663RAF. bombers were over occupied territory again during the night and our Mosquitoes made attacks on Germany (INTERRUPTED!) ?? Enemy aircraft were over Southern England during the night. They came over at intervals and were received by heavy gunfire. Little damage and a small no. of casualties ?? U.S. Superfortresses have bombed Japan. Unofficial reports from Washington say Tokyo was among the targets. Tokyo radio says attacks were made on industrial areas in the Northern part of Kyushu, the Southern most of the Japanese islands.

16/6/ 6.= pm. Fred Grisewood

More progress is reported in the drive across the Cherbourg peninsula but for the rest there is little change since yesterday although steady progress continued. All enemy attempts to gain the initiative have been frustrated. There is slight reaction in the fighting which is less fierce. East of Caen however fighting is as heavy as ever. Yesterday our aircraft continued the attack against E and R. boats and pens in Boulogne harbour. Nightly attacks were made on invasion targets, railway yards, fuel dumps, ammunition dumps etc. 14 planes are missing and Intruders shot down 4 enemy planes.
16/6/1944Freddie Grisewood
0664Eisenhower visited the Canadian troops after landing by plane on a landing strip. Bomber Command also sent planes to Western Germany last night and one machine is missing. Sea mines were also laid. Herbert Morrison made a statement in parliament about pilot less aircraft the Germans are using against Southern England. They were first used last Tuesday and also last night and at intervals today. Countermeasures have been applied against this new enemy weapon. Anti aircraft guns will be used to shoot these planes up. When the motor of the plane stops and the light at the end goes out it may mean an explosion. They fly fast and not very high. In Italy we are keeping up the spurt. We are 25 miles from Terni and Perugia is only 25 miles to the North. We are also 8 miles beyond Orvieto. Our heavies were not out yesterday. 18 planes are missing and 7 were destroyed. In the attacks on Japan by the new B. 29 Superfortresses not one plane was lost in the action but 2 by accidents. They operated from bases in China and bombing was accurate. Large fires were seen. Tons by tons of bombs were dropped on coke-ovens etc. They are as big as the ordinary Fortresses with a wingspan of 40 feet. The Russians are less than 30 miles from Wiborg and captured 17 strong points and 2 railway stations yesterday.16/6/1944
066517/6/1944 9.= am

H.M. the King yesterday paid a one day visit to his armoured forces in Normandy. He crossed to France in the British cruiser Arethusa and drove to General Montgomery's headquarters. There he held an open air investiture with the sounds of the battle only a few miles away. The Allied armies have made continued progress in the Cherbourg peninsula and have now local successes in the Tilly sector. In the north of the peninsula Montebourg was reported to be once more in Allied hands. American troops keeping up their advance to the West were reported last night to have entered St. Sauveur on the road and only remaining railway to Cherbourg. Further South other American forces pressing Southward from Carentan are reported to have almost by-passes the roads which were holding them up. In the British and Canadian sectors there was little change yesterday. RAF bombers from this country were over Germany and occupied territory last night . Berlin was one of the places attacked. Last evening American heavy bombers attacked airfields and military installations in France. German raiders were again over Southern
17/6/1944ArethusaFor St. Sauveur read Saint-Sauveur-le-Vicomte
0666England last night. The enemy again used some of their pilot less planes but appear to have sent over normal types as well. Damage and casualties have been reported. On the West coast of Italy 5th Army troops have occupied Grosseto. The last important town before Pisa. Further inland 8th Army troops have taken a place 10 miles north of Orvieto. America heavy bombers from Italy yesterday attacked 5 oil refineries in Austria and one in Czechoslovakia. In the Karelian Isthmus the Russians yesterday took more than 100 places. In the Mariana Islands in the Central Pacific bitter fighting is ranging in Saipan Island but American forces have advanced all along the line. In the South West Pacific Japanese counterattacks on Biak Island have been beaten back. In Northern Burma a force of Chindits has attacked the Japanese base of Mogaung on the Assam-Burma border. 14th Army troops have advanced both in the Kohima and Imphal sector.17/6/1944Chindits
066717/6/ 1.= pm Frederick Allen

American troops are more than half way across the Cherbourg peninsula and 10 miles short of the West coast. French troops landed on the Isle of Elba. RAF bombers out in very great strength last night attacking synthetic oil plants etc. 33 missing. In Normandy Allied troops continue to advance. Local advances have been made between Caumont and Tilly. East of Caen strong German attacks were beaten off. HMS Ramillies bombed panzer forces northeast of Caen. We are 10 miles short of the West coast of the Cherbourg peninsula but our positions at St. Sauveur have not yet been consolidated. Stubborn fighting in the streets of Montebourg is reported. It is no easy job to cross the peninsula. The Germans tried to establish themselves on the Caen canal but they suffered heavy losses. The weather is abominably bad also yesterday afternoon and last evening. Light bombers attacked 3 airfields near Paris and heavies went for military installations in the Pas de Calais area. Our fighters made 500 flights over the beachhead and 4 of them are missing. German staff cars on the Cherbourg peninsula have suffered seriously. In 10 days 21 cars were destroyed. On the return from Normandy
17/6/1944For Tilly read Tilly-sur-Seulles
0668the King sent a message to General Eisenhower expressing his admiration for the achievements. The King was welcomed on the beaches by General Montgomery. 7 men were decorated by medals by the King in Normandy. Mediterranean headquarters issued a special communique reporting that troops of the French Army B had successfully landed on the Isle of Elba. The Germans report heavy fighting and landings in the South. The momentum of the Allied advance in Italy is being kept up. In the Adriatic sector we are 22 miles north of the Saline (Cellino?) river, also 27 miles north of Terni, 12 miles north of Orvieto. Our aircraft destroyed 70 enemy planes and we lost 21 machines including 12 heavy bombers. Last night our bombers were in great strength over the Ruhr and military objectives in the Pas de Calais area. Synthetic oil plants near Duisburg were attacked. Mosquitoes were over Berlin dropping 4000 pounders. In Finland the drive towards the Mannerheim line continues. The Russians are now 28 miles from Wiborg which means an advance of 6 miles since the previous day. 4 railway stations were captured 42 miles from Myitkyina in N. Burma. Kohima was captured. On Saipan 1500 miles E. of Tokyo the Americans pushed forward against the 2 enemy divisions estimated to be there. Attacks were also made against the Volcano and Bonin Isles. 4 planes lost.17/6/1944French Army B
Bonin Islands
Volcano Islands
066919/6/1944 9.= am. Peter Watson

Supreme Headquarters confirm that American troops have cut right across the Cherbourg Peninsula and have reached the West Coast in the neighbourhood of Barneville. American troops have beaten the enemy's first attempt to reopen the trunk road linking Cherbourg with the mainland. The BBC correspondent at Supreme Headquarters say the total enemy strength in the Northern end of the peninsula is unofficially estimated at between 25000 and 30000 men. At the base of the peninsula other American troops are within 6 miles of the highway centre of St. Lô. On the Allied left flank British troops have beaten off a German counterattack east of Caumont and we have pushed into the outskirts of Tilly. Allied air activity was again on a big scale yesterday. The 9th Air Force alone flew more than 1000 sorties. More than 1300 Fortresses and Liberators yesterday attacked oil plants in Hamburg and at other places in Western Germany. 11 of the bombers are missing. American bombers also attacked military targets in the Pas de Calais. The Germans kept up their pilot less plane attacks on Southern England last night. Damage and casualties have been reported. It was stated last evening that our coastal
19/6/1944Trunk roadFor Barneville read Barneville-Carteret
0670batteries and fighter pilots have had some success against these machines. In Italy 8th Army troops have got to the outskirts of Perugia more than 80 miles north of Rome. The Russian have broken through the Mannerheim line and got to within 18 miles of the Finnish port of Viipuri (Vyborg). In the South West Pacific American troops on Biak Island are enveloping Japanese hill positions north of Mokmer airfield. In the Central Pacific the American forces who recently landed on Saipan Island in the Marianas have beaten off a Japanese counterattack from the sea. In Central China there has been more fierce fighting in the suburbs of Changsha [?]and the Chinese have made more progress in their drive towards the Burma border from South West China across the border in Northern Burma. Chinese and American troops have gained more ground in the fight for Myitkyina.

19/6. 1.= pm Stuart Hibberd

The American barrier sealing off the Cherbourg peninsula is being strengthened and widened. Our attacks in the Tilly sector are meeting
0671with strong opposition and further East we have slung back a German attack. The 7th Armoured Division the so called Desert Rats are fighting in Normandy. The enemy made desperate attacks to break out from the North of the Cherbourg peninsula. Weather again held up air activity from noon yesterday till dawn this morning. Rocket firing planes and dive bombers attacked fuel dumps etc. Only 2 enemy planes were seen over the battle area and 11 of ours are missing. Mosquitoes in strength attacked railway targets and military installations in Northern France were also attacked. Formations again went to the Pas de Calais area this morning where the installations for the pilot less planes appear to be. French troops in Elba have made more progress and they hold the greater part of the island. Portoferraio has also been occupied. In Italy our troops are 10 miles beyond Grosseto. Assisi 10 miles east of Perugia is in our hands and in the Adriatic sector we are approaching the Tronto river. Our air forces bombed enemy communications in the South of France, shipping on the West Coast of Italy and off Yugoslavia. One enemy plane was destroyed. 1 of ours did not return, no enemy planes were seen over the battlefield. 300 sorties were19/6/1944Tronto
0672made and bad weather hampered activity. From Yugoslavia the failure of the 7th German offensive is reported in Western Bosnia. Front reports from Russia this morning say that the Russians are approaching the outskirts of Wiborg. The Finns admit that the Russians control the West coast of Karelia. The attack against the Mannerheim line started at 5 o'clock this morning. It was breached in a depth of 2 1/2 miles about 26 miles from Wiborg. The Russian general leading the offensive has been promoted a Marshal of Russia. In Burma we are tightening our hold on Mogaung and more local gains were made at Myitkyina. Both ends of the Imphal road have been cleared. The Japanese try a new weapon too but are little successful with it. Zero fighters carry the type of bomb. The last Japanese base on Dutch New Guinea has been attacked by our Mitchells. Some more pilot less planes have come over here and our pilots are waiting for them.

1.11 1/2 en
19/6 6.= pm. R. Robinson

The Germans tried all they could to get out of the
0673Cherbourg peninsula before the gap was closed. The Germans admit today that we reached the coast. Over Normandy there is cold rain today. Street fighting in Montebourg now goes on for days. There are now big changes elsewhere on the front in Normandy. The fact however that there is no change does not mean there is a pause in the fighting. Yesterday our air attacks ranged from Arras and Amiens to the outskirts of Paris. Today Flying Fortresses and Liberators have attacked German airfields behind the Atlantic Wall and also installations in the Pas de Calais. Our planes were out in medium strength and they were escorted. Last night 2 Ju's 88 were shot down over the Channel. On Elba several hundred prisoners have been taken including some officers. The line on which we advance in Italy is from the north of Grosseto to Perugia. In Assisi which we took St Francis was born. The new Italian Government under Bonomi has started office from its temporary seat at Salerno. The port of Wiborg is being outflanked and the Finns speak about fighting 16 miles from Wiborg. They also say the Russians had splendid air support and speak about 2000 planes in action from bases at19/6/1944
0674Leningrad. A big British attack is going on south of Kohima. Not a Japanese is left fighting in the province of Assam. The Japanese use an aerial time bomb. At Saipan 13 barge loads of Japanese troops were sunk. A speech by Mr. Churchill last Thursday has now been published. 2 announcements one about foot and mouth disease among pigs in Derbyshire and one wherein special care is asked in addressing letters to forces also to these in France in which case number (service) rank and name must be given.
1.16 1/2 end
067520/6/1944. 9.= am.

In Normandy American forces are approaching the outer defenses of Cherbourg and were last reported 8 miles from the town. Their field artillery has been bombarding Cherbourg. German resistance has been stiff in places especially in the Eastern side of the peninsula, but in general the enemy have been leaving only small groups of men with a few mortars to cover their withdrawal. British troops have beaten off a local attack near Tilly and by noon yesterday had cleared the enemy out of the Northern part of the town and had worked round it to the West. The British cruiser Diadem has shelled enemy armour north of Caen. In the Mediterranean French troops now hold the island of Elba. They crushed all organized resistance in less than 3 days fighting and took 1800 prisoners. On the Italian mainland troops of the 8th Army have captured Bastia a few miles from Perugia. It is now revealed that the North Staffordshire Regiment was on the right of the British line in the Allied drive towards Rome. The Russians have captured 70 places in the Karelian Isthmus and are now only 10 miles from the big port of Viipuri. In the
0676Central Pacific the Japanese lost at least 300 aircraft in a battle over Saipan in the Marianas less than 1400 miles from Tokyo. More pilot less planes were over South England yesterday and last night. They caused some damage and casualties but several were destroyed by our fighters. Since the robot offensive started a few days ago our fighter and anti aircraft defenses have shot down a large number of the pilot less planes. There was some enemy activity over Eastern Scotland during the night. The German radio said this morning that hostile bomber formations were approaching South West Germany.

20/6/1944. 1.= pm Joseph Macleod

In coordinated attacks our hold on Normandy and the Cherbourg peninsula has been tightened. The security ban on foreign diplomats has been lifted. Bricquebec has been liberated and we are 2 miles from Valognes and over the river above Quinéville whereas we are bypassing Montebourg. Cherbourg itself is under fire since yesterday morning. The country in the Cherbourg Peninsula is broken and wooded.
20/6/1944For Bricquebec read Bricquebec-en-Cotentin
0677The Germans have once again been driven from Tilly and strong patrols are probing South. Flying conditions were bad yesterday but American heavy bombers, 3 of which are missing, attacked targets in the Pas de Calais area. Our planes were again out at dawn today. In Italy heavy rain and demolitions are holding up our advance. In the Adriatic sector the rivers Tronto and Saline have been crossed. Perugia has been entered and we are advancing on both sides of it and advancing Northward from Grosseto. In Italy bad weather also held up flying and only 200 sorties were flown. 2 planes were destroyed and not one of ours is missing. Early this morning a special communique was issued that at noon yesterday all enemy resistance on Elba had stopped. More pilot less planes came over at intervals last night and this morning. The Red Army widened its breach in the Mannerheim line to 30 miles. Wiborg is threatened from the East and South. Vessels in the port tried to get out. It is expected the Finnish opposition party, say reports from Stockholm, will demand the fall of Linkomies. A formation of a new cabinet is expected today. The Japanese attack on Saipan only damaged one ship and the Americans have cut right through the island occupying an20/6/1944Edwin Linkomies
0678airfield. In Burma things are still going well. Pressure is being kept up on Mogaung and Myitkyina.
1.12 end

20/6/1944. 6.= pm. Wardell

The Americans made good headway on the Cherbourg peninsula and Cherbourg itself is now only 5 miles in front of our patrols. We are 2 miles from Valognes. Originally we by-passed Montebourg but it is now reported that the Americans occupied the place or at least what is left of it and are now beyond it. On the West coast of the peninsula our barrier is 5 miles wide and on the other side 16 miles. Off the beaches weather is bad with a nasty 20 miles and hour wind blowing from the North East. Waves are 5 foot high. In daylight German mobile batteries are in action but E-boats are doing very little. Over 1500 Fortresses and Liberators with an escort of between 500 and 750 fighters attacked several more oil refineries today in the Hamburg, Hannover, Brunswick and Magdeburg areas. A tank repair depot and spare plane parts factory were also among the targets. Marauders went also out attacking launching ramps for pilot less planes in the Pas de Calais over a stretch of 30 miles from the south of Calais to the north of
0679Abbeville. In Italy on the Adriatic sector our troops are within 50 miles of Ancona and reached the river Tesino. In Burma we advanced 17 miles from Kohima to Imphal and in this sector alone 3500 Japanese have been killed. 40 miles north of Myitkyina a place has been captured. On Biak Island a new airfield was completed in 18 days. Henry Wallace arrived in Chongqing today. The Minister for Production, Oliver Littleton, gave some details about our reverse land-lease which he said amounts to over £ 500.000.000.-.-. We constructed over 100 airfields for the Americans, helped to transport troops across the Atlantic and supply 1/5th of the food the Americans use. In the Commons Churchill was asked whether actually the Germans did try to invade this country in 1940. The London Count Council has agreed to spend £ 1.000.000.-.-. in a five year plan for parks etc. A memorial service was held at St. Mary in the Fields today in honour of the flying officers shot after their escape from a prison camp. Foot and mouth disease is reported among pigs in Lancashire.

6.17 end
068021/6/1944. 9.= am.

In Normandy American forces are attacking the outer defenses of Cherbourg some of which are only 4 miles from the port. The big guns in the fortress were firing last night in a duel with American heavy artillery. During the day Allied aircraft attacked some of the guns that have been checking the American advance. Over in the British and Canadian sectors on the left of the Allied line there has been more fierce fighting especially at the little village of ......[?] a couple of miles beyond Tilly now in British hands. It is disclosed that during the first Allied landings in Normandy British marine commandos took the small but useful port of Port-en-Bessin by attacking it in the rear. More than 1500 Fortresses and Liberators attacked vital oil plants in Germany and other targets yesterday. Air photographs show good results. The American destroyed 53 German aircraft in combat and shot up 13 on the ground. 43 American bombers and 7 fighters are missing. More pilot less planes were brought down over Southern England last night and a number were destroyed yesterday by Allied fighters patrolling the Pas de Calais coast. Damage and casualties are reported as a result of the activity over Southern
21/6/1944For Port-en-Bessin read Port-en-Bessin-Huppain
0681England. In Italy the Allies have captured Perugia in the central sector and are pushing on beyond the town also gained ground in other sectors. After a 10 day offensive on the Karelian Isthmus the Russians have taken the port of Viipuri. Strong Japanese naval units have taken up positions East of the Philippines and a big clash seems imminent. Admiral Nimitz who gave this news at his Pearl Harbour headquarters said this was the first time since the battle of Midway Island in 1942 that Japanese naval forces have come out to meet the American fleet. The American forces who landed recently in Saipan Island in the Marianas now hold half of the island including two airfield. In the South West Pacific American troops on Biak Island have driven the Japanese from the 2 remaining airfields.

21/6/1944. 1.= pm. R. Robinson

The Americans were 4 miles from the port of Cherbourg last night. 3 miles South of Tilly the village of ? has been occupied. In Italy we are some miles beyond Perugia. The battle for Cherbourg has been joined in earnest, we have
0682seized high ground 4 miles from the port and overlooking it. The Germans already started demolitions. All day yesterday rapid progress was made up the peninsula and all roads cut with the exception of the two leading to the Eastern and Western hip of the peninsula resp. at Cap de Barfleur and Cape de la Hague. Valognes has been liberated. Flying bomb sites in the Pas the Calais were bombed yesterday afternoon and evening. Since August last 19000 tons of bombs have been dropped on these sites, barracks for especially trained men etc. Troop trains, locomotives etc. were also shot up in Northern France. 10 of our planes is missing and 2 night fighters were destroyed. The weather in the Straits of Dover is almost wintry and clouds are low which seems to account for the slight increase in the pilot less plane attacks last night. There was also some enemy activity over Scotland. Allied planes went again to the Continent this morning and the Germans report Allied planes over widespread areas. According to Tokyo reports the naval battle between the American and Japanese fleets has already started 1200 miles southeast of Tokyo. Reports from Australia say that if the Japanese leave us on Saipan it will mean a most serious loss to them. The Americans21/6/1944
0683Page number 683 is missing, 683 and 684 are identical. ----=------=------= Now hold all 3 airfields on Biak Island. In Burma our troops have advanced 5 miles from Kohima to Imphal and the gap is now only 24 miles. More Japanese strong points at Myitkyina were destroyed. Late yesterday the Russians took Wiborg with splendid support of the Soviet airmen. Also 60 other places were taken. The victory was saluted at Moscow with 20 salvos from the 224 guns. From Italy extremely heavy rain is reported which holds up the advance. In the Adriatic sector we have reached another river and we are several miles beyond Perugia. Our aircraft made 750 flights all without loss but our heavies did not go out. Amongst the targets attacked was an enemy aircraft carrier at Genoa and also targets in Albania. It is now made known that the Middlesex Regiment takes part in the fighting in Italy.
1.12 end.

21/6/1944. 6.= pm. Frank Philips

The Germans say today that the Americans are more closely approaching the suburbs of Cherbourg from 3 sides. A heavy battle is reported from .....[?]. Last night our Mosquitoes attacked railway targets in Northern France. The American's 8th Air Force today concentrated its attacks on Berlin by
0684sending over 1000 Flying Fortresses and Liberators escorted by between 750 and 1000 fighters out to it. There is no further news so far. Since August last 23000 sorties were flown against German installations for the pilot less planes in the Pas de Calais. In the Adriatic sector in Italy the fishing port of Grottammare has been reached and also Ascoli. We are also 5 miles beyond Perugia to which town little damage has been done as all principal buildings are intact. The Finns today admit the capture of Wiborg and the Russians are already sweeping on beyond it. Wiborg has been absolutely deserted by the civilians. The Russians consider it an important gain especially as a naval base. It is 3 years today that the Germans invaded Russia. The battle between the Japanese and USA fleet is being fought between the Philippines and the Marianas. The minister for agriculture Mr. Hudson said that if weather is reasonable we shall have a good crop. There are now over 3000.000 acres flax, 1.700.000 acres barley. In the Commons Mr. Eden at question time spoke about the shooting of 50 flying officers and said the first German reports, which is now being studied has come in. All Turkish chrome which has been stopped for Germany will now come to this country. The 3 day debate on the Government's plan for employment after the the war has been opened by Mr. Bevin.21/6/1944For Ascoli read Ascoli Piceno (probably)
068522/6/1944 Ill.

23/6/1944. 9.= am.

Latest news from Normandy shows that the final attack on the fortress of Cherbourg is well under way. American troops are assaulting the defenses covering the landward side of the port and there is hand to hand fighting in the suburbs. Before the American ground forces went forward yesterday afternoon Allied artillery and aircraft gave the defenses a tremendous hammering. More than a thousand British and American planes bombed the German positions. There had been little change on the rest of the Normandy front. Around St. Lô American troops report stiffer resistance and over to the last British and Canadian troops are still pinning down several German divisions. RAF heavy bombers were out over enemy territory again last night. This followed a daylong onslaught in which their targets included German troops and supplies moving from Paris to the battlefield, flying-bomb bases in the Pas de Calais and airfields and railway yards over a wide area in France. The Germans sent more pilot less planes over Southern England during the night and damage and casualties are reported. In daylight yesterday Allied fighters destroyed
0686many robot planes. Russian armoured forces have driven deeper into the Finnish defenses along a 300 miles front and Finnish casualties have again been heavy. In Italy the Allied armies have again advanced Northwards despite the heavy going. About 750 Liberators and Fortresses attacked targets in Northern Italy including the Fiat Works at Turin. On the Indo-Burmese frontier 14th Army troops have cleared the Japanese from the road between Kohima and Imphal. Corporal John Harman, a Londoner, in the Queen's Own West Kent Regiment has been posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross for heroic action in Burma. It is now known that the 58th American task force destroyed or damaged units of the Japanese fleet in the air-sea battle east of the Philippines."

"All kinds of difficulties
since Friday 23rd June
with German authorities.
They wish to send me to
22/6/1944John Harman
068727/6/1944. 9.= am.

Cherbourg is now in Allied hands. American troops captured this great port and naval base last night after fierce street fighting. It is expected that Allied engineers and repair squads will soon have the port in working order. In the Eastern half of the Normandy bridgehead British forces struck again yesterday morning and after a day of hard slugging pushed forward some 3 miles at a point west of Caen. The attack was still going on last night and it looks like developing into the biggest battle so far fought on the Caen - Tilly sector. More than 20000 prisoners have been taken in Normandy since the original Allied landings just 3 weeks ago. In Italy the 5th Army have taken the port of Piombino on the West Coast of and 8th Army men have gained more ground in the central sector. The Red Army has captured the fortress-town of Vitebsk and liberated nearly 2000 other places in White Russia. Soviet forces have driven on 30 miles southwest of Vitebsk and to the northwest they have captured a place two-third of the way to the key town of Polatsk. The Russians have also made more headway in Finland and the Finnish Parliament is reported to have met in secret session. The Germans sent more of their flying bombs over Southern England during the night. Casualties
0688and damage have been reported. British fighters have shot down more of the robots over the Channel. A new Allied air arm has been set up. It is called the Far Eastern Air force and its headquarters are in Australia. In the South West Pacific Allied Liberators from New Guinea have again bombed Rabaul in New Britain and airfields on Noemfoor Island west of Biak. In the Central Pacific American marines on Saipan Island have now established themselves firmly on high ground giving them complete control of ....... [?] Bay. A message from Chongqing says Chinese and British forces have occupied the important Japanese base of Mogaung in Northern Burma.

27/6 6.= pm Stuart Hibberd.

The Germans lost the greater part of 4 divisions in the Cherbourg fighting. Cherbourg is one of the finest ports in Europe with an all-weather anchorage. In the 4 divisions are included the 77th, 91st and 243rd divisions. The commanding general of Cherbourg and the admiral of the Cherbourg peninsula have been captured. Yesterday's prisoner's bag totaled 9400 in 24 hours. It is a definite fact that Cherbourg was not lost according to the German plan. The American general commanding was General Bradley.
27/6/1944NoemfoorFor Noemfoor read Numfor
0689Frank Gillard coming through from Normandy this afternoon said that we are now on the road from Caen to Villers-Bocage near Granville. Yesterday the roads were in mud. Unloading on the beaches went ahead and there was little trouble from mud at sea. Vitebsk has been captured by the Russians and the Germans are falling back in disorder. Orsha and Mogilev are gravely threatened. The first place is already surrounded. The Germans themselves speak about fighting near Bobruisk. The Germans hurriedly abandoned Vitebsk having no time to take the civil population away or cause destruction. The Russians are also making good progress in Finland. In Italy gains are reported on a broad front. The 5th Army is pressing on 10 miles north of Piombino and also more inland from the coast. In the centre there is German resistance on both of Lake Trasimeno. Chiusi has been captured. The Prime Minister said in the Commons today that since the landing in Italy our casualties up to the fall of Rome are 73122 viz ...[?] 14000 killed 46000 wounded and 10000 missing. Yesterday our planes attacked oil installations near Vienna. 36 heavy bombers and 8 other planes are missing. Mosquitoes attacked27/6/1944For Mogilev read Mohilev or Mahiljow
For Babruysk read Babrujsk or Bobruisk
0690targets 25 miles N.E. of Kassel last night. Mines were also laid and one plane is missing. 6 Beaufighters attacked E-boats off the Hook of Holland, sinking two of them. This afternoon Halifaxes with a fighter escort attacked what is described as military installations in Northern France. They returned without loss. Sergeant Barton has been posthumously awarded the V.C. He bombed Nuremberg. Next Sunday ordinary milk rations will be reduced from 3 to 2 1/2 pints. Crop prospects in Canada are the best for 10 years. 2 announcements:
about foot & mouth disease in the West Riding of Yorkshire and the other about returns potato growers have to fill in and they also have to return their sacks of old potatoes.
069128/6/1944. 9.= am

In Normandy British troops have pushed forward to within 6 miles of Caen and were last reported to be fighting on the Orne river that runs through the town. There has been some hard fighting in the last 24 hours once again most of it has been done by our infantry though our tanks and guns have given them good support. It is early to say that we have made a real breakthrough. There is a lot of German armour about and it is difficult to destroy this in the wooded country. In the hip of the Cherbourg peninsula American troops are wiping out the last remains of organized resistance. German casualties since the first landings are spoken to be about 70.000. In Italy American troops of the 5th Army have pushed on more than 10 miles beyond Piombino on the West Coast. In the central sector 8th Army men have swept the Germans out of Chiusi and were last reported to be pressing on northwest of the town. British army casualties in Italy down to the fall of Rome were 73122 killed and wounded and missing. These include 5 Dominion and India troops. Red Army forces in their
0692drive towards Minsk, the capital of White Russia, have captured the rail junction of Orsha. They also fought their way into the streets of Mogilev. It is estimated that 20000 Germans were killed in the assault on Vitebsk and that 10000 surrendered. The Russians have captured many more places in Finland. German troops are reported to be passing through Helsinki, the Finnish capital, towards Finland's eastern front. RAF bombers from this country were over German occupied territory last night in great strength. The Germans sent more of their flying bombs over Southern England.

29/6/1944 9.= am

In Normandy British troops have driven a wedge nearly 5 miles deep in the German defenses southwest of Caen. After 3 days heavy fighting we are now established in great strength 6 miles from Caen and the Germans are rushing up infantry and tanks to keep our forces from closing round the town. It is estimated that we have knocked out some 60 enemy tanks in the last few days. Our own losses of armour have been light. It is now known that all the British troops
0693in France are part of the 2nd Army, a new formation under command of Lieutenant- General M.C. Dempsey. Meanwhile American troops are wiping out the remaining pockets of resistance in the hip of the Cherbourg peninsula. It is estimated that the pool of prisoners in the peninsula will finally be between 30000 and 40000. In Italy Allied troops have made more progress against stiffening opposition in country which favours defense. The Germans are demolishing whole villages and turning them into strongholds in an efforts to check the Allied advance. The Red Army has captured Mogilev the last of the enemy's chain of bastions across White Russia. The road to Minsk, the capital of White Russia, now lies open to 4 converging Russian armies. The Russians have also gained more ground in Finland. In the South West Pacific Australian forces pushing up the coast of New Guinea have now gained control of Hansa Bay. In the Central Pacific American forces have gained much ground on Saipan in the Marianas. North of Japan American warships have bombarded the southern hip of ..... [?] in the Kuril Island. Governor Dewey of New York has been nominated as Republican Candidate for the US Presidency.29/6/1944
0694Gov. Bricker of Ohio has been chosen as Republican candidate for the Vice Presidency. RAF bombers were over German occupied territory again last night. More flying bombs come over Southern England during the night. They caused damage and casualties.

29/6/1944. 6.= pm. R. Robinson

British positions in Normandy have held firm against enemy attacks. For a long period each of our guns fired a shell a minute. Our spearhead is within 3 miles of Évrecy on the river Odon. Our wedge is 5 miles deep and 3 miles wide. Our men are fighting splendidly also north and northwest of Caen. There are still a few enemy strong points in the North West corner of the Cherbourg peninsula. to be dealt with. Our fighter bombers are giving close support to our ground troops. For a loss of 6 of our own we destroyed 25 enemy fighters yesterday. Last night Halifaxes attacked two targets in Loraine. 20 of our bombers are missing. Our night fighters destroyed 2 German bombers over the battle area last night, The US. 8th Air force this morning sent between 750 and 1000 heavies to Central Germany to attack a Ju 88 factory at Haldensleben, a F.W. factory at Aschersleben and a ME 109
0695factory at Leipzig as well as a synthetic oil plant 10 miles south of Leipzig. They were strongly escorted by fighters. Our Mosquitoes last night attacked and oil plant north of Essen and also went to Saarbrücken. Mines were also laid. None of our planes are missing. The Germans also sent flying bombs today. In the Commons at question time some members asked for more details about the damage these flying bombs do. In Italy our troops in the Adriatic sector meet stiff opposition on the river Chienti and they are 25 miles from Ancona. In the central sector we made fresh gains north of Perugia and both side of Lake Trasimeno. We are on the coast 17 miles beyond Piombino and 30 miles south of Leghorn. Since the 11th May we have taken over 32000 prisoners in Italy. Bad weather cut down flying operations. The rout of the Germans in Russia goes on at Bobruisk . German divisions are encircled. Yesterday 1200 places were liberated. At one point the Russians are only 30 miles from Minsk. The Dnjepr was forced over a length of 75 miles. 20 miles up the railway from Bobruisk to Minsk a place has been captured. The breakthrough of the defense line between Polotsk and Minsk is also reported. The Russians captured 15 fully laden trains. The Russian air force bombed Minsk, Polotsk and Barbow [?]. In Finland the Russians advanced 22 miles. More progress29/6/1944
0696is reported from Northern Burma and Saipan where the airfield captured is being used. The work of the Ministry of Information was critically discussed in the Commons. It was stated by Mr. Brendan Bracken that films are ready for the liberated countries in Europe. Per day 179 programs are broadcast in 24 European languages.

30/6/1944. 9.= am

In Normandy British troops re-acted vigorously to a German counterattack on the right flank of our wedge below Caen. The enemy thrust came late yesterday while our troops were building up their newly won positions. There was some hard fighting also around the edge of our salient where the Germans are defending the town of Évrecy with determination. Our troops have made bunted progress in hard fighting north of Caen. American troops are steadily wiping out the remaining pockets of resistance in the hip of the Cherbourg peninsula. More than 240 German tanks have been knocked out in Normandy since D-day and German fighter bases have been forced back as much as one hundred miles inland. In Italy 5th Army troops were last reported less than 30 miles from the big port of Leghorn on the West coast and others further inland were within 12 miles of Siena. 8th Army troops have gained more ground north of Perugia. Since the beginning
30/6/1944Brendan Bracken
0697of the present offensive we have taken 32000 prisoners on all fronts in Italy. In White Russia the Red Army have captured Bobruisk and further north have pushed to within a mile or 2 of the 1939 Polish frontier. On the Finnish front our Allies have captured the capital of the Karelian Finnish Republic and thus gained control of the whole of the railway linking Leningrad with Murmansk. Stockholm messages say it is now confirmed that General Dietl, German commander in Northern Finland has been killed in an air crash. In German controlled Denmark there have been more clashes in the streets of the capital, Copenhagen. In the Pacific Allied aircraft have attacked Japanese bases and strong points on a front of some 2000 miles from Timor to Rabaul and the Northern Solomons. More than 1500 American heavy bombers and fighters yesterday attacked aircraft factories and other targets in central Germany. More flying bombs came over Southern England during the night.

31/6/1944. Fred. Allen 6.= pm.

British forces have beaten back the strongest German counterattack in Normandy so far after 4 hours battle but they improved their positions.
0698The German attack started yesterday evening in heavy rain and thunderstorm against positions which we hold on high ground across the river Odon. Some German panzers penetrated to a depth of 1/2 a mile but 12 of them were knocked out. They were slung back and we improved our positions. At 10 o'clock all was over and we had gained fresh ground improving our positions. Scottish infantry was also fighting at Cherbourg. There is still no gas, water or electricity. The Germans had plenty of food, wine, champagne and cognac in their bunkers. It is now known that the 6th German general in Normandy has been killed. Our planes attacked railway and road targets in France yesterday afternoon and evening. 1100 sorties were made. In the Bay of Biscay a tanker was attacked. Last night more sea mines were laid all without loss. Today formations of bombers were seen going out. In Italy the pace of the Allied advance was quickened yesterday on all fronts. We reached the outskirts of a town less than 20 miles south of Leghorn. 3 columns are closing in on Siena and we are within 7 miles of that town. Castiglione del Lago on the Western shore of Lake Trasimeno was captured. Here we had to meet most stubborn resistance the last few days. Our planes attacked road and rail transport in the French and Italian Riviera. An airfield at30/6/1944
0699Serajevo was also bombed. In daylight yesterday our heavies were grounded last night however Halifaxes and Lancasters went out attacking an airfield near Vienna. 1400 fights were made. 3 planes are missing and 3 were destroyed. It is reported from the USA that American is breaking off relations with Finland in view of the agreement with Germany this week. The Finns admitted they had to withdraw from the ....[?] Isthmus. The Germans do not say today they lost Mogilev the day before yesterday nor do they mention the loss of Bobruisk. Yesterday the Russians cut the railway leading from Polatsk to the West. Only one route of escape, the least useful, is now left to the Germans. Only 5 miles from 1939 frontier a railway has been crossed. Borisow is being bypassed and the Berezina has been reached and crossed. At Bobruisk 16000 Germans were killed and 18000 captured. On Wednesday on all fronts 287 German tanks were knocked out. From Copenhagen a big strike is reported. Tramcars are being overturned and the Germans took over the Central Station and the main food yard. More progress is being made on Saipan. The Admiral King and Generals Marshall and Arnold returned in the USA and have asked the American people not to slacken their war effort on the home front. In the Commons the finance bill got a 3rd reading without a division and now goes to the Lords. 2 announcements, one by Ministry of Labour and one by Ministry of Agriculture.30/6/1944Admiral KingFor Polodzk read Polatsk
For Borisov read Barysaw
07001/7/1944. 9.= am.

In Western France the battle southwest of Caen has been going on in the past 24 hours and both sides are preparing up for the second phase. The signs are than it may prove one of the fiercest struggles of the Normandy campaign. So far the British 2nd Army has set the pace and operations are up to schedule. In the n. western hip of the Cherbourg peninsula fewer than 2000 Germans are still fighting on. The American forces have now taken more than 35000 prisoners in the peninsula. The Soviet army driving across White Russia has drawn a great semi circle around Minsk, the capital. To the north advanced troops in the Polotsk sector are over the 1939 Polish frontier and 2 border towns are in Russian hands. Some 60 miles south of Minsk the Russians captured Slutsk on the main route from Bobruisk into ? and pressed on beyond it. In Finland there is a fear that the new agreement with Germany will result in mass desertions from the Finnish army. Yesterday morning it was announced from Washington that the USA had broken off relations with Finland. The Allied armies in Italy have made a general advance west of Lake Trasimeno. In Rome General de Gaulle
1/7/1944For Polodzk read Polatsk
For Sluzk read Slutsk
0701has been received in private audience by the Pope. RAF. bombers were again over enemy occupied territory last night. Enemy activity over Southern England caused some damage and casualties. Wing Commander Johnny Johnson has become the top scoring ace of the RAF. Over Normandy yesterday he shot down his 33rd German plane beating the record of group Captain Wellane [?] which has stood at 32 for 3 years. Johnson is an Englishman who also leads a wing of Canadian Spitfires. In the Pacific Allied bombers have have again struck at Japanese island bases in the Carolines and Marshalls. On the Indo-Burmese frontier British troops are steadily dislodging what is left of the Japanese forces east of the Kohima- Imphal road. In China a fierce struggle is going in Henan province for the control of ?. Today is Canada's Dominion Day the 77th anniversary of the foundation of the Dominion of Canada. General Eisenhower has sent greetings to all Canadians under his command and Mr. Mackenzie King has issued an inspiring message to all members of the army, navy and air force.1/7/1944Johnny JohnsonFor Carolines read Caroline Islands
For Marshalls read Marshall Islands
07021/7/1944. R. Wessel. 1.= pm

On the Western front we have beaten off more German counterattacks and strengthened our position on both banks of the Odon. We have also gone on consolidating our positions and mopping up. The enemy re-acted sharply against the American efforts to straighten the line to St. Lô. There are however no big changes. Before dusk last night some 250 Halifaxes and Lancasters attacked German tanks in readiness in a wood near Villers-Bocage on a surface as big as the Arsenal football field some 1000 tons of bombs were dropped. Also 6 airfields in Belgium and France were attacked. During the day we lost 16 of our bombers and shot down 20 enemy machines. Our Mosquitoes last night paid another visit to the Rhineland where they attacked an oil plant. Mines were also laid and one plane is missing. More flying bombs came over last night. Today there are low clouds and mists in the Straits of Dover. In Italy the enemy withdrew all along the front. We are now 30 miles south of Pisa and on the outskirts of Cecina also 6 miles from Siena. The 8th Army made substantial gains. East and west of Lake Trasimeno. Our bombers attacked targets in Hungary and Yugoslavia and also road and rail transport in Italy were attacked and shipping
0703in Yugoslavia. 14 enemy planes were destroyed, 9 are missing from the 2600 flights made. Tito reports more successes. In White Russian Minsk will soon be threatened with outflanking. Yesterday Senzk [?] was captured. Our Allies advance westwards and northwards from Minsk. Borisow has been taken and the Berezina crossed. Progress is also made in outflanking Polotsk and the Red Army is now 5 miles across the 1939 border. German counterattacks were not successful and the Russian air force bombed Minsk and Polotsk. Since the offensive in Russia started 184000 Germans were killed wounded of captured. Also 950 tanks, 5000 guns and 30000 lorries either destroyed of captured. A new attack has been launched on the middle Pripet south of the present front. Several miles were gained here. The Finns are being pressed back still further north and northeast of Wiborg and yesterday 40 places were captured. The Finnish Government have now passed a law making desertion liable to a death penalty. The widespread strike in Copenhagen has now become a general strike. 8 Danish patriot were killed yesterday. Kalundborg radio stations closed down yesterday. The Chinese made more progress around Myitkyina. On Saipan American troops captured high ground in the centre of the island. Yap Island in the Carolines got another pounding by Liberators.1/7/1944Kalundborg radio stationsFor Pripet Marshes read Pinsk Marshes
For Wiborg read Vyborg
For Borrisow read Barysaw
07043/7/1944. 9.= am

The Red Army has made another great sweep forward in White Russia and has now almost encircled the city of Minsk. Our Allies were last reported to be only 12 1/2 miles away. To the south of the city they cut the railway linking up Minsk with Warsaw and the West. To the north of Minsk the Soviet forces have cut the railway running up to Wilna and further north still Soviet troops are more than 50 miles west of Polotzk which is still in German hands. In Normandy the British 2nd Army has beaten off a series of short attacks against its bridgehead across the river Odon. The Germans are reported to have switched an entire panzer division from Russia to Normandy. This brings their forces in the sector between Caen and Tilly up to 11 divisions in all. Allied fighters last evening shot down 21 enemy fighters over the battle area, our losses were 3 machines. All resistance in the Cherbourg peninsula has now ended and the number of German prisoners taken there by the Americans has mounted to 43000. In Italy 5th Army troops have captured the West coast town of Cecina 18 miles below Leghorn. On the 8th Army front British troops were yesterday clearing enemy remnants
3/7/1944For Wilna read Vilnius
0705out of a village to the northwest of Lake Trasimeno. Over on the Adriatic sector Allied troops have fought another river barrier in their drive up the coast towards Ancona. More than 500 American heavy bombers from the Mediterranean yesterday again raided the Budapest area. In the Central Pacific American troops on Saipan Island in the Marianas have pressed forward along the whole front and in the South West Pacific Allied aircraft have kept up their attacks on the Japanese island bases off Western New Guinea.

3/7/1944 6.= pm Jos. Macleod.

Early this morning the Americans started a new attack in Normandy on the West Coast of the peninsula. 6 miles from the coast at the base of the peninsula at La Haye-du-Puits. The attack was started in considerable strength. In their communique today the Germans for the first time speak about fighting with patriots in the South of France. Fighting at Cecina was heaviest since Rome fell. French troops captured Siena which the Germans admit. The enemy was dislodged from both side of Lake Trasimeno and on the Adriatic we are within 10 miles from Ancona. It is now known that General Mackensen commander of the 14th Army in Italy was removed from his post.
3/7/1944General Mackensen
0706Our Mediterranean aircraft shot down and destroyed 57 enemy planes for the loss of 15 heavies and 8 other machines. Last night our heavies and Wellingtons again went to Budapest. Some more flying bombs came over Southern England last night. Damage and casualties are reported. In the Straits of Dover there are low clouds and rain today. In Russian the Red Army advanced 30 miles beyond the Berezina and Borisow reaching Vileyka. 3 senior German generals all army commanders were killed in action. There is no news that the strike in Copenhagen was called off and this afternoon Stockholm reports that the strike has spread to 24 provincial towns. Over the weekend golden bars arrived in Portugal from Berlin by air. 1 announcement about petrol rations for period commencing August 1st next.3/7/1944VileykaFor Wilejka read Vileyka
07074/7/1944. 9.= am

The Russians have captured Minsk the capital of White Russia. The city had been in German hands for just over 3 years. The Russians re-took the city following deep outflanking moves to the north and south of it. They have already pushed spearheads 80 miles to the southwest along the main railway which runs from Minsk to central Poland while other Soviet forces are more than 1/3 rd of the way along the railway running northwest from Minsk to Wilna. At the northern end of the White Russian front street fighting is reported to be taking place in the rail town of Polotzk, gateway to the Baltic states. In Normandy the American forces have started a new drive down the western side of the Cherbourg peninsula. In spite of very bad weather and stubborn German resistance they have advanced from 1 1/2 to 3 miles on a 10 mile front in the first day's assault. To the southwest of Caen the Germans are still re-grouping after the decisive defeat of their counterattacks against the British salient. Our patrols have been very active and have penetrated about a mile beyond the salient at some points while our naval guns and land artillery
0708have continued to pound troops concentrations behind the enemy line. In Italy French troops of the 5th Army have occupied the city of Siena. The city has suffered practically no damage and the people gave the French troops an enthusiastic welcome. More than 500 American bombers were out again yesterday pounding oil targets in Hungary, Rumanian and Yugoslavia. In the South West Pacific American troops have landed on Noemfoor Island in the Geelvink Bay area of Dutch New Guinea and have already captured one of the airfields. More flying bombs have come over England in the last 24 hours. Damage and casualties are again reported.

4/7/1944 1.= pm Stuart Hibberd.

The Canadian attacked at Carpiquet which attack was launched at 5 o'clock this morning. They have already stormed the town and fighting at the airfield. This is on the eastern end of the Normandy front, a little west of Caen. At the base of the Cherbourg peninsula the front line of the Americans is now 13 miles and they have captured useful high ground. They also captured Saint-Jores. From Italy advances all along the front are reported. Our troops on either side of Lake Trasimeno have now joined up. Cortona has been occupied and we
4/7/1944For Portona read Cortona (probably)
For St. Jores read Saint-Jores
0709were 8 miles south of Arezzo. Our aircraft made 2500 sorties yesterday and outside the attacks on oil installations in the Balkans medium and light bombers attacked railways in Northern Italy. 15 enemy planes were destroyed and including 12 heavy bombers 29 of our are missing. The Russians broke into the outskirts of Minsk on Monday morning at 2 o'clock and at 7 in the morning the eastern part of the town was occupied. In the 3 years of German occupation Minsk suffered terribly. The Russians already use the railway station at Borisow. The Germans already announced the loss of Minsk in their foreign broadcasts. Beyond Minsk the Russians liberated some 700 other places yesterday. The Red Army also reached the suburbs of Maladzetsjna. Polotzk was entered yesterday and the Germans already reported the loss of it. In Finland the Russians made more progress between Ladoga and Onega Lakes advancing on the line Petrozavodsk - Sortavala. Our Mosquitoes attacked targets in the Ruhr last night. Mines were also laid, all without loss. Today weather in the Straits of Dover is brighter. Mr. Churchill will make a statement about flying bomb activity in the Commons Thursday. This was announced by Mr. Eden.
1.12 1/2 end
4/7/1944For Woladepchno / Molodechno read Maladzyechna or Maladzetsjna probably
For Petrosawodsk read Petrozavodsk
07104/7/1944. 6.= pm. Rich. Wessel

The Canadians in their new attack on the eastern part of the Normandy front within a few hours fought their way into Carpiquet. Several 100 American heavies attacked airfields in France this morning. Rather fewer flying bombs came over in the last 24 hours. Carpiquet, now captured, is on the road and rail from Bayeux to Caen. The Canadians stormed their way into the town. The RAF bombed the Luftwaffe out of the airfield there but it is heavily defended. The base of the British salient across the Odon has been widened. The American front line is 13 miles straight on the map. Saint-Jores has been captured yesterday evening. Our Mitchells set a fuel dump in a wood some 30 miles from Caen on fire. The number of aircraft, Fortresses and Liberators, escorted, attacking this morning is between 250 and 500. Study of the weather in the period 1925-1939 during June gives 4 days of mud in June and now we had 9 days. Less propelled explosives came over Southern England. Mr. Eden was asked why Mr. Churchill's statement on the flying bombs could not be given today. He said that last night the war cabinet decided the best would be to give the declaration on Thursday. In Russian the Red Army's summer offensive rolls on. The Germans say the Soviet tanks pressed into Minsk and pushed on to the West. In the hand of two armies alone 270.000 Germans fell. Borisow was only captured 3 days ago and according to the Germans the Russians already use it. At Minsk civilians broke into a German arm's depot and distributed the arms. Polotzk was entered yesterday
0711and today the Germans say they abandoned the town. In Italy the pace of the advance is being kept up. We are now 8 miles short of Arezzo. French troops have made further advances after the capture of Siena. On the coast we are less than 15 miles from Leghorn. The advance on Ancona is being made by Polish troops. In Burma Aekrae (spelling?) in the Manipur Hills has been captured. We have closed in on it from 2 or 3 sides for 3 days. Stilwell's troops alone killed 17000 Japanese troops in N. Burma. The Dane's big strike in Copenhagen has led to a victory for the strikers. American troops in Normandy celebrated Independence Day today. It was stated today that in Scotland there are 1.250.000 acres under crops and Scotland produced 14% of the total foods production of the UK.
6.18 1/2 end.
07125/7/1944. 9.= am.

The Russians have had another great day. One Red Army force has captured the big rail junction of Polotsk known as the gateway to the Baltic while another has bypassed the town and is now fanning out more than 60 miles to the west of it. One arm of this force is striking up towards the Latvian Republic and at one point less than 14 miles from the border. The other arm is pushing southwest towards Wilna. In Normandy British and Canadian forces have gained ground in a new attack west of Caen. The Canadians have captured the village of Carpiquet and after an advance of a mile and a half have fought their way on to the airfield south of the village. They were last reported to be engaged in a fierce struggle for possession of this key point. The Canadian assault began at dawn yesterday after hundreds of Allied guns on land and sea plastered (?) the German positions in front of Carpiquet for 75 minutes. While the Canadians were advancing British troops further south pushed along the upper bend of the river Odon, seized the small town of Verson without opposition and linked up with the right wing of the Canadians. meanwhile the American forces striking southward from the Cherbourg peninsula have extended their front to 25 miles
0713and have made good progress towards the road and rail centre of La Haye-du-Puits. They were last reported to be less than 2 miles away. In Italy 5th Army troops have reached a point 16 miles from the West Coast port of Leghorn in spite of stubborn German opposition. In The Pacific American carrier based planes have attacked harbour works in an island group within 800 miles of Tokyo. They sank or beached 3 Japanese destroyers, sank 2 other vessels and destroyed 25 Japanese planes. RAF bombers were over occupied territory during the night. More flying bombs have come over S. England.

5/7/1944 1.= pm. J. Macleod.

The Americans captured high ground 2 miles NW of La Haye. Carpiquet lies 4 miles west of Caen. Possession of the airfield there is still in dispute. The Germans last night brought up some 30 to 40 tanks and the battle was fought on the airfield. This morning we are still in the buildings and hangars on the field. Yesterday there was more air activity due to improvement in the weather. Last night our planes attacked a.o. Orleans. 14 are missing. Mosquitoes made a record number of attacks and in general we had the best .......[?] since D-day. In Russian the bulge between Polotsk and Minsk is within 10 miles of the Latvian
0714border and the Red Army troops are also 50 miles short of the Lithuanian border. Wilna is 6 miles away and it was heavily bombed last night. Advances are also reported NW of Minsk and mopping up near Bobruisk. The strongest German resistance is met along the line Minsk - Baranavitsjy and the Russians are only 25 miles from the latter town. Troop trains coming from Brest-Litovsk were also attacked. From Finland progress is also reported. The German News Agency has now published a talk by Hitler wherein he said that Germany will never surrender. There were also some flying bombs today and last night. We made a heavy and concentrated attack against the launching platforms in Northern France. Mosquitoes also attacked a synthetic oil plant in the Ruhr and mines were laid. 13 planes are missing. In Italy were are 5 miles from Arezzo. Bad weather cut down flying. 1200 flights were made, 12 destroyed and 5 lost. Targets in Yugoslavia and Albania were also attacked. British submarines have sunk several Japanese supply ships. Admiral Mountbatten visited troops who freed the Kohima-Imphal road and he drove to them in a Jeep. The Americans on Saipan have kept up their advance and captured the capital and pushed on 3 to 4 miles beyond it. In Russia a 20 mile advance was reported during yesterday between Polotsk and Minsk.
1.14 end
5/7/1944For Baranowicze read Baranavichy Baranavitsj or Baranavitsjy
For Bobruisk read Babruysk (Babroejsk)
07155/7/1944. Frederick Allen 6.= pm

The Germans say they have evacuated Kovel. The Americans are now only a mile from La Haye and they are also advancing from Carentan to Périers. The advance from La Haye is made on Lessay and the road there is already under a shelling fire. Kovel is on the 1st Ukrainian front. The driving back of the Finns has gone on and the Finns themselves today report landings on the islands in the Bay of Wiborg. In Normandy the weather is cloudy this morning but the rain has kept off and the mud is drying well. 3 more German counterattacks were made today at Carpiquet airfield but all 3 were slung back. Not a single German fighter was seen today but flak was heavy last night. Railway yards near Paris were also bombed. 84 locomotives and 70 railway cars were damaged. Off Brittany and the Channel Islands there were some engagements with German E-boats. Eisenhower returned after a 5 day's visit to his troops in Normandy whereby he went behind the German line by car and made a fighter sweep. This morning flying bombsites and other other objectives in the Pas de Calais were bombed. Also airfields in Holland and Belgium and not one of our planes is missing. Mr. Eden said that the reports that the Germans were allowed to try flying bombs in Spain were untrue. In Italy we are meeting determined resistance in our advances in Leghorn and Ancona. Our fighters yesterday made sweeps over Romania.
5/7/1944KovelFor Wiborg read Vyborg
For Kowel read Kovel
0716In Rome today Mr. Stimson the USA Secretary for War met the Pope. The number of Japanese supply ships sunk by our submarines which also shelled shore targets is 9. Under a month before the invasion Mosquitoes dropped mines in the Kiel Canal, the most heavily defended waterway in the world. Mosquitoes were specially adapted for it. Only one Mosquito did not return. A month earlier mines were also laid in the Königsberg Canal. Königsberg is the main port for seaborne supplies to Russia and Finland. A bill to set the herring fleet on its feet again came before Parliament.

6/7/1944 am. forces progr.

In Normandy American troops driving down the west side of the Cherbourg peninsula have captured the railway station at La Haye-du-Puits and were last reported to be fighting in the streets. Other American forces have pushed well beyond the town and control the railway from it to Carentan at the other end of the Allied front. Germans and Canadians are plastering (?) each other across the shell torn airfield of Carpiquet 4 miles west of Caen. A bitter struggle for the airfield went on all day yesterday and was still going on last night. Further south British troops have again enlarged
5/7/1944For Königsberg read Kaliningrad
0717their bridgehead across the river Odon. Supreme Headquarters announced that the Allies have taken more than 50000 prisoners in Normandy. In Italy German resistance has been stiffening in front of the West Coast port of Leghorn and in the central sector Allied troops have got to within 5 miles of Arezzo. The Russian have increased their threat to the lateral railway that serves the German forces between the Baltic and Pripet Marshes. Soviet spearheads were yesterday less than 50 miles from Dwinsk and about the same distance from Wilna. The German High Command yesterday announced the evacuation of Kovel on the Southern side of the Pripet Marshes. The Russians have not yet said anything about this. In the South West Pacific American troops have now occupied the 2nd of 3 airstrips on Noemfoor Island off the Coast of Dutch New Guinea. RAF bombers were over enemy occupied territory during the night. US. Flying Fortresses yesterday returned to Britain after a triangular trip to Russia and Italy during which they bombed targets in Germany, Poland, Hungary and France. On their homeward trip from Italy yesterday they attacked the railway yard at Béziers in Southern France. American heavy bombers yesterday attacked targets in both France and Belgium. In particular they kept up the offensive against the German flying bombs bases in the Pas de Calais area. More flying bombs have come over Southern England in the last 24 hours. General de Gaulle who left Algiers by air yesterday is expected in Washington this morning.5/7/1944NoemfoorFor Dwinsk read Daugavpils
07186/7/1944. 1.= pm. R. Wessel

Unusually fierce air battles flared up over Normandy yesterday and these went in our favour. Russian forces are now only 40 miles from Wilna and less than 16 miles from Baranowicze. Sheaf communique confirms the captures of the railway of La Haye-du-Puits. We have held our positions at Carpiquet but German re-action was very fierce. American forces are nearing a place 5 1/2 miles southwest of La Haye. The Luftwaffe yesterday had strong formations of fighters up but our fighters won notable air victories. 25 German planes were destroyed during the day and 4 on the ground. we lost 5 fighters. Our Lancasters last night penetrated deep into France attacking railway yards at Dijon. All returned safely. Light bombers attacked railway junctions and bridges. The night before last a considerable number of R- and E-boats were engaged in the Channel. The House of Commons was crowded this morning when Mr. Churchill gave his statement about the flying bombs today. He said that in the early months of 1943 we received very vague news that the Germans might use long range guns. In July last year we located the main experimental station at Wesermünde which was subsequently attacked in August. The bomb sites are between Le Havre and Calais and since than we have dropped at least 50.000 tons of bombs on them. Up to 6 o'clock this morning
07192750 flying bombs have been launched against this country and we have destroyed a large proportion of them. The number of persons killed is about 1 person per bomb. Mosquitoes last night attacked an oil plant at Gelsenkirchen and other targets in the Ruhr. Flying bomb sites in the Pas de Calais were also attacked. 6 of our planes are missing. Today Berlin reports American planes over Northern Germany. In Italy we have gained ground all along the front. Mołodeczno has been captured as well as ......[?]. In Finland more places have been captured including ....[?]. 1.17 end6/7/1944For Mołodeczno read Maladzyechna
07207/7/1944 9.= am

In Normandy Allied aircraft yesterday made one of their heaviest attacks on German communications. They attacked targets over an area of 9000 square miles, destroying 9 bridges and knocked out hundreds of enemy vehicles. The enemy lost 33 planes and the Allies 14. American troops gained more ground around La Haye-du-Puits but the Germans were apparently still in possession of the town last night. At the other end of the front there has been further fierce fighting for the Carpiquet airfield 4 miles west of Caen. Field Marshal von Rundstedt has been relieved of his post as German Commander in Chief in the West and has been replaced by Field Marshal von Kluge. In Italy the Allied armies continue to make steady progress. More than 500 American heavy bombers attacked targets in Northern Italy yesterday. The Russians have pushed forward on a broad front to a point little more than 30 miles from Wilna. In the Pacific American troops have followed up their landing on Noemfoor Island off Dutch New Guinea by taking the nearby island of Manim. British and American heavy bombers have kept up the assault on German flying bomb stations on the Coast of France. More of the bombs have been over London in the
7/7/1944Manim Island
0721last 24 hours. Many of them were destroyed but damage and casualties have been reported. Mr. Churchill has announced that up to 6 am yesterday 2754 have been launched from the French coast. Total casualties up to that time were 2752 killed and about 8000 injured. The King and Queen and Princess Elisabeth have made a tour of RAF and American airfields in Britain. General de Gaulle will confer with President Roosevelt in Washington this weekend.

7/7/1944 6.= pm. Stuart Hibberd.

In Normandy the Americans launched a new attack early this morning west of the river Vire between Carentan and St. Lô. The attacks started at 4.30 this morning 7 miles S.E. of Carentan in the direction of St. Jean and the Americans came over the Vire by boats. The Vire is about 100 feet wide. The Germans between La Haye-du-Puits and St. Lô are now being attacked from 3 sides. The attack was opened up by the heaviest artillery barrage of the whole Normandy campaign. The weather cleared up this morning and the attack made good progress. We twice entered the town of La Haye-du-Puits and were twice driven from it again. But we are now again fighting in the streets and the town is burning. On the rest of the Normandy front it was quiet as yesterday at least up to 3 o'clock this afternoon. At Carpiquet airfield the Canadians
0722are still in the hangars and it is as a correspondent reported a battle of artillery and mortar fire. The German fire now is less fierce and less regular. Yesterday our planes made 8000 individual attacks or fights and the railways were cut at dozens of places. Not very much was seen of the Luftwaffe, but anti-aircraft fire was heavy. 12 planes were brought down and 6 are missing. Mosquitoes last night were also busy wrecking trains. The Americans yesterday destroyed as photographs taken show 11 bombsites in Northern France. In Italy the Germans kept up a stubborn fight all along the front and they seem to hold on as long as possible to Arezzo in order to gain time to strengthen their line at Pisa - Rimini. The heaviest fighting took place around Arezzo but the 8th Army again made progress. Planes from Italy last night and this morning attacked an airfield near Vienna which the Germans use for fighters over Italy. Between 750 and 1000 American heavies today escorted with up to 500 fighters attacked oil refineries and aircraft factories in Central Germany. Bombing was visual. In Russia our Allies kept up their 3 drives north towards Daugavpils and Wilna and south towards Baranavitsjy. A 30 miles advance in 24 hours is reported and Russian troops are now less than 25 miles from Wilna and within 10 miles of Baranavitsjy. West of Minsk they are beyond Rakaw which was captured Wednesday. Our Allies today7/7/1944Dünaburg
0723confirmed the capture of Kovel. Today it is the 7th anniversary of the outbreak of war against Japan for China. A service was held at St. Paul's Cathedral this afternoon and the Chinese ambassador Dr. Wellington Koo read the lesson. Representatives of the Allied Nations were also present. In China the serious Japanese advances have been checked. B.B.C. announcements about Radio Tunes.
6.23 1/4

8/7/1944 9.= am

In Normandy RAF heavy bombers yesterday dropped well over 2000 tons of bombs on German troops, guns and tanks just north of Caen. American troops in their new advance beyond Carentan have established a bridgehead across the river Vire. In the swamps of Carentan German guns caused American troops to fall back but they later slung through to the south side of the swamp. Further west the American forces have completed the capture of the important hill round La Haye-du-Puits. There has been no great change in the fighting around Caen. In the first major air battle since D-day American heavy bombers and fighters yesterday destroyed 114 German aircraft over Central Germany and then went on to bomb targets near Leipzig. 36 American bombers and 6 fighters are missing out of the force of more than 1600 aircraft employed. Our home based bombers were
8/7/1944Wellington Koo
0724over occupied territory last night and Mosquitoes attacked Berlin. Bombers from Italy yesterday attacked synthetic oil plants in South East Germany. The Red Army has kept up its drive to the West along a front of more than 300 mile long. They are increasing their threat to Wilna and Baranavitsjy in spite of stubborn German resistance. The Russians are within 7 1/2 miles of Baranavitsjy. They are destroying the German forces trapped east of Minsk. In Italy bitter fighting has continued on both flanks and on the central sector. 5th Army troops now hold 2/3 of Rosignano just over 12 miles south of Leghorn. German flying bomb attacks on London and Southern England continued yesterday and last night. The first of London's 5 new deep shelters will open tomorrow. 15000 London children yesterday left for safer areas. Japan has had its 3rd air attack of the war. US Superfortresses have bombed the naval dockyards of Sasebo and Yawata Japan's biggest shell centre.

8/7/1944 1.= pm. R. Wessel

The 2nd British Army launched an attack north of Caen early this morning after 450 Lancasters dropped 2000 tons of bombs at 10 o'clock last night. All but one of our bombers returned. Within the past hour we had a dispatch from one of out correspondents
8/7/1944YawataFor Rosignano read Rosignano Marittimo
0725wherein he says that we pushed forward on a wide front and took our 1st objective. A strong barrage was laid and British and Canadian troops followed this up at 4.30. 4 villages are already in our hands. Tough fighting is in progress as the area is full of enemy strong points but so far all goes well. From the rest of the front there is little fresh news since yesterday evening. The Americans are making progress across the Vire and closing in on St. Jean and 1/2 mile away from this village. On the line Carentan - La Haye the advance goes slowly but the enemy escape route is under our control. Last night our planes attacked targets up to 150 miles behind the battlefront. Lancs. bombed a railway yard at Yerres near Paris. An enemy attempt to break the attack up by his fighters failed completely. Mosquitoes were disloading their 4000 pounders on Berlin in very swift and accurate bombing. An oil plant in the Ruhr was also attacked and a depot for the flying bombs near Paris. 33 planes are missing from all the night's operations. Again early this morning some 200/250 Flying Fortresses and escorted by some 500 fighters attacked flying bomb sites. In Italy we are pressing forward in spite of local German counterattacks in the direction of Leghorn and Ancona. On the West Coast sector American troops of the 5th Army made progress8/7/1944
0726south of Poggibonsi. The Poles are closing in on Ancona and advancing from the South West. Yesterday our planes from Italy also bombed 3 synthetic oil plants in Upper Silesia. 24 heavy and 3 other planes are missing and 51 German planes were destroyed. Rocket firing planes also attacked targets at Salonika in Greece. The Russian drive towards East Prussia continues and Russian troops are within 20 miles from Wilna and 4 miles from Baranavitsjy. 20 places north and northwest from Polotsk were captured. At Wilna the Germans proclaimed the state of siege. The 11th German General has been captured in Russia since 14 days ago. Russian troops now on the outskirts of Baranavitsjy captured 50 places. Fierce battle continue and the Germans fight hard. Further south our Allies have drawn nearer to Pinsk. The Red Air Force raided targets behind the lines viz Brest-Litovsk and Dünaburg. Also on Kirkenes where 2 4000 tons transports were sunk and a 10000 tonner damaged as well as a fuel dump. The American Superfortresses bombing Japan came from bases in China but all planes returned. Tobata was also bombed but details are not yet available. Guam and Rota were attacked by carrier based aircraft. American troops are now less than 2 miles from the Northeastern hip of Saipan and the campaign on Noemfoor Island is practically completed.8/7/1944For Brest-Litovsk read Brest (Belarus)
072710/7/1944. 9.= am

"first part missing" disturbed!

American forces have driven the Germans out of La Haye-du-Puits and made progress north and northwest of the road centre of Saint Lô. Bad weather hindered Allies aircraft in the battle area yesterday but attacks were kept up on road and rail-transport over a wide area. The Russians are attacking on a 250 mile front north of the Pripet Marshes. In some places they advanced more than 200 miles in less than 3 weeks. Yesterday they captured the railcentre of Lida 90 miles west of Minsk and more than 1100 places. There has been more hard fighting in the streets of Wilna. American troops in Italy have captured Volterra a communication centre southeast of Leghorn. On the central sector French troops are close to Poggibonsi last big town before Florence and the 8th Army is battling along the last from miles to Arezzo. Yesterday the Rumanian oil centre of Ploesti was again bombed by Allied aircraft from Italy. The Italian Government is returning to Rome next week. In the Central Pacific American forces have completed the occupation of Saipan Island. 10000 Japanese
0728estimated to have been killed. In the South West Pacific American troops have killed more than 3000 Japanese on Biak Island off Dutch New Guinea and in Burma this year 40000 Japanese have been killed. U-boat sinkings of United Nation's merchant shipping in June were almost the lowest on record.

10/7/1944 1.= pm J. Macleod

This morning's Sheaf communique says that the enemy has been pushed out of the town of Caen and has suffered heavy casualties. Our attack in the Caen area has been strengthened to outflank the enemy in the industrial suburbs of the town. These fresh forces were thrown into the battle before dawn this morning and these suburbs are across the river. Carpiquet airfield has also been captured. Advances are also reported southward from Carentan along both sides of the road and the bridgehead across the Vire has been widened. Air support to our troops was very close notwithstanding bad weather. 3500 sorties were flown yesterday. Yesterday evening weather was still poor but this morning it is improving. Mosquitoes bombed another oil plant north of Gelsenkirchen. Mines were also laid, all without loss. This morning Lancasters attacked what is called a military objective in Northern France
0729all returned. More flying bombs have come over London and Southern England. The usual publication about sinkings by U-boats that these have not prevented the invasion and that only one merchant ship was sunk in the Channel. General Alexander's communique from Italy reveals that the Germans in Italy fight stiffer than at any time since the capture of Rome. However we have driven a wedge into the enemy's defenses of Leghorn by driving 4 miles beyond Volterra which is in our hands. We have also fought nearer to Ancona and Arezzo. Bad weather also slowed up air operations. Yesterday fighter bombers kept up their attacks over the battle area. More than 1000 sorties were made and 14 enemy planes destroyed. Tokyo reports also more successes and traffic between Hungary and Yugoslavia has been suspended. The Russians have come to the Latvian border and only 25 miles from Dünaburg. Yesterday was the second day of street fighting in Wilma. Lida's capture was completed yesterday morning and it is a strong point for Grodno. Grodno itself and also Bialystok were a.o. bombed by the Russians. So. of Lida the Russians advanced 20 miles and are well beyond Baranavitsjy. The 15th German General has been caught. Soviet troops are also less than 10 miles from Luninets and 25 miles from Pinsk.10/7/1944Lida
0730Fred. Allen 10.7.1944. 6.= pm

The new attack by General Montgomery started 3 of 4 miles southwest of the city of Caen from our bridgehead on the Odon and by 11 o'clock this morning we had pushed a mile forward, it is also about 3 miles south of the Carpiquet airfield. Bulldozers are now busy cleaning the wreckage especially in the suburbs of Caen. There is little news about the fighting elsewhere in Normandy. Advances are also reported along the road from Carentan to Périers and Americans are fighting 4 miles west of the town of St. Lô. American artillery still dominates the line and the whole front is very active. The Russians have enlarged their salient notwithstanding considerable enemy resistance and big advances were made between Polotsk and Wilna. The Lithuanian border has also been reached and the Germans today say fighting takes place along the Daugavpils - Kaunas road at Litana [?]. The Germans also say the city of Wilna is almost surrounded and the Russians are half a dozen miles from ....[?] but the Germans report fighting on both sides of the place. The Mediterranean communique confirms the capture of Volterra and we are 4 miles beyond the town. Crack German 90th Panzer grenadier troops, the best Kesselring has are resisting fiercely. Volterra itself is reasonably intact. We gained also commanding positions overlooking Leghorn. So. west of Arezzo two German counterattacks were stopped. Saturday's night raid on oil targets was the heaviest night raid from Italy so far by Italian based
10/7/1944Dünaburg or Dvinsk or Daugavpils
0731planes. In the raid on Ploesti yesterday 8 bombers were lost. Weather in the Straits of Dover today is a mixture of clouds, rain and sunshine. After 25 days of bitter fighting the battle for Saipan has ended. In Burma Ukhrul was captured. Henry Wallace the USA Vice-President arrived back from a visit to China and Siberia and he said last night that Eastern Asia is the main area for developments after the war. There will be plenty to buy and plenty to sell. 20 announcements 2 Force messages.
11/7 9.=am

In Normandy United Kingdom and Canadian troops of the 2nd Army have launched a new attack southwest of Caen and have widened and deepened their bridgehead across the river Odon. They have also captured useful high ground between the Odon and the Orne. The Germans have reacted strongly but our troops have beaten off several counterattacks at the other end of the Normandy front. American forces have pushed further south along the West bank of the Vire and have enlarged their bridgehead southwest of Carentan. American troops have advanced another mile and are beginning to threaten the German positions around Lessay. The Russians have now entirely surrounded Wilna and were last night fighting in the centre of the city. They have also kept up their
0732victorious drive all along the line from the Southern Border of the Latvian Republic down to the Northern Fringes of the Pripet Marshes. In Italy 5th Army troops have pushed a few miles beyond Volterra in the direction of the West coast port of Leghorn and in the centre of the line 8th Army men have gained ground east of Arezzo in spite of fierce German resistance.

11/7 1.= pm.

In Normandy fighting is particularly severe in front of the Odon bridgehead and its looks as if there will be more hard fighting before we reach the river Orne but we have ground overlooking it. In Caen a small number of prisoners was taken. The Americans find it hard going in the swampy country but at 6 this morning they launched an attack against St. Lô which is now only 2 miles away. Since D-day the total number of prisoners in Normandy is 54000. Weather is again poor today with clouds as low as 1000 feet above the battlefield and visibility nil. Mosquitoes last night bombed 6 trains and attacked ferries etc. They also went to Berlin. More mines were laid and one plane was lost. During the night London did not get any flying bombs but they came to other parts of Southern England causing only little damage. In Russia the main road from Kaunas to Dünaburg has been cut in two places, 10 miles apart. Stiff fighting with tanks and infantry takes place in the streets of Wilna. ....[?] has been taken and the river Zara [?] crossed over a 40 miles front. The 18th General has been taken in Russia. ......[?] has also been captured. From Italy we are reported 8 miles north of Volterra. Counterattacks
0733south of Arezzo failed and we advanced. Heavies were kept grounded by bad weather but railway yards at Milan were bombed of which one plane is missing. 800 sorties were flown without loss. In Burma the Japanese withdrew to 9 miles south of Ukhrul and mopping up is going on at Myitkyina. In the Pacific the Americans are now turning their attention to Guam and Rota and bases in the Carolines, Marshalls and New Guinea areas were also bombed. Minister Dalton announced in the Commons that the present clothing ration will carry on another 6 months so that 24 coupons will be available from 1.8.1944 - 1.2.1945. The ban on travel in Cornwall, Devon, Dorset and part of Hampshire has been lifted. For the next 8 weeks the bacon ration will be increased to 6 oz per week. The King and Queen visited Voluntary Agricultural Camps.

11.7.1944 6.= pm R. Wessel

In their new drive towards St. Lô the Americans are within 2 miles of the town. We are also pressing on southward from Caen. 1100 Fortresses and Liberators escorted by fighters attacked targets in the Munich area today. Robert Dunnett reported on the attack on St. Lô this afternoon and it looks as if it comes from the eastern side from Bayeux. A heavy artillery barrage preceded the attack. Overcast weather limited air support but the Americans are fighting on dry ground.
11/7/1944Hugh Dalton
0734So. west of Caen between the Odon and the Orne particularly severe fighting takes place. Canadian troops reached a point where the Odon flows into the Orne. There are signs of decreasing enemy resistance on the western side of the Cherbourg peninsula. Montgomery sent a message of congratulations to his troops. Bad weather over Normandy yesterday. Ferries across the Seine were also attacked. In bad weather today targets in the Munich area were bombed. Bombing was not visual and was done by instruments. No details are available so far but it looks as if the Americans made their heaviest attack in Munich. In Russia the front is a line over 400 miles and the Germans say they are fighting in sweltering heat. Yesterday was the third day of violent fighting in the streets of Wilna. Russian troops are now less than 90 miles from the East Russian front. North of Wilna they have made a breakthrough deep into Lithuania. There is no Soviet report yet that the Latvian border has been crossed. So far in the offensive the Russians captured a General a day. In Italy our troops are 6 miles beyond Volterra and on the Adriatic the Poles improved their positions. President Roosevelt has disclosed his attitude for the coming election. He said he will serve a 4th period when elected. Mr. Churchill announced changes in Service pay and allowances in the Commons today11/7/1944
073512/7/1944 9.= am.

In Normandy there has been more fierce fighting northeast of Caen on the right bank of the river Orne. British troops attacked there early yesterday. Then the Germans launched a strong counterattack and won back some of the ground. Southwest of Caen Canadian troops command the West bank of the Orne in the open country near Loviguy [?]. Further West other Second Army troops have made local gains in hard fighting between Tilly and Caumont. On the American sector General Bradley's troops have captured the main height 4 miles east of St. Lô and were last night reported less than 3 miles from the town. It is now revealed that the British 49th Division has been in action in Normandy. The Russians have kept up their advance toward the Baltic and East Prussia. They have completely mopped up the enemy force trapped east of Minsk. In all they took more than 27000 prisoners in the Minsk pocket. In Italy the Allied armies have gained more ground in face of stubborn resistance. In the Central Pacific American fighter aircraft are now operating from Saipan Island. In the South West Pacific Allied heavy bombers have made another attack on the Japanese airfield op Yap Island in the Carolines. In Northern Burma the Japanese have now been driven from the
0736road between Mogaung and Komayung [?]. RAF bombers made two more daylight attacks yesterday on flying bombs installations in Northern France. London had its second successive quiet night but there was some flying bomb activity over the Southern counties of England.

12/7-1944 6.= pm. Stuart Hibberd

All along the line in Normandy German counterattacks were held and we gained ground on the West coast of the Cherbourg peninsula near St. Lô and southwest of Caen. The hardest fighting since D-day is now in progress along the American and British fronts. Pont-Hébert 4 miles from St. Lô has been taken. Southwest of Caen fighting takes place round Maltot Eberville [?]. Tank busters had their most successful day since D-day yesterday in destroying 28 and damaging 16 tanks around Lessay and St. Lô. After dark last night Mosquitoes attacked railway concentrations and American Marauders and ....[?] attacked fuel dumps today. Mosquitoes also attacked shipping in the harbour of Brest. For the second day more than a 1000 American heavies with a fighters escort went to the Munich area. Thunderbolts, Lightnings and Mustangs escorted them. Bombing had again to be done by instruments on account of low clouds. In Italy we took Castiglioncello on the coast 10 miles from Leghorn. Half way between Arezzo
12/7/1944Caumont perhaps Caumont-sur-Aure?
0737and Umbertide we occupied some places. Ancona is being shelled by our artillery. 800 flights were made yesterday and 4 machines lost. The Germans today report fighting east of Alytus which itself is 50 miles from the East Russian frontier although they do not say how many miles to the east of the place. The desperate resistance of the Germans at Wilna must be ended as the Russians reported fighting in some parts of the town. Only 10 miles from Pinsk a place was captured. A German spy of Belgian nationality, an Antwerp waiter, sent to this country 5 month ago via Sweden was convicted at the Old Bailey, sentenced to death and executed today. The Swedish S/S Drottningholm brought the German internees from Africa to Lisbon and the Germans will send the same number of Dominion internees to Lisbon by train in the next few days. In May this year fatal road casualties are 200 more than May last year. BBC, notice.
6.19 end

13/7/1944. 9.= am.

In Normandy the Allies gained a little more ground yesterday at various fronts after hard fighting and the Germans lost heavily in unsuccessful counterattacks. At the Western end of the front American troops were last reported within 2 miles of Lessay and further east other American forces were within the same distance of St. Lo. In the British Second Army front yesterday was mainly a day of consolidation after recent advances.
13/7/1944AlytusFor Olita read Alytus
0738The Russians have now extended their summer offensive northward along a front a nearly 100 miles. In a new drive toward the Eastern frontier of the Latvian Republic they advanced up to 20 miles and captured more than 1000 places. In Italy the Allied armies continue to fight their way slowly forward in face of stubborn resistance. In the South West Pacific the 18th Japanese Army of about 45000 men trapped in New Guinea between Wewak and Aitape is reported to be concentrating for a desperate effort to break out to the West. In the Central Pacific more than 20000 Japanese have been wiped out in Saipan Island. American casualties in the battle for the island totaled 15000 including 2359 killed. US. War Secretary Mr. Henry Stimson has arrived in England from Italy.

13/7.1944. 1.= pm. Stuart Hibberd.

The Germans put in several counterattacks against our positions in Normandy yesterday but they were all repelled. Considerable armour was lost by the enemy. Southwest of Caen a number of counterattacks were made near Évrecy but all pushed back. Also near Maltot which is now in our hands there was tough fighting, as well as south of it. The Americans make steady progress in the direction of Lessay, Périers, St. Lô. Normandy based fighters with rockets and bombs scored many successes yesterday. At least 9 planes were destroyed. Our planes were over France in great strength last night attacking railway targets and flying bomb installations. These sites were chiefly attacked by Lightnings and Halifaxes. Mosquitoes went to other war plants in the Ruhr and mines were also laid. Again this morning planes were heard going out and the Germans say we have been raiding Munich for the third day running.
0739They say that considerable damage was done and that conditions were bad for defense during the night. No bombs have come over here but some have been after daybreak today. The Russians have now extended their front to over 500 miles. A place 25 miles short of the Latvian border was taken and in two days 20 miles advance reported. Tuesday alone 700 Germans were killed and 1500 made prisoner on the new front No. of Polatsk. The threat to the Germans still North is now greater. Inside Wilna there are still Germans resisting but they have been pinned down against the river. Places within 30 miles of Grodno have been taken. In Italy the Germans are keeping up their opposition.

13.7.1944 6.= pm Joseph Macleod

The Americans make slow but steady progress toward St. Lô and the West Coast. Between 8 and 2 last night Bomber Command sent 1300 planes out to bomb targets in Northern France. About a thousand heavies went today to Munich again. Heavy fighting takes place between the Odon and the Orne and the enemy's armour casualties were considerable yesterday. It looks as if the Americans stepped up the tempo of their drive toward St. Lô this morning. In last night's attack was also included the one one the railway yard at Tours. The planes going to Munich today were escorted by Lightnings, Thunderbolts and Mustangs. Many flying bombs were destroyed today. Last Sunday a deep shelter was opened in London and today will be another as well as a further one very soon. This was announced by Minister Morrison today. There are no signs that German opposition in Italy is weakening. In the centre San Lovato [?] has been captured. The Germans have 18 divisions in the front line in Italy. The Todt organization is working hard on the
13/7/1944Herbert Morrison
0740Gothic line which runs 25 miles north of Leghorn to Pesaro on the other side and follows the main crest of the Apennines. The line has little depth and there is little in the way of concrete. Including attacks on railway targets in Southern France and Northern Italy Mediterranean aircraft made 1700 flights yesterday. 17 enemy planes were destroyed and we lost 20. In Russia the new offensive in the North has been started by the 2nd Baltic Army. In the centre the Russians were 15 miles from Vawkavysk. The Germans now report the death of monsieur Herriot [?] 8 days after his 72nd birthday. The Minister of Fuel and Power said we barely came through last season and had to draw more reserves of coal.
6.24 end

14/7.1944 9.= am.

In Normandy American troops had last night cut 4 of the 9 roads into St. Lô and were about a mile and a half from its outskirts at one point. Other American forces were within 3 miles of Périers. Little change is reported from the Caen area. A German counterattack north of the town re-took two villages but carried the enemy less than a mile forward. President Roosevelt has expressed the hope that this will be the last 14th of July the French will have to suffer under German domination. Brigadier General Teddy Roosevelt son of the late President Theodore Roosevelt has died in his tent in Normandy after a heart attack. The Russians have completed the capture of Wilna and liberated 250 more places in that region. They also gained ground at other parts in their drive toward East Prussia
14/7/1944VawkavyskFor Wołkowysk read Vawkavysk Wolkowysk
0741and the Baltic. In Italy the Germans have withdrawn from hill positions southeast of Arezzo and Allied troops are within 10 miles of Leghorn. In New Guinea American troops have smashed a first attempt by the Japanese 18th Army to break out of the trap between Wewak and Aitape. In the Central Pacific American marines have landed on Mañagaha Island 2 miles from Saipan in the Marianas. Very strong forces of Fortresses and Liberators again attacked the Munich area yesterday and went for Saarbrücken as well.

14/7/1944. 1.= pm. Stuart Hibberd

The Americans are on the move from the sea to St. Lô. The grip on St. Lô has been heightened. In Italy we make further progress and the Russians advance all along the front. The Americans in the West are pushing on firmly and the official communique described progress as very satisfactory. The enemy is retreating in an orderly way. South of La Haye-du-Puits the Americans are within 2 miles of Lessay. Hill point 92, the highest hill in this area is now ours. The Bayeux - St. Lô road is now clear of the enemy. German counterattacks northwest of St. Lô were unsuccessful. Yesterday our planes hit at headquarters near Lessay. During the day 6 planes were destroyed and 4 [?] of ours are missing. Last night there were flying bombs over Southern counties but these did not cause casualties. More flying bombs have come over today. Road transport may now be used to remove households more than 60 miles without a permit. In Italy we made more progress to drive the enemy from
0742Arezzo, Poggibonsi en Leghorn. 24 salvo's from 324 guns were fired in Moscow to celebrate the capture of Wilna. German casualties there are 8000 dead, 5000 prisoners and booty taken including 136 guns, 68 tanks and self propelled guns and 1500 motor vehicles. Wilna has over 200000 inhabitants. More progress is reported all along the 500 miles front in Russia. The biggest advance of 18 miles was made west of Norvartsjef [?]. South of Wilna the Russians are on two fronts a little more than 90 miles from the Russian border. In Finland more progress has been made on the Western side of Lake Onega. Near Aitape on New Guinea a big battle seems to be developing. Guam has been bombarded by carrier based planes and warships. A Japanese commander was killed in Saipan.
1.11 end

14/7/1944. 6.= pm. R. Robinson

The Germans reported the fall of Pinsk which guarded Brest-Litovsk. From Italy small but useful gains are reported. The death of the Chief Scout Lord Summers is announced. Pinsk is the principle town of the Pripet Marshes and its capture makes a straight forward advance on Brest-Litovsk possible. The Russians are now on two points 60 miles from the East Prussian border. The Germans in their overseas broadcast say the Russians have broken into Grodno which means they are only 50 miles from East Prussia. There is little but good news from Normandy. No fresh push from the Eastern side of the front is reported. Yesterday fighters and fighter bombers made 2000 flights. Canadian Normandy based Spitfires won a notable victory beyond the battlefield by
14/7/1944Chief Scout Lord Summers
0743destroying 10 out of 12 fighters without own losses. President Roosevelt, General Eisenhower and Mr. Eden have broadcast to the people of France on the occasion of the 14th of July. In Italy our lines are moving in the right direction. 1800 flights were made and 6 of our aircraft are missing. Our fighters made sweeps over the Po-valley. Targets in the Milan area were bombed. Last night Mr. Eden was asked about a secret session of the House to discuss the flying bomb. Herbert Morisson said it would be foolish to reckon on an early mastery of the flying bomb. He said it was one of the last desperate throws of the Nazis. London's shelter protection is adequate in quantity and good in quality. Ladders are urgently needed in Southern England. More flying bombs have come over Southern England today. For the 4th night running no bombs came to London. General Eisenhower has said that some flying bombs have come to Normandy but caused little damage. In the Straits of Dover it is rather cloudy. Bombing through overcast weather is much more accurate now. Pathfinders have special instruments for this bombing and highly skilled personnel who mark the targets. In Washington is is believed that Guam will soon be invaded. More steady progress is being made in Northern Burma. A railway station has been captured near Mogaung. The Commons were asked to grant the Government emergency powers for another year. Motion to carry on was adopted. Bill to set the herring fleet on its feet again. At a third reading Lord Baden Powell himself choose Lord Summers. He served in the Tank Corps in the last war and won the DSO and MC. 1 BBC notice about Radio Tunes. 1 announcement from GPO about restoration of airmail service at the same postage rate as before.14/7/1944DSO
074415/7/1944. 9.= am

In Normandy American troops have kept up steady pressure all along their front and last night were fast over a mile from Lessay. German resistance has stiffened round St. Lô. There has been little change in the Caen sector. Allied aircraft yesterday gave German communications one of the heaviest hammerings they have had in the last fortnight. The Russian have pushed closer to the German defense line covering Warsaw, East Prussia and the Baltic coast. They have captured Pinsk in the Pripet Marshes and the big junction of Vawkavysk further North. In Italy French troops of the 5th Army have taken Poggibonsi about 20 miles south of Florence. Heavy bombers from Italy yesterday attacked oil plants in Hungary and rail yards at Budapest. In New Guinea American forces are checking Japanese attempts to break out of the trap between Wewak and Aitape. Further up the New Guinea coast Allied troops have captured the airfield at Sawar. American carrier based aircraft have again bombed Guam and Rota Islands in the Marianas. RAF bombers were over enemy occupied Europe again last night. Mosquitoes were over Germany. More flying bombs have been over Southern England. Some of those launched in daylight yesterday reached the London area.

15/7/1944 1.= pm J. Macleod

The Russians are now less than 30 miles from Kaunas. Yesterday they advanced up to 25 miles, especially below and above Wilna good progress
15/7/1944Sawar airfield
0745was made notwithstanding the fact that the Germans have again thrown parachutist into the battle. Below Kaunas the river Nemunas [?] has been reached and crossed. Russian troops are within 7 miles from Grodno. The going from Pinsk to Brest-Litovsk will not be easy. Pinsk has suffered from barbarous destruction and the centre is completely burnt out. The nearest forces to Brest-Litovsk are only 60 miles away. Street fighting takes place in Opotsjka. In Normandy Rommel is bringing reinforcements into St. Lô but the British near Caen are facing the bulk of the German strength. We control the bridge at Pont-Hébert, but we cannot use it as it is under enemy small arm's fire. 25 enemy planes were destroyed yesterday and 7 of ours are missing. 1000 sorties were made. 2 enemy planes were destroyed during the night, one over Belgium and another over the battle area. Mosquitoes attacked communications throughout the night. Early this morning Lancasters attacked railway yards at Villeneuve near Paris. Large concentrations of rolling stock were ascertained there. 7 of our planes are missing. Mosquitoes also went to Hannover and flying bomb installations were also attacked. It was the 5th night last night no flying bombs came to London. In Italy our troops are within 6 miles of Leghorn. Peccioli has been captured. 2200 flight were made including the attacks on 4 oil refineries and railway yards at Budapest. Attacks in Yugoslavia were also made. 11 enemy planes were destroyed and 13 of ours are missing. Vichy reports the death of George Mandel former Minster for the Colonies. He was the right hand of Clemenceau. He was a Jew and 59.15/7/1944For Villeneuve read Villeneuve-Saint-Georges (probably)
For Nemunas read Memel or Niemen or Neman
0746In Burma we are now using the road from Imphal to Ukhrul. At Halmahera a transport ship with troops was sunk in two minutes. The Americans are pressing in to Lessay, Périers and St. Lô where the Germans have been reinforced.

17/7/1944. 9.= am.

The Russians have captured the German stronghold of Grodno 45 miles from East Prussia. To the North other Soviet troops are within 15 miles of the road and rail junction of Kawno [?]. In the centre of the Italian battle front the 8th Army have captured Arezzo. On the West Coast American 5th Army troops are steadily closing in on Leghorn. In Normandy British troops have thrust toward Évrecy southwest of Caen and have captured important high ground. American troops in the West have advanced to within a mile of St. Lô. More than a 1000 American bombers from Britain yesterday attacked the Munich and Saarbrücken areas of Germany. A smaller force of heavies from Italy bombed targets in the Vienna area. In the Pacific American troops have cut off some of the Japanese 18th Army trying to escape from encirclement in New Guinea. On the Indo-Burmese front the Japanese are abandoning heavy material in their retreat from Ukhrul. A British Government Housing Committee has just produced detailed plans for postwar houses largely based on what the housewife wants.
074717.7.1944 1.= pm

The Germans have brought up reinforcements against our thrust across the Odon to Évrecy. Since Saturday night we advanced 2 1/2 miles. Esquay seems to become no-mans land again. American attacks in St. Lô were resumed and American patrols are already in Lessay. Weather improved today considerably and this promises a renewal of the air support. Mosquitoes attacked an oil plant in the Ruhr and mines were also laid, all without loss. Before dark flying bomb installations were attacked again and more missiles have come to London and the Southern counties. The Russian are over a 50 miles front across the river Memel and Kaunas is only 13 1/2 miles away from the Russian spearheads. The Germans are outmatched everywhere in Russia. Soviet battle planes are already attacking targets in East Prussia. From Italy important advances are reported viz. several miles north and northwest of Arezzo and west of it. Limited gains have been made to the East. There is also further progress in the drive toward the Arno and along the coast our troops are within 5 miles of Leghorn. 44 enemy planes were destroyed. 20 missing and 2000 sorties were flown. An oil refinery near Belgrade was also attacked. Curtin said the Japanese are outnumbered in sea planes. The Japanese Navy Minister has been relieved of his post. Americans attacked on Guam are being kept up. It is being shelled and bombed for a 14 days. The Japanese in China have got a costly reverse. American lease lend for the Chinese Burma front totals £ 350.000.000.-.
17/7/1944Nemunas, Nioman, Neman or Memel
For Esquay read Esquay-sur-Seulles (probably)
074817.7.1944 Stuart Hibberd

The British Second Army is engaged in heavy fighting. The Americans are reported to be in the outskirts of St. Lô. Thousands of German prisoners marched through the streets of Moscow today. Overnight Rommel reinforced his front facing our troops southwest of Caen. 5 divisions with armour are facing us here. The Germans had more air support than seen so far. Fierce fighting took place round Noyers. On a front of 10 miles we advanced 2 1/2 miles at 5.15 this morning. The Americans attacked toward St. Lô. Reports from Sweden say that in recent attacks on Munich a factory turning out engines for the flying bomb - which until recently manufactured tanks - was damaged. In Italy the 5th Army took a high hill dominating Leghorn from which place they are within 5 miles and also in sight of Pisa. Advances several miles beyond Arezzo are also reported. Fresco's in Arezzo are still intact. The cathedral there is undamaged. French troops still hold Poggibonsi. Grodno is a place with 60000 inhabitants before the war. It means the most Westerly advance of the Russians. 300 miles beyond the line where their offensive started. Today the Germans admit the loss of Grodno. It is 45 miles from East Prussia and the same distance from Bialystok. Vawkavysk captured on Friday is also the same distance away. The distance Russian troops are from Brest-Litovsk is 40 miles. Progress has also been made beyond Wilna notwithstanding a fresh panzer division arrived which was thrown into action at once. Soviet troops are also 13 miles from Kawno [?] and more North 2 to 3
0749miles from the Latvian border. Correspondents report the biggest crowd in Moscow streets today when German troops marched through the streets to prison camps. There were no demonstrations. They were the first batch of 57000 taken prisoner by 3 armies. 2 announcements one by War Office and one about the distribution of 7000000 woolen garments by the RAF which were knitted by voluntary knitters.

18/7/1944 9.= am.

In Normandy American troops have closed further in on St. Lô. On the British sector there has been more bitter fighting but little change in the situation. US War Secretary Henry Stimson has visited the American combat zone in Normandy. The Russians continue to sweep forward on a wide front and have captured a place less than 30 miles from Brest-Litovsk. In central Italy 8th Army troops have seized two bridges over the Arno beyond Arezzo and American troops are nearing Leghorn. US battleships have shelled Japanese positions on Guam in the Marianas. RAF Mosquitoes bombed Berlin last night. More flying bombs came over Southern England including the London area yesterday and last night. Damage and casualties have been reported. President Roosevelt is supporting the re-nomination of Mr. Henry Wallace as Democratic candidate for the Vice Presidency. Talks on world security after the war are to be held in Washington probably
0750early next month. Brigadier General Ray L. Owens has been made deputy Chief of US Air Staff. The Australian Prime Minister Mr. Curtin has announced that large and powerful British forces will be available for employment in the Pacific this year.

Fred. Grisewood. 18/7/1944. 1.= pm.

Sporadic fighting and some gains of ground are reported from Normandy. In Italy we are 4 miles from Ancona and the same distance from Leghorn. We are also exploiting our capture of the bridge across the Arno. Fighting in Normandy takes place at Lessay and Noyers. 2 small villages on the road from Périers to St. Lô were captured on the line Noyers - Évrecy. The Germans were cleared from several pieces of high ground. Our planes attacked all kinds of targets. German aircraft were also active. In the 24 hours ending we destroyed 24 planes. 10 of ours are missing and during half a day 3000 sorties were made. Mosquitoes last night strafed motor transport with dimmed lights going into the battle front. From Italy good progress is reported. We have reached the river Arno and established a bridgehead 4 1/2 miles N.W. of Arezzo. To the west of Arezzo we are 12 miles from Florence and we have also moved up the Tiber Valley. The Germans however resist strongly. Our planes attacked objectives in Northern Italy, Southern France, Yugoslavia and 1700 sorties were made. 4 planes were destroyed and 7 of ours are missing. Biggest Russian progress yesterday are advances from 10 to 15 miles and they came up level with the Curzon Line. 35 miles from Bialystok and at one point 30 miles from Brest-Litovsk . German counterattacks to drive the Russians
18/7/1944Curzon Line
Brigadier General Ray L. Owens
0751back across the Memel failed and the Russians could increase their bridgehead and capture some 20 villages. In the North Lebesh [?] was taken. Russian planes attacked shipping in the Gulf of Kotka. There is still nothing definite about a Russian attack lower South. American Fortresses and Liberators yesterday attacked flying bomb installations in Northern France. This morning weather improved and bombers were seen going out. This morning 2 German research stations in 2 Baltic ports were bombed by strong formations escorted by fighters. Near San Francisco a naval ammunition depot blew up which is the worst for years. At least 600 people were killed.

18/7/1944. Macleod 6.= pm

A slight improvement is reported in the British positions southwest of Caen. The Americans are fighting in the outskirts of St. Lô. Over 500 American heavies went to Germany today. In Normandy fighting is on a local scale but we have cleared the enemy from some high ground. There is little fresh news from the American front. However a report came in this afternoon that the Germans are evacuating St. Lô. German planes were more prominent and they flew in formations of 40 to 50. Today American heavies went to the North to Luftwaffe experimental stations at Peenemünde and ....... where the main experimental station is for flying bombs. Last night's flak over Berlin was not as intensive as usual but some night fighters were up. 4000 pounders were dropped. In our advance in Italy 3 things stand out. We are driving
0752on powerfully toward Florence also to Ancona and Leghorn, the latter place looking like falling soon. Polish and Italian troops are within 2 to 3 miles from Ancona. Our spearheads have advanced 13 miles beyond Arezzo West on the road to Florence. The Russians made fine progress between Grodno and Kaunas although they have to meet with stiffer resistance. The Germans still report fighting in the South. In Central Burma the Japanese retreating from Ukhrul are suffering on account of hunger and rain. More progress is being made south of Imphal. In the South West Pacific the Japanese are still trying to get out of the trap near Wewak. The Japanese people were today told of the loss of Saipan. 33 more British prisoners of war were shot by the Germans in addition to the 50 airmen. A strongest protest will be made through the protective power. A number of young men will be transferred to the army of other services as we have sufficient aircrew notwithstanding our air force is still expanding. Many airmen have already been transferred. A High Court judgement was given today in the case of the Bethnal Green shelter disaster. The condition of the steps was said to be dangerous. The Education Bill got its 3rd reading in the Lords. The Commons were asked a take of credit for £ 1000.000.000.-.-. Unconditional surrender means the victors have a free hand. There will be not secret session to discuss flying bombs. More slaters and tilers are needed in London to repair damage.
6.22 end
18/7/1944Bethnal Green shelter disaster
075319/7.1944 9.= am

Heavy fighting is raging in Normandy following a breakthrough by UK and Canadian forces yesterday morning into the area east of the Orne and southeast of Caen. General Montgomery announced last night that he was "well satisfied" with the progress made. Late reports said advanced British patrols were several miles south and southeast of Caen. American forces have taken St. Lô after very heavy fighting. The US War Secretary Mr. Henry Stimson yesterday visited General Eisenhower at his advanced command post. The Russians have smashed through German defenses along a front of 125 miles in a new drive aimed at Lwow. They have advanced up to 30 miles and taken 600 towns and villages. On the Baltic front the Soviet Army is now across the Latvian border. In Italy American troops are reported to have occupied high ground overlooking Leghorn and on the Adriatic Coast Polish forces are besieging Ancona. In the Central Pacific American heavy warships have shelled Japanese positions on Guam Island fro the second day running.

1.= pm Stuart Hibberd

Fierce fighting takes place in the plain southeast and east of Caen. The Russians are now on one point 9 miles from Brest-Litovsk. Ancona is in Allied hands. It was captured yesterday.
0754German oil supplies were hit again in attacks on the Ruhr also last night the railway system in Northern France. Marauders went to Berlin. Cologne was also bombed. Planes went out in very great strength. In Normandy fighting takes place in the suburbs of Vaucelles. Enemy armoured formations were thrown in. The monitor Roberts and cruisers Mauritius and Enterprise helped in the attack east of the Orne. Desperate fighting takes place near Noyers. Progress is also reported between the West coast and St. Lô. 7000 sorties were flown yesterday including the 2200 massive attacks near Caen. 15 enemy planes were destroyed plus a number on the ground. 24 planes are missing. This morning Mosquitoes and Mitchells supported the armies. Montgomery held a press conference this morning on which he said that we had an extremely good day yesterday. We have won a good bridgehead south and east of Caen. Our own casualties are extremely light. We took since D-day 60000 prisoners and buried 8000 German dead. It is therefore he said reasonable to assume that we have wiped out 150000 men viz 16000 dead, 80000 wounded plus prisoners. Mosquitoes in the Berlin attack dropped 4000 pound blockbusters. A enemy convoy was attacked southwest of Helgoland by rocket firing Beaufighters. 37 bombers and 2 Beaufighters are missing from the night's work. More flying bombs have come over last night and this morning.19/7/1944
0755In Russia the new offensive which caused a breakthrough of 125 miles may turn out the greatest so far. The river Bug has been crossed in many places. The most advanced places captured are 25 miles from Lwow. Further North the Bug has been crossed. 2 lines of defense of which one is called the Prinz Eugen line were broken. Progress has also been made toward Brest-Litovsk. A junction captured is 15 miles away. The Russians have also come 5 miles closer to Bialystok and also made progress between Grodno and Kaunas. The Russian front is now 600 miles long. The border of the Latvian Republic has also been crossed. Ancona was captured yesterday, a large number of prisoners were taken. It is the only port capable to take fairly large ships between Brindisi and Venice and has a prewar population of 90000. The threat to Leghorn is also growing. *Tonte Derra (?) has also been captured. In a supplementary war report the first sound picture of the opening attack on Tuesday morning near Caen was given. It was reported that the air was black with bombers anti aircraft fire was negligible and it was the greatest air assault of all times.

* Pontedera on the Arno!
075619/7/1944 6.= pm Wardell

1200 Liberators and Flying Fortresses attacked a list of targets in Germany this morning viz factories, railway yards and airfields in South and Southwest Germany. Leghorn has fallen. The Germans report great defensive battles over a front of 800 miles in the East. The attacks today included a Messerschmidt components factory near Augsburg, chemical factory near Munich, airfield at Augsburg and railway yards at Koblenz, Saarbrücken and Strasbourg. Photographs taken since yesterday's raid on the Luftwaffe experimental stations on the Baltic coast show considerable damage. More flying bombs came to London and Southern England today and a number of them were destroyed. Very good news is reported from both sides of Italy. Leghorn has been captured today and American engineers are already busy getting the port in order. Leghorn is Italy's third biggest port. Pontedera east of Pisa and on the river Arno has also been taken and our planes made 2100 flights including the already reported attacks on Friedrichshafen. 18 of our aircraft are missing and 66 enemy planes were destroyed. The Germans report battles between Galicia and Lake Peipus. Heavy battles are also raging in the direction of Lwow and Russian troops are within 25 miles of the place after advancing thirty miles in 3 days. Soviet troops are also less than 10 miles from Brest-Litovsk and have broken into the Latvia Republic on a front of 60 miles. The Government Housing Plan got a second reading in the Commons. BBC notice about the "Listener". Ministry of Health announcement and GPO reminder about correct address for forces' letters to Normandy
075720/7/1944 9.= am

In Normandy the British Second Army now holds a triangular bridgehead over the Orne with its apex close to Troarn a town seven miles due east of Caen. It was stated at Allied Supreme Headquarters last night that the battle was going extraordinarily well. American troops are mopping up in the St. Lô area. In Italy American troops of the 5th Army have captured Leghorn and reached the river Arno. On a front of about 25 miles on the Adriatic coast 8th Army troops have captured Ancona. Allied headquarters announced this morning that torrential rain in Italy had seriously interfered with our advance. The Russians have launched a new offensive on the Baltic front. They have already torn a gap of 40 miles in the German defense ........[?] ....... [?] on the Latvian border and advanced up to 75 miles. Our Allies have driven closer to Brest-Litovsk and further South have forced the river Bug and got to within 10 miles of Lwow. The Japanese forces in New Guinea have lost 400 [?] more men in a fresh attempt to escape from the Aitape area. In the Central Pacific US warships have kept up the bombardment of Guam. Tokyo radio has announced
0758resignation of the entire Japanese cabinet headed by General Tojo.

Fred. Allen 20/7/1944. 6.= pm.

The Germans first announced that a bomb attempt has been made on the life of Hitler. He is said to have escaped with burns and bruises. It was also reported that 4 of his staff were killed and General Jodl injured as well a some admirals. A village a mile from Noyers has been captured. There is now definite proof that American dead have been used as booby traps by the Germans. The week after next Mr. Churchill will make a statement on the war situation. In Russia 7 army commands are now engaged in driving the Germans out viz 3 Baltic, 3 White Russian and 1 Ukrainian Army. Even heavy rainfall has not held up the Russians in their advance. They are within 9 miles of Lwow and 40 to 50000 Germans have been trapped. Sokal has been taken. The railway between Brest-Litovsk and Bialystok has been crossed. In Italy we are 9 miles from Pisa, 17 miles from Florence and 8 miles beyond Ancona. Leghorn has been wrecked badly and the harbour of Ancona is full of sunken ships. Our planes made 1400 flights including the attacks on the Munich area and Trieste. Last night oil refineries at Fiume were attacked. 7 planes were destroyed and 25 are missing.
0759For the third day running the Americans have sent about 2000 planes to Germany today. Targets included an aero engine factory at Dessau, an engine factory at Eisenach, ball bearing works at Leipzig and Gotha, an industrial objective in the suburbs of Mainz etc. Mustangs, Thunderbolts and Lightnings escorted. Last evening a depot for flying bombs 30 miles from Paris was attacked. More questions were asked in the Commons about flying bombs. So far 170.000 women and children have been evacuated from London. In Japan Kido held a fine hour's conference with 7 ex-premiers Tojo included. A debate was held in the Commons about the Colonies. 2 announcements, one about beekeepers and one about sale of hill sheep and lambs, both from the Ministry of Food.

21/7/1944 9.= am. R. Robinson dict. speed

Hitler says that an attempt to kill him by means of a bomb was made yesterday. In a broadcast to the German people late last night. Hitler said the attempt was "plotted by a small clique of German officers" and he announced a new purge in Germany to stamp out "traitors and conspirators". He had appointed Himmler to be Commander
0760in Chief of the Home Front and members of the German armed forces have been told to beware of forged orders. The German News Agency says some of the ringleaders in the plot have already been shot. The Russians have launched a new offensive west of Kovel and have broken through on a 90 miles front. In 3 days they have advanced 30 miles and taken a town nearly halfway to Lublin. In Normandy British forces are now firmly established along a front beginning 5 miles south of Caen and bending round to Troarn 8 miles to the East. In Italy American troops of the 5th Army are within sight of Pisa and further inland other 5th Army troops have captured a town 16 miles from Florence. In New Guinea the Allies have smashed all Japanese attempts to break out of the Aitape trap. RAF bombers from Britain were over Germany, Belgium and France last night in great strength. The Germans sent more flying bombs over Southern England including the London area. Mr. Roosevelt has accepted nomination for a 4th term as President of the United States.21/7/1944Kovel
076121/7/1944. 6.= pm. R. Wessel

The Germans have shut down on news about the revolt against Hitler. More than 1000 escorted American heavies went to Germany to attack various targets. Telephone communications between Sweden and Germany are still cut. Col. von Stauffenberg is a 37 year old member of the German General Staff and a Roman Catholic. It has been announced that General Beck, Chief of the German General Staff until 1938 has also been shot. Berger died of his wounds. There is every sign of a crisis and considerable confusion. No public statement has been made on behalf of the army. In Russia the Soviet troops are now only 5 miles north from Lwow. Attempts by trapped German forces to break out have failed. The Russians are advancing on Brest-Litovsk from 4 sides viz from East, North and Northwest and also from Kovel. Bialystok is only 20 miles away from Russian troops. In Normandy mud hampers our movements but the village of Saint-André has been captured and Bourguébus is free of the enemy. The big armoured clash in Normandy expected after our breakthrough has not yet come. The whole eastern bank of the Orne from Caen to Saint-André is now in our hands. We
21/7/1944StauffenbergFor Saint-André read Saint-André-sur-Orne

Heinrich Berger was a stenographer who was killed in the July 20, 1944 attempt on Hitler's life
0762advanced a mile from the road Caumont to Tilly. The village of Manto [?] has also been captured. Air operations were limited by bad visibility. Only 500 sorties were flown. 2 planes were lost and 11 destroyed. For the third day running more than 1000 Fortresses and Liberators attacked factories at Schweinfurt and Regensburg. Bombing was visible and weather good over Bavaria. Last night two forces of Lancasters and Halifaxes bombed two synthetic oil plants in the Ruhr. There was intensive flak. Courtrai railway yard in Belgium was also raided. Mosquitoes went to Hamburg, motor convoys near Paris and flying bomb installations in N. France. 31 of our planes are missing. More flying bombs came over here today. These were again discussed in the Commons. Without a division of the Vote of Credits asked for was agreed to. From Italy the main advances are reported by the 8th Army which is fighting over 100 miles of the 160 miles front. In direct line 11 miles from Florence a place has been captured. In the approaches to Leghorn 16 ships were scuttled. American marines and assault troops landed on Guam yesterday and established beachheads. For the 1st time Americans are fighting on American soil. It is a stepping stone for attacks on the Philippines and 1200 miles south of Japan. 2 B.B.C. notices. One21/7/1944
0763Red Cross Radio Contest and Radio Tunes. 2 announcements from Ministry of Labour about registration of all women born between Jan. 1st and June 30th 1926 and from Ministry of Fuel and Power.

22/7/1944. 9.= am

Reports reaching Stockholm in spite of strict censorship say that the Gestapo is in charge of Berlin. The German radio has announced that the ringleader in the revolt was General Beck who was dismissed from the post of Chief of the General Staff in 1938. He is said to have been killed. In Normandy heavy rain has hampered the Allied troops but Canadian forces have made progress south of Caen. To the East United Kingdom infantry hold half of the town of Troarn. General Bradley's men have straightened their line. In Italy Allied troops are within 15 miles of Florence. Russian troops on the Baltic front have captured the key town of Ostrov. In the Central Pacific American forces have landed in Guam Island and have met only light Japanese resistance. A new Japanese cabinet has been formed by General Kuniaki Koiso. General Tojo outgoing premier is not included. The US. Democratic Party has nominated Senator Harry Truman for the Vice- Presidency.
22/7/1944Kuniaki Koiso
0764Frederick Allen 22/7/1944 1.= pm.

The Germans are still busy with all sorts of explanations for the well planned military revolt against Hitler. Swedish reports say that on the surface things are quiet in Berlin and that the revolt appears to be organized very carefully. It was expected that most of the Catholic population would support the plot. Dr. Ley broadcast early this morning for the war workers. The Red Army is fighting its way forward beyond the Western bank of of the Bug. Between Brest-Litovsk and Lwow the Bug has been crossed on a 40 miles front and they are 10 miles beyond it. 50 places were captured. Soviet troops are now within 40 miles from Lublin. More South they are also crossing the Bug and the Germans are retreating in disorder. Still further South they are 50 miles beyond the Bug. The Germans are not able to hold up the Russian advance notwithstanding they have thrown in 3 new infantry divisions. Russian troops are also 5 miles north of Lwow. Southwest of Tarnopol fighting flared up and places were captured. Ostrov has also been captured and Soviet troops are closing in on Brest-Litovsk. Progress is also being made on the Karelian front. There is nothing to report from Normandy. There are low clouds and ground fog and assault beyond
0765Caen is on a standstill on account of heavy rain. From Italy small but steady gains are reported. We are 16 miles beyond Ancona, 15 miles from Florence and less than 4 miles from Pisa. Our positions along the Arno are being consolidated. Our planes made 1500 sorties, 12 planes were destroyed and 17 are missing. Beaufighters attacked a convoy of some 40 ships near Helgoland. 2 were sunk, 2 damaged and 5 escort vessels were left burning. Mosquitoes attacked Berlin and mines were also laid, all without loss. Activity of flying bombs continued last night and in daylight today. Some missiles were brought down. America troops are poring into Guam. Losses are moderate. More than 20000 Japanese troops are believed to be there. As they advance the Americans meet with stiffer resistance. Truman is senator of Missouri.22/7/1944
076624/7/1944. 9.= am.

Mr. Churchill has been on a 3 day visit to Normandy. He has talks with General Montgomery, watched a tank battle south of Caen and visited Cherbourg. In Normandy United Kingdom and Canadian troops have straightened the line below Caen. The Germans have again been thrown out of the village of Maltot. RAF. bombers last night made a heavy attack on the German naval base at Kiel. Berlin was attacked by RAF Mosquitoes. Flying bomb bases in Northern France were also attacked. Last night flying bombs again came over Southern England including the London area. They caused destruction and casualties. The Russians have captured Pskov the last town of importance on the North Russian front. The railway northeast of ? has been cut. Other Russian Armies are within 4 miles of Brest-Litovsk and are fighting in the streets of Lublin. The 5th Army in Italy is in the Southern half of Pisa that part of the city south of the river Arno. In the Central Pacific US. marines have landed on Tinian Island in the Marianas.
076724/7/1944. Stuart Hibberd 1.= pm

The latest Russian advances have swept away another German bastion (Pleskau - Pskov) and 6 more are in great danger. 2 Russian spearheads are within 80 and 90 miles of Warsaw. The Germans trapped behind Lwow have now been liquidated. 15000 prisoners, 30000 dead. 1 General dead and one General captured are the results. Last night one of the heaviest attacks of the war was carried out on Kiel. Bombs went down at the rate of 50 tons a minute. In all 2500 tons of bombs were dropped. There were clouds over the targets. Mosquitoes dropped 4000 pounders on Berlin. Two oil depots near St. Nazaire were attacked as well as targets in the Ruhr and flying bomb installations in Northern France. Mines were also laid. 6 machines are missing. In operations over France 2 Mosquitoes were lost. The Normandy battle front remains again quiet. High ground beyond Maltot was captured. North of Périers the Americans gave up a little ground. It has now been disclosed that 2 German divisions have come to Normandy from Italy. One of the war criminals of Kharkiv, a SS General has now been identified in Normandy. During his visit to Normandy Mr. Churchill spoke at an airfield in Normandy about the internal weakness of Germany. Russian forces are 70 miles from the Gulf of Riga, 3 miles from Brest-Litovsk. There was street fighting in Lublin last night and the Germans
0768are retreating in panic. Soviet troops are 75 miles NW of Lwow and have reached the banks of the river San. Also 50 miles north of Przemyśl and 5 miles north of Stanislaw. From Italy good progress is reported from all fronts. On the coast Marina di Pisa has been reached and we now control the Arno over a stretch of 30 miles from the mouth of the river. Terranuova has been captured and we are 5 miles from San Stefano. Our aircraft attacked oil refineries in Albania and our fighters made sweeps over Yugoslavia. Last night military targets at Bucharest were attacked. 2 planes are missing from some 1000 flights. The Americans are not meeting too much opposition on Tinian and pushing ahead well on Guam. The first flight from bases in Dutch New Guinea to the Philippines is reported.

24/7/1944 6.= pm. Wardell.

2 more German Generals have died from the effects of the Hitler bomb viz the Chief of Staff of the Luftwaffe Korten and Brandt. This was announced by the German radio an hour ago as well as that Hitler had ordered all forces to bring the Hitler salute instead of the military salute. The Germans also announced the loss of a place 5 miles from Warsaw. Neutral correspondents are now allowed to give details about how the bomb exploded. The opposition in Germany is proving
For Terranuova read Terranuova Bracciolini (probably)
0769to be more widespread than the Nazis expected it to be. Mr. Eden also spoke about this at a meeting of the Anglo Netherlands Association where he also praised the work of the Dutch underground movement. The 2nd month of the Russian offensive has now opened and the Germans have lost Siedlce half way between Brest-Litovsk and Warsaw. Jarosław 60 miles northwest of Lwow has also fallen and the Germans are falling back faster than they ever went forward. Through the capture of Pskov and Ostrov the way to Southern Estonia and Northern Latvia has now been opened. Below Bialystok Soviet forces are within 90 miles of Warsaw and have moved up to the banks of the river San. The Germans announced today that 2 more of their Generals died on the Eastern front. In last night's attack on Kiel the German defenses included rockets exploding at 20000 feet. Last night showed greatest air activity for a long period. There was considerable cross Channel activity of aircraft today and the Germans reported our planes over Southwest and Western Germany. Last night German headquarters near the battle field in Normandy were attacked by our planes and the bombs went through24/7/1944Jarosław
0770doors and windows. There was some activity near Troarn and our bridgehead across the Orne is now 12 miles wide and 4 miles deep. The 2 German divisions which came shortly before our landing to Normandy came from Southern France and are the 271st and 272nd Infantry Division. The war criminal of Kharkiv Dietrich of the S/S is in Normandy as General. He is one of the oldest Nazi members and close friend of Himmler. In Italy we hold the river Arno from its mouth nearly to Empoli. We are advancing on Florence from South West and SE and north of Poggibonsi it is only 12 miles and from Arezzo 14 miles away from our troops. Tito's forces captured a sizeable town in Western Bosnia and a supply train was destroyed between Zagreb and Belgrade. Randolph Churchill had a narrow escape in Yugoslavia when his transport plane crashed. The Americans are meeting with little opposition on Tinian and US. forces have got well into the heart of Guam. 2 announcements one about foot and mouth disease among pigs at Ilkeston (Derbyshire) and one from Ministry of Food to have a form inserted in ration books.24/7/1944
077125/7/1944. 9.= am R. Robertson

In Normandy United Kingdom and Canadian troops resumed their attacks south of Caen on a wide front this morning. A statement from General Montgomery's Headquarters within the last 2 hours said the attack was being made astride the Falaise road which runs southeast from Caen. It added that heavy fighting was going on. The Russians have pressed forward along the 700 miles front running down from Lake Peipus to the Carpathians. They have made spectacular progress in the great plains before Warsaw and Krakow and have captured the fortress of Lublin. To the South our Allies have almost encircled Lwow and further down the line another new offensive has carried them to within 30 miles of Stanislaw. The King has been visiting Italy to inspect Allied forces. He arrived at Naples on Sunday afternoon having flown from Britain via North Africa. Allied troops now hold the Southern bank of the Arno river from its mouth near Pisa to a point 30 miles inland. Hitler has decreed that in future all members of the German armed forces must give the Nazi salute instead of their traditional salute. In the Central Pacific the US. marines who have landed
25/7/1944StanislawFor Stanislaw read Ivano-Frankivsk
0772on Tinian Island have pushed inland nearly a mile. RAF bombers from Britain last night attacked Stuttgart in great strength. Our Mosquitoes were over Berlin and more attacks were made on the flying bomb launching sites in Northern France. Flying bombs again came over Southern England including the London area during the night.

25/7/1944. 1.= pm Joseph Macleod

Some progress has already been reported in our new attack south of Caen. The enemy is however putting up stiff defense. Russian troops are 60 miles from Warsaw where a place has been captured. 16 German Generals captured by the Russians have called on the German army to break with Hitler and end the war. In Italy our troops are within 10 miles of Florence and in their latest landings on Guam and Tinian the Americans are pushing ahead. At 3.30 this morning we resumed our attack south of Caen. Our correspondent Howard Marshall reporting two hours ago said that the first phase of the battle is ending. German troop concentrations in a wood southeast of Caen were attacked early this morning. The attacks on oil supplies viz by again attacking the storage tanks near St. Nazaire were also kept up. Outside Stuttgart, Frankfort and Aachen were also attacked last night.
25/7/1944Howard Marshall
0773Mines were also laid and 23 of our planes are missing. There were again flying bombs over Southern England including the London area this morning. Formations of planes were heard going out this morning. Łuków, a railway junction between Brest-Litovsk and Warsaw has been captured. Whereas the railway between these two places has also been cut. Russian troops are 6 miles away from Brest-Litovsk where the Germans are resisting strongly but our Allies are closing in from all sides. Soviet troops have also come nearer to Kaunas and Dvinsk. The river San has been crossed over 50 miles and all routes from Lwow have been cut. The Dnjestr has also been crossed near Stanislaw. There are reports that 4 Russian armies during the first month of their attacks have obtained the following results: over 380000 Germans killed, over 150000 prisoners, including 21 Generals killed and captured. Destroyed of taken 2700 tanks, 8700 guns, 57000 motor vehicles and 630 planes. Returns from the other 3 armies have still to come in. 16 German Generals captured by the Russians have appealed on the German Army to break with Hitler. From Italy more solid progress is reported. Beyond Poggibonsi we are now 10 miles from Florence and within 2 miles from Sansepolcro. Our aircraft attacked targets in25/7/1944Warsaw–Terespol railway
0774Southern France, Northern Italy and Yugoslavia viz 2 airfields, harbour installations at Genoa, ball bearing works at Turin, troop concentrations in Yugoslavia etc. 1700 flights were made, 7 aircraft lost and 6 destroyed. The King on his arrival in Italy was met by General Worth [?] and Wilson. The Americans are making good headway on Guam and Tinian. Rota Island is being softened up. Japanese attempts to break out of the Wewak area were effectively dealt with. The price for coal will go up with 4/- per ton from today week.
1.17 end

25/7/1944. 6.= pm Frederich Allen

2 new Allied attacks have begun in Normandy. The Americans began the attack before noon today. 30000 incendiaries went down on Stuttgart last night in 15 minutes. Mr. Eden has said we must take a cautious outlook on the crisis in Germany. More utility furniture will be available in future. British and Canadian troops attacked south and southeast of Caen and Americans northwest of St. Lô across to the west coast of the Cherbourg peninsula. Our correspondent Howard Marshall said at 10 o'clock this morning that the first phase of the attack was nearly completed. By noon we had
25/7/1944Arrival King George VI in Italy, July 25th 1944For General Wilson read General Maitland Wilson
0775advances a little over a mile and through 4 villages. The Americans are also advancing against stiff resistance. Our fighter bombers attacked railway targets around Arras and in the two attacks on oil storage tanks near St. Nazaire we destroyed many tanks. Stuttgart is well known for aero and submarine engines and the attack during which high explosives were also dropped lasted 15 minutes. To mislead German fighter packs 2 faint attacks were made and the route was carefully selected. The round trip was some 1700 miles and it was made without interception of night fighters. Bomb sites were again attacked early this morning. In Poland the railway line between Lwow and Przemyśl has been cut. The Germans now admit the surrender of their garrison at Lublin. The "Völkische Beobachter" gives a gloomy picture of the situation and says bravery alone will not stop the Red Army. There is now only one road open from Brest-Litovsk to Warsaw. The railway is cut. Fighting in Burma has taken a new turn. Utility furniture ration will be increased to the level at which it stood before September last year. Towels will be available without coupons for people who have taken in evacuees. Those who have lost food stocks through flying bombs will get 12 food points 1/2 lb. of sugar and preserves extra.25/7/1944Völkische Beobachter
077626/7/1944 9.= am

The Russians have forced ahead north and west of Lublin and have reached a point within 7 miles of the Vistula. To the North they were last reported less than 28 miles from the East Prussian border. Still further up the front they have cut the enemy's last escape railway out of Dvinsk. The Soviet Government issued a statement last night saying that the Red Army was entering Poland as the land of a sovereign friendly partner and that there was no intention of setting up any Soviet organ of Government in the country. Hitler has ordered the mobilization of the last ounce of German's war strength. Goering has been placed in charge of the drive with Goebbels as his right hand man. RAF bombers were over Germany in great strength during the night. Stuttgart was their main target for the second night running. In Normandy the new Allied advance south of Caen has been maintained. On the American sector General Bradley's troops are reported to have broken into the German defenses west of St. Lô following a terrific air bombardment in which
26/7/1944For Dvinsk read Daugavpils
07773000 planes half of them heavies took part. General Eisenhower yesterday visited Normandy and conferred with British and American field commanders.

26/7/1944 Wardell 1.= pm.

Allied troops thrusting south of Caen and west from St. Lô are meeting with desperate resistance. The Americans west of St. Lô advanced up to 3000 yards on a wide front. Yesterday 25 planes were destroyed and 17 of ours are missing. 4500 sorties were flown including 1600 from Normandy itself. In Stuttgart last night big fires were caused in the 15 minutes the attack lasted. Precision engineering factories there were attacked. Berlin was attacked by Mosquitoes dropping more 4000 pounders and synthetic oil plants in the Ruhr too. Bremen and Mannheim got bombs as well. 13 of our planes are missing and the operations included mine laying and attacks on flying bomb sites. The weather is sunny over the Straits of Dover today and weather better than we had for a long time. Formations of planes were seen going out. In Russia our Allies have come further across the upper Dnjestr and are now only 4 miles from Stanislaw. The Germans in Lwow are completely surrounded and fighting takes place in the streets. The 25th German General fell with his entire staff in Russian hands. Soviet troops are also 20 miles
0778beyond Lublin and less than 10 miles from the Vistula. Correspondents in Moscow say the Russians may now have reached the Eastern banks of the Vistula. Stubborn resistance takes place near Bialystok. The defenses of the town have been pierced and Russian troops are only 3 miles away. Russian forces are west, south and east of Dvinsk and now also to the north of it. Tilsit in East Prussia has been bombed by the Russians and the railway bridge over the Njemen (Memel) wrecked. In Italy our troops have come closer to Florence and gained 3 miles in one area. Our planes made some 1700 flights destroying 65 enemy planes whereas 26 of ours were lost.
1.13 end

26/7/1944. 6.= pm.

The Americans also started a new attack east of St. Lô early this morning. Progress has been made across the road St. Lô - Périers. Attacks are now going on southward from St. Lô on both sides of the place. Yesterday in their first attack the Americans advanced 1 1/2 mile on a front of 4 miles wide. In the Caen sector we had to withdraw from 2 villages but for the rest we maintained our positions. The synthetic oil plant attacked last night in the Ruhr was at Wanne-Eickel. Early today flying bombs came over but
0779many were shot down. People who heard our anti aircraft fire said it was terrific. We are in Italy approaching a place 8 miles from Florence. Yesterday some 500 heavies from Italy attacked the Hermann Goering tank factory at Linz and as reconnaissance has since shown with good results. The Germans sent up some 150 fighters to attack our bombers but 65 of these were destroyed for a loss of 22 bombers and 3 fighters. German commentators say that the position on the Southern active Eastern front is critical. Yesterday the Russians advanced 20 miles beyond Lublin. For the first time fighters of the Eastern Command of the US. Air Force supported Russian troops by 2 sweeps over the battle area. 38 enemy planes were destroyed and our planes all came back safely. In Burma heavy fighting continues at Myitkyina. The Japanese say today that carrier bases planes attacked Sabang near Sumatra last attacked in April. Proposals for the reconstruction of the city of London have been published today. No announcements but notice about the "Listener" now on sale.
6.15 end
078027/7/1944. 9.= am.

The Russians have taken Narva 7 miles inside Estonia and pushed 10 miles beyond the town. Further South they have driven deep into the heart of Lithuania and reached a point less than a hundred miles from the Baltic coast. Other Soviet troops have reached the Vistula on an wide front and have taken a place within 50 miles of Warsaw. Back East our Allies have cut the enemy's last escape railway out of Brest-Litovsk and 50 miles to the South they have broken into the suburbs of Lwow where the Germans are now completely encircled. In Normandy American tanks have smashed a 5 mile wedge into the German defenses west of St. Lô. They have captured the village of Saint-Gilles and the town of Marigny on the road leading west from St. Lô to the big road centre of Coutances. U.K. and Canadian have had to give up most of the ground they gained southwest of Caen before their push across the Orne. The Germans were last night reported to be back in Esquay and to be holding the high ground northeast of Évrecy. They were also back in May-sur-Orne. To the southeast of Caen our forces are keeping a tight hold on Verriers [?].
27/7/1944NarvaFor Esquay read Esquay-sur-Seulles
078127/7/1944 1.= pm. Frederick Allen

The Americans in Normandy pressed on 2 miles across the road St. Lô - Coutances. In Russia the front is now well over 1000 miles. The Russian drive in the Carpathian foothills has been resumed. Mosquitoes went to Hamburg last night and the Eastern fleet has again bombed Sabang. Our correspondent Howard Marshall said early this morning that there is no change in the Caen sector. Before breakfast today our planes destroyed 16 German planes. The Americans have reached Canisy village and are also closing in on Pepieis [?]. In Russia is now over thousand miles counting only the principal curves and not the various pockets. Between Kowno and Dünaburg (Dwinsk) further progress was made. 2 towns on the Eastern banks of the Vistula have been captured, Demblin included and also more places between Demblin and Łuków. Another General has been captured. Russian troops are now within 15 miles of the Czechoslovakian border. For the second night running Tilsit in East Prussia has been bombed and also railway yards at Warsaw. In Moscow an agreement between the Polish Committee of National Liberation and the Soviet ...[?] was signed yesterday. The Polish armed forces will be under Polish military Law and regulations.
27/7/1944KownoFor Kowno read Kaunas
0782Beyond the Mosquito attack on Hamburg mines were also laid. One aircraft was lost. 6 of our heavies are missing from an attack on a railway yard near Lyon (?). Today targets in the Brussels area were bombed. Bombing was visual. Flying bombs have come over at intervals, damage and casualties were caused. In Italy heavy fighting takes place against the German defense line 9 miles south of Florence. West of Florence we are 4 miles from Montelupo. The King has visited the 8th Army front on Tuesday. Battleships, cruisers and destroyers for half an hour shelled the harbour installations of Sabang on Tuesday morning. This is now almost a complete wreck. In the Marianas the Americans made good headway in their latest landings and they have captured the Northern quarter of Tinian plus the airfield. Cordell Hull has condemned the Argentine Government. In the Caen sector enemy counterattacks were held.
1.12 end
27/7/1944For Montelupo read Montelupo Fiorentino
0783R. Wessel

The Germans have just said that Bialystok has fallen. The Americans are advancing on either side of the road St. Lô - Coutances. This morning Liberators attacked targets in Belgium. Our planes from Italy yesterday destroyed 78 enemy aircraft for a loss of 22 of our own. American Mustangs and Lightnings have after 3 days and sweeps over Poland in support of the Russian army destroyed 64 enemy planes and lost 2 aircraft. The planes have now come back to Italy. Today is the 250th Anniversary of the Bank of England. At the point where the Russians took two towns on the Vistula the river is 200 to 300 yards wide. In Lithuania Russian troops are 20 miles from Schaulen. In Lwow the German troops have been pressed more to the centre of the town. The Germans also say that the fortress town of Przemyśl is under attacks from 3 sides. In Normandy the Americans continue to gain ground and patrols are already beyond Canisy and they have also swept on south of Marigny. They are also pressing on inland from Lessay and meeting little opposition. There are no big changes south of Caen. Our planes were over the battle area early this morning. Reports from France indicate that resistance to the Germans by the "Maquis" continues in many areas. Last night our aircraft met violent
27/7/1944SchaulenFor Marigny read Marigny-le-Lozon
For Schaulen read Šiauliai
0784storms over Germany and France. Today's attacks in Belgium were on military objectives in the Brussels and Ghent areas. Our planes met with no fighter opposition. The 8th Army in Italy makes limited advances in heavy fighting. We are now 8 miles from Florence and have come closer to Senigallia. Our planes made some 1600 flights attacking also oil refineries in Albania and last night also Ploesti. The King during his Italian visit has looked on the Gothic line. The Germans gave the names of 2 Generals who have been shot and who plotted against Hitler. The Americans on Guam now hold the Southern half of the peninsula. Lord Catto the new Governor of the Bank of England spoke at the end of the news.

28/7/1944. 9.= am

The Russians have captured 6 enemy strongholds between the Carpathians and the Baltic including Stanislaw, Lwow, Bialystok and Dvinsk. They have also taken a town 35 miles southeast of Warsaw and are reported within 30 miles of the city. Our Allies have deprived the German Armies in Latvia and Estonia of their last major escape route by capturing
27/7/1944Lord Catto
0785one of the most important road and rail centres in Lithuania. In Normandy American armoured columns are threatening to cut off a considerable German force on the Western sector. The enemy are falling back on the big road centre of Coutances. The American columns were last reported to be only 5 miles from this town. No important changes have been reported from the Caen sector where United Kingdom and Canadian troops are containing the bulk of the German armour. Hundreds American heavy bombers from Italy yesterday attacked Hungary's largest industrial plant in Budapest. In Italy 8th Army troops have reached a point about 8 miles southwest of Florence. The King has been visiting the 8th Army front. In the Central Pacific American marines now control one third of Tinian Island. RAF Mosquitoes attacked Stuttgart last night.

28/7/1944. 1.= pm.

The Americans in Normandy are exploiting their armoured breakthrough west of St. Lô. The situation on the front from Caumont to the sea
0786is fluid. The capture of Lessay and Périers has been confirmed in today's communique. Nearly all route leading to Coutances are under artillery fire. 2400 prisoners have so far been taken. There is no big change south and southwest of Caen. Our planes made 2000 sorties in close support of the ground troops. 23 planes were at least destroyed in the air and 21 are missing. Strong forces of Flying Fortresses today attacked military objectives in Central Germany. They were strongly escorted by fighters. Probably in all a force of some 2000 aircraft went out last night. 4000 pounders were dropped on Stuttgart without losses. Fires from previous attacks were still burning there. It has now been revealed that a flying bomb landed on the bank of a canal in the Zoo. There was some broken glass but animals were not hurt. Another bomb fell in Hyde park, uprooting some trees and killing only 2 persons. Since this news began a report has come in that the Americans are only 2 miles from Coutances which means and advance of 3 miles since yesterday. Yesterday the Russians had a record day capturing some 1600 places. Lwow had a population of over 300000. This is the largest place liberated in this offensive so far. Rēzekne has also been taken. This is the same as Rossitten and also Schaulen. The Russians are advancing to28/7/1944
0787Krakow and Warsaw and fighting takes place in the streets of Siedlce. Soviet forces are now less than 100 miles from Krakow. In Italy our troops are within 4 miles from Empoli and fighting takes place in the outskirts of Senigallia. Our planes made some 2000 sorties attacking last night Ploesti. 16 enemy planes were destroyed and 18 were lost. Our submarines have recently sunk 21 Japanese supply ships. Carrier based American planes have attacked bases in the Western Carolines. The Japanese have now officially denied to have shot pilots who landed in Japan and also denied they would be shot.
1.15 end

28/7/1944 6.= pm.

In Italy 8th Army troops are only 6 miles from Florence. In Normandy the Americans are keeping up their swift advance and are also pushing along the Western bank of the river Vire. Rocket firing Typhoons yesterday destroyed 6 German tanks and damaged more. Yesterday the Germans had one of their blackest days on the Eastern front. The Germans also admit losing Brest-Litovsk although the
0788Russians did not claim this town yet. Pre war population of Brest-Litovsk is 50000 and in March 1918 the Germans forced their peace on the Russians there. As far as the Carpathian front is concerned the Germans say the Russians are pursuing them hotly. Russian troops are now less than 140 miles from the Eastern front of the German Reich. The railway Riga - Tilsit has been cut at Schaulen. Today's bombers were of the 8th Air Force and bombing was done by instruments on account of clouds. Last night one single Mosquito attacked a radio station on Sylt Island. It was now revealed that our Tempest fighters are operating against the flying bombs. The bomb which came down in Hyde Park just missed the bandstand there. Our light coastal forces met German E-boats near Le Havre. One was sunk and blew up. In Italy our troops made important gains. In Yugoslavia the partisans have routed 5000 Germans killing 900 and taking 200 prisoners. In the Carolines our aircraft destroyed one destroyer, 1 oiler, 1 escort vessel and 7 cargo ships. At the Talan [?] Island 26 Japanese planes were destroyed for the loss of 5 of ours own. In the Commons the debate28/7/1944Hawker Tempest
0789on India was opened. BBC notice about "Radio Tunes". Announcements about foot and mouth disease among pigs at Castleford, West Riding of Yorkshire. Boys and girls born between 25/6 and 29/7 ? must register tomorrow. 4 new orders were published to control the prices of new and second hand furniture. They come in force on 28/8.
6.25 end.

29/7/1944 9.= am.

The Russians have taken Brest-Litovsk and in their drive up the Vistula have reached points little more than 20 miles from Warsaw. Further South they have stormed the twin fortresses of Jarosław and Przemyśl. This is opening the road to Krakow. Up on the Baltic front our Allies have swept the Germans out of 550 more towns and villages. In Normandy two American tank columns have reached the outskirts of Coutances and others are striking much further South. The Americans have advanced 15 miles since the present attack began and have taken well over 4000 prisoners. On the British sector
0790United Kingdom and Canadian forces are still tying down a large part of the German armour. In Italy New Zealand troops of the 8th Army have fought their way to within 6 miles of Florence after taking San Casciano. On the Adriatic sector Polish troops have got patrols across the river Nusia [?]. Superfortresses made a daylight attack today on Mukden in Manchuria. In the Central Pacific American forces have extended their grip on Guam and Tinian. RAF bombers attacked Stuttgart and Hamburg in very great strength last night. Flying bombs again came over Southern England including the London area. The Polish Prime Minister Mr. Mikołajczyk is on his way to Moscow.

29/7/1944 1.= pm. R. Wessel

The Germans have been cleared from Coutances and the Americans have already pressed on beyond it. In Italy troops are within sight of Florence and this place is now only 5 miles away. Lat night Bomber Command sent more than 1000 aircraft out with Stuttgart and Hamburg as the main targets. At least 21 German
For Mukden read Shenyang
For San Casciano read San Casciano in Val di Pesa
0791planes were destroyed. Coutances is now clear of the enemy and the Americans have reached the sea. Along the banks of the Vire the Americans are now 10 miles from St. Lô and it is now reported that the Americans are 6 miles beyond Coutances on the way to Granville. Yesterday 1500 prisoners were taken which means now a total since Tuesday noon of 5000. Last night our Mosquitoes strafed 18 trains in Northern France. Between 9.= and 10.30 last night Bomber Command dispatched over a thousand planes. Mosquitoes also dropped 4000 pounders on Frankfort and flying bomb installations were also bombed. Mines were laid too and there were many air combats over Germany. Stuttgart got the third major attack this week. Hamburg was attacked soon after 1 o'clock. Since our attacks on Hamburg last year a million people left the town. Flying bombs have come over this country last night and this morning. Of the big strongholds between the Baltic and the Carpathians only Kaunas is standing out now but it is being threatened with an outflanking movement from the north and south of Schaulen. The Russians have thrust within 60 miles from Tilsit in East Prussia29/7/1944
0792and a heavy air raid was made on Insterburg. Soviet troops are within 50 miles from Riga and the railway line Dwinsk - Rēzekne has been cleared of the enemy and troops are already 20 miles beyond it over a front of 100 miles. More of the Eastern bank of the Vistula has been reached and our Allies are advancing on Warsaw along the two converging railways. Brest-Litovsk is now nearly 100 miles behind Russian spearheads and to the west of it. 3 German divisions have been encircled. At Lwow 3500 prisoners were taken and 9000 were killed. Russian forces are now only 10 miles from the Czechoslovakian border. In Italy we are 5 miles south of Florence and Indian troops are pushing toward Montelupo and other forces are 2 miles from Empoli. Nearer the coast gun duels are taking place. Ploesti was attacked yesterday as well a railway yards in Northern Greece. Sweeps were also made over Yugoslavia. 1700 sorties were flown and 12 enemy plans were destroyed, 25 of ours lost. The King spent the day in Italy with his airmen yesterday. The Japanese industrial and trade centre at Mukden in South Manchuria was attacked by Superfortresses. On Guam American troops are near the 3 miles airstrip on the island. On Thursday 4700 Japs were killed.29/7/1944InsterburgFor Insterburg read Tsjernjachovsk
079331/7/1944. 9.= am.

British troops in Normandy yesterday advanced between 3 and 4 miles driving the first of their new attack beyond Caumont. American tanks advanced further down the West coast and captured Bréhal and two other places. The Allies have taken 10000 prisoners since the new attacks began. In a new offensive toward Eastern Prussia the Russians have advanced about 15 miles along a 70 miles front. Below Kowno Soviet troops driving toward Riga have only about 26 miles to go to reach the sea and cut off the last land escape route of the Germans in Estonia and Latvia. American heavy bombers from Italy yesterday attacked and aircraft works and an airfield near Budapest. New Zealanders of the 8th Army have taken a village on the ridge separating them from Florence 5 miles away. US. marines have captured the chief town on Tinian in the Marinas. The Germans sent flying bombs over Southern England again last night including the London area. Damage and casualties
31/7/1944For Kowno read Kaunas
0794were caused. A Parliamentary Report on British agriculture pays special attention to improving wages, housing and working conditions and suggests spending £ 3.000.000 a year on agricultural research.

1-8-194 9.= am.

The Red Army yesterday swept the Germans out of more than 2000 places, the largest number they have liberated in one day's fighting. Last night Soviet troops were only 25 miles from Riga, 15 miles from East Prussia and 10 miles from Warsaw. The Polish Prime Minister arrived in Moscow from London yesterday for talks with the Soviet Government. In Normandy American troops have occupied the port of Avranches after a rapid thrust of over 12 miles and are pushing beyond it. Granville some 15 miles north of Avranches is firmly in Allied hands. Further inland the Germans have been resisting strongly but have not been able to hold up the Allied advance. East of the river Vire American troops have linked up with the British drive south of Caumont. By last night British
0795troops had advanced about 6 miles. In Italy 8th Army patrols have pushed deeper into the hills overlooking Florence. The King continued his tour of the Italian battle fronts yesterday. In the South West Pacific American troops have made a new landing on the coast of Dutch New Guinea 60 miles northeast of Sorong and have outflanked 15000 Japanese. Over 1200 American heavy bombers from Britain attacked Munich and Ludwigshafen yesterday. Admiral Sir Bruce Fraser has been appointed Commander in Chief Eastern Fleet. A small number of flying bombs come over Southern England during the night.

1/8/1944 1.= pm. Wardell

The Russians have struck 3 mighty new blows. The Americans in Normandy are thrusting northeast from Avranches to clear the enemy from the Villedieu area. The 2nd British Army's drive south of Caumont is making good progress. 8 miles south of Caumont we have linked up with the Americans from St. Lô. Gavray has been captured. Yesterday our planes made 4500 sorties. Our Mosquitoes destroyed 2 German night
1/8/1944Bruce FraserFor Villedieu read Villedieu-les-Poêles
0796fighters over the battle area last night. The Russian offensive is going from strength to strength. Siedlce and Łuków have been captured and cleared of the enemy. The Russians stand in an arch round Warsaw viz at 12 miles from the North, 17 from the North East and 13 miles from the South East of the city limits of Warsaw. The Russian front against East Prussia is now 140 miles long. Mariampol has been captured and Kowno by-passed and fighting still took place there yesterday. Mirtaw [?] has been taken and progress is reported below Przemyśl and beyond Grodno. The Germans say Berlin was attacked last night but as our Air Ministry know nothing about an attack by us the Russians should know more about it. The Germans did report Russian planes over East Prussia. Last night flying bomb depots southwest of Reims and in the Pas de Calais were attacked as well as launching sites and vessels at Le Havre and railway yards at La Roche. This was all done by separate forces of Lancasters and Halifaxes. Flying bombs came over Southern England this morning. The Home Secretary gave a statement in the Commons today about a new Warning System for the near approach of flying bombs. In recent air attacks over Germany the Americans have met ME.163 rocket propelled fighter planes.1/8/1944MarijampolėFor Mariampol read Marijampolė
0797In Italy German resistance south of Florence is unexpectedly stiff. The Germans fight with great skill and tenacity. From the rest of the front only patrolling and artillery exchanges are reported. Our planes made 1700 flights from Italy yesterday. Destroying 32 planes and losing 10 aircraft. The new American landing has taken place in the North Western tip of Dutch New Guinea and the Isles of Amsterdam and Middelburg have been captured. The isle of Guam has been cut in two parts and the Japanese on Tinian have been bottled up in the Southern tip of the island.

1/8/1944. 6.= pm. R. Wessel

The Americans advancing southeast of Avranches got into the outskirts of Ducey. In Normandy the Allied attacks are going well again today. After midday it was reported that Ducey on the river Sélune had been reached. Villedieu had been bypassed and our troops are now a mile or so south of it. In the sector Percy to the Vire not much progress is reported but on the other side of the river Vire local advances have been reported. The Seulline stream has been crossed in the direction of Villers-Bocage
1/8/1944Middleburg Island
Amsterdam Island
For Ducey read Ducey-les-Chéris
La Seulline is a small river flowing West of Villers-Bocage
For Percy read Percy-en-Normandie
0798and Caen. At Tilly-la-Campagne in the area of Bourguébus the Canadians are probing the German lines. Today there was a ceiling of light clouds over the Straits of Dover. On the Eastern front the Russians shells of long range guns are already falling on German soil. The German statement that Kaunas was lost by them yesterday was not true as street fighting was still taking place there yesterday. Planes from Italy yesterday also raided oil centres at Bucharest and Ploesti. Only during 2 days in July our heavy bombers were kept grounded in Italy on account of the weather. In July 475 Allied planes were lost in Italy and 680 enemy aircraft destroyed. The special warning for danger of flying bombs will be 3 blasts on a claxon.

2/8/1944. 9.= am.

In France American tank forces have pushed more than 12 miles southwest of Avranches and reached the border of Brittany. In a week the Americans
0799have advanced more than 50 miles and taken over 18000 prisoners. British forces had yesterday advanced more than a dozen miles south of Caumont. In Italy New Zealanders of the 8th Army fought their way another mile nearer Florence. Russian troops driving through Latvia yesterday captured a town less than 10 miles from the Gulf of Riga and this cut the last land link between the German armies in the Baltic States and East Prussia. Further South our Allies finally cleared the enemy out of Kowno. Moscow radio says the Soviet Government and the Polish Committee of National Liberation have exchanged representatives. President Ryti of Finland has resigned and has been succeeded by Marshall Mannerheim.

"Bad reception, disturbed"

President Roosevelt has promoted Lieutenant General Stilwell to the rank of full General.
2/8/1944RytiFor Kowno read Kaunas
0800Macleod 2/8/1944. 6.= pm

In the House of Commons Mr. Churchill presented his report on the position on the battle fronts today. He said that up to the moment 5346 flying bombs had been launched against this country. 4735 persons were thereby killed and 14000 more of less seriously wounded plus a number of lightly injured. 17000 houses had also been destroyed and 800000 damaged of which 600000 had been made habitable again. In France we are advancing south and west from Avranches into Brittany swiftly and sweeping on toward Rennes. It seems we are meeting little organized resistance beyond Avranches. It is reckoned that 2 to 3 German divisions are garrisoned in Brittany. Percy and Tessy have also been occupied. Our troops are only 5 miles away from the town of Vire and our planes reported lorry columns of German ambulances pulling out of the town. We are also less than 2 miles north and 3 miles northeast from Villers-Bocage. It is again misty over Normandy today. A little before 4.30 today the Germans said that Rommel had a motor accident in an air raid and was injured but his life was said not to be in danger. In the Baltic States between 20 and
2/8/1944For Tessy read Tessy-sur-Vire
080130 German divisions are nearly cut off. In the battle for Kaunas 8000 Germans were killed and 1200 prisoners were taken. Today the Germans admit the loss of a town 10 miles from the East Prussian border. The Russians have captured the 27th German General. The Germans reported fighting in the great bend of the Vistula which means on the German side. The Germans in Italy are fighting fanatically. Castelione [?] 9 miles from Florence has been captured. Bad weather kept our heavy bombers grounded in Italy. Winston Churchill said that all over the world Germans and Japanese are recoiling. In all sectors the Allied supremacy is pronounced. He also said the interval between the defeat of Hitler and Japan will much shorter than he believed. In the fighting in Burma 1/4 of a million Allied troops are involved. The Japanese are being slung back at every point. The British 14th Army did some of the heaviest work of this war. In our landing in Normandy we employed some 60 variations in landing craft and escort vessels. We have a large and powerful army equipped as never before. Latest news seems2/8/1944
0802to be extremely good. US. troops may well be approaching Rennes. We are largely superior in men, army, aircraft and mobility. British and Canadian losses are about equal to the American. We employ as a cruiser tank the American Sherman and our latest cruiser tank is the Cromwell. The German Panther is vulnerable from the flank and our Cromwell is superior in speed especially in open country. The enemy did not introduce any new weapons. Mr. Churchill said highest credit to the War Office. The also said the Russians did the main work in tearing the guts from the German Army. He also saluted Marshal Stalin. Nearly a million people left London. It is not known how far the Germans have overcome the technical difficulties of the long range rockets. As far as Turkey is concerned he said that Turkey is now in a more secure position than ever before. Turkey has broken off all relations with Germany. If Turkey was attacked by either Germany or Bulgaria we would stand by her. BBC notice about the "Listener".2/8/1944
08033/8 9.= am Peter Watson

In France the British Second Army's thrust beyond Caumont has reached the town of Vire 17 miles to the South. American armoured columns driving into Brittany are reported to be threatening Rennes and St. Malo. The Russians yesterday captured a town 6 miles from the border of East Prussia. They have also taken 200 more places east and northeast of Warsaw. The Polish Government in London last night announced that underground forces in Warsaw had started open warfare against the Germans. In the South West Pacific American forces have extended their grip on the North Western end of New Guinea and have inflicted heavy casualties on the Japanese in the Wewak area. In the Central Pacific American have killed over 7000 Japanese on Guam up to August 1st. In Italy New Zealand troops have gained more ground before Florence and can see the city from 4 to 6 miles away. The King arrived back in England by air today from his Italian tour. American and British
3/8/1944For Caumont read Caumont-l'Éventé (probably)
0804bombers yesterday attacked flying bomb bases in France. Flying bombs were again sent over South England including the London area during the night. July was a record month for Britain's Bomber Command. Its aircraft dropped 57500 tons of bombs. In his war review yesterday Mr. Churchill said the Germans and the Japanese were recoiling before the increasing supremacy of the Allies and he said he "no longer felt bound to deny" that victory would perhaps come soon. Turkey had broken off diplomatic and economic relations with Germany.

3/8/1944 1.= pm. R. Wessel

The British Second Army has made good progress although there are no big changes in positions to report this morning. The American advance into Brittany continues. Attacks with flying bombs were heaviest last night and more have come this morning. A little before 11 o'clock our correspondent Howard Marshall reported good progress from the 2nd British Army front. He said the front has been swung round in a South Easterly
0805direction. We have taken Vire and reached a place 4 miles east of it. Heavy fighting takes place round Villers-Bocage. In the central sector the Americans are meeting stiffer resistance. Our aircraft made attacks from Belgium to the Bay of Biscay and Southern France. At least 10 enemy planes were destroyed and 17 of ours are missing. In Italy we have advanced a mile beyond Montelupo and local gains were made on the Eastern bank of the Arno. In the neighbourhood of Castelfranco. Our planes attacked targets at Genoa, in Southern France and shipping in the Adriatic. The King landed a little after 7 o'clock this morning on an airfield in Britain in a transport plane returning from Italy. He looked fit and well. The Russians have strengthened their thrusts. In Lithuania by filling in a pocket between Schaulen and Kaunas. Military trains at Riga were bombed by the Russians. The Germans brought up 4 fresh divisions including a panzer division from Central Germany and these were thrown straight into the battle. Between Bialystok and Siedlce 200 places were captured. In Southern Poland advances are reported3/8/1944For Castelfranco read Castelfranco di Sotto (probably)
0806Between the rivers San and Vistula and 30 miles west of Jarosław the centre of Reichshof has been taken. Here Russian troops are within 80 miles of Krakow. Our correspondent in Stockholm reported that the Germans are removing troops from Southern Finland. Only this morning the German people heard for the first time that Turkey has broken off all relations with Germany. Last night's flying bomb attack was a rather heavy one. The attacks continued this morning. Double British summer time is to be extended to the 17-9-1944.
1.10 1/2 end

3/8/1944 6.= pm. Robert Robinson

The Americans are driving fast and deep into Brittany. They are reported to be on the outskirts at Rennes and Dinan this afternoon. Robert Dunnett reported from Normandy today and said the Germans launched a strong counterattack between Tessy and Percy. After failure of this attack the Germans withdrew t0 Vire but we are already in it as well as in Mortain. The Germans are rapidly blowing up their dumps. Rennes in Brittany had a population of 70000 in peacetime.
3/8/1944RzeszówFor Tessy read Tessy-sur-Vire (probably)
For Reichshof read Rzeszów
0807We are also making progress east and southeast of Villers-Bocage. In Russia great battles are raging within 12 miles of the East Prussian border. The Polish Premier now in Moscow talked to Allied correspondents there and said he already saw Molotov and expected to see Stalin anytime. In Italy the Germans still hold a number of hills round Florence but our troops crossed the river Pesa on a 2 miles front. Our planes from Italy made some 1200 flights. We lost 9 machines and destroyed one enemy plane. The Germans reported our Mediterranean bombers attacking the Friedrichshafen area. The news about the war against the Japanese continues to be good. The Americans took 3 towns in Guam. From New Guineas progress is reported in both the Dutch and British territories. In July the American Air Force made 59000 flights dropping 59000 tons of bombs, destroying over 1000 enemy planes for a loss of 550 bombers and 180 fighters. Casualties civilians since the outbreak of war up to the end of June this year in Great Britain and Northern Ireland amounted to3/8/1944Pesa
080853747 killed and over 68000 injured and detained in hospitals. The Education Bill became Law today. Penicillin will now be available for civilians too. India's representatives at the War Cabinet spoke about last year's famine in Bengal.

4/8/1944. 9.= am.

In France American troops fanning out across the neck of the Brittany peninsula were last reported fighting in Rennes. American forces in Normandy have reached Mortain 12 miles south of Vire where British troops were fighting grimly yesterday. It is revealed that among General Dempsey's troops is the Guards Armoured Division. General Eisenhower flew to Normandy yesterday and conferred with General Montgomery and General Bradley. In Italy 8th Army spearheads are about 3 miles from the Southern edge of Florence. The King has sent a message to the Supreme Allied Command Mediterranean praising the work of Allied forces in Italy. The Russians have crossed the Vistula on a 20 miles
4/8/1944For Mortain read Mortain-Bocage (probably)
0809front and have captured a place 60 miles northeast of Krakow. In Northern Burma Allied troops have captured Myitkyina which has been in Japanese hands for over 2 years. In New Guinea Australian troops have smashed 4 more attempts by the Japanese to break out of the Wewak trap. Hundreds of American and RAF heavy bombers from Britain attacked many targets yesterday including rail yards in Germany and flying bomb bases in France. American heavies from Italy went for targets in South West Germany. Flying bombs again came over Southern England including the London area during the night.

4/8/1944 1.= pm.

The Americans are still pouring into Brittany without meeting serious opposition and the Germans are withdrawing their left flank. On the British front of 25 miles and stretching from Vire to Caen we are meeting stiff resistance. In Brittany St. Malo has been quite cut off. Fighting is particularly fierce
0810near Villers-Bocage. Our aircraft operated between the Seine and the Loire. Since D-day the number of prisoners taken is about 100000 and German casualties close to 200000. Mosquitoes last night attacked railway targets in France, barges on the Seine. Mosquitoes destroyed 5 enemy planes over Normandy. In Italy we captured 5000 prisoners between the 1st of July and the 27th of July. Our planes made 1500 sorties, destroying 18 aircraft and losing 15. In Southern Poland the Russians have a bridgehead across the Vistula and advances were also made beyond Jarosław and Przemyśl. Stalin received the Polish Premier in the Kremlin last night. On Tinian 5000 Japanese have been killed and on Guam now 8000 whereas the Americans advanced another 2 miles. Heavy losses were caused to flying bombs last night. In the Straits of Dover weather is fine and sunny after a night of brilliant moonlight. The Queen is 44 today.4/8/1944
08114/8/1944. 6.= pm. Wardell

There is not much fresh news from France this afternoon but the Americans are reported 20 miles beyond Rennes which means some 40 miles from St. Nazaire. More than 1200 Fortresses and Liberators have gone out today to attack various Baltic targets. The Americans are keeping up their thrust but the 2nd Army is advancing more slowly against increasing resistance. We are however well to the east of Vire. Of the number of prisoners taken the Americans accounted for 70000. The Germans announced the killing of another of their Generals south of Caumont. The attacks today were made on the Luftwaffe experimental station at Peenemünde, aircraft factories at Rostock, Kiel and Bremen. The bombers were escorted by strong forces of fighters. Weather was excellent and bombing visual. It is now ascertained that apparently in recent 3 attacks on Stuttgart the fires got out of control as some 300 acres were destroyed. A large number of last night's flying bombs were destroyed. Russian troops in Southern Poland are now less than 100 miles from Reich's territory over 100 miles
0812south of Warsaw. Soviet troops are also massing on a 70 miles front along the border of East Prussia. German losses are very high. In the Carpathians the oil centre of Drohobytsj has been bypassed. Polish underground forces are fighting inside Warsaw and they control the General Post Office, the Prudential skyscraper, gasworks, the Telephone office is being attacked. Our troops are 4 miles southw. of Florence and yesterday our planes attacked railways on the Brenner pass route. The siege of Myitkyina has lasted 2 1/2 months. Not one Japanese was found alive when our troops entered. It is expected that all remnants of the 18th Japanese Division have been destroyed. In Mogaung and Myitkyina we have 2 bases for future operations. On Tinian the American flag was hoisted formally on Wednesday. The King, Princesses Elisabeth and Margaret are staying with the Queen in the country. 2 BBC. notices. One about Red Cross contest and one about "Radio Tunes". Announcement about foot and mouth disease among pigs in North Riding Yorkshire.
6.14 1/2 end
4/8/1944Prudential Warsaw
08135/8/1944 9.= am

In France American armoured forces have thrust closer to Brittany's principal seaport and were last night reported 7 miles from Saint Malo, less than 50 miles from Lorient and about halfway from Rennes to the mouth of the Loire. To the northeast of Rennes American troops have occupied the big road centre of Fougères. The British Second Army has beaten off counterattacks between Vire and the Odon river. Our armoured patrols are reported to have found Villers-Bocage deserted. In Italy South African troops of the 8th Army have entered the Southern part of Florence. The Germans have blown up five of the half dozen bridges across the river. The Russians have broadened their drive toward East Prussia and further South they have reached a point about 80 miles from the border of Silesia. Marshal Stalin yesterday received the Polish Prime Minister. They talked for 2 1/2 hours. Hitler last night announced a great
0814purge of the German army and gave the names of the first victims. They include a Field Marshal and 4 Generals all of whom have already been expelled. The Japanese are withdrawing from their strong points at the Northwestern end of New Guinea. American troops on Guam now hold an important road junction halfway across the island. Allied aircraft from Britain yesterday attacked a wide range of targets from the Baltic to Bordeaux.

R. Robinson
5/8/1944. 1.= pm.

American troops in Brittany are driving swiftly beyond Rennes and to the West of the Brittany peninsula. General progress is reported all along the front steady in Normandy and rapid in Brittany. Our troops have occupied Villers-Bocage and Évrecy. It's all going very well. Rennes is firmly in our hands and fighting takes place at Barenton beyond Mortain west of Rennes. Our troops have come to Loudéac and east of it to Chateaubriand. Mosquitoes attacked road and rail targets and Marauders made a moonlight attack on an ammunition train near Bordeaux. The Russian have
0815extended their bridgehead across the Vistula and they are now only 40 miles from Krakow. German losses are big. Tarnów is being outflanked and Red Army troops are approaching it from East and North East. Soviet troops are within 30 miles of it. Not far from German soil Russia troops are massing on a front of 100 miles and they are 5 miles from Suwałki. Russian advances are also reported between Kaunas and Schaulen. The Southern part of Florence is now in our hands and the New Zealanders have advanced considerably. In the Adriatic sector Polish and Italian troops advanced 2 miles. There were no heavy bomber operations from Italy. Yesterday one enemy plane was destroyed and 3 of ours are missing. British troops raided two Dalmatian islands this week. After completing their tasks they withdrew without losses. An important air appointment is announced to Command Balkan air forces. Last evening Lancasters and Halifaxes bombed 2 storage depots for oil near Bordeaux. In yesterday's attacks on Baltic targets 3 refineries were also included. Today it is summery weather over the Straits of Dover and many planes5/8/1944
0816were seen going out. For a short time early this morning and after daylight the Germans sent flying bombs over. 15000 Japanese are in full retreat in Dutch New Guinea. The Americans on Guam are meeting stiffer resistance. Holiday reports from Waterloo speak of a steady flow of holiday makers. Paddington reports not so many as expected and Victoria says traffic is nearly normal. In Brittany our troops are about 35 miles from Nantes. Southwest of Caen we have gained more ground. Other forces in Italy are closing in on Florence from all sides.

7-8-1944 9.= am.

American armoured columns in France are sweeping froward along 2 main roads leading to Paris. They have captured Mayenne and Laval. One spearhead has pushed on 17 miles to the South toward Le Mans. Other Americans are approaching the U-boat base of Lorient. RAF Lancasters have attacked Lorient with 12000 pound bombs. The British Second Army is still
0817pinning down the bulk of the German armour and helping the swing of the front toward Paris. Off the Brest peninsula British naval forces have destroyed a German convoy of 7 ships and driven another convoy into port. On the frontier of East Prussia villages and farmhouses are changing hand 3 of 4 times a day. The Russians have stormed another strong hold guarding the Carpathians. Allied troops in Italy now stand along a 50 miles stretch of the South bank of the river Arno from the mouth near Pisa to several miles beyond Florence. In the Adriatic sector Polish and Italian troops have advanced several miles. More than 500 American heavy bombers from Italy yesterday attacked U-boat pens at Toulon in France. Last night RAF Mosquitoes attacked synthetic oil plants in the Ruhr. Yesterday in daylight American bombers from Britain attacked German oil refineries near Hamburg. The campaign on Dutch New Guinea is now practically ended. In British New Guinea Allied troops have continued their advance to the South. American forces now control 3/4 of Guam.7/8/1944
0818Grisewood 7/8/1944 1.= pm.

The Germans in Normandy are being steadily forced from their troublesome strong points. Mopping up in the Brittany peninsula continues. The garrison at Lorient has given itself up. In Normandy we are back to the Orne and across it. We are across the Orne over a front of 2 miles and taking the defences in the rear. After the destruction of the convoy off the Brest peninsula our ships have returned safely but with a few casualties. Yesterday 4500 sorties were flown in bad flying weather. The railway yards at Hazebrouck near the Belgian frontier were also attacked. Last night Mosquitoes attacked targets near the front line and a dozen trains were also attacked. Mosquito night fighters destroyed 5 aircraft last night. The Germans say a 7th General has been killed in France. We have captured two more. Mosquitoes last night attacked synthetic oil plants near Dortmund. Yesterday over 2000 big bombers made a two way attack from Italy and Britain on German oil targets and war installations. Cologne was also attacked and 5 planes are missing from the night's work. Rather fewer flying bombs have come over but after daybreak the Germans
0819started again. Today there is brilliant sunshine and a cloudless sky over the Straits of Dover and many planes were seen going out. In Italy our troops are in contact with the Germans north of the Arno. There is no change on the rest of the Italian front. Our fighters made offensive sweeps over the Ploesti and Bucharest areas. 2100 sorties were made and 12 planes lost against 1 destroyed. The Russian have now the Fourth Ukrainian Army which has not fought since the end of the Crimean campaign operating in the Carpathians. Drohobytsj has been occupied and also a place 25 miles to the southeast of it. On Guam the Americans have taken 2 more towns.

Macleod 7/8/1944. 6.= pm.

In Normandy we are pressing on beyond the Orne and the enemy's obstructive strong points are going up all along the front. Steady advances are reported east of the Orne and south of Caen. Mont Pinçon has been taken. East of Vire we advanced several miles. The advance is steady and satisfactory. On the American side
0820a number of places on the ......[?] river has been taken and the river has been crossed at five points over a 40 miles front. South of Rennes 1200 Germans have surrendered. An ultimatum to give itself up has been broadcast to the Garrison of St. Malo today. In the naval actions of St. Malo and St. Nazaire we had some casualties. Our Beaufighters set a minesweeper ablaze in the Bay of Biscay. All planes returned safely. In last night's attack on trains one was practically caught in the suburbs of Paris. Between 500 and 750 American Flying Fortresses and Liberators today attacked targets east and northeast of Paris and east of Bordeaux. As there were clouds over some of the targets a number of planes brought their bombs back. There came fewer flying bombs than usually last night. In his speech in Wales Colonel Llewellyn had a special word of praise for the mobile cantinas. In East Prussia civilian men and women have to dig defences and the Germans are pouring in reinforcements from the Reich and elsewhere which are being thrown straight into the battle. This had slowed down the Russian offensive but by no7/8/1944
0821stopped it. Bank holiday weather was good as ever for years. Seaside resorts from Bournemouth to Blackpool are filled to saturation point. No announcements. BBC notice about entries for Red Cross Radio Contest for which tomorrow is the last day. Police message about accident in Lancashire where an elderly woman was knocked down by a car, received injuries from which she has since died. Telephone Preston 4811.
6.17 end

8/8/1944. 9.= am. Peter Watson

More than 1000 RAF Lancasters and Halifaxes last night dropped many thousands of bombs on German positions south of Caen. Earlier British troops had seized a new bridgehead across the Orne 12 miles south of Caen. Parts of the German panzer divisions yesterday attacked near Mortain apparently trying to cut through to Avranches and split the Allied forces They advanced 4 miles and retook Mortain but the Americans cleared them out again. Rocket firing Typhoons knocked out at least 135 enemy tanks. Americans moving toward Paris were
0822last reported nearing Le Mans. American tanks were last reported 9 miles north of Lorient. A Spanish frontier report says the the Germans have begun to move out of Southwestern France. General de Gaulle last night said a powerful French army would soon be in France. Canadian troops in Normandy are fighting as an army formation of their own, the 1st Canadian Army under General Crerar. The Russians have attacked railway stations and airfields in East Prussia and have taken two more towns in the Carpathian foothills. South African patrols have been into the Northern part of Florence. The Japanese airbase of Yap in the Carolines is practically neutralised after two months of bombing. American bombers from Britain have landed in Russia after attacking a German aircraft plant in Poland without loss.

8/8/1944. 1.= pm. Richard Wessel

Troops of the Canadian First Army last night launched a full scale surprise attack
0823south of Caen which attack was preceded by bombing through some 1000 planes. First objectives have been gained and this morning they had advanced 4 miles. The attack began shortly after 11 o'clock last night. The bombing went on for nearly an hour. The attack started near Tilly-la-Campagne and May-sur-Orne. The German attack launched near Mortain was the largest since D-day. The Americans continue to advance on a 40 miles front. St. Malo has been cut off. Well out to the northwest of Kaunas Russian troops are most advanced toward East Prussia. West from Schaulen advances have been made toward the Baltic coast. Soviet troops have also advanced 15 miles on the road from Bialystok to Lyck. Here they are 30 miles from the German frontiers of East Prussia. The Russian air force makes frequent bomber raids over East Prussia and they have caused much damage to Insterburg railway station. Large numbers of the bombs the Russians drop on German soil are made in Germany and these were captured by the Russians.8/8/1944For Lyck read Ełk
0824The German radio again reported Russian planes over East Prussia this morning. The enemy's salient between the Polish capital Warsaw and East Prussia is being flattened out. Boryslav and Sambir in the Carpathians have been captured so that the most important Galician oil fields are now in Russian hands. From Italy only patrolling and shelling is reported. Our air force made 2000 flights including the attacks on Silesian oil centres. 29 enemy planes were destroyed. Tito's forces have done more fine work in Yugoslavia and in cooperation with Greek patriots they have liberated a town across the Greek frontier 50 miles northwest of Salonika. Our coastal defences have broken up more flying bomb attacks. Today there is lovely sunshine over the Straits of Dover. The death is announced of Marshal Boyd. The Japanese Premier Koiso has made another do- or die appeal. Italian patriots are fighting fascist snipers in Florence
1.13 end

08258/8/1944 Robert Robinson 6.= pm.

Over 600 American heavy bombers attacked enemy positions south of Caen today. The German counterattacks near Mortain has been broken up. Other 400 American planes today attacked airfields and flying bomb sites in France. Heaviest fighting takes place south of Caen. Today's air attack was carried out a little before one o'clock and took place around Tilly-la-Campagne and May-sur-Orne along the road from Caen to Falaise. Fragmentation bombs were dropped and it was the second big blow in 12 hours. This morning we had advanced about 4 miles on a front of 3 miles wide. Canadians are now fighting on the extreme left of the front in France. In our new attack the going was easier than was expected. The 2nd Army who have got armour across the Orne are now threatening the German positions from the flank and rear. Fighting also takes place round Mont Pinçon but the mountain itself is in our hands. On the right the Americans continue to advance. In Brittany there is fighting round St. Malo. The big airfield we captured at Rennes is not in bad order.
0826Our planes made 4000 sorties yesterday attacking mainly communications, 131 railway engines, 582 trucks plus a number of motor vehicles were either destroyed or damaged. There have been more flying bombs last night and this morning but many did not reach our coast. In Russia Soviet troops on the Northern side of the Memel Valley are closest to East Prussia. Red Army troops are from 60 to 70 miles from Tilsit and Libau (Memel). It is heavy going for the Russians in all sectors but positions taken are firmly in Russian hands. The isolated Baltic forces are retreating with heavy losses. The Russian wedge beyond the Vistula has been widened. Midway between the German Frontier and Krakow American planes from Russia attacked synthetic oil targets yesterday. 22 of our planes from Italy are missing. In Burma our troops have not yet made contact with the retreating Japanese. Americans on Guam have made still more progress. General Alexander has appealed for more books and magazines. 1 announcement from G.P.O.8/8/1944LiepājaFor Libau read Liepāja
08279-8-1944 Michael Harrison 9.= am.

Canadian tanks thrusting south of Caen were last reported nearly half way to Falaise. U.K. troops across the Orne have been keeping German tanks engaged. Over 600 American heavies yesterday gave support in the Caen sector. German attacks around Mortain are being held. There is house to house fighting in St. Malo. Americans were last night 4 miles from Brest and 5 miles from Lorient. Mr. Churchill has again visited France. There has been fierce fighting for high ground near Florence. The Russians are reported to have driven a wedge into the German defences covering East Prussia. 8 German officers have been hanged for plotting against Hitler. They included Field Marshal von Witzleben and 3 Generals. 5 more officers including 2 Generals are still to be tried. Americans advancing from Aitape in New Guinea have split the trapped Japanese into three groups. Americans on Guam have driven the enemy into
9/8/1944von Witzleben
0828the North East corner. The remnants of the Japanese who invaded Manipur are reported in full retreat across the Burma frontier. United Nations shipping is to stay pooled until six month after the fighting has ended in Europa or the Far East which ever is later. RAF heavies last night went to Northern France. Mosquitoes bombed Cologne. We had more flying bombs yesterday and last night. No one was killed in the night. The retiring High Commissioner for Palestine Sir Harold MacMichael has been shot at and slightly wounded in an ambush.

9-8-1944 1.= pm. Joseph Macleod

The First Canadian Army has pushed on another 5 miles during the night. American forces are in Le Mans and further South their thrust is making ground rapidly. The German Baltic armies lost 6000 dead in 3 days. Along the main road from Caen to Falaise Canadian troops are now 15 miles south of Caen. The have freed Bretteville. They are meeting stiff opposition. 7 miles of forest separates the Canadian from General Dempsey's troops. All day the
0829Germans counterattacked savagely but their attempts to throw us back across the Orne failed. Fighting also takes place in the triangle Vire - Mortain - Domfront. The American line now runs far to the East beyond Mayenne river which is 100 miles in straight line from Paris and 130 miles by road. Fires are burning in St. Malo and Lorient where the German garrisons are apparently destroying their dumps. Halifaxes and Lancasters last night attacked fuel dumps in 3 hiding places. Mosquitoes dropped 4000 pounders on Cologne. Mosquitoes were also over France but they reported less activity on roads and rails. Coastal rocket firing planes left 3 minesweepers ablaze in the Bay of Biscay. Our planes again crossed to France this morning in the uninterrupted sunny weather. In Italy we have taken Montelupo and heights have been gained north of Libbiano. In Florence German and fascist snipers are busy again. It is estimated there are some 1000 Germans in Florence. Our planes made a thousand sorties from Southern France to Yugoslavia. 5 enemy planes were destroyed and 6 of ours are missing. The two German armies in Northern Latvia and Estonia9/8/1944
0830have tried to break out. They lost 6000 killed and 1300 prisoners in 3 days and the Russians destroyed or captured over 100 tanks and 200 guns as well as 80 towns and villages. They are now 65 miles from Riga where they have taken a junction. The Russians also extended their bridgehead across the Vistula considerably. It was announce in Helsinki yesterday that a new cabinet has been formed. South of Imphal the Japanese are being pushed away. A stallholder in Luton was fined £ 30.=.=
1.11 end

Radio Oranje deelde aan het eind van de uitzending mede dat volgens een bericht van British United Press Le Mans bezet was en er in Angers gevochten werd.

9/9/1944. 6.= pm. Wardell

Canadian troops are now 6 miles from Falaise. More than 500 Flying Fortresses and Liberators today attacked targets in the Stuttgart area and elsewhere in South West Germany. They were escorted by Mustangs, Lightnings and Thunderbolts. Marshal Stalin had another talk with the Polish Premier. There is no official news or confirmation that the Americans have reached
0831Le Mans or Angers or the lower region of the Loire between there and St. Nazaire. In their new attack the Canadians have met stiff opposition. Especially on the East flank. The British 2nd Army has eased the Canadian advance. Our bridgehead across the Orne has been extended and we have improved our position round Mont Pinçon. The local German counterattacks are considered to be rearguard actions. Yesterday long- and short range fighters swept the battlefield all day. Mitchells and Bostons today attacked an ammunition dump in a wood south of Rouen. Dutch and French squadrons took part, These planes encountered heavy flak and 3 of them are missing. Last night's flying bomb attack was not a heavy one. At Subbiano in Italy 5 German counterattacks were slung back. News from Rome has first come in that more than 500 American heavies attacked an oil refinery, an aircraft factory and two airfields in Hungary. In Burma the 14th Army is on the move again. Progress has also been made on Guam where up to now 10000 Japanese have been killed. In the Pacific the Americans9/8/1944
0832have a new night fighter in operation named Black Widow which is an enlarged version of the Lightning. Against our warnings the Danish trawler Erica was found fishing in prohibited waters. She was escorted to a British port. Notice BBC on the "Listener" which contains articles by capt. Cyril Falls and Vernon Bartlett. G.P.O. announcement and also one about applications for motor fuel allowances for agricultural work.

10/8/1944 9.= am. Peter Watson

Canadian forces supported by United Kingdom troops have reached a point over 5 miles from Falaise. U.K. troops in their bridgehead across the Orne have beaten off 9 counterattacks and gone over to the offensive. German troops were last reported back in Mortain and American troops driving Eastward from Brittany have captured Le Mans. General Eisenhower has moved his headquarters to France and General Maitland Wilson has moved his from North Africa to Italy. The Germans are still putting up
0833stubborn resistance along the river Arno. Hundreds of American bombers from Italy yesterday attacked oil and aircraft plants in Hungary. Russian troops have smashed a heavy German counterattack at the approaches to East Prussia. The Polish Prime Minister has had another talk with Marshal Stalin in Moscow and is returning to London to lay certain proposals before the Polish Government here. All organized Japanese resistance on the Aitape front in New Guinea has collapsed. Correspondents say 7000 of the enemy have been killed there in the last month. America forces have re-captured the whole of Guam except a small area on the East Coast. The Germans have lost over 500 U-boats since the war began. Over 500 American bombers from Britain yesterday attacked targets in Southern Germany and destroyed over 60 German planes.10/8/1944
0834R. Wessel 10/8/1944 1.= pm.

American troops have reached Nantes and others are converging on Angers and there is fighting outside Brest. Nantes is 30 miles up the Loire from St. Nazaire and has a peacetime population of 180000. It lies on the main road from Angers through Tours and Orleans to Paris. Le Mans had been liberated and we are also in St. Malo but meeting with stubborn resistance at Dinan. Morlaix is also in our hands. Heavy fighting takes place round Mortain. The first and second German positions on the way to Falaise now 5 miles away have been taken. Fighter bombers attacked German tanks, gun positions, road and river craft. Several enemy vessels were also damaged in attacks on his shipping. Last night Mosquitoes had one of their most successful nights. Barges on the Seine were attacked as well as rolling stock and railway targets. Near Bordeaux another German headquarter was hit. Targets in Western Germany were also attacked by our Mosquitoes, mines were laid too. Marauders attacked an ammunition dump. In these [?] August days 11 fuel dumps have so far been bombed
0835and the Germans are already drawing their oil 200 miles from the Normandy front. Bombers from Italy last night attacked Ploesti. In Italy we have improved our positions east of Florence and from the rest of the front there is patrolling activity. Halifaxes and Lancasters yesterday afternoon and last night attacked flying bomb sites in Northern France. After a lull of 24 hours, the largest so far, the Germans again started sending flying bombs a little before daybreak. In Russia the Germans launched a by [?] counterattack near the Insterburg gap which our Allies are repelling with heavy losses for the Germans. 75 miles to the south, to the north and northwest of Siedlce the Russian resumed their advance and the salient between Warsaw and East Prussia is being filled in. An advance of 10 miles is reported in the early stage. The Germans are suffering high losses and leaving equipment behind. The Russians are also advancing on either side of the Latvian - Lithuanian border. In Southern Poland the Russians have come up against another German10/8/1944
0836tank division. The German Luftwaffe tried to carry out an attack against Russian shipping in the Gulf of Finland. The first civilians exchanged have arrived in Liverpool. The German under water fleet is still a big one.

Fred Grisewood 10/8/1944. 6.=pm.

The Americans have reached Nantes and Lorient is completely surrounded. We are in France rapidly tightening our hold on a line running in the West from Caen to Angers and bound in the South by the river Loire. Nantes is the largest city the Allies have yet reached. American troops who approached it have met little opposition. At Lorient there is a stiff German defence and at Brest there are the elements of 3 divisions who have rejected the ultimatum to surrender. At St. Malo only one strong point of major importance is holding out and the town is in our hands. Heavy fighting takes place round Mortain and forces south of Vire have made local advances but in general there is heavy fighting from Vire to the river Orne.
0837The 2nd British Army is pushing Southward and Westward from its bridgehead. There is little change on the Canadian front since last night. The Canadian wedge is now 3 miles wide at the top and 6 miles wide at the base. Weather over the German line has been unfavourable this morning. Liberators attacked bridges and fuel deports in the Paris area today. East of Le Mans the Americans are pressing on. The Russians have made a considerable advance from Siedlce. In Southern Poland the bridgehead across the Vistula has been extended. Soviet troops have also come closer to the Gulf of Riga. The Polish Premier left Moscow by air this morning. Goebbels has issued new labour decrees today. Our Italian planes yesterday made 1700 sorties, 1 enemy plane was destroyed and 13 of ours are missing. It is now revealed President Roosevelt had a conference at Honolulu with Navy Chief. US. Navy has announced that American submarines have sunk 16 more Japanese ships in the Pacific. The 14th British Army is now within 12 miles10/8/1944
0838of the Burma border. The Education Bill has received Royal assent. After 9 o'clock tonight fishermen may fish off the shores that have been freed. One announcement about the 19th allocation of dried eggs which is now being distributed.

11/8/1944 9.= am.

American tank columns are pressing beyond Le Mans toward Chartres and Paris. Other American forces are in Angers and Nantes and St. Malo is practically liberated. United Kingdom troops have fought their way into Vimont southeast of Caen. The Canadian First Army was last night meeting desperate resistance in its drive toward Falaise. British troops in Normandy include the 43rd division and the 231st Malta Brigade. Allied airborne forces have been formed into one army under the American Lieutenant General Lewis Brereton. The British Lieutenant General Frederick Browning is deputy commander. 8th Army troops have driven the Germans from all the high ground in the Arno bend east of Florence. The Victoria Cross has
0839been awarded posthumously for gallantry in Italy to Sergeant Maurice Wyndham Rodgers of the Wiltshire Regiment and to Private George Allen Mitchell of the Gordon Scottish. The Russian have beaten off more heavy German counterattacks at the approaches to East Prussia. President Roosevelt has paid a 3 day visit to Hawaii and conferred with American commanders in the Pacific. American Liberators have bombed the Philippines. Superfortresses from China have attacked the Nagasaki area of Japan. RAF Mosquitoes last night attacked Berlin.

11/8/1944 Wardell. 1.= pm.

There is nothing fresh about the American progress east of Le Mans this morning. Latest reports from Shaef keep silence about the progress of the Americans. Yesterday they met some stiff resistance near Le Mans. 50 miles east of Le Mans fighting was reported at Châteaudun. Angers and Nantes have been occupied securely. Mopping up continues along the
11/8/1944For London Scottish read Gordon Scottish (probably)
0840South Coast of the Brittany peninsula between the occupied town of Vannes and Lorient. The Germans at Brest are still resisting. Hard fighting takes place between Mortain and Vire. In variable weather yesterday our planes gave close support to our troops. From Belgium to Bordeaux some 150 engines and 1000 trucks were hit. Last evening 5 German planes were brought down near the line. 22 of our planes are missing of the 3500 to 4000 sorties flown. There was strong anti aircraft fire. More 4000 pounders were dropped on Berlin by Mosquitoes. Oil storage depots at Bordeaux and La Pallice were also attacked. Coastal Command Beaufighters attacked a German convoy off Helgoland. 2 merchant ships and 4 minesweepers were set on fire. 4 Beaufighters are missing. Flying bombs have come over last night and early this morning. Lancasters again attacked the sites for these. The Russians made gains beyond Bialystok, crossed the river Narew. The Germans launched again strong counterattacks on either side of the railway from Kaunas to Insterburg. These were made with strong air cover but held by the Russians. In a week the Germans lost over 900 tanks. The Russian wedge toward Warsaw has11/8/1944
0841been broadened and the bridgehead across the Vistula extended. Northwest of Siedlce progress was also made and Soviet troops are within 20 miles of Kielce. The forward Russian part is 35 miles broad in the direction of Silesia. Headway was also made in the Carpathian foothills. Jacobstadt in Latvia has also been taken. On the Eastern end of the Italian front Polish and Italian troops have taken Corinaldo. Our planes from Italy in bad flying weather made 1300 sorties including the attacks on the Ploesti oil fields. 6 Germans planes were destroyed and 17 of ours are missing. Superfortresses raided Nagasaki. Incendiaries carried did a lot of good to the flimsy wooden Japanese buildings. Palembang on Sumatra was also raided by Sup. Fortresses which meant the longest bombing route of the war. For 3 nights running Liberators have attacked an oilfield on Mindanao in the Philippines. Admiral Turner has moved his headquarters from Pearl Harbour to Saipan. Organised resistance on Guam has ended. In New Guinea the Japanese are going back to Wewak as fast as they can. 18000 men were lost there in the11/8/1944
0842last month. Our troops are 10 miles from the Burma border. Road casualties in June amounted to 497 killed and 10441 injured. American troops are under 70 miles from Paris.
1.13 1/2 end.

11/8/1944. 6.=pm. Stuart Hibberd

In France the Allied drive toward Falaise has stopped for the time being. British troops have captured Thury in the Orne Valley and the Americans have advanced a few miles in the Vire sector. The Germans fight desperately to hold the line Falaise - Mortain. A Polish tank division, it is now revealed, helps the Canadians. An advance is also reported on the way to Lisieux. The Germans try hard to hold the bulge in the Vire - Mortain area. At St. Malo German resistance has almost ceased but there is a German pocket still fighting at Dinan. East of Le Mans the Americans encountered some stiff opposition which is apparent from the fact that 15 tanks were destroyed. There is no confirmation that the Americans have reached Chartres. Flying Fortresses and Liberators
11/8/1944For Thury read Thury-Harcourt
0843today went to Alsace-Lorraine to attack Mulhouse and Belfort near the Ruhr. Last night more mines were also laid and in the attack on the convoy westward bound near Helgoland an escort vessel blew up as well. The Russians have bypassed Sandomierz and in Italy our troops are 2 miles from Pontassieve east of Florence. Palembang, the attack on which meant a round flight of 3600 miles, has one of the biggest oil refineries of the Far East and it is estimated that repairing the damage will take a year. 2 announcements one about foot and mouth disease in East Riding of Yorkshire and one from Ministry of Food to the effect that cod liver oil and orange juice is available on the coupons which are valid till the 19th August 1944.11/8/1944
084412/8/1944. 9.= am.

Some 20 German divisions are threatened with encirclement by Canadian forces pressing down toward Falaise and an American armoured column striking Northward from Le Mans. United Kingdom troops in a new series of thrusts have cleared the Germans from another key point across the Orne. American troops have crossed the Loire at Nantes about 30 miles from the river's mouth and have pushed on 10 miles south of the city. In a message to all the Allied armies in France General Montgomery said complete victory lay ahead and would come quickly so long we did not relax. Bad weather has slowed down fighting in Italy but Polish troops have driven the Germans across a river 20 miles beyond Ancona. Among the United Kingdom forces in Italy are the Grenadier Guards. Mr. Churchill has arrived in Italy. A new Allied Commando unit known as Land Force Adriatic has practically wiped out a German garrison on the Albanian coast. The [?]
0845have smashed into the German defences in the Estonian Republic along a 40 miles front. Allied bombers are harrying the Japanese troops cut off in New Guinea. American heavies from the Marianas have attacked one of the Bonin islands 750 miles from Tokyo. President Roosevelt paid his first visit to the Aleutians last week. He is to broadcast from the USA. tomorrow night. RAF heavies last night bombed a junction near Lyon. Mosquitoes again attacked Berlin.

12/8/1944 1.= pm. Grisewood

The Allied armies keep up their pressure in Normandy, Brittany and the heart of France. We are gradually pressing back the German divisions in Normandy on the line Falaise - Vire - Mortain. British troops at Thury have joined up with the Canadian troops. In the South and rear of the Normandy front the Americans advance Northward from Le Mans. Halifaxes escorted by Spitfires yesterday attacked flying bomb sites
12/8/1944Bonin Islands
0846in Northern France and 1 bomber is missing. Activity with flying bombs continued last night and this morning. The biggest advance the Russians made is 15 miles in Estonia where 200 places were captured. The Soviet advance into Central Latvia continues. 50 places were captured. The Russian salient toward Riga has been strengthened and widened. Advances were also made beyond Bialystok. The Russian raided Lyck. Across the Vistula the bridgehead had again been widened and advances were again reported along the railway from Bialystok to Warsaw. Our heavies in Italy were kept grounded and only 500 flights were made over N. Italy, Yugoslavia and Southern France. 1 aircraft is missing. We have raided various islands in the Adriatic and Greek forces in the Aegean. 14th Army troops are now 7 miles from the Burma border. Mitchells attacked shipping at Halmahera and secured successes. Heavies bombed targets in the Vulcano Islands. Mr. Churchill made an appeal for books and magazines for the troops.12/8/1944Vulcano Islands
For Lyck read Ełk
0847"Bad reception"

14/8-1944 9.= am.

The German 17th Army in Normandy is struggling for survival as the Allies close in. The battle centres on the Falaise gap and only 20 miles now separate elements of the American army at Argentan and the 1st Canadian and British Second Armies near Falaise. The Germans are coming under a massive air assault as they try to pull out. Several hundred aircraft from Italy yesterday attacked German targets on the French and Italian Rivieras for the tenth time in eleven days. In Italy the Germans who withdrew from Florence are now in the foothills below the so called Gothic line. German flying bombs again came over the English Southern counties and the London area during the night. Some buildings were damaged and some casualties were caused. Sweden has protested to Germany about a flying bomb which crashed in Southern Sweden last month.
0848The Russian are only 7 miles from the Southern borders of East Prussia. Further South they have wiped out the German salient northeast of Warsaw so that 2 armies stand shoulder to shoulder for a further advance toward German territory. The Polish Premier Mr. Mikołajczyk is back in Britain and is lunching today with Mr. Eden. South West Pacific air patrols have again flown across the New Guinea area to the Philippines where they sank a Japanese freighter and damaged a smaller vessel. In South East China Chinese columns are converging on the important railway town of Hengyang.

14/8/1944 Joseph Macleod

The Allies are pressing tighter on the German pockets in Normandy. General Eisenhower issued an order of the day today wherein he said that we have now an opportunity for a major victory and that this week can be a momentous week. Correspondents at Shaef reported that
0849there are no signs of a general rout or collapse. At dawn our planes were over the Falaise gap and the road through Falaise is being pounded by our guns. During the night our bombers were also busy in the area. The Americans have reached Argentan which is 13 miles South of Falaise. Allied troops are approaching Condé and the Americans are advancing from Sourdeval and Mortain. There is brilliant sunshine in the Straits of Dover today and the barometer remains high for 24 hours. Visibility is also good. General Field Marshal Paulus who defended Stalingrad said that Germany has lost the war and his statement, given last night, is being broadcast in German to the German people. The Russians are 40 miles across the Estonian border and Madona on the railway to Riga has been captured. There is no change in the direct approach to East Prussia but a considerable advance was made from Bialystok. Soviet troops reached the last river guarding East Prussia and are less than 20 miles away from it. The head of the Warsaw salient has been broadened and a village 12 miles from14/8/1944For Condé read Condé-sur-Noireau probably
0850the capital has been taken. The Germans are launching strong attacks against the Russian bridgehead across the Vistula. There is less sniping in Florence and General Alexander has appealed to Italian patriots to help in the attack on the Gothic line. On the rest of the front there is active patrolling. Mr. Churchill has met Marshall Tito in Italy and Tito's men have launched and offensive in Istria at the top of the Adriatic.
1.14 end

18/8/1944 9.= am.

In the drive to close the Falaise gap American forces are striking beyond Argentan while Canadian troops are threatening the enemy's main escape route. According to a front line estimate the gap was last night about 12 miles wide. Up to a late hour there was still no sign of a general withdrawal by the German forces. The Third US. Army is now operating in France with the First US. Army. The First Army is commanded by Lieutenant General Courtney Hodges. Alongside the American troops is the Second French Armoured Division under General
0851Leclerc. American heavy bombers from Italy yesterday kept up the prolonged air assault against military targets in Southern France. The Germans have ordered all "non essential" civilians out of Marseille. Mr. Churchill has had talks with the Yugoslav Prime Minister and Marshal Tito in Italy on political and military questions. Russian troops approaching East Prussia from the South have taken a town within 18 miles of the border. Allied bombers have again bombed Halmahera Island, Japanese steppingstone between New Guinea and the Philippines. RAF. Mosquitoes attacked Berlin last night. Flying bombs again came over here. They damaged buildings and caused casualties.

15/8/1944 R. Wessel 1.= pm.

A new attack against another wall of the European fortress has just been announced. 15 minutes ago it became known that 1.10 Mediterranean Allied Force Headquarters had announced that American, British and
0852French troops strongly supported by air forces had landed in the Southeast of France. The Supreme Commander General Sir Maitland Wilson spoke to the French people and his speech was recorded and followed by the playing of the Marseillaise. It is not yet possible to say exactly where the landing has taken place. At 10 to 7 this morning a big naval and air bombardment started and already 17 minutes later infantry went in. A minimum of German resistance was met. There were already 7 waves of infantry each some 2000 men in France before 10 o'clock. Parachute troops also took part. Earlier in the week our planes had already destroyed bridges etc. In Northern France the struggle is still concentrated on the Falaise gap. British and Canadian troops are advancing all along the line and are within 4 miles of Falaise. Canadian guns dominate the escape routes in Falaise. Radio correspondents say the Americans are far beyond Argentan. At least 750 railway cars and hundreds of vehicles (motor) were either destroyed of damaged yesterday. Our planes operated from Western Germany15/8/1944
0853to Bordeaux. 29 enemy planes were destroyed and 24 of ours lost. Little opposition was met. A direct attack on the Channel Islands was also started. On Saturday the Rodney fired 75 rounds of one ton shells into Alderney. In the South East corner of East Prussia the Russians have captured Osowiec on the river Bóbr and reports from Moscow this morning say that the Russian troops are already across it. The air assault on East Prussian railways continues especially on the line from Kaunas to Königsberg. In the borderland between Estonia and Latvia the Russians yesterday advanced 15 miles and they were yesterday nearly half way between Pskov and the sea. In Southern Poland the Germans tries to reduce the Russian bridgehead across the Vistula. There is little news from the Italian front. Mosquitoes made a swift attack on Berlin dropping without loss 4000 pounders. Mines were also laid, all without loss. The pressure on the Japanese south of Imphal is being kept up and fighting takes place within 5 miles of the border.15/8/1944Bóbr
085415/8/1944. 6.= pm. Grisewood

The landing has taken place between Marseilles and Nice. 800 Allied ships under the flags of various of the United Nations took part and also 13000 airborne troops. The invasion on the South Coast of France started just after dawn today when 800 vessels were closing in on the coast. At 12.10 today the first news about the landing was given and followed by a proclamation by Sir Maitland Wilson. Immediately after that news Godfrey Talbot reported early this morning that he had flown over the beaches and said the invasion is a very big thing and can be compared with the Normandy invasion. At 10 to 7 the naval bombardment started and the infantry went ashore at 8 o'clock. A little before 6 tonight a special communique was issued saying that by mid morning everything had gone according to plan. There was no opposition in the air. The Germans report a landing 24 miles to the east of Toulon. The strength of the Germans in Southern France is not known. In Northern France the Normandy pocket is being pressed tighter. Canadian troops are now within 2 1/2 miles of Falaise. The
0855Second British Army is making slow progress but further to the West British troops are within 1 mile of Condé. The fighting in the Brittany peninsula is dying down. The 3rd American Army under General Patton however made progress in Brittany. At midday today some 1100 RAF planes bombed 5 night airfields in Holland and 4 in Belgium. Between 750 and 1000 American heavies also went to Cologne, Wiesbaden, Frankfurt and targets in Belgium and France. The Red Army has already forced the river Bóbr northeast of Dowiec [?] before storming the town. German forces in Latvia and Estonia have asked for seaborne supplies but Russian U-boats are operating off these coasts. U-boats have been transferred by the Russians from the Black Sea to the Baltic by inland waterways. Conditions at Florence are improving but there is still sniping. American planes made over 2000 sorties yesterday. One was destroyed and 10 are missing. 1 announcement that books and periodicals are wanted for the troops.15/8/1944
085616/8/1944 9.= am.

Allied troops landed in Southern France yesterday and are now firmly established in the beachhead between Marseilles and Nice. Substantial numbers of troops are ashore and some of them have been pushing on to high ground inland. German opposition so far has been weak. In Normandy the Allied pincers were last reported only 10 miles apart and Canadian infantry were last evening about a miles from Falaise. United Kingdom forces on the right of the Canadians have advanced near Condé on the enemy's main escape highway. American infantry and armour pushing on the Southern flank of the salient have advanced several miles on a wide front. A new army group (the 12th) has been formed in Northern France. It is commanded by General Bradley and includes the First US. Army under General Hodges and the Third under General Patton. General Montgomery's position is unchanged as Commander in Chief in the Field under General
0857Eisenhower. In Italy 5th Army patrols have crossed the river Arno into the Northern part of Florence as well as a little to the west of the city. The Russians have beaten off German counterattacks on the North Eastern approaches to East Prussia and also near Warsaw and in the Carpathian foothills. Allied bombers have again pounded the Japanese island base of Halmahera between New Guinea and the Philippines.

16/8/1944. 1.= pm. Wardell

Canadian troops are in the outskirts of Falaise and the Americans hold part of Argentan. In the South of France the build up of our beachhead goes on. Allied troops are in the outskirts of Falaise and they dominate all communications in the area. Condé has been passed. Mopping up goes on against the German force which has been cut off north of Alençon. About the German position in the pockets one of our correspondents said the Germans cannot get supplies in nor can they get out. Yesterday our planes destroyed 175 motor vehicles and 18 tanks, also
0858damaging about the same number. Resistance by the citadel of St. Malo continues but at Dinard it has stopped. Yesterday there were more German planes active and 34 were destroyed and 36 of ours are missing including 20 heavy bombers out of the force of some 1900 attacking key airfields in Germany, Holland, Belgium and France. In Southern France our assault troops are already some distance inland and conditions are favourable there, Weather is ideal and the Mediterranean sea is tide less. We are going forward at astonishing speed building up beaches. Heavy material has already been put ashore. The bulk of our air forces was engaged in support of the landing operations. 3 enemy planes were destroyed and 20 of ours are missing in Monday night's operations. The communique about yesterday's operations in the Mediterranean is not yet in but expected this afternoon. The Russian have beaten off more and more German counterattacks which achieved little or nothing. In the attacks northeast of East Prussia 50 tanks and self propelled guns16/8/1944
0859were lost. East of Praga, the industrial suburb of Warsaw and not far from the capital itself the Germans attacked from 2 sides. The situation there however was quickly restored. 32 tanks were destroyed and the Germans tried again and last night fighting was still going on there. In the South the attacks were also repelled. During the last month German losses here have been fantastic. The Germans lost 170000 dead and prisoners, also 2000 tanks and thousands of vehicles. In the borderland between Estonia and Latvia the Germans were pressed back further and the Russians could advance some 6 miles yesterday. They are now within 10 miles of the railway from Riga to Tallinn. Across the Vistula the Russian bridgehead was extended still further. For a short period before midnight also before daybreak and this morning flying bombs came over the Southern counties including the London area. Berlin was again attacked by our Mosquitoes last night.
1.12 1/2 end
0860Hibberd 16/8/1944. 6.= pm.

In Southern France our troops were last night busy landing a steady stream of incoming stuff. On the beached 200 prisoners have already been taken. The French people gave our forces a great welcome especially the French troops now fighting on French soil again. All prisoners taken speak about the accuracy of our gunfire. The German bag in Normandy is being pressed tighter from all sides. The Canadians are now fighting in Falaise and on the road from Vire to Condé, Vassy has been taken. The bag is now some 30 miles deep and less than 10 miles wide at the mouth. Frank Gillard our correspondent said the Germans are in a tough spot. The enemy forces are estimated at from 18 to 20 divisions or at least the remnants of them. Unfortunately the weather has broken and we had thunder last night. This morning mist was hanging over the battle area and only this afternoon weather improved. No changes are reported from Brest or Lorient but in their communique today the Germans speak
16/8/1944Frank Gillard
0861about fighting on the line Chartres - Dreux. Today a great variety of targets, including those that were never bombed before, were attacked in the Magdeburg and Leipzig areas. A little later the Germans reported planes over Southern Germany from across the Alps. Inside Germany the Gestapo have been hunting people who have been indiscreet about the flying bomb. Coastal Command received congratulations on their work done. The Germans say today the Russians are attacking northeast of East Prussia and that the Red Army has moved forward. Our Minister for Agriculture said that in 5 year of the war food production from our own soil has increased with 70%. Mr. Morgenthau Jr. the US Secretary last night broadcast to the USA about a visit he had paid to an air raid shelter. Part of his speech was recorded and broadcast again. 2 Police messages about accidents telephone to Cardiff 1547 and Cheltenham 3609. Foot and mouth disease amongst pigs in Derbyshire. Board of Trade announcement about the green and brown squares in clothing books to the effect that these have no value.
6.22 3/4. end
16/8/1944Morgenthau Jr.
086217/8/1944. 9.= am.

Canadian troops have launched a new assault in the battle of the Falaise gap and are now fighting inside the town. UK troops on the right of the Canadians now control the main highway through the German salient. American troops are closing in on a strong point only 8 miles across the Falaise gap. The Germans say that American armoured forces have pushed more to the east of Alençon and have been heavily engaged around Dreux and Chartres. This report is not confirmed. Two more British regiments in Northern France have been named the Northumberland Fusiliers and the Derbyshire Yeomanry. In Southern France American and French troops are still streaming ashore. Some Allied troops were last reported 8 miles inland. Others are firmly established in beachheads between Cannes and Toulon. Mr. Churchill watched the first landing from a British destroyer after visiting Corsica with him were the US Undersecretary
0863for War Mr. Patterson and General Somervell Chief of the US. Army Supply Forces. The Russians have enlarged their Vistula bridgehead and reached the town of Sandomierz. RAF bombers in great strength last night bombed Kiel and Stettin. Mosquitoes again attacked Berlin. In the Southwest Pacific Allied bombers have again pounded Halmahera Island.

17/8/1944. 1.= pm. Grisewood

In Southern France reinforcements are streaming steadily ashore and at some points our troops are already 10 miles inland. The advance continues. Our main forces have made contact with the airborne troops. General Sir Maitland Wilson has visited the assault area. American paratroopers yesterday captured St. Tropez. The last Germans are being cleared from Falaise. On the Northern side of the salient we are now in Condé but the enemy still holds most of Argentan. The area around Dinard has been occupied completely. There is no news about the fighting east of Le Mans but the Germans say fighting
0864now takes place inside Chartres. Air activity over France was limited yesterday on account of bad weather. Last night 1200 Lancasters and Halifaxes attacked Kiel and Stettin. Mosquitoes also went to Berlin for the third night running and a large mine laying operation was carried out. Ground defences at Stettin were not very strong. 16 of our planes were lost. Flying bombs have again come over this country. Along the Northern half of the Eastern front there is hard fighting. In the borderland between Estonia and Latvia the Russians advanced 6 miles and occupied 70 towns and villages. A little to the South 5 enemy attacks were beaten back. There is no news from the East Prussia front. In Southern Poland the Russians have broken into Sandomierz. A slight German success is reported east of Warsaw where the Russians had to abandon one small town 7 miles from Warsaw. However, we did not know the Russians were already there. There is little news from Italy but in the upper Tiber Valley important heights have been taken. Yesterday our planes from Italy made17/8/1944
0865an escorted attack on Friedrichshafen. Other planes went unescorted to Southern France. One enemy plane was destroyed and 5 of ours are missing.
1.11 end

17/8/1944 5 o'clock (forces) Michael Harrison

There is good news from the South and North of France. Am area of 500 square miles had been occupied. We are 10 miles from Cannes and the same distance from Toulon. Le Luc and Collobrières have been occupied. The Germans say we have broken into Cannes. Falaise has been occupied too and Chartres liberated. Our troops have reached Dreux and Orleans. The Germans say they have lost Dreux. Reports say the Americans have got a bridgehead across a river only 32 miles from Paris. The thunder of our guns can be heard in Paris.

17/8/1944 6 o'clock (Home) Joseph Macleod

There is news of a great victory in France. Our troops are 40 miles from Paris in the Southwest. The Germans lost over 100000 men. In Paris the police is on strike. In Southern France we have a.o. captured Sainte-Maxime, St. Raphael, Fréjus and Tropez. Russian troops
0866are only 3 miles from the East Prussian border and trying to break through. There are no Japanese on Indian territory now. Within the last 3 hours the position in France has changed spectacularly. In the centre the Third US Army has captured Chartres and American patrols are approaching Paris beyond it. Within the last hour the liberation of Orleans has also been announced. Dreux has already been reached and the Germans announced it as lost. Dreux is 25 miles from an important crossing of the Seine between Rouen and Paris from Orleans - Chartres - Dreux is 65 miles wide. Few details are available yet. Only a week ago Le Mans was liberated and Dreux is 70 miles and Orleans 80 miles beyond it. German losses to the 3rd US. Army are given at 11000 killed, 74000 wounded and 10000 prisoners. The gap between Falaise and Argentan is 10 miles apart this morning. About the position of Paris the Germans are putting out a story by a correspondent wherein it is said that the metro has closed down and the military governor has asked for Law and Order. Electricity is17/8/1944
0867only available for 1 1/2 hour per day and gas is not available. The population of Paris is said to be fed by central kitchens. The first details about progress in the South have been published. Our front is from 10 miles west of Cannes to 10 miles east of Toulon. All ports have been captured between these two places. Air opposition is still negligible and our reconnaissance planes reported an empty countryside. In the liberated places in the South the fascists were put in jail on the spot. The Admiralty has again warned for dangers in the Baltic. The German communique suggests that the Russian are nearer to East Prussia than ever before as they mention fighting on both sides of Wirballen a frontier village. There is no great change on the Italian front but sharp patrol actions are taking place in the Arno Valley. The Japanese invasion of India has ended today. Apart from sick and stragglers there are no Japanese on Indian soil. Flying bomb damage is reported to Dr. Johnson's House, the Butcher's Hall in the City and ground in Buckingham Palace.
6.14 1/2 end

17/8/1944VirbalisFor Wirballen read Virbalis
086818/8/1944 9.= Michael Harrison

In Northern France American forces have liberated Orleans, Chartres, and Dreux and driven within 30 miles of Paris. The Germans report heavy fighting 23 miles from Paris. Canadian forces after capturing Falaise have cut the enemy's escape gap to 4 of 5 miles. RAF planes have taken heavy toll of German transport trying to get out of the pocket. Between Falaise and the sea Canadian, UK. and Polish forces are rushing beyond their bridgehead on the river Dive. In Southern France the Allied forces now hold a beachhead of about 500 square miles and are fighting in the outskirts of Toulon and Cannes. Pushing 20 miles inland they have liberated Draguignan. In Italy the Germans have brought tanks into the Northern fringes of Florence and they and they are shelling the city. The Russians have reached the frontier of East Prussia and taken 30 places in the border country. They also extended their bridgehead across the Vistula. The Bulgarian Prime Minister has spoken
18/8/1944Michael Harrison
0869of his country's desire to get out of the war. He said his government was determined to remove all obstacles to peace. The V.C. has been awarded to Company Sergeant Major Stanley Elton Hollis of the Green Howards for a daring action on D-day in Normandy and posthumously to Corporal Hanson Victor Turner of the West Yorkshire Regiment for gallantry in Burma. RAF Mosquitoes last night attacked Mannheim.

18/8/1944. 1.= pm. Stuart Hibberd

American troops in France are between 20 and 30 miles from Paris. The Germans are being swept back from Normandy to the Seine. Canadian and Polish troops have pressed on 11 miles from Falaise. There is little fresh news beyond the Shaef communique this morning about the American drive to Paris and the Valley of the Seine. At Dreux the Americans have a bridgehead across the Eure and are now only 20 miles from the Seine at Mantes. There is no news from Orleans. It fell without much fighting. The Americans in their drive from Le Mans have met little organized resistance. Reports this morning tell about
18/8/1944Stanley Elton Hollis
Hanson Victor Turner
0870amazing scenes in the liberated places. French forces of the interior are also active. The hard core of the German resistance is still in Normandy's West. The 11 miles advance from Falaise to the South East brought the Canadians to Trun which has been occupied. The gap is now only 2 to 3 miles wide and patrols across it have already formed up. Yesterday afternoon the roads were crowded with out pulling Germans and our aircraft made use of this in an all out effort til darkness. Over 500 transport vehicles were destroyed or damaged and at least 35 tanks. Rocket firing Typhoons went in too and our airmen reported amazing scenes. More than 500 barges have been massed by the Germans on the Seine river to get forces across. Nazi paper say the German Command is earning time by loss of space. Paris Radio has been of the air and there was no usual news service this morning. In the South our troops are closing in on Toulon and Cannes. They are between 5 and 10 miles from Toulon. 7000 prisoners including a General and his staff were taken. Our casualties are light and we have not18/8/1944Trun
0871yet come up to heavy artillery. The Germans did not gain any more ground east of Warsaw. The Germans have shelled Florence on the South bank of the river heavily during the last few days, For a short period early last night and after daybreak today flying bombs have come over Southern counties and the London area. In the Straits of Dover weather is warm and sun is shining through broken clouds.
1.15 1/4 end.

18/8/1944 Frederick Allen 6.= pm.

Fighting is going on 20 miles from Paris. The Falaise pocket is nearly closed. Street fighting takes place in Cannes and we are advancing in the hills north of Toulon. American columns are approaching Paris from the direction of Chartres and Orleans. In Normandy we are harassing, bypassing and mopping up the Germans trying to reach the middle Seine. The Germans report severe fighting at Rambouillet. There is no confirmation that American troops are in Marseilles. Allied planes are dropping stand [?] and machine guns for the French troops of the interior. Vendôme has been
18/8/1944For stand guns read hand guns (probably)
0872liberated. West of Falaise the pocket is now only 14 miles wide and 2 to 3 miles at the escape gap. Since reaching and capturing Trun Canadian troops have advanced still further. The river Dive has been crossed nearer to the sea. Prospects for German forces withdrawing to the Seine are very bad. Between Mantes and Rouen bridges have been destroyed across the Seine. The French service of the BBC, has called for strikes in Paris and other big towns. In the South we have come very close to Cannes. Our correspondents report street fighting there. We are meeting stronger opposition now but our casualties are light. There is no artillery or air opposition. Our big bombers were not wanted in France yesterday and they went to attack targets in Hungary. Liberators today attacked an airfield 25 minutes south of Amiens. Polish airmen destroyed 16 FW 190's for the loss of one machine. The Russians are massing in great strength before the border of East Prussia. On the German side of the border many fires have been started. Street fighting takes place at Sandomierz. Liberators operating from Ceylon18/8/1944FW 190
0873attacked Japanese U-boats in the Indian Ocean. 2 BBC notices, 1 police message, 7.40 tonight Red Cross radio contest and about "Radio Tunes". Accident on Ipswich - Felixtowe road last Saturday. Passenger of RAF truck fatally injured. Telephone Ipswich 2296. About harvest cleaning parties and fish allowances for restaurants.

19/8/1944 9.= am. Peter Watson

A senior officer at General Montgomery's Headquarters announced last night that the Allies had won the battle of Normandy. He said the Germans could now fight only strong rearguard actions. They had been throwing their army north of the Seine to reinforce their troops in Normandy and it was unlikely that they could again assemble a first class army in France. The remains of the German 7th Army are retreating chaotically toward the lower Seine. Allied planes yesterday knocked out over 3000 enemy vehicles and 200 tanks. Unconfirmed reports say American armoured columns have reached Versailles only
19/8/194419/8/1944 9.= am Peter Watson
087412 miles from Paris. In Southern France Allied troops are closing in on Toulon and were last reported about 6 miles northeast of the port. The Russians have captured the Vistula town of Sandomierz and their bridgehead on the Western bank of the river is now over 70 miles wide. Polish patriots fighting inside Warsaw have been kept supplied with arms flown from Italy by Liberators and Halifax night bombers. RAF Lancasters and Halifaxes were over Germany in very great strength during the night. Their main targets were Bremen and Sterkrade about 5 miles north of Duisburg. Mosquitoes again attacked Berlin. President Roosevelt announced yesterday that he is going to confer with Mr. Churchill soon. In the South West Pacific Allied aircraft have shifted the main weight of their attacks from Halmahera to the Amboina and Ceram group directly South.19/8/1944
087519/8/1944. 1.=pm

Canadian and American troops have linked up across the corridor between Falaise and Argentan. We have advanced to approximately a line of the river Orne. The German withdrawal takes place between Trun and the road from Argentan to Dreux. Our armoured forces are round Trun. We are also 6 miles from Lisieux and have captured half a dozen little towns. Our troops are shelling Cabourg. Our planes swept the area repeatedly and in darkness flares were dropped over the area wherein the Germans retreat. In these attacks some 250 tanks and 4000 motor vehicles were either destroyed or damaged. There is no news about the 3rd Army of General Patton but it is known it has fanned out in various directions from Dreux, Chartres and Orleans. News from the South of France is that we have now occupied a bridgehead of 1000 square miles. We are meeting strong opposition in our advance on Toulon. La Roquebrussanne has been captured as well as a place 30 miles inland from the Coast. Last night we had more than 1000 planes out. At Sterkrade a synthetic oil centre was attacked as well as targets in France and
0876and Belgium. In Belgium an oil storage depot was also bombed. Mines were laid too and 4 planes are missing. In the Straits of Dover weather is fine and sunny today after a starlit night. Bombers were seen going out to France again. After a lull of 20 hours flying bombs have come again last night and after daylight today a flying bomb depot near Paris was also attacked as well as bomb sites. Paddington had much holiday traffic as well as St. Pancras. The Russians are advancing from their bridgehead west of the Vistula over a front of 75 miles and threatening Warsaw and Krakow. North of Sandomierz 3 German divisions have been encircled and are being wiped out. East of Warsaw the Russians are counterattacking. The Germans also launched fierce and costly attacks north of Schaulen. In 2 days nearly 500 tanks were lost by them. The battle of Falaise is now drawing to an end.
1.12 1/2 end.
087721/8/1944. 9.= am.

American armoured columns have continued their thrust toward Paris and the river Seine on either side of it. They have reached the river at Mantes. 30 miles to the North West and the Germans say there is violent fighting on both banks. American patrols were last night reported 10 miles from the centre of Paris and at various places in an arch from 20 to 50 miles south and southeast of the capital. Germans retreating form Normandy are crossing the Seine by pontoon bridges and ferries. Some are even swimming over. Attempts by Germans still in the Normandy trap to break out have been repulsed. The German Commander in Paris has imposed what virtually amounts to martial law. In Southern France the left flank of the liberating army is about 15 miles north of Marseilles. Other forces are cutting the German escape route from Toulon. In Italy Brazilian troops have arrived on the 5th Army front. Russian forces are attacking again
0878round Warsaw after beating off counterattacks. In the North they have gained more ground from the hemmed in German Baltic armies. American bombers which fly from bases in Russia are dropping Russian made bombs. Two attacks were made yesterday on Japan's biggest steel centre by American Superfortresses. A big Japanese cruiser has been sunk by a Liberator east of Hong Kong. The Russian delegation has arrived in America for the 4-Power- Talks on World Security which begin today.

21/8/1944. 1.= pm. Wardell

The Americans have a bridgehead across the Seine between Rouen and Paris. Correspondents have confirmed we have a bridgehead across the Seine near Mantes between Mantes and Vernon. The Americans are now advancing on a 80 miles front south of the capital between Melun and Fontainebleau and also from Orleans. The shortage of Paris radio was broken yesterday by the German military Commander of the city who said that people in Paris had taken
21/8/1944For Mantes read Mantes-la-Jolie
0879up arms. He decreed that all doors should be left open after dark and that no more than 3 persons may gather. Bad weather limited attacks over the battle area yesterday but RAF Mosquitoes bombed the retreating Germans by light of flares. Concentrations of barges on the Seine were also attacked. A veteran monitor of the last war silenced two German batteries near Le Havre yesterday. In the South of France our drive has rapidly outstripped the official communique. 25 miles inland the river Durance has been crossed and French Forces of the Interior have surrounded Petrins [?] 27 miles north of Paris. Our troops are 3 miles from Toulon. A total of 14000 prisoners has now been taken. Reports from the Spanish and Swiss frontiers say the German posts are leaving their posts and interning themselves in Spain. The Germans have rushed in troops to Belfort near to which place are Laval's headquarters. The "Maquis" have completely surrounded Grenoble. The Swiss radio announced that Switzerland has agreed to pass seriously injured German wounded. Less seriously wounded are being interned. On the Adriatic sector in Italy our troops are now 8 miles south of highway 3. Mr. Churchill has paid a visit to the 5th Army troops after spending21/8/1944For Petruis or Petrins read Précy probably
Précy-sur-Oise is located some 27 miles north of Paris
On look at the chronologie 1st of September 1944
0880a day at General Alexander's advanced headquarters. Including an attack on a tank factory at Steyr in Austria our Mediterranean planes made 1900 flights. 2 enemy planes were destroyed and 8 of ours are missing. Russian planes, according to the Germans, raided the Romanian port of Constantza. East of Warsaw Russian troops gained ground and a further advance is reported in Estonia. 150 places were taken and Russian troops are nearing ? On Saturday in all the fighting 250 tanks were destroyed. The Japanese mainland was raided twice, once in daylight and once by night. Yawata the steel centre was also included. Japanese flak was fairly heavy and accurate. The Japanese say it was their heaviest raid so far. 12 Japanese fighters were shot down by the Superfortresses. The Japanese are withdrawing their air forces from the South West Pacific and leaving these without protection. In Burma the 1st village has been recaptured from the Japanese. A 27000 tons aircraft carrier, carrying 80 planes, was launched in the USA. There have been some flying bombs in daylight today. There is to be more pay for auxiliary police etc. The increase amounts21/8/1944
08811/6 and 2/- per week to 7/- per week. Princess Margaret is 14 years old today. The Germans say Parisians are rising against them.
1.14 1/2 end

21/8/1944. 6.= pm. Hibberd

The Germans say that the American bridgehead across the Seine on the Eastern bank near Mantes is being extended to both sides viz to Rouen and Paris. This bridgehead is the outstanding news. The Seine there is 150 yards wide and American forces are fanning out up- and downstream. There is no news about the thrust against the Seine on the other side of Paris. As far as Paris is concerned the Germans say they spared it in 1940 and wish to spare it again. Yesterday 7500 [?] prisoners were taken and our troops are 3 miles from Lisieux and more in the South on the line of the river Touques. Off Le Havre 6 German R-boats were damaged. In the South stiff fighting takes place in the outskirts of Toulon. One of our advancing columns is halfway between Toulon and Marseilles. In the South of France landing fields have been built. The 3rd German General has been taken there and one of them is Major General Hans Schubert. Laval is now
0882in the Belfort area some 7 miles from the frontier German troops are leaving or have left their posts on the Spanish frontier. 35 miles southeast of Warsaw the Germans report another Russian bridgehead across the Vistula. Heavy Russian attacks are being reported by the Germans and Romanians. South of Tiraspol and northwest of Jassy. The Russians themselves have not said anything so far. Informal postwar security talks have opened today by speeches of Mr. Cordell Hull and Sir Alexander Cadogan the latter British delegate. During the day flying bombs have come over and our defences against them now include rocket batteries. BBC notice that tomorrow is the last day for posting entries for the Red Cross Radio Contest. Announcement that members of the W.V.S. who left London for safer places are asked to join the W.V.S. in the places where they now live.
1.14 1/2 end
Alexander Cadogan
088322/8/1944. 9.= am

American troops are across the Seine on both side of Paris. They have now established a strong bridgehead over the river near Mantes and are threatening the rear of the German forces retreating from Normandy. Canadian and United Kingdom forces pursuing the Germans are nearly halfway from Caen to the Seine. South of Paris American forces are reported to have crossed the Seine near Fontainebleau. Inside Paris street fighting is reported to be getting fiercer. General Montgomery told his troops yesterday that the end of the war is in sight. In Southern France French troops have broken into Toulon. Other Allied troops were last reported within 6 miles of Marseilles. One American column has taken a town 50 miles inland. The "Maquis" have liberated Toulouse. The Vichy Government is moving to another French town. The Russians have launched new attacks N.E. of Warsaw but have given some ground west of Riga. In the South Pacific Allied aircraft have given Halmahera its heaviest pounding. Talks on postwar security were begun near Washington
0884yesterday by Britain, Russia and the United States. Another exchange of British and German wounded prisoners of war is planned.

22/8/1944. 1.= pm. Grisewood

The Germans in Southern France are officially reported in full retreat, except for the coastal defence forces. The liberation of Florence is now complete. The Commander of the 7th Army in the South of France has given an order of the day. In the South we are now far ahead of time schedule and our bridgehead has been extended over 2000 square miles. Manosque in the direction of Grenoble has been taken and the Maquis are active between Grenoble and Geneva. The encirclement of Toulon is now complete and we reached the Coast to the west of it. Radio Algiers reports that Toulon has already fallen. The Americans have reached Aix and pushed on westward after capturing the place. British, Canadian, Polish, Dutch and Belgian troops are moving eastward. We are over the Touques river. There is no news and the communique neither says anything about the advance toward Paris or the position inside Paris.
22/8/1944For Aix read Aix-en-Provence
0885Yesterday the weather was worst for flying since D-day. In Italy we have pushed on beyond Florence. Polish troops also advanced in the Adriatic sector. Our aircraft made 1600 flights including the attacks on oil targets in Hungary. 4 of our planes are missing and one enemy aircraft has been destroyed. The Russians captured 50 places northeast of Warsaw including 4 railway stations. The Russian bridgehead north of Sandomierz has been strengthened. Heavy fighting takes place on the Baltic fronts west of Riga the Russians [?] had to evacuate Tukums. From Estonia more advances are reported. In Nauvy Bay [?] 4 German destroyers were sunk by the Russians. In Burma our troops are now 5 miles across the border. In the South West Pacific Allied planes made the heaviest attack so far on Halmahera without meeting much opposition. Today there were some more flying bombs. Weather in the Straits of Dover is November- eske with drizzle and mists. Cardinal Maglione died last night. Our troops continue their drive toward the Lower Seine.
1.10 1/2 end.
22/8/1944Cardinal Maglione
088622/8/1944. Macleod. 6.= pm.

Our troops are within a mile of Lisieux. The Vichy Government has left Vichy for somewhere in Eastern France. Marseilles is not so well screened with defences as Toulon is. American patrols are operating between Mantes and Paris. Orleans is under German gun fire from the South bank of the river Loire. The Canadians have captured Dives-sur-Mer. Belgian troops are in Cabourg and Dutch forces in the outskirts of ....... our correspondent Frank Gillard puts the number of prisoners at 30000. The German representative Abetz is with the Vichy Government but other diplomats have left for a different place in Eastern France. General de Gaulle has left Cherbourg and last night he was at Rennes. Mosquitoes flew at treetop height last night along the Bay of Biscay and up the Gironde. The Danish radio says that saboteurs have blown up a tram depot at Aarhus and that all trams and buses have been destroyed. The Germans say today that bitter battles are being fought in Romania and a German commentator said that Jassy has been bypassed by the Russians and been given up. Our attacks on airfields in the
0887Balkans yesterday put a number of aircraft on the ground out of order. Mr. Churchill is in Rome. The Germans reported our planes over Vienna today. The Americans who took Saipan, Tinian and Guam killed 44000 Japanese. Only 100 prisoners were captured on Guam. After the news the British Quarter Master General told something about the preparations that were made for D-day. In the early days of 1942 we started with these and ever since then they have gone on unchecked. We had to arrange for the reception of hundreds of thousands of American troops, build camps, hospitals and deports for them. In Normandy anchorages have been provided where ocean going vessels can lie in safety. We are arranging for a supply of fresh vegetables but that is a much more difficult problem. Roads have to be made in Normandy, air strips built, fuel and water pipes laid and Royal Engineers do that. The so called Duck is one of the major inventions of the war. It is equal on land as on water. On the 3rd day of the Normandy campaign 492 bags of letters were delivered to the troops.22/8/1944
088823/8/1944. 9.= am.

A big Allied pincer movement threatened the retreat of the Germans to the Lower Seine. On the coast Dutch and Belgian troops are only 4 miles from Honfleur while British air borne troops operating as infantry have reached Pont-l'Évêque. Still further South United Kingdom and Canadian forces are advancing toward the Lower Seine. The American force has progressed down the left bank of the Seine toward the river's mouth against increased opposition. Other American forces have liberated Sens southeast of Paris. In the streets of Paris the French patriots are reported to have been using light artillery against the Germans. In Southern France the French forces have improved their positions in Toulon and other Allied forces were last reported within 3 miles of Marseilles. Unconfirmed reports from the Spanish frontier say Allied troops have landed at Arcachon southwest of Bordeaux. The Maquis has now liberated 14 departments of France.
0889Allied heavy bombers from Italy yesterday attacked oil targets in the Vienna area and in Silesia. The Russians have captured Jassy and pushed many miles beyond it. The have also advanced more than 40 miles between the Lower Dnjestr and the river Proet. In Italy Florence had been completely liberated. In the South West Pacific Allied bombers have kept up the assault in Halmahera Island. 14th Army troops are now 5 miles inside Burma and still advancing. More flying bombs have come over here in the last 24 hours.

23/8/1944. 1.= pm. R. Wessel

Paris has been liberated by French Forces of the Interior. A little before 1 o'clock General Koenig issued a communique wherein the liberation of Paris was made known. On the 19th of August a general rising was decreed. 50000 armed men of the French Forces of the interior and hundreds of thousands of unarmed Frenchmen liberated the capital. On the 22/8/1944 the enemy had gone.
23/8/1944General Koenig
0890All public buildings are in the hands of the F.F.I. Vichy representatives had fled or were taken prisoner. The Paris population had a great part in the liberation. Immediately after the reading of this news the Marseillaise was played. Everywhere the Germans are being pressed back. Sens 60 miles southeast of Paris has been liberated and General Patton's troops have already pushed beyond it. Étampes was also captured. The Germans lost their defence line of Touques. To the outskirts of Deauville the coast had been cleared. A new bridgehead across the Touques has also been formed. Canadian troops are only 30 miles from the Seine. There is still no confirmation about the Allied landing near Bordeaux. American troops have entered Grenoble which is 60 miles from Lyon and they are only 40 miles from Turin. Grenoble is 140 airline miles from the Coast. Digne has also been captured. North of Aix we are also advancing toward Avignon. In the South of France prisoners are coming in in quantities and the total yesterday is 17000. On the Romanian front the Russians have advanced 40 miles over a front of 70 miles. 300 other place were23/8/1944For Digne read Digne-les-Bains (probably)
0891also captured. The other attack is also on an 80 miles front and both offensives are converging on the so called Galatz gap which is nearly 70 miles away. The Russian wings are only 70 miles apart. The Germans lost heavily in 3 days losing 25000 killed and 13000 prisoners. N.E. of Warsaw the Russians made considerable progress, The Red Air force made a heavy raid on Constantza. In the Adriatic sector in Italy Polish and Italian troops advanced 3 miles yesterday. Today there is better weather over the Straits of Dover. Flying bombs came over before dawn this morning. Canadian troops are in Lisieux. Street fighting takes place in Toulon.

Frederick Allen 23/8/1944 6.= pm.

Paris had been liberated. The Germans have been defeated in the French capital in a 4 day battle by the French Forces of the Interior and patriots. The 22nd August the enemy was beaten everywhere. The Germans occupied Paris for 4 years and 2 months. Further Allied advances have been made and there are signs of a complete collapse of the Germans this side of the Seine. The Americans are near
0892Évreux and the German retreat has the appearance of a rout. Great demonstrations are to be held in North Africa today. The bells of St Paul's Cathedral will ring for half an hour tomorrow. In the South the day before yesterday hard fighting took place near Digne and now the Americans are already 32 miles beyond Grenoble and on the way to Lyon. North of Aix we are advancing on Avignon and the Germans already report "classic" defence in the Rhone Valley. Savage fighting is taking place in Marseilles between the F.F.I. and the Germans. There is no Allied confirmation about a landing near Bordeaux but the Germans say we have landed at St. Jean de Luz. Mr. Churchill received Bonomi yesterday and had lunch with him and General Badoglio. BBC notice about Listener, on sale tomorrow. 2 announcements, one about foot and mouth disease among pigs near Leeds, West Riding of Yorks. and one about hop pickers required, boys of 15 1/2 to 18 to pick hop in Kent. There will be free travel says the Ministry of Labour in their announcement and it will last about 2 weeks in Kent.23/8/1944Bonomi
089324/8/1944. 9.= am.

Paris had been liberated from within after a 4 day battle by the French Forces of the Interior. The Second French Armoured Division headed by General Leclerc is reported to have entered the capital. This division fought hard in the American Third Army which is advancing a 50 miles front between the outskirts of Paris and Sens southeast of the city. Marseilles had also been freed by the French patriots. Some Germans are still holding out in the Toulon dock area. An American armoured spearhead has reached Grenoble and is advancing on Lyon. There is still no confirmation of reports that a landing was made in the Bordeaux area. In Normandy the remnants of the German 7th Army are threatened with another rap before they reach the Lower Seine. King Michael of Romania has announced his country's decision to capitulate. He says Romania has accepted armistice terms offered by the Allies and will now fight on the
0894Allied side. No official Allied statement has yet been made. A new democratic Romanian Government has been formed under General Sănătescu. It does not include Marshal Antonescu. In Italy Mr. Churchill has had talks with the Greek Prime Minister. They have reached complete agreement.

24/8/1944. 1.= pm. Macleod

American troops are closing in on the suburbs of Paris. The enveloping move toward the Lower Seine continues. The grip on Paris has been strengthened. Corbeil has been reached as well as Melun. Patrols are in Versailles. Armoured French forces are in Paris. American troops are 15 miles beyond Lens and only 20 miles from Troyes. Evreux has been liberated. Stubborn rearguard action is being fought by Germans withdrawing to the Lower Seine. Fierce clashes still take place inside Lisieux. Last night we had to make a slight withdrawal in the area of Pont-l'Évêque. A correspondent reported that the Falaise pocket is the bloodiest battle field in Normandy. Last night our planes shot up three columns of motor transport 20 miles
0895southwest of Brussels. All planes returned. French troops have taken Marseilles where a substantial number of prisoners was taken. There is still street fighting in Toulon. Salon-de-Provence has been captured and our troops are within 20 miles of Avignon. In the South of France the Germans are in full retreat. In the Adriatic sector in Italy Polish and Italian troops are firmly on the banks of the Metauro. Indian troops made considerable advances too. Patrols were active round Florence. Mediterranean aircraft made 1900 flights including attacks on Vienna. 54 planes were destroyed and 29 were lost. Members of the Waffen SS according to Swiss radio encircled Hotel du Parc in Vichy where Petain could write a farewell message. This was handed to two diplomats. The message is vague and uncertain. Vichy itself is in the hands of the F.F.I. The Germans made no mention about Romania. Swiss radio says that Antonescu has fled to Germany. In the South the Russian two armies are only 50 miles apart and 60 miles from Galatz. Akkerman has been taken. On the Eastern front there is little change except in Southern Poland. Dębica 20 miles east of Tarnów has been captured.24/8/1044Bilhorod-DnistrovskyiFor Akkerman read Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi
0896Russian troops are within 8 miles of Lawsche [?]. The 14th Army in Burma has caught up with the enemy and they are now 10 miles across the border. Thunder and lightning over the Straits of Dover last night did not prevent our Mosquitoes going out to Cologne and places in the Ruhr. Flying bombs have come over last night and today. Romania has accepted an armistice from Russia, Britain and the USA. The Russians report fighting between the Germans and Romanians in Romania. Russian troops are 60 miles from Krakow.
1.12 end

24/8/1944 6.= pm. Wardell

American troops are closing in on the suburbs of Paris. Elbeuf 10 miles south of Rouen has been captured. Our troops are within 15 miles of Lyon and American troops have reached the Swiss border at Geneva. Bordeaux has been freed by men of the F.F.I. 1300 American bombers today attacked German targets between Kiel and Czechoslovakia. Allied columns have reached Montargis and the river Loing has been crossed. The bridgehead across the Seine south of Paris between Corbeil and Melun.
24/8/1044For Loign or Laign read Loing probably
0897has been extended. The German commander in Paris wanted an armistice to withdraw his troops. At Mantes the Americans are across the Seine in force. Elbeuf is 23 miles from the sea as the crow flies. The new German pocket is dwindling and it is in a triangle from Trouville on the Coast to a place 30 miles to the South West and to Elbeuf. Canadians are advancing with British troops from the West and American troops from the South. In the East there is the broad mouth of the Seine without a single bridge. The Germans were yesterday concentrating east of Lisieux but the rest is pulling out quickly. Low lying clouds cut down air activity yesterday but 500 transport vehicles and 15 barges were knocked out and 17 German planes were also destroyed and 12 damaged. American troops are at the head of all passes leading to Italy. West of the Rhine and south of the Loire there are now a few German isolated pockets. Hard fighting takes place in Toulon and mopping up in Marseilles round the station and the Notre Dame de la Gare which church guards the port entrance. In Italy patrols are working24/8/1044
0898forward. Italian and Polish troops in the Adriatic sector seem to have reached the outer defences of the Gothic line. The King has sent a telegram to General Eisenhower to congratulate him with the victories of the Allied armies. Romania's decision has struck Germany a mortal blow. Moscow reports fighting between Romanians and Germans. Concentration camps have been abolished and amnesty for political prisoners granted by the new Romanian Government. King Michael made his dramatic announcement at 10 1/2 hour yesterday evening. A Bulgarian envoy has arrived in Turkey. Dębica captured in Southern Poland by the Russians is an aircraft factory area. In Estonia Russian troops are only 6 miles from Tartu which is Dorpat. 1300 Flying Fortresses and Liberators with an escort of 500 to 750 fighters attacked oil targets at Leipzig, Hannover and Breslau, aircraft factory at Brunswick, radio factory at Weimar and industrial targets in Kiel. Lancasters this afternoon attacked R-boat pens at IJmuiden with 12000 pound bombs. German E- and R-boats are evacuating24/8/1044
0899from Le Havre to Boulogne and have been attacked by planes of Coastal Command. Dr. Goebbels has added to the unhappiness of the Germans by decreeing that from tomorrow week all music halls, cabarets are to close down. 1 announcement from Ministry of Food wherein was said that ricks with agricultural produce need only to be dispersed in certain areas.
6.19 end

28/8/1944. 9.= am.

There is fighting again in Paris. The Germans broke the armistice they asked for, brought up tanks and have been shelling parts of the city. A few hours ago a radio station controlled by French patriots said the vanguard of General Leclerc's Second Armoured Division has now reached the centre of Paris. In Normandy Allied forces advancing from West and South are forcing the Germans back against the mouth of the Seine. The American spearheads in Southern France have got beyond Grenoble. The Russians
0900have captured Kishinev and have also taken 4 big towns below Jassy one of them within 60 miles of Galatz. A Moscow official statement says Romania can conclude an armistice with the Allies only if her troops help the Red Army to drive out the Germans. In Italy United Kingdom and India troops have advanced in the Upper Arno Valley. Nearly 2000 American heavy bombers from Britain and Italy yesterday attacked oil targets in Germany and Czechoslovakia. In the South West Pacific Allied bombers have again pounded Halmahera Island. Allied ground forces in New Guinea have killed 1600 more Japanese. The coastal areas of Britain have been banned since March have been opened again. They still remain regulated areas.

24/8/1944. 1.= pm. Frederick Allen

The bells of the Notre Dame de Paris have rung out today to welcome General Leclerc's Second Armoured Division which is now in the centre of Paris. They met considerable opposition in the outskirts of Paris.
0901South and southeast of Paris our positions across the Seine have been strengthened. In Normandy we are still closing in on the Germans and are within 20 miles of the river over a front of 30 miles. Elements of 10 German divisions are expected to be still in this area. Yesterday our troops reached Bernay and we are over the Risle 20 miles east of Lisieux and more to the North we reached the West bank of the Risle. Belgian troops are pushing on from Trouville. There are no signs of a German stand on the river Seine. North of the river the Germans are going back from Rouen to Beauvais. Our planes attacked transport in the Dieppe - Beauvais area and also in Belgium. In the South our troops have reached the Swiss border near Geneva which meant an advance of 200 miles from the landing beaches. Cannes and Grasse have been occupied whereas the greater part of Toulon has been captured. We have now taken 20000 prisoners and are near Lyon. In Russia the Russians captured 15000 troops west of Akkerman. They are advancing on a broad front on both sides of the river Proet. Taraclia has been reached which is a little over 40 miles25/8/1944
0902from Galatz. The capture of Kishinev was saluted in Moscow by 24 salvos of 324 guns and made known by Marshal Stalin. Roman has also been captured as well as Bacău, and Iași on the West bank of the river Proet. 300 other places also fell in Russian hands. In their recent advance in the South the Russians have captured 74000 officers and men. In Estonia Russian troops are only a miles from Tartu. Heavy fighting is still taking place inside Warsaw. Russian forces are 10 miles from Launsche [?] which itself is 10 miles from the East Prussian border. In all the fighting the Russians destroyed 90 tanks and 80 planes. Wednesday the Russian air force made a heavy attack on Tilsit. Moscow gave the first comment on the developments in Romania. The statement repeats that Russia had no intention to change the independence of Romania. If Romania wants an armistice they can get it provided they assist the Russians against the Germans and Hungarians. In Italy the Germans are withdrawing to their main positions of the Gothic line. 53 planes were destroyed and 19 lost.25/8/1944Roman
0903Mr. Churchill gave two days to internal affairs and had lunch with Prince Umberto. Mountbatten has been in London and returned to Ceylon. The ban on the protected areas in South and East England is being lifted today.

Grisewood 25/8/1944. 6.= pm.

The Germans report a withdrawal up the Rhone Valley. Our bombers attacked North Germany. In a last effort to clean the Germans from Paris the Parisians were called to the barricades. There is still silence about General Patton's push to Troyes. Our paratroops are in the mouth of the Seine opposite Le Havre. The strong points of the port of Marseille are being attacked. The Americans are closing in on a German force of some strength near Avignon. Today an agreement was signed between the British and United States Governments and the French Provisional Government about the administration in liberated France. Mr. Eden signed for Britain and the French Commissioner for France. The German people are now being told what the
0904consequences of the Romanian step may be. The Germans report a re-shuffle in the Hungarian Government. They also say that the German front in Romania is crumbling. The Russians yesterday took 500 places. The Russians captured Adolf von Papen a cousin of the late ambassador to Turkey. Mountbatten has been in London for important conferences. 1100 Flying Fortresses and Liberators today attacked 4 aircraft plants, 1 research centre, also one at Peenemünde, 3 air stations and an oil centre. The Minister of Health appealed to parents in London to evacuate their children from the capital. He said that these last few days the flying bombs had done shocking damage and caused many casualties. Announcement about foot and mouth disease among pigs at Chesterfield, Derbyshire and that all boys born between 30/7 and 26/8-1920 must register tomorrow.

26/8/1944. 9.= am.

The German forces in the Paris area have surrendered but snipers are still being mopped up. General de Gaulle broadcast
0905last evening from the city where he was given a wildly enthusiastic reception. He said that the French forces would not rest until they entered Germany as conquerors. The German pocket west of the Lower Seine was still further reduced yesterday. American patrols are operating as far to the southeast of Paris as Troyes. In Southern France Allied spearheads are some 40 miles beyond Marseilles. Cannes has been taken. The Romanians say they are at war with Germany and that they have liberated Bucharest. The Russians have driven deeper into Romania and have trapped 12 German divisions southwest of Kishinev. In Italy 8th Army troops east of Florence have pushed to within 10 miles of the Gothic line. Mr. Churchill has discussed important questions with the Pope. Rüsselsheim near Frankfort was one of their main objectives fro British bombers last night. Berlin was attacked by Mosquitoes. Yesterday 1100 American heavy bombers visited Northern Germany including Peenemünde. RAF26/8/1044
0906heavies again attacked flying bomb sites in Northern France. There was nothing over Britain last night. In the South West Pacific Allied aircraft have sunk 5 Japanese supply ships and set fire to a light cruiser off Celebes.

26/8/1944. 1.= pm. Wardell

The German surrender of Paris has been officially .....[?]. A land, sea and air assault has been started against Brest to finish it off. There is no confirmation that American troops have reached Reims and Châlons-sur-Marne. In Paris the Germans surrendered to General Leclerc. Herds of German prisoners are coming in west of the Seine, only German rearguard keep some order. Our forces are 8 miles from Rouen and 3 miles beyond Honfleur. The German pocket west of the Seine is 10 miles deep at the most. We are now moving in for the kill. American medium bombers and also RAF heavies yesterday pounded Brest. HMS "Warspite" also bombed Brest for 2 to 3 hours. Except a few pockets of resistance nearly the whole of Southern France from Briançon on the Italian border to the Rhone
0907has been freed. The Rhone has been reached on various points. Arles and Avignon are in our hands. So far no Italian communique has come in. Mr. Attlee deputy Prime Minister is now in Italy. The Romanians have declared war on Germany and the third European capital has been liberated viz Bucharest (also Rome and Paris). The Russian have reached the Danube delta at Kilija [?] and Russian armies have joined up on the river Proet. Yesterday over 550 places were captured and on one side the Red Army is only 30 miles from Galatz. In 5 days battle the Russians killed and captured 205000 Germans, destroyed or captured 200 planes, 600 guns and trapped 12 divisions too, of which 13000 already gave themselves up. Soviet troops have driven deeper into Estonia and Tartu (Dorpat) as well as 60 other places have been captured. South of Lausche [?] 40 towns and villages were captured and advances made. Northeast of the East Prussian border concentrations of military trains were bombed. The RAF last night sent 1000 planes out to bomb the Opel works at Rüsselsheim as their main target. Darmstadt was attacked too and Berlin by Mosquitoes as well.26/8/1044AttleeFor Kilija read Kiliis'kyi (probably)
0908Mines were also laid. From all operations including an attack last night in the Pas de Calais 127 planes are missing. Coastal Command planes attacked German shipping. It is more than 24 hours now since flying bombs have come over which is the longest lull so far. The spell of sunny weather in the Straits of Dover continues and the sea is calm. Many planes were seen going out. After details about the new incendiary bomb earlier in the week news has been released about new flamethrowers which we are using. We have a one man thrower producing a 15 yard flame as well as the Wasp and the Churchill Crocodile capable to produce a 150 yards flame. General restrictions in bus services operating on Sundays will be relieved on the 3rd of September, which will be a national day of prayer. In Northern Burma our troops are now 20 miles southwest of Mogaung. At Manado in Celebes 40 smaller raft were also destroyed. Halmahera and Dutch New Guinea were attacked too. General de Gaulle is making a ceremonial tour of the French capital. Americans are advancing on a 60 miles front east of Paris to the Marne.26/8/1044Churchill crocodile
090928/8/1944. 9.= am.

Allied forces are massing along 200 miles of the Seine. American forces have reached the river Marne 15 miles beyond Paris. The Allies are extending their hold on the 4 bridgeheads over the Seine west of the capital. American patrols of the 7th Army are said to have reached the Swiss frontier south of Geneva. Mopping up operations in Marseilles continue. Toulon has been completely liberated. General Eisenhower has visited Paris. There was fighting in the streets of Paris yesterday. Yesterday RAF heavy bombers made their first large scale attack on Germany in daylight. Spitfires went with them to the synthetic oil plants at Hamburg Meerbeck. American heavies attacked targets in North West Germany. Last night RAF Mosquitoes attacked Mannheim. The Russians have captured the Danube port of Galatz. They are now about 60 miles from Ploesti and just over 70 miles from Bucharest. Yesterday the Russians captured 18000 Germans and the Romanians 12000 more. In Italy the Germans are falling back toward the main Gothic line defences.
0910Allied aircraft are hitting German communications in the rear. In North Burma British troops are now half a mile from Sinbow [?] on the railway to Mandalay. In the South West Pacific Americans troops have cut across the Japanese retreat from the coast of the Vogelkop peninsula in Dutch New Guinea. In the Indian Ocean Allied air and naval units have attacked Japanese targets on the West Coast of Sumatra.

28/8/1944. 1.= pm. R. Wessel

Allied columns across the upper Seine are broadening their front to the Marne and we are also pushing toward the flying bomb belt. Beyond Paris the Marne has been cleared for 25 miles. Allied elements have pushed beyond Troyes. The battle area is already going out to Luxembourg and Alsace-Lorraine. The Bois de Boulogne near Paris has been cleared and in Paris itself more snipers are being wiped out. Three operations are going on west of the Seine, viz. mopping up, bridging the Seine, reinforcing. The German pocket is now only 4 miles deep. Bridging the Seine at Pont-de-l'Arche continues. Our planes kept up their attacks on evening transport in the Dieppe-
0911Beauvais and Reims areas as well as on both banks of the Seine. German retreating columns are going bumper to bumper. In the South Montélimar has been reached and Valence is in our hands. 15000 Germans try to withdraw east of the Rhone toward Lyon which is in the hands of the Maquis. American troops have got to the outskirts of Nice. 7000 prisoners were taken and the total is now well over 30000. In Marseilles fighting flared up again. The Russians have won the battle for Romania. They are right through to Galatz gap. Outside Galatz Focșani has also been captured. The capture of Galatz is a considerable success. The place has 100.000 inhabitants and a great port. The Russians used amphibious tanks to cross a lake. 4 German Generals were captured. The Russians now have 32 of these. Outside Praga near Warsaw the Russians repelled more German counterattacks. They greatly broadened their thrust separating the German armies in Latvia and Estonia. The American heavies yesterday also attacked targets in Denmark and planes from Italy 2 targets in Silesia. There is a lull in flying bomb attacks since yesterday morning.28/8/1944
091228/8/1944. 6.= pm. Fred. Allen

The 1944 battle of the Marne is opening and 25 miles of the river are already in Allied hands. American forces pushing from Paris have cleared the river Marne to Meaux and pressing on to Château-Thierry. American troops are sweeping toward the river on a 70 miles front and also advancing beyond Troyes. Nothing has been said so far about the advance toward Reims and Châlons-sur-Marne. Our Thunderbolts were active yesterday knocking out 150 engines and 800 railway trucks. An ammunition train was also blown up. West of the Seine the German remnants are being squeezed into the loops of the river. They are suffering heavy casualties. Off the mouth of the Seine and Hook of Holland 4 patrol boats were sunk. In the South of France the Rhone has been reached near Montélimar by the Americans. There is no definite news about the advance through Grenoble to the Swiss frontier. The Germans are still resisting in the harbour area of Marseilles. Further landings in Southern France continue according to plan. Toulon has suffered most in the South and there are only some 50000 inhabitants left. General de Gaulle has talked with de Lattre de Tassigny and he has
28/8/1944de Lattre de Tassigny
0913also replied to the King's message on the liberation of Paris. In their today's communique the Germans admit the loss of Focșani and they also report a Russian attempt to break into Hungary. Fierce fighting still takes place in the old quarter of Warsaw. In Macedonia Marshall Tito's forces have captured chrome mines. After a lull of 30 hours the Germans resumed flying bomb attacks on this country this afternoon. 2 announcements about foot and mouth disease amongst pigs in Yorks., East Riding and at Ripon in the West Riding of Yorks. An appeal has also been made to farmers to allow pickings of wild fruits.

29/8/1944. 9.= am.

American patrols have reached Château-Thierry, the scene of a big American victory in 1918. Other American forces are more than 10 miles beyond Troyes. Along the Lower Seine we are building up bridgeheads and seizing new ones. In Southern France we are pursuing the remnants of the German 19th Army up the Rhone Valley. Organised resistance in Marseilles has ended. The first Allied food supplies have reached
0914Paris in RAF trucks after being flown across the Chanel. American bombers from Italy struck again yesterday at oil targets in Austria and Hungary. 8th Army troops are pressing the Germans hard as they fall back between Florence and the Adriatic to the main Gothic Line positions. On leaving Italy Mr. Churchill has sent a message to the Italian people. He tells them that hard fighting lies ahead and announces that large Italian forces will soon be joining the Allies. The Russians have captured three more Danube ports in Romania and have forced their way through one of the Carpathian passes into Transylvania. A Bulgarian report says the Germans have begun to withdraw from Bulgaria. In the South West Pacific Allied aircraft have destroyed or damaged 8 more Japanese merchant vessels off Celebes. RAF Mosquitoes attacked Essen last night. Before dark heavy bombers attacked flying bomb sites in Northern France. More flying bombs came over this country yesterday. The public are officially warned against expecting an early end to the attacks29/8/1044
091529/8/1944. 1.= pm.

Vitry-sur-Seine has been captured. We are 20 miles from Soissons and closing in on Brest from 3 sides. Our aircraft were active last night attacking transport from the battle area to Metz and Strasbourg. 3 ammunition trains were blown up and fuel and ammunition dumps were also attacked. Life in Paris is getting back to normal. 90 food lorries reached the capital yesterday with 750 tons of food. Today the Parisians get their first meat rations. Horse meat which will have to last for a week. At Toulon and Marseilles the Germans have surrendered. At Marseilles the surrender is unconditional. The Rhone has been crossed in several places and French troops have advanced west of the Rhone through Nîmes. We are 20 miles north of Avignon. Cagnes and Vence has been entered. The Russians are moving into Romania over a front of 200 miles. The Danube has been crossed. Sulina on the mouth of the Danube Delta occupied. 1400 men have surrendered. Tulcea has also been captured and across the Carpathians Russian troops are only 40 miles from Brașov (Kronstadt). The Russians captured 11000 prisoners yesterday and the German forces encircled near the
0916Proet have been finished off. In Poland Launsche [?] is being outflanked still further. Anti Jewish measures in Bulgaria have been cancelled. In Italy we have a bridgehead north of the Metauro river. Fano is in our hands. Our planes made 600 flights including the attacks on Austria, Hungary and Northern Italy. 6 of our planes are missing and 9 were destroyed. Mr. Attlee has arrived in Rome. A few flying bombs were fired this morning after another lull since yesterday afternoon. In Burma Pinbaid [?] on the road to Mandalay has been captured. Our attacks in the South West Pacific have been kept up. Mr. Ernest Bevin issued a statement about articles in the papers about demobilisation. These articles have no authority. The Americans have swung north from the Marne. The Germans still west of the Lower Seine have been compressed still further. Brǎila has also been taken.

29/8/1944. 6.= pm. R. Robertson

American troops now control a considerable stretch of the river Marne. The capture of Soissons has been announced and Château-Thierry was also taken today. American troops are well across the Seine and meeting
0917light oppositions. The Marne is being controlled 30 miles from Paris to Meaux and also for 20 miles from Meaux to Château-Thierry American troops advancing from Troyes are within 25 miles of Châlons-sur-Marne. The only ground the Germans hold west of the Seine is between Elbeuf and the sea. Rouen is being threatened from two sides of the Seine. The number of prisoners taken in the Falaise gap is 92000. Pursuing the Germans up the Rhone Valley continues and the Germans are extremely short of petrol and leaving their transport behind. So far we have 35000 prisoners in hand. The German forces escaping to Lyon are about a division and a half. In Italy the German withdrawal has ended and we have reached the main Gothic line. Urbino has been surrounded by our troops. In Romania the Germans admit the loss of Buzău 40 miles from Ploesti and 60 miles from Bucharest. There is also an oil refinery at Buzău. The Bulgarians are disarming the German troops crossing into Bulgaria. Tito reports that the Bulgarian troops still occupy parts of Yugoslavia. There is little news about the position in Hungary. Apples from Northern Ireland will go29/8/1044For Châlons-sur-Marne read Châlons-en-Champagne
0918to Scotland and the North of England. One announcement about the finding of unexploded shells. Late news a little before 6 o'clock Mr. Churchill arrived back from his tour to Italy by plane in this country.

30/8/1944 9.= am.

American forces have crossed the Marne at several points a hundred miles east of Paris. They have liberated Soissons, crossed the Marne and are closing on Reims. U.K. and Canadian troops have bust out of their bridgehead over the Seine and British troops have joined the Vernon bridgehead with that at Mantes. They are 15 miles beyond Vernon. In Southern France the Rhone Valley as been practically cleared up to Montélimar. The 8th Army has advanced along the whole front between Florence and the Adriatic coast. Over 500 heavy bombers from Italy yesterday attacked Northern Italy, Hungary and Yugoslavia. Mr. Churchill has arrived home by air. The Russians have captured Constantza and pushed still closer to the Ploesti oil fields. The Germans have marched
0919into Slovakia. A new pro German Government has been formed in Hungary. Moscow has described Bulgarian neutrality as "insufficient in present circumstances". The Labour Minister Mr. Ernest Bevin says recent statements in the press about demobilisation were unauthorised. The Government will announce its plan at the right moment and see that the forces know about them. RAF bombers were over Germany in strength last night. Stetting and Königsberg were the main targets. More flying bombs have come over here in the last 24 hours. In the South West Pacific Allied aircraft have dropped nearly 200 tons of bombs on Amboina.

30/8/1944. 1.= pm Fr. Allen.

American troops are well across the Aisne and they have seized a second bridgehead near Soissons. In the South of France our total haul of prisoners is now 45000. Americans also captured another General. The Americans reached the Aisne yesterday and the second bridgehead over it is 14 miles from Soissons. They are nearing the
0920important communication centre of Laon. Mopping up between Seine and Marne continues. Châlons-sur-Marne is being outflanked and the Germans say we have captured it. Across the Seine we have reached the village of Étrépagny. The Paris - Rouen road has been cut in two places. We are 5 miles from the centre of Rouen. Near Paris Le Bourget has been cleared. Weather for flying was bad yesterday but our planes were active over the Low Countries, Western Germany and France. 20 aircraft were destroyed on the ground near Brussels and 6 of ours are missing. In the South of France Montélimar has been occupied. American troops were viewed in Paris yesterday. An American division marched through it for 2 hours. General de Gaulle broadcast from Paris last night. In Italy we are 5 miles beyond Pontassieve east of Florence. Russian troops are within 30 miles of the Bulgarian frontier. Enormous oil stores were found at Constanța. Last night 1200 tons of bombs were dropped on Stettin alone. Königsberg was bombed 3 nights before. We also had two forces of Mosquitoes out, one to Hamburg and one to Berlin. Mines were also laid. 41 of30/8/1944
0921our planes are missing. After daylight today flying bombs have come over. In Burma the Chindwin river has been reached. Halmahera and the Philippines were also bombed. President Roosevelt was asked at his press conference when he will see Mr. Churchill. He said it will be soon. There is no sign of determined resistance by the enemy.

Grisewood 30/8/1944. 6.= pm.

British armour is racing forward north of the Seine. Last night our troops were 5 miles beyond Étrépagny. We have now a continuous base on the North banks of the Seine for over 40 miles. Canadian troops were 4 of 5 miles from the centre of Rouen this morning and the Germans say they gave the place up. The battle for the Lower Seine has ended. American troops are within 3 miles of Laon. Just before 6 o'clock tonight Shaef announced that Reims has been entered. We are now within 5o miles of the German frontier. We have already pushed on beyond Reims. Major Lewis Hastings will review the war situation in his war commentary after the 9 o'clock news tonight. Today flying bomb installations in Northern France
0922were attacked. The Americans have first announced that between 500 and 750 of their heavies of the 8th US. Air force have today attacked targets in the Kiel and Bremen areas. In capturing Constantza the Russians advanced 80 miles in one day. Constantza was a principal German naval base and a pipeline ran from Ploesti to the port. The Russians improved their positions northeast of Praga and also made progress in Northern Latvia. BBC notice about publications in the "Listener", which will be on sale tomorrow. One announcement about applications for petrol rations for food vehicles in Northern Ireland.

31/8/1944. 9.= am.
,br> A big United Kingdom and Canadian advance threatens the Germans between the Seine mouth and the Somme. Beauvais is liberated and one column was last reported 10 miles beyond the town. The Germans say they have evacuated Rouen. American forces have liberated Reims
31/8/1944Praga is a district of Warsaw, Poland.
0923One column 25 miles beyond the Aisne was last reported outside Laon. The Cheshire Regiment and the King's Royal Rifle Corps are named as fighting in France since D-day. In the Rhone Valley the American troo